Monday, December 28, 2015

It Is That Time Of Year Once Again

where everybody loses their ever lovin' minds and forgets how to drive.

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Monstrous Question

Vampire or werewolf?

I'd be a werewolf in a minute before a vampire. Werewolves are exquisitely brutal, powerful, and although they are more or less victims of circumstance during the full moon they have some limited conrol over their turn. They aren't hardly human- they are humans that turn into nearly pure monsters.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Dog Sits Waiting

A Dog Sits Waiting

A dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun.

Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run.

He's been here for days now with nothing to do But sit by the road, waiting for you.

He can't understand why you left him that day.

He thought you and he were stopping to play.

He's sure you'll come back, and that's why he stays.

How long will he suffer?

How many more days?

His legs have grown weak, his throat's parched and dry.

He's sick now from hunger and falls, with a sigh.

He lays down his head and closes his eyes, I wish you could see how a waiting dogs dies

By: Kathy Flood thanks MZ for reminding me.

Last Email I Received (And Weirdest One In A While In General)

Good morning! Did you take my pumpkin with you when you left last night?

Stories From The Front: Continuing Education

Recently I had to undergo some web based reeducation and indoctrination at work. To accomplish the training the Ivory Tower types used an outside company which provided the platform to conduct the training and track results while the content was created and uploaded from our location.

Dutifully I began my computerized flagellation late in the afternoon.

The module was 47 minutes long and was narrated by a lady with one of the most pleasant voices ever- it was too pleasant. Her words began to blend together in one long, sweet sounding but droning chant. As the time approached the 40 minute mark another nurse wandered up to my office. Hey ya'll Kevin is zoned out! Did you see him?

It sounded like she was speaking from the end of a tunnel or I was at the bottom of a well. Everything in my periphery was black. I was answering the random questions that popped up on my screen and didn't miss a single one but she was right- I wasn't there. I tried to speak up for myself but couldn't. I tried to scream but couldn't. I was paralyzed by boredom. My God- have I had a stroke? My higher brain asked while raspy grunting noises came from my throat.

I finally came to and after completing the test associated with the program staggered out of my office still not sure I hadn't had a stroke.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Conversations In The Mighty F150

Zac- Dad, can we get a parrot?
Me- Oh, I don't know man. Zac- that is a big deal. A big responsibility and they're expensive.
Like how much?
I think around a thousand dollars at least.
Oh, are they hard to take care of?
Well, I am sure it takes some work but they're a big responsibility for one thing because they live so long.
How long?
80 or 100 years.
If we got one would you help me take care of it dad?
It would live a lot longer than me bubba.
How much longer will you live?
I don't know- maybe 30 more years. was my reply.
After a few minutes FG chimed in with, What!? I'll only be 58! 
Me- Your mastery of  math is impressive.
She- You will only live to be 79?
If I'm lucky- somewhere in that neighborhood anyway. I have the genetics to live into my eighties so yeah- something like that I suppose.
Huh... Hmmm. she replied thoughtfully.
What will you do then? I asked.
Start over again I suppose. was her poetic and simple response.

Ravages Of Plastic Surgery

simply do not understand plastic surgery on people who are not damaged from genetic defects, accidents etc. This is Jenna Jameson a formerly very beautiful porn star and by beautiful I don't mean beautiful for a porn star she was simply beautiful (the pic on the left is kind of a bad pic actually). I do not understand- surgeons who do this to people should be ashamed.

Monday, December 14, 2015

You Know You Are Getting Old

when breakfast is an energy drink and 2 aspirin.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In The Time

of chimpanzees I was a monkey. Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie.  Listen to your favorite and mine- Beck and watch this cool video for Loser. You'll see Jesco White dancing on a picnic table. The video was produced for 14,300 bucks.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Meet My Great Uncle

His name was Chauncy Depew. Even though he was long dead when we came on the scene, we loved him because my mom and favorite uncle had loved him so when they were kids. Chauncy was married two times, the first to Letitia or Tissue as she was known and the second to Wanetta. He died in 1957 when he was 59 which by looking at him meant he beat the odds by a wide margin. Yes, I know his first name is misspelled- it was part of his charm. He was buried in Petrolia TX.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meet My Grandmother

Her name was Rosie. She raised three boys who would fight in WWII. One of them was my favorite uncle. He fought on Guadalcanal, Tarawa and Okinawa. He died years later from a fungal infection of the ear he picked up on Guadalcanal that eventually went to his brain. She lost two boys when they were one year old or less. She died from complications secondary to a tubal pregnancy in 1931. She was 41 years old. She is buried in Riverland Cemetery. My niece looks like my mom who in turn looked like Rosie. I like that her name was Rosie.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Buffet From My Mom's House My Sis And Bro In Law Had Restored

When I was little I was captivated by how huge that thing was. As I look at it now (05/31/2014 @1351) I'm reminded of the homemade barometer my dad kept on the top shelf to the right side. An impending change in pressure would cause colored water to ascend from one bottle into one that was inverted into the neck of the lower bottle. I don't know if there was anything to it or not but he depended on it so much even if he really wanted to go fishing he would not do it if the barometer didn't indicate the proper condition- we stayed at home and I moped.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When You Come To A Fork In The Road

don't stop to pick it up because, eew- who knows where that thing has been?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Greg Gutfeld Quotable Notable

"I became a conservative by being around liberals (at UC Berkeley) and I became a libertarian by being around conservatives. You realize that there's something distinctly in common between the two groups, the left and the right; the worst part of each of them is the moralizing."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Something About About Myself

Not very many people in this world can say they've heard me lie. I'm almost phobic about it-which is good but, it has a downside. If I answer a question and later realize what I said was not correct I'll have to go back to the person to clarify what I said, no matter how trivial it was. I think sometimes the person believes I meant to lie and that I was brought back to them by a guilty conscience.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Lawn Tractor

from another life. I miss you most of all. Thanks for the memories.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tales From Hospital AKA When Will The Nightmare End?

  • I slept on a Murphy bed for the first time last night. They have always intrigued me for some reason.
  • We're watching a show about the Medieval Age on the History Channel.
  • Can you imagine hospitals without cable television?
  • Old South Pancake House sounds real good. Their German pancakes are a thing of beauty. Try them with ham or a pork chop.
  • Beauty.
  • They are showing the presenter of the show herding geese in an orchard. My dad herded turkeys when he was a little boy. He only had a third grade education.
  • Catheter just came out. I don't think I have ever had one.
  • Morphine just went in.
  • Black scrubs have a good professional look without being too hospital-ie.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Stories From The Hospital- A Question

Hospitals seem designed to be confusing to navigate- why? I can't make sense of that. I get why you would want a shopping mall to be difficult to leave and why it would be designed to make you go past every store (somehow) to get to the one you want but why would  a hospital want to be exasperating to navigate?

Stories From From The Waiting Room The Saga Continues

  • The surgeon looks like an older Moby.
  • Overheard from the seats next to me, I remember when burgers was three for a dollar!
  • Mmmmmm burgers...
  • That show Gangland is still on. The interest other than maybe a passing one in that show baffles me. 
  • A burger sounds really, really good.
  • We have been moved up to a room. It is on a postpartum floor. They say is because post op census is low.
  • I say, What am I not being told?
  • Room is very nice. The floor is a wood type product and the cabinets are a warm honey colored laminate. Interestingly, instead of the old neck breaker recliner/sleeper there is a Murphy bed.
  • It is very homey, homie.

More Stories From The Waiting Room

    • I have been getting weird grins and winks from passers by. It took a while but it finally registered- I am watching a hot pink Victoria's Secret bag and the elderly lady next to me is knitting a blue and pink blanket as we sit dangerously close to a labor and delivery waiting room. Good grief- they think I'm waiting on a baby.
    • If true... crap, I have nothing clever to say. I got nothin'. Man, if I were having a baby I would be nearly 70 by the time he started college. 
    • If I lived that long.
    • The guy sitting 11 inches away from me is waiting to go in and see his brand new twin boys.
    • Boy they have one blended family.
    • He is happy and seems really nice.
    • The husband of the lady next to me is named Adam. She has twins and doesn't want anymore children. Also, Seth was humongous and had a lot of dark hair.
    • My back hurts.
    •  There is a show about gangs on Spike. It is heinous.
    • A mob of people just screamed out and clapped when their person here for a baby delivered.
    • It is a girl evidentally.
    • Good luck little one and welcome to the world. I'm sorry we screwed it up so hard for you.

Hospital Waiting Room Story

  • I try not to be too critical of other healthcare workers but talking way too loud on a cel phone about your dumb personal business as you walk through a hospital is at best as dumb and annoying as it is anywhere and probably a little unprofessional.
  • A thing here is for women to wear top to bottom black and have their hair dyed black.
  • An excerpt from a next blog foray: "In summation, Jesse was at Grahams cottage. Jesse died, but thanks to scientific research, Jesse was ressurected, and transformed into a moist tortilla. Jesse was then transformed into Hitler (somehow), while Graham flushed the remnants of the tortilla away.  Graham was then plowing the wall, while Zack starting feeding Jesse tortillas aggresively. Meanwhile, Bethany was staring suspiciously into Riley's basement. Meanwhile, Denholm was stomping Blakes kittens, to apologize for killing Riley. Bethany hopped down out of Riley's cellar, and witnessed the feline stomping, and was mortified..."
  • There is a Starbucks up in here. It is expensive. I assume no more so others but wouldn't really know as I haven't bought anything from one since the total for 2 coffees 10-15 years ago made me simultaneously have a stroke and myocardial infarction. 
  • Their coffee is bitter- what is the appeal? People do like knowing that other know they go there so there is that I suppose.
  • A guy just changed the television to a football station. There are 3 people on there talking about football. Retarded.
  • They made sure to have a white guy, a black guy and a black lady. Ridiculous.
  • I could watch those NFL Films products from the 1960s on a loop.
  • Hospital waiting room furniture is scientifically designed to be uncomfortable. Look it up- it is on the internets under, The Science.
  • A pregnant crackhead just staggered by.
  • Just came out juts up there first.

____________ family- right?

I just wanted to let you know the surgery has started and everything is going alright- so far.

An update the information lady just gave us. That was alright- I guess but maybe leave off the, so far part Next time. It sounded way more ominous than you intended or the situation dictated.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • Of all the ill advised tattoos a woman could get the giant angel wings on the back is probably the most ridiculous.
  • I have and always have had 2 red freckles on my chest. I assume they're tiny hemangiomas but I'm not sure.
  • Recently I read a nutrition article written about it's importance in regards to hiking. The tips provided were from a well known hiker who has documented hiking over 50 thousand miles and regularly hikes for weeks to months at a time. There was quite a bit to learn especially his reliance on beans (he ate 120 pounds worth on one epic multi month hike) but what really stood out to me was his weight maintenance. His weight was reported to stay with 2-3 pounds regardless of his activity. I can lose 2-3 pounds or even 7 in a single day when it is hot and I'm really active.
  • Flattering and slightly unnerving: recently a patient reacted with surprise to my meager Arabic vocabulary and language skills by saying, My friend! You speak Arabic?! and with an Iraqi accent!
  • Regardless, he is easily impressed and should get out more often.
  • I just submitted an REI order. When the cart was first built up it contained 13 items.
  • To help me save money I focus less on the high I get from spending and focus on the negative aspects- how bummed I'll be for wasting the money, fear of not having said cash for actual needs etc. Then when I overcome the urge to spend, make good deals and get more of what I need and less of what I want I feel really, really good about that.
  • Jedi inner mind tricks.
    Drawing made in 1877 by a Kiowa Indian of a battle

Thursday, September 24, 2015


video in the history of the yoochoobs. I mean really- not even so bad it's good. It's just terrible.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pobody's Nerfect

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Need Your Opinion Internet Friend

Today I have been Emailing a Woman With Whom I Spend Time. She is trying to rope me into something involving a bunch of wimmin friends of hers and one mutual guy friend. It involves expensive food and probably foo-foo wine or somethin' I just wanted a simple camping/fishing trip for this weekend. After a bunch of questions and answers and more than a few recriminations I finally started replying to her with, "Chicken Butt!".

She later sent me this Email, "That response is annoying and stupid."

Do I double down and start sending her Emails like, The snozzberries taste like snozzberries! or, You don't even know Napoleon! or the classic, Thats what she said! and then grab my rod and reel and backpack and head out into the wild or do I put on my best lace panties and pick a nice wine cooler to sip with the other ladies? Do I dare use the tried and true (but inflammatory) I know you are- but what am I?

I am so confused. Help me Internet friends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wisdom Of A chupacabra

Just because in a given situation there is often more than meets the eye and a deeper meaning to whatever it is you are contemplating, doesn't mean every situation is always more complex and has a deeper meaning than what might be assumed at first glance.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday's Missives

What your T Shirt means from Cracked

  • Headline: Did Neanderthals haves sex with modern man?
  • I'll never tell.
  • She's messin' with puter dad. Dad she's messin' with puter!  Zacs latest big boy talking dime he dropped on big sister.
  • The 3 of us watched The Three Stooges on Sort of an odd right of passage for children reared by me and always a proud milestone for myself.
  • A show I always forget how absolutely great it was until I rediscover it is The Larry Sanders Show. You can find full episodes on the yoochoobs. Another is Action starring Jay Mohr- it was kind of self limited to one season since it revolved around a production company getting a certain movie done. It is not well remembered but, it is very, very funny and it had Buddy Hackett in it- what more could you want? I think you can find it on HULU. "Peter is riding in the back of his limo to the premiere of his latest action blockbuster, which he knows is garbage. He's worried literally sick. PETER: I'm gonna vomit, stop the car ...The car screeches to a halt by the curb, where WENDY, in full streetwalker garb, happens to be standing. PETER flings the car door open and leans out. WENDY: Hi! Ya wanna date? PETER (looking up at her from his hunched position): I'm gonna throw up on your shoes! WENDY: Gee, I don't think I have a price for that.
    Well, you have to see it to get the full impact. But trust me, it kills!" From a review on Action- and the writer is absolutely right. This show also proves the theory of there are shows where scenes with bleeped curse words are way funnier than unedited- it's very true on this show. Scenes without it such as from the DVD are just kind of tacky- not funny at all.
  • I have at least 6 plants that I can think of off the top of my head that came from family members gardens.
  • Going soon to Turner Falls in Oklahoma. Love going there in the fall and winter- it stays open year round but, in the off season you may have the whole place to yourself to explore. The turning leaves makes it real pretty at the right times also.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dealing with seasonal allergy signs and symptoms is a fairly new thing for me but I know enough to know if I let them go for too long they become intractable and I get real sick- sick enought that I finally have to give up and go get a steroid shot in my little hiney.

This morning in an effort to head the symptoms off I stopped at my local Walgreens and bought some pseudoephedrine. I took  2 tabs and washed them down with an energy drink.
This seemed like a good idea at the time. When I got to the office I had a cup of coffee. This also seemed like a good idea- at the time.

Now, my heart is racing and my skin is itching. My heart is literally pounding.

I can see through time and across space.

I think I may die.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ages Old Draft Clean Up Dregs

  • Can't wait to see The Wolfman. When I saw the original with Lon Chaney I hid under my dads rocking chair. He would say, Well, turn it off then and go to bed! No- I can't! I cried from under the chair. Benicio Del Toro plays the werewolf this time.

  • I can still smell the leather from his boots when I think about it.

  • One of the trailers for Extract looks like they went out of their way to make it look sucky. You can't even tell what it's about, other than you get a vague feeling it's about a drug deal.

  • Del Toro- is there a cooler last name?

  • The Bull.

  • The Bull

  • It's cooling more quickly and feels oddly cooler in places though it's still warm- doesn't make sense to see that in writing but, you know what I mean. Fall is just around the corner.

  • After a mob of teenage boys spend the night in the den it smells like pizza, feet, butts and energy drinks in there.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday's Missives

From the belly dance show at SRF. It is a belly in case your wondering.

  • I've personally known two people who disbelieved man has been to the moon. They are both long dead and gone now and that's really about all remember about them but, when they cross my mind I can't get them off it- amazingly ignorant. But, I will say one of them was the first person to really challenge my thinking and force me to prove something to myself.
  • Do they still make After School Specials? The only one I rememeber was about bed wetting and the kid comes home with friends to find a yellow stained bed sheet hanging in the front of the house.
  • Was that one of them, or am I making that up?

  • The show Strangers With Candy is based loosely on the After School Specials although in a more twisted/psychotic way.
  • The flower beds and lawn in front of my old house were so awesome people would stop and look and take pictures.
  • Yesterday I built up a very extensive cart at REI's online check out. Imagine my surprise when I got a 20% discount offer in an Email this morning.
  • I'm buying the first raincoat since my old gigantic yellow slicker I had when  I was a little boy.
  • My patients and kids literally love my office aquarium.
    This guy was laughing way too hard and listening way too intently during the Iris and Rose show. I think he is in love with one of them and was trying to catch her attention. He also reminds me of Nick Frost.
  • When you buy a used vehicle it doesn't matter the value, number of times it has been sold or whether it is a private treaty sale or from a dealer you pay the average presumptive retail value to the county if bought in Texas. That is literally insane.
  • Some day soon we'll be paying taxes- on our taxes.
    I love the fact there is a castle in North Central Texas but of all the time I've visualized it this is the first time I've taken note of the window AC.

    This may be the basis for my steampunk persona.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

War Flashback

Like a lot of grim occupation,s in the Army there's always black humor to try and break things up. At our entry control point a truckload of Marines that were on their last convoy to Fallujah teased us as they were passing through, Home in 10 days- how long you got left- 10 months? Ha! one of them called out. I hollered back, Don't worry I'll open the gate for you when you come back from getting blown up! Somebody else hollered, Don't get killed.
I thought I was going to vomit when about 20 minutes later there was an explosion in the direction of Fallujah and tracer rounds started flying all around where I knew their route to be.
They would have been closer to Fallujah so would have plowed through to there to get any casualties treated and recover and didn't come back to our base.
I intentionally avoided any opportunity to learn about the fates of those Marines.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

On The Road Again

  • It is 6 AM and I'm in Amarillo.
  • Within the next couple of days after scouting Palo Duro and some other nearby sites I intend to invade New Mexico.
  • Writing this on a tablet is really hateable.
  • My friend wants me to say a prayer for her in one of the nice old Catholic chapels in NM. She said I would know the right one when I saw it.
  • In the montage I just saw the people the douche nozzle in South Carolina murdered looked really nice.
  • I tried to pick up a hitchhiker who was resting under a bridge. Yes, I know I shouldn't do that but I always want to do what I would want others to do for me and if I'm under a bridge in billion degree West Texas heat I would want a ride. Anyway, it didn't matter. He was nuts. I drove off with him raving.
  • Ate at Stars drive in last night. It is like a less Sonic-ie Sonic. My burger was decent but if it didn't take them 15 minutes to get it out to me it was 20. Things seem to move at a slower pace here. They wouldn't last 5 minutes closer to home.
  • A preteen/early teen kid was vaping while waiting for food with his dad. There is no way that is acceptable- right?!
  • The kids arm was in a cast. Get used to it kid. Your life is going to be harder than it had to be in many ways.
  • His dad had an epic mullet.
  • There is a really good radio station here. I think it might be 89.9. 
  • For long stretches of road there was no reception of any kind.
  • There are tons of recently-ish abandoned homes and businesses out this way.
  • Personally, I blame Grover Cleveland.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Deep Thought

“The next time I have meat and mashed potatoes, I think I'll put a very large blob of potatoes on my plate with just a little piece of meat. And if someone asks me why I didn't get more meat, I'll just say, "Oh, you mean this?" and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes, where I've hidden it. Good magic trick, huh?”

Jack Handy of San Antonio TX

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Too late for fruit, too soon for flowers.

Walter De La Mare, writer, d. 195

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ancestral Missives


  • Some very interesting stories coming out about the First Ladies ancestry back to her slave roots.
  • One of my ancestor's owned a slave woman named Chynna. She was listed with items he owned which were dispersed at auction after his death.
  • A weird thing about that? I think of her often, wish I knew more about her and have a certain, odd affection for her.
  • She was listed among other properties such as well ropes and buckets.
  • My great great grandmother was an Indian. My GGF met her on his way down from Iowa in Oklahoma and they had a whole batch of kids- something like 9. We don't know a lot about her due to the really pioneering nature of their existence in South Central Texas and the fact he was ostracized by family for the union.
  • I have a picture of her and their children- she looks strong and kind.
  • The kids look like dirt eaters.
  • I don't say kids very often.
  • My other great grandfather was a blacksmith, we know exactly where his last shop was although there's not even a hint of it left. I did find a drill bit and some other oddments lying around. It was quite a thought to be touching something that the last human to touch it was the man who before was only vague stories, since he died when my mother was a small child.
  • During prohibition he was also a bootlegger but, in beer not liquor. Because of this and the isolated nature of where they lived even county officials and sheriff's deputies would come to dances at the barn and partake of his wares. He also raised pigs and fed the left over grains to them.
  • It was all fun and games until the repeal and the pigs started dying of cirrhosis.
  • He was found one day after being missing for 2 or 3 in the back pasture with his head on a downed tree lying on his back, dead of an apparent heart attack. My mother told the grown ups when they started worrying about him, I had a dream he was lying on a log with his hat over his face sleeping. There was a plow close by and it was near some trees and the river. No one had gone to the back pasture to search for him as he had left home to go to town in street clothes and had been seen in town later.
  • They said, Go on now child- you're crazy.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday's Missives

Zac with a Triumph the Insult Dog he jacked at the WC Reunion. Omigosh- seems like 100 years ago as I post this on 04/11/2014.

  • Cindy Sheehan strikes me as a person who was probably a mess before her sons death and that just pushed her over the edge. In my opinion all her nutty histrionics might be a plea for help and political people right and left just use her for their own agendas.

  • Sheen, Sheena, Sherman Shoehorn and Shena are all offered as alternatives to Sheehan by my spellchecker.

  • Although I love going, I haven't been to the Dr Pepper museum in Dublin TX for years. I don't know why a person would even need to go more than once in a lifetime but, I enjoy going every couple of years. Maybe it's the delicious ice cold DP you pull out of the old timey machine yourself and drink out of the glass bottle in the plant it was produced. The last time I toured it there was a young girl in the group who as a lifetime aficionado from Albuquerque NM was destroyed to learn the guide never drank DP and in fact claimed Sprite as her beverage of choice. That plant was given to the long time owner Bill Kloster for his service and dedication to the company. He started as a bottle sorter there at age 14.

  • The DP fan from NM was named Beccah- don't ask why I remember that- a name tag, printed on her shirt, or? Don't know but, for some goofy reason I remember her name.

  • My den is full of teenage boys who stayed up way too late after talking to girls, playing video games and watching movies all night.

  • I have never in my life used the snooze button on an alarm clock.

  • No, not even once.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Except for ending slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, war has never solved anything.

Why I Love Being A Hospice Nurse

Following are real, couldn't make this stuff up if I tried text messages from a friend regarding a case she recently accepted. They are in order from first to most recent.

  • Private home. The house is stinky, nasty and dirty. the property looks like a landfill.

  • Oh crap! The patients daughter is in here!! Casting spells and doing time phenomena on him and she won't quit staring at me!!!

  • She has one boob hanging out of her nasty, torn shirt.

  • Mom told me me she is schitzoprenic or however you spell it. She is scary!

  • She says they claim to be her parents, but they aren't. She scares the s*&^ out of me! I have never seen someone like her!

  • Now she's standing in the corner casting spells on me and her mom has gone to bed.

  • Now she has her hands down her pants!!! I won't be back!

  • There's no air in here and it stinks, it's making me sick.

  • Case manager says Don't worry she has no history of violence.

  • She's left the room and went to bed. It's quieter now.

Ten reason why I love my job! Oh, one more- guess who relieves her?

Update: patient expired before I had the priviledge of caring for him or meeting his zany daughter.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

For Thursday's Thoughts: Ages Old Draft Clean Up With New Pics

Peaster's new state of the art pumper truck

My latest home improvement project

Dead fish being dead

Random promotional car in Weatherford America

Dead lady in the back being creepy

Hula lady on the dash being hulistic

Dog left in car at library says, Whats up?
When I take pictures of people taking pictures in the park I'm not being creepy- I'm a keen observer  and chronicler of the human condition.

Something I picked up from the ground.

There are at least 5 beavers living in Holland Lake. This is their handiwork (or footiwork  you ole hairsplitter you).

These are their tracks.

Random lady fishing.

The bank look dry but it was just a crust. Underneath was a slimy clay that was like greased glass. I slid 3-4 feet down the bank and had given myself up for definitely wet and possibly drowned and had even prepared to chunk my camera back toward the bank to save it from a watery grave when I caught myself. Here is the evidence of the aftermath

  • Saw Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich on a stage together once. I couldn't tell you under what auspices for the life of me but, all I could think was, What a contrast- the best and worst in public service. The best and worst in humanity...
  • What happens to a lot of us when we get behind the wheel? I mean really, it's not a competition.
  • A news article title: "This woman is ready for hurricane season"
  • Me too- I live hours away from where one could hurt me and my family.
  • An unexpected headline: Montana town offers to take Gitmo prisoners.
  • They had built a 27 million dollar jail to cage people for money.
  • Which subsequently stood empty for 2 years after completion.
  • What is wrong with us? Did we all get dropped on our heads and the fact of said dropping is the biggest cover-up in history?
  • My nephew is here. I almost adopted him when he was little- then the inbred side of the family took him back. When he wasn't little anymore and more of a handful- they were all about having me take him back. Still would if I could.
  • Maybe should.
  • You should have seen it though- sheriffs deputies, the whole bit on the day they took him and his sister back. I can still see those people across the street being careful to not be on my property. There were 6 of them and between them there were maybe 36 teeth, at least 1800 hundred pounds, 4 tube tops and 8 flip flops. I'm pretty sure the other 2 were barefoot.
  • The deputies who responded to their call would have literally rather taken a beating than force me to turn over those children- and said as much to me. I do not know how many times they apologized and hinted with a lawyer I could possibly get a court order in our favor.
  • One with tears in his eyes said, You take your time.
  • I really doubt there as been many situations they would have less rather been in the middle of than that one in their careers.
  • What I mean is how many hopeless situations have they been in, how many difficult situations have they had to solve? And here you have a situation that was already corrected to the benefit of the children and he has to physically remove the children from a nice, stable home, with loving caregivers and turn them over to the cast of The Hills Have Eyes?
  • They still suffer from asthma from the cigarette smoke and filth to which they were constantly exposed.
  • My daughter is already bored- I need someone to play with! What can I do? There's nothing to do here!
  • Going to be a long summer.
  • For both of us.
  • If above seems out of place- it was from a very old draft clean up day. The last I knew the aforementioned nephew was in the county jail.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Zombie Monkies N More

You know me- I'm always down for some Aliens, UFOs and Zombie Monkies!
A dying man can do nothing easy.

Benjamin Franklin, statesman, d. April 17, 1790

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fort Richardson Days

Are nearly over for this year. My ears are still ringing from being too near a Napoleon 12 pounder when it fired.

I mean literally ringing, as in I can't hear anything and my head hurts.

If Napoleon were my friend I would have teased him about being a 12 pounder (based on his size- get it?). Ha! He would just laugh and laugh.

Then he would probably have had my head chopped off.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Music Video Extra Vaganza O Rama

Another fave by a favorite band and song- Pork And Beans by Weezer. This is the one that features all the viral internet sensations of the day participating in the video. It had over 18 million hits at the time I linked to it.