Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wedneday's Digressions

  • Result of search for, 1957 Chevy burnout.
  • At a patients house once I was stuck watching a marathon of those inside prison documentaries. Interestingly, I noted at least 2 slang phrases the prisoners used were misheard rap lyrics. Good grief. One was, shock collar which I know they misheard from a popular rap song by Lil Troy where he uses the term, "shot caller ".
  • Ha, popular came out as poopular up there first.
  • In 2009 a collector found a previously unknown picture of Phineas Gage. He thought it was of  a whaler and a harpoon.
    I was fascinated by the case of Phineas Gage as a boy and delighted in nursing school that he was discussed in multiple classes. I am really glad this portrait of him wasn't lost to us.
  • Zac just referred to a start/stop game of Monopoly we've been playing as, The never ending game. I would guess we have about 6 hours invested at this point.
  • I was the victim of  hostage taking malware where the computer locks and you can't get in without paying a fee. The only contact you can make is with the miscreants who own the software that takes over your machine. A programmer and bug specialist I know each tried to recover the machine and failed. It was nearly brand new and a total loss.
  • If you became a part of couple with someone could you live in a house formerly inhabited by that person and their former spouse? Is it a purely inanimate object or are there ghosts of a sort that would affect you and maybe both of you too much? Could it matter some times and not others- would it just depend as we say?
  • My microwave's underlight beeps when you turn it on or off- annoying. My guess is most of us can guess when a light comes on or off and does or does not do what we wish.
  • Yesterday Iceland police killed a man- for the first time ever in the nation's history. Unusually to our senses I think, the police department expressed regret and offered condolences to his family.
  • A headline earlier asked, " Are probiotics a sham? " Why yes, yes they are. After companies have made a gazillion dollars, resources have been wasted and millions have pinned their healthcare hopes and dreams on 21st century snake oil; thanks for asking and digging in there a little journalistic dudes and dudettes.
    I have mentioned before that beached/grounded ships intrigue me and always have. Here, Malika lies beached off the coast of Mauritania.
    I have never seen any interracial prawn but this makes me think of a title for an interracial skin flick.
    True Frankenberry.
    Breakfast yesterday morning consisted of this plus a large cran juice and 3 cups of coffee. I was good to hook for hours.

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The Donald said...

Fascinating that Mr. Gage was able to recover and live an ostensibly normal life after, despite missing a not insignificant part of his gray matter. Makes me wonder if I'm using all of mine.

I worked with a woman who would not marry a dude until he moved from the house he'd shared with his ex. They lived in a 5th wheel for a few months while they shopped for - and ultimately found - a nice home with acreage. I think she made the right decision.

So maybe Iceland's not so totally removed from the world's problems as I thought, but obviously they're doing something right if only one police killing ever. I bet it was an elf hopped up on PCP or crack.

Bummer about the probiotic - so am I just wasting money with the Bio-Salud (5 for 86¢ @ Aldi) that Daughter loves? Anyway, even if that doesn't work, I've got the real wonder potion that soothed my morning drive three times in the past week: Dr Pepper's Calorically Infused Magical Citrus Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Elixir - the only downside being that I have to clean my glasses when I get to work because of all the bubbles. Of course, due to rising healthcare costs, I am using the generic Dr K version of the medicine.