Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • At work requests are made for me to personally make the coffee. Sometimes it is by Email, phone or people dropping by my office. They will say, I need a really good cup and I can never do it right- will you please make some coffee? That is cute, flattering and kind of funny. What is interesting to me though is the couple of people who have said, Oh yeah- I like his coffee really well now that he doesn't make it so strong! Funny- I haven't changed a thing; their taste has adapted but good luck getting them to believe that.
  • We believe what we want to believe and see what we think we're seeing.
  • I started Rob Roy this morning. It isn't as good as I remembered. The acting, directing and script were very clumsy and it seems oddly amateurish for all the big names it had and the scene stealers highlighted the faults instead of carrying the show.
  • Why do we critique movies and television shows now that we have the Internet? I suppose it is because we can.
  • A friend was fired recently from her job. The simple answer for why is she did something that was arguably against policy. The deeper answer is she rubbed the wrong people the wrong way and then gave those people her head on a silver platter with a very minor infraction (that literally every other person in the workplace engaged in frequently). She then proceeded to post details and basically make an admission of guilt on the Facebooks. When encouraged to take said post down she refused.
  • While yes- she is definitely her own worst enemy, in this case the Facebook rabbit hole took her from probably having a case for wrongful termination (if she wanted to pursure it) to a public record of her admitting guilt in an event that happened in a healthcare setting and very publicly talking bad about a former employer. That rash post will haunt her in ways she can't guess right now.
  • We are our own worst enemies.

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