Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Road Goes On Forever (Well So Far It At Least Goes To White Sands National Monument)

Among other things we have uncovered evidence of cover ups in the US government at the highest levels of the presence of advanced alien life forms on this planet (and the fact they crash spaceships like human knuckleheads wreck cars).

  • White Sands National Monument is white and sandy. Oh, and hot. Honestly, at about 12-1:00 people started leaving like the place was closing or there was tornado coming. It puzzled me until about 30 minutes later my underwear burst into flames.
  • These guys were also out there. I let them use my sand sled.  They were in Austin the day before yesterday and spent yesterday in El Paso and tomorrow they will be in Phoenix. When they're big stars and household names they will always remember that simple day on the dunes hanging with their old buddy Kev.
  • Corino's in Alamogordo has a 16 layer lasagna.  
  • Yeah- you read that right. Also, the olive dipping oil for the bread has roasted garlic in it and is the best I have ever eaten.
  • The prices nearly everywhere you go here are very reasonable.
  • There are a lot of lesbian couples touring the area.
  • The Holiday Inn has surprisingly adequate biscuits and sausage gravy on their breakfast bar.
  • The Alamogordo zoo is a deal at 2.50. They have a coati mundi which was seized at the border as a month old baby. Their American alligator was seized in a local drug bust which I thought interesting as his presence seemed random before I knew his origin story; as in I honestly said out loud, Huh, that is odd. He seems kinda random.
  • Europeans love touring the American Southwest. I overheard an unfamiliar Eastern European language and also German, Spanish and Dutch?
  • A German speaking lady had a rattlesnake tattoo on her bicep.
  • Our Lady Peace Starseed


The Donald said...

They swear there was an accident back in '47
Little man with a great big head
Splattered down from heaven
Government conspiracy; cover-ups and lies
Hidden in the desert under endless skies
Would they pile into the saucer
Find Orlando's rat and hug it?
Go screaming through the universe
Just to get McNuggets?
Well, I don't think so, I don't think so
It's much too dangerous, it's much too strange
Here in a world that won't give Oprah no home on the range
To this garden we were given
And always took for granted
It's like my daddy told me, "You just bloom where you're planted."
Now you long to be delivered
From this world of pain and strife
That's a sorry substitution for a spiritual life.

- D. Henley (excerpted)

el chupacabra said...

Amen sing it Don(s) They're not here and they're not coming.