Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • As disco was entering its death throes a friend's mom took us to a disco for teens in Denton. It seems like it was right off University. It was run by two older ladies. I met a girl from Krum there. The older ladies watched our clumsy efforts and intervened to help by providing a pen and piece of paper to exchange numbers and they even sort of mediated our conversation. When I think about that time I always wonder what their motivation was.
  • The last I knew the girl moved to New Mexico then to Houston. She had a heart condition which would cause her feet and hands to sometimes have a very slight blue tint to them.
  • She was gorgeous- a literal model as she was in multiple catalogs for area department stores.
  • If I zig when I should have zagged on my Nook's screen I sometimes accidentally hit incognito mode. I never need it and only vaguely know what it is for and why it exists. I always see myself having to explain to somebody why I needed to be incognito. 
  • What do you have to hide mister?! The cop hisses through clenched teeth his disgust hardly masked and his rage barely contained...

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