Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

    But You Said It Was Cold

  • Overheard at the pool 06/26/2016: Yeah, now I got a criminal trespass charge against me- for going into my own place!
  • Something tells me it was no longer his place, he knew it and alcohol was involved.
  • 11/30/2015 @2338 The espresso and tiramisu at 9 o'clock after Handel's Messiah sounded like a good idea at the time- what was I thinking? I am wired for sound.
  • At work we enroll people for various medical studies. A patient once said, Why you only picking white people? Probably 2 times the number of blacks were approached over white and most declined. The white person referenced by the other patient approached by the study staff was the first I saw them speak to that day and she actually declined. Of the 6 people enrolled that day- 5 were black and 1 Mexican.
  • People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. It was comforting to him to believe he was where he was in life on that day because every single encounter is rigged against him- not because he was a screw up.
  • Refugees who have been in the country a month or two know enough about how things work here to scream racism when they don't get their way. It works.
  • An office buddy showed off her her artwork painted on her toe. Her big toe was painted red and had a black stripe across it with a silver square in the middle. It took a minute to process- it was Santa's belt and buckle.
  • At Handel's Messiah and elderly choral singer fell and booped his head as the choir filed out and he wasn't able to perform. This was the first thing I thought of.
  • In the foyer to the auditorium there are pics of performers from previous seasons. In one I noticed a kid right away who had been in my Sunday school class when he was little. He looked like a grown up version of himself- I knew who it was right away even though it may have been 15 years since I last saw him and he was a little bitty kid.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • What some guy I did not know recently said to me regarding another patron's daughter in the McDonald's: There ain't no way in Hell my daughter would wear something like that!
  • "Its never too late to be everything you might have been"- George Elliott
  • The preceding statement may make people feel good- but it is absolutely and demonstrably false.
  • It is so ingrained in me to be able to ID and fight Russian vehicles that it is a weirdly visceral feeling to see Russian tanks and ZSU 23-4s in combat in Syria when I watch war porn.
  • Recently I took an ex girlfriends car to the shop to get it repaired. An ex girlfriend!? Yeah- because: Kev, He is such a good boyfriend- he  is a good ex boyfriend.
  • Somewhat recently somebody mentioned a mutual acquaintance's impending wedding to her boyfriend- Ed. My response was, Ed. Ed?! Edddd?! I wasn't making fun of him (as I was accused)- he just didn't seem like an Ed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

The backstory: I get it in my head I need to drink more water so consequently I ask for the loan of a drinking glass. One of the Asian den mother types in the office loans me a huge soup bowl type cup to drink from- it got the job done but looked ridiculous. When I took it back to her I joked I couldn't take being teased about it anymore. One or two days later I came into my office and this was on the desk.
Yes, I also immediately thought of the soup Nazi.

  • A friendly acquaintance recently went to rehab for a short period of time. She said she was done with drinking and wanted me to know.  Today I saw her- she is trembling, speaking in word salad and bloaty. I don't know if that means she is definitely on the wagon or has definitely fallen off or if some of the preceding facts are related at all or purely coincidental.
  • It is important to me that a woman takes pride in the care of her hair and a woman with pretty hair goes up a notch or two in my book.
  • Recently I have seen multiple teenage girl children with tattoos that their moms must have approved. Crazy.
  • In the past 4 years I have eaten Taco Bell three times; two of which were within the past week.
  • There is an A and W Root Beer stand in Ruidoso although it is co located with a Long John Silver's. The last one I knew of in our area was in Bowie. It was there long after I would have presumed it gone but I don't know if it is still there.
  • I oddly get Snyder TX and Sweetwater TX confused.
  • When a kid throws a float ring in a pool and then jumps on top of it I always draw up inside as I am sure they are going to fall back and strike their head on the edge of the pool.
  • Jack Johnson held a patent to an improvement on an adjustable wrench- that he designed while in prison. That and his fearlessness impress me the most about him.
  • Laptop batteries still never- ever last nearly as long as advertised.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • To be filed under, People are so weird: After the 1994 Earthquake in LA area universities received tons of calls from people who reported the stars and other celestial bodies were brighter in the night sky. It never occurred to them their perception was altered by the lack of light pollution due to the power being out. No, it must be, The world is ending! The stars are so bright!
  • If you watch the great classic Cat Ballou take note during the iconic beer wagon scene of the stunt driver who is under the actual seat to make it look like the wagon is driverless.
  • Statistically I have at best 25 years left on this planet but I now know it is likely to be much less than that.
  • There is a service now which after an enrollment fee and annual subscription will send a tech out after your death to remove your tattoos which are then preserved and mounted in a frame for display by the [presumably horrified] family you leave behind.
  • Rain just moved in. I cancelled camping plans because storms were supposed to move in much earlier today. It would have been nice to have already been set up and racked out in the tent and listen to the raindrops.
  • Recently REI made an unauthorized 100$ charge to my card but before I could even call to straighten it out there was a 100$ credit to my account. How/why does that happen?
  • Recently in an interview President Obama stated his biggest regret in Libya was not considering what would happen in the days following the strikes- which he ordered. The honesty is refreshing- it  really is but the thought process is appalling. Nothing should have guided the Strike verses No Strike decision making tree like the question: What will happen in the days, weeks and months following our rearranging the topography of Libya?
  • Recently a coworker came to the office dressed up and with her hair and nails did. The effort made her exponentially hotter than she was just the day before. People honestly (and a little oddly) weren't sure who she even was she looked so different.  My response? Gurrl, why didn't you tell me you were so fine- I would have made a play for you a long time ago!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • As disco was entering its death throes a friend's mom took us to a disco for teens in Denton. It seems like it was right off University. It was run by two older ladies. I met a girl from Krum there. The older ladies watched our clumsy efforts and intervened to help by providing a pen and piece of paper to exchange numbers and they even sort of mediated our conversation. When I think about that time I always wonder what their motivation was.
  • The last I knew the girl moved to New Mexico then to Houston. She had a heart condition which would cause her feet and hands to sometimes have a very slight blue tint to them.
  • She was gorgeous- a literal model as she was in multiple catalogs for area department stores.
  • If I zig when I should have zagged on my Nook's screen I sometimes accidentally hit incognito mode. I never need it and only vaguely know what it is for and why it exists. I always see myself having to explain to somebody why I needed to be incognito. 
  • What do you have to hide mister?! The cop hisses through clenched teeth his disgust hardly masked and his rage barely contained...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Here Are Some Of My Ancestors On My Mother's Side. The Person On The First Row On The Far Right Was My Favorite Uncle. It Is Crazy To Think He Would Fight On Iwo Jima And Guadalcanal. He Was Mentioned By Name In The First Editions Of Guadalcanal Diary As It Was One Of The Battles In which He was Wounded. In The Days Of My Ute He Would Humor Me And Camp Out With Me In My Tent In My Parent's Back Yard. I Asked Him To Play Army. He Said, Not A Chance Kid. As He Saw My Countenence Fall And My Lip Begin To Quiver He Said, But I'll Play Marines With Ya! He Was My Hero.

Back Row:  Troy & Roy Patterson, Easter Wiest, Mildred Rainey, Gerta Schaffner, 
Alfred Bachman, Wilburn Patterson
Front Row:  Bennie Jo Morton, Emil Bachman, Gaylan Rainey, Alfred Schaffner,
and Orville Patterson
Troy and Roy Patterson are Gene Patterson's brothers, sons of Chauncy Depew Patterson and
Letitia Irwin Patterson...Wilburn Patterson is the son of Patrick Newton
Patterson and Vivian Massie; Orville Patterson is my mother's brother, son
of Benjamin Harrison Patterson and Rosie Mitchell Patterson

Thursday's Thoughts

  • I do not understand religious people- who call themselves Christians going on about,"The Jews are Gods chosen people."- I'd be Googling conversion to Judaism if I believed that.

  • With a quickness and would not take no for an answer.

  • An old best friend met Patrick Swayze at a horse show and anothers sister went to school with Swayzes sister and took dance at their moms studio in Houston.

  • "Due to the ability to make connections and friendships over greater distances (with easier travel, telephones, and later, the internet) it is hypothesized that everyone on the planet can be connected through no more than six "degrees of separation". For example, say I wanted to connect myself with the Queen of England. The first step would be for me to find a friend who was from England or had ties with people there. Then I would connect one of there friends to someone else until I had someone who knows the Queen. This should take no more than 6 of these "friend to friend" connections. ME--> Friend #1--> Friend #2--> Friend #3--> Friend #4--> Friend #5--> Queen So, although I don't know the Queen, or probably anyone after "Friend #1" I can be connected to her through acquaintances no more than 5 times removed. wiki answers

  • More here at Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia has come a long way- although I still take everything from there with a grain of salt.

  • Camping: hard, dirty work then we sleep in conditions that would make a homeless shelter seem an elaborate palace all the while eating bad food that is a chore to prepare.

  • Then we come home and feel great.

  • I had a telescope and star chart when I was a kid and used the telescope often- especially to view the moon. It seems odd to me now- I have no idea to where or when it disappeared from my life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • At work requests are made for me to personally make the coffee. Sometimes it is by Email, phone or people dropping by my office. They will say, I need a really good cup and I can never do it right- will you please make some coffee? That is cute, flattering and kind of funny. What is interesting to me though is the couple of people who have said, Oh yeah- I like his coffee really well now that he doesn't make it so strong! Funny- I haven't changed a thing; their taste has adapted but good luck getting them to believe that.
  • We believe what we want to believe and see what we think we're seeing.
  • I started Rob Roy this morning. It isn't as good as I remembered. The acting, directing and script were very clumsy and it seems oddly amateurish for all the big names it had and the scene stealers highlighted the faults instead of carrying the show.
  • Why do we critique movies and television shows now that we have the Internet? I suppose it is because we can.
  • A friend was fired recently from her job. The simple answer for why is she did something that was arguably against policy. The deeper answer is she rubbed the wrong people the wrong way and then gave those people her head on a silver platter with a very minor infraction (that literally every other person in the workplace engaged in frequently). She then proceeded to post details and basically make an admission of guilt on the Facebooks. When encouraged to take said post down she refused.
  • While yes- she is definitely her own worst enemy, in this case the Facebook rabbit hole took her from probably having a case for wrongful termination (if she wanted to pursure it) to a public record of her admitting guilt in an event that happened in a healthcare setting and very publicly talking bad about a former employer. That rash post will haunt her in ways she can't guess right now.
  • We are our own worst enemies.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Meet My People

Let me tell you a story- a story of poor white trash. The following vignettes are correctly related and true as far as I know and stem from my families habit of telling stories in general and sharing said stories with anybody- even kids who had no business hearing some of them.

The grizzled old farmer is my grandfather born in 1883 in Scott County Arkansas. The picture would have been taken in Melissa TX where dad was born. There is an old family story that one time grandfather killed a cow and after butchering it, took the meat around to the neighbors and sold cuts. A hound dog followed the wagon home and was adopted by the kids. One of granddad's last requests was to be taken to the cemetery in a wagon pulled by a white horse. Uncle Cornelius made it happen. My dad told me when he went to the funeral he didn't own any shoes so he ran behind the wagon from shade tree to shade tree to get some relief from the hot surface of the road.

To your far left is my uncle Cornelius (also called Neal). He worked at rock crushers in the Chico area for years. We never liked him as he was mean to his wife who was a favorite aunt. He was also dismissive of my dad who we thought was way better than him. I was also aware Cornelius was only a private during the war and dad was not only a sergeant but became a drill sergeant after the war.

 Sitting beside him is aunt Rilla.  Rilla taught me how to fish. Oddly, I still have some of her old fishing tackle and a scar on my thumb from cutting fish hooks off an old trotline she gave me. As I think about these memories I can smell her tackle box as plain as the coffee on my desk. 
She was married multiple times. One husband had a prosthetic leg. After his death it was left under her bed. Us cousins (as all of us kids were called) would go and sneak peeks at it and dare each other to touch it. Her last husband was named Bill. He only had one real eye. The socket with a prosthetic eye would weep constantly and he always kept a handkerchief in his hand to wipe his cheek. I bought a 1966 Ford truck from him for 300 dollars. He had bought it new and when I went to Wichita Falls to look it over it was straight as an arrow. He drove it out to Decatur for me the next weekend and wrecked it 2-3 times on the way. I recall him hitting a gas pump and backing into the guy wire of a power pole but it seems I may be forgetting another incident.
Rilla was raped as fairly young woman and had a baby as a result. She named her Margaret. Margie as she was called had 3 kids- a set of twins (a boy and a girl) and another boy who was older than the twins. The elder boy named Jay went to Vietnam. My parents sent  .22 rifle cleaning kits for his and the other Marine's M16 rifles. They also sent socks as, Their socks rot off their feet in no time! When he came home his mom would have to tap his foot with a broom handle when waking him for work because the first time she tapped his shoulder when waking him he nearly knocked her lights out. He would survive Vietnam only to get killed several years later in a car wreck.
All 3 of her kids drove amazing hot rods. The girl of the twins drove a 66 Nova. She loaned it to a boyfriend who committed a robbery in it and abandoned it in an alley in Wichita Falls. Her twin drove a 69 SS El Camino with a 396 and a 4 barrel carburetor. It was fast enough he outrun local deputies one night even though he had to stop every few miles to reattach the carb linkage. Their elder brother drove a 57 Chevy truck. They were my idols. My parents tried to keep me away from them.

The girl to the left of Rilla is aunt Bertha Mae. She died of heart failure secondary to rheumatic fever in her 30s. She weighed well over 300 pounds. She was an exotic dancer at a club on Jacksboro Highway that catered to dudes who liked queen sized women. As kids we heard about her all the time. Aunts would say things like, Bertha Mae would have loved you kids. She always wanted children but could never have any of her own; so sad... We felt like we knew her and that her spirit was always watching over us.

The lady to the far right is my granny. My dad told me she would whip him with the inner part (the bead) of a tire she cut out for that purpose. By the time I knew her she had whiskers which would scratch your face when she kissed you. She did not have a tooth in her head by then either. She dipped powdered snuff and the juice from it would run out of both corners of her mouth. One of her last snuff bottles is on my desk as a pen holder- I am looking at it as I write this. Her skin was as soft as velvet. Her hair went nearly to her waist and she kept it in a pony tail. It stayed mostly salt and pepper colored until her death and was really more black than gray. She washed it with lye soap. I know at one point she made her own but don't know if she continued to do so in later life or bought it. She could grow anything and the tar paper shack she lived in by the time I knew her, in Burkburnett was filled with plants. It was like a greenhouse. Mom would say, Give granny a stick, a rock to plant it on, a cup of water, and come back a week later and she would have something growing for you. After granddad died she married Paul, whom she met through a "Love Wanted" ad in the newspaper. Paul was known as a simple minded person who did odd jobs around town. He loved us like I don't remember ever being loved by anyone aside from my mom. He would walk around town and pick up small objects like change and discarded toys and put them in shoeboxes and give them to me and my sister when we visited. We loved getting those boxes- it was like winning the lottery. He called the little things he gave us, "play pretties". He gave us pens and pencils which were often personalized with our names and stationary and stamps to write letters to him. I don't recall ever being mean to him in any way but I wish I were nicer. He just deserved it. He was a decent and kind man- a good person.

The baby in granddad's lap is my dad. He had a third grade education and didn't get his driver license until he was 40 years old. He got his first job as a turkey herder at 9 years of age. He served in the Army as an air defense artillery man and more or less an infantryman in France and Germany. We have a cool picture of him with his head bandaged. He was at the invasion of Normandy + 3 days and fought all the way to Hitler's old retreat at Berchtesgaden. I asked if he ever killed anybody during the war. He replied, Well, you just don't always know. You're shooting at shapes really- moving shapes and they go down but everybody else is shooting so you don't always know. I knew though- that he did know. He crewed a half track with twin .50 caliber machineguns and a centrally mounted 37 mm cannon which were for antiaircraft work. I asked if he ever shot down a plane. He replied, Nah, never shot one down directly but 4-5 left trailing smoke pretty heavy.
He dabbled in dice but was an expert pool player and would hustle in pool halls around Fort Worth. He was oddly equally good at 9 ball, snooker and straight pool. When asked what game he wanted to play he would reply, Make it easy on yourself. When I was little, he took me to the pool hall on the square in Decatur and also a domino parlor. Old guys there would give me chewing tobacco and wait for me to get sick. I never did. The pool hall  was run by an elderly white haired gentleman. His hair was the whitest I have ever seen- literally whiter than cotton. For years into my adulthood I could recall his name but couldn't right now if my life depended on it. It thrilled me to be there. It smelled like leather, stale beer, old building and tobacco. It also seemed a little dangerous.
Dad was buried in the same cemetery as his father- the same cemetery where he ran barefooted from shade to shade following a horse drawn wagon that carried grandfather's body. I rode to that cemetery in a new Cadillac limousine which the driver oddly showed me around beforehand while telling me some of it's specs.
At the funeral were multiple women who were way too upset considering the fact that no one knew them. Maybe coincidentally, there were also several unknown women's phone numbers in his wallet.
He was a life taker, a life maker and a heart breaker. I still have his pool cue. I still have the 12 gauge shotgun that killed him.

Two things I learned writing this: Rilla is buried in an unmarked grave as her headstone was blown away in a tornado. There is a child named Randal missing from the picture- he only lived one month. Why were we never told about Randal? Yes, children died all the time back then- but stories would be told and they would be remembered- especially in a storytelling family. Was the memory just too painful- too heartbreaking? Did the birth nearly kill granny?

 The two things I think of as I write this are:
Some things you just can't make up. 
Did any of these people ever think their lives would play out how they did?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday's Travel Dispatch

All the harvester ants I saw in New Mexico were black instead of red.

Pat Garrett's brand,

Kinda cool but kinda busy patch..

From John Tunstall's desk.

Knife that was, TOKE FROM A DEAD REB GLORIETA MARCH 1862. Who owned it? Did he suffer? Did he leave behind a wife and kids? Who "TOKE" it? Did he ever ask any of theses questions?

A bit of Geronimo's hair

Voodoo dude.

Can't. Tractor. Anymore...

  • Last night (it is 06/06/2016 @0347) we went to Flying J Ranch in Ruidoso. It is a very fun dinner theater thing  that has been around since 1981. We shared the table with a family from Dallas.
  • Mad Jack's in Cloudcroft may be the best BBQ I ever et. It is owned by a guy from Lockhart. When you go as we all will someday I suppose get the sausage and sliced brisket combo. Tell him to make the cuts a little more fatty than lean but yeah you need some lean and ask for some burnt ends. For the sides consider mac and cheese and the sour cream potato salad.
  • Then consider sharing it with somebody.
  • Yes,  we drove 8 hours for Texas style BBQ and to hang out with other people from Texas.
  • The most obnoxious family in the world was at Flying J. Honestly- they were acting so over the top obnoxious they seemed like a caricature of clueless white trash in a National Lampoon movie. Their antics were confined to the pre-show as they left after the dinner; which was weird considering they could have eaten better in town for half the price.
  • Our table neighbor there had an adult special needs son who seemed to enjoy hanging out with me.
  • It is sometimes hard for me to tell how old an adult intellectually disabled person is and I usually think they're younger than their true age. This I can guess is because they might spend more time indoors and are less prone to the aging affects of stress and less likely to have bad habits like smoking which also age the human body.
  • Elk and deer strolled through the cabin grounds yesterday evening.
  • Our cabin at Apache Village Cabins is kind of beat up and smells like dirty carpet and there was a pube or two in the shower but when it was hot yesterday we stayed cool and when it rained we stayed dry and I was able wash my butt before bed ; so it is all good I suppose.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

It Is 2023 Hours On 06/06/2016 And I Just Realised

I have never seen a beaver in a zoo.

It Ain't Exactly New And It Ain't Mexico

I may have lost all the vacation pictures I have taken so far (computers are the devil) so here- have a picture of a bipalium land planarian I saw on my front porch after a recent rain. They are also called hammerhead worms.

  • We went to Fox Cave in Riudoso. They have a museum with artifacts related to  the Lincoln County War, aliens and dinosaurs and at 5 dollars to get in- is a bargain at twice the price.. The biggest amethyst geode I have ever seen can be yours from there for 7500 bucks.  They also have a T-Rex skull. The gemologist who works there was in the Army for 10 years. He is a good guy. The ladies who work the counter there are from Quebec. As we left I said, Merci. Au revoir!
  • When I do things like that, it definitely does not get on girly's nerves and that is definitely not part of the reason why I do it.
  • Overheard in the mighty Kia Sedona we have nicknamed Big Momma: What do you want to eat? Well, no fast food otherwise I don't care- maybe Italian? That is pronounced Eye-talian dear. Whatever. Italian or a steak place would be OK. K- there is a Texas style BBQ! up ahead the sign says. Yeah, we left Texas and drove 8 hours to have Texas style barbecue- that would make a lot of sense. Have you ever known me to make a lot of sense? No. Well, Ok then...
  • When you go to Alamagordo eat at Rocket National Buffet and have the snow shrimp (which I think is coconut shrimp). The chocolate pudding at cheap Chinese buffet places is always real good and of apparent high quality- why? They also always have fresh off the boat, real young, non family members working- how and why?
  • While we were there a white trash lady who has all the answers received a phone call. Among other things we heard her say intentionally loud enough to be overheard, Do you have Medicaid? Well go to the hospital and tell them what they're doing isn't working and they need to... She probably works in the healthcare field; I can guess she is a nurses aide.
  • Her scrawny little husband made the biggest sigh as he boxed up their to go stuff. My guess is- he sighs a lot.
  • Initially I went to wrong hotel. We had it stuck in our heads we made reservations at Hampton Inn so we went there. Oddly, the desk clerk said that was the second time it had happened that day. Once we made it to the right hotel we realized they had conveniently forgot to tell us the building is being remodeled. As a bonus the elevator in the right hotel isn't working and we're on the third floor; making it the wrong hotel. Some super decent guy who is in town saw me struggling with my bags and carried my big duffle up.
  • Funny the differences in the way female V males minds work. The guy told us about being in town for a softball tournament. My girly says, Oh cool- did they win? meaning the guys kids. He was too young have kids that played softball. He was obviously (to a guy) a hardcore softballer and there was also just something in the way he said, I am in town for a softball tournament that a guy would have got immediately that went right over her head.
  • The desk clerk told us about an elderly lady who died in this building and about the murder of an adulterer next door. I don't believe I would have told all that.
  • Although I presume I would have a home as that is what you do and to have a place to keep my junk; I could travel for the rest of my life and live in hotels and unless money was absolutely no object said hotels would probably be Hampton Inns and Holiday Inns.
  • Forest Fire+ elevation change+foreign (to me) plants= one snotty Kev.
  • Kia Sedona- so far a great car. It is roomy and powerful and rides like a Cadillac. It may be smoother at 95 mph than 55 and is only marginally louder in the interior. I am sure I could adapt but my only qualm would be too many features i.e. I get something out of the back and as I look back while locking it up I notice the side door is open from me pushing the wrong button.
  • Back up camera- best invention ever!?

The Road Goes On Forever (Well So Far It At Least Goes To White Sands National Monument)

Among other things we have uncovered evidence of cover ups in the US government at the highest levels of the presence of advanced alien life forms on this planet (and the fact they crash spaceships like human knuckleheads wreck cars).

  • White Sands National Monument is white and sandy. Oh, and hot. Honestly, at about 12-1:00 people started leaving like the place was closing or there was tornado coming. It puzzled me until about 30 minutes later my underwear burst into flames.
  • These guys were also out there. I let them use my sand sled.  They were in Austin the day before yesterday and spent yesterday in El Paso and tomorrow they will be in Phoenix. When they're big stars and household names they will always remember that simple day on the dunes hanging with their old buddy Kev.
  • Corino's in Alamogordo has a 16 layer lasagna.  
  • Yeah- you read that right. Also, the olive dipping oil for the bread has roasted garlic in it and is the best I have ever eaten.
  • The prices nearly everywhere you go here are very reasonable.
  • There are a lot of lesbian couples touring the area.
  • The Holiday Inn has surprisingly adequate biscuits and sausage gravy on their breakfast bar.
  • The Alamogordo zoo is a deal at 2.50. They have a coati mundi which was seized at the border as a month old baby. Their American alligator was seized in a local drug bust which I thought interesting as his presence seemed random before I knew his origin story; as in I honestly said out loud, Huh, that is odd. He seems kinda random.
  • Europeans love touring the American Southwest. I overheard an unfamiliar Eastern European language and also German, Spanish and Dutch?
  • A German speaking lady had a rattlesnake tattoo on her bicep.
  • Our Lady Peace Starseed

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lamest Toy Evaaar?

It's a shoe that rolls on casters hidden in the sole. Man, what is the world coming to- a toy shoe, that rolls? Zac calls it a truck- yes I put my foot down on that one (ha, it's a shoe- and I'm putting my foot down- oh forget it, I don't know why I bother). Anyway, I'm going to Gibsons and buy him a monster truck.