Thursday, June 25, 2015

On The Road Again

  • It is 6 AM and I'm in Amarillo.
  • Within the next couple of days after scouting Palo Duro and some other nearby sites I intend to invade New Mexico.
  • Writing this on a tablet is really hateable.
  • My friend wants me to say a prayer for her in one of the nice old Catholic chapels in NM. She said I would know the right one when I saw it.
  • In the montage I just saw the people the douche nozzle in South Carolina murdered looked really nice.
  • I tried to pick up a hitchhiker who was resting under a bridge. Yes, I know I shouldn't do that but I always want to do what I would want others to do for me and if I'm under a bridge in billion degree West Texas heat I would want a ride. Anyway, it didn't matter. He was nuts. I drove off with him raving.
  • Ate at Stars drive in last night. It is like a less Sonic-ie Sonic. My burger was decent but if it didn't take them 15 minutes to get it out to me it was 20. Things seem to move at a slower pace here. They wouldn't last 5 minutes closer to home.
  • A preteen/early teen kid was vaping while waiting for food with his dad. There is no way that is acceptable- right?!
  • The kids arm was in a cast. Get used to it kid. Your life is going to be harder than it had to be in many ways.
  • His dad had an epic mullet.
  • There is a really good radio station here. I think it might be 89.9. 
  • For long stretches of road there was no reception of any kind.
  • There are tons of recently-ish abandoned homes and businesses out this way.
  • Personally, I blame Grover Cleveland.


Katy Anders said...

Grover Cleveland? Hell yeah. This wouldn't be happening if Chester A. Arthur were President.

Nobody was vaping when he was running the show.

el chupacabra said...

I always liked ole Chester. He was not very showy but real solid. Here is what Mark Twain thought of him:
"No duty was neglected in his administration, and no adventurous project alarmed the nation." " It would be hard indeed to better President Arthur's administration."