Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions/Draft Clean Up

  • Recently somebody put a lot of music on my new computer. To save space I went through and deleted everything I recognized that I knew I didn't like. Initially, I gave everything tagged country a chance; that is until I was reminded how terrible new country is and then I deleted everything tagged country that I didn't recognize as being good.
  • Really bad: Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. I mean really- I weep for the species.
  • The other day I saw a tour bus for a new country music related band . It looked way moar gay than they would have ever intended and no- I am not using the term gay to mean lame- it looked gay and my guess is they did not intend that. They looked like a bunch of gay cowboy strippers.
  • In traffic a tiny car will almost never tailgate you (especially if you drive a full size vehicle).
  • Last night Woman with Whom I Have Lately Been Spending Time AKA WWWIHLBST and I drug a mattress into the living room and after eating Olive Garden takeout we built a fire and piled up and watched a movie. Simple. Nice.
  • OGs takeout is always good and most often better than dine in. There is something about the way they treat takeout orders to insure quality that is different that they should investigate applying to dine in orders.
  • It is rare that I use my War Veteran Invincibility Cloak.
  • Our management call themselves the Leadership Team. I like that.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • Something I'm doing right now which would surprise you to learn if you were my real friend instead of my internet friend: reading a Michael Crichton novel for the second time in my life.
  • Something I'm doing right now which would shock you to learn if you were my real friend instead of my internet friend: reading Animal Farm for the first time ever. I have a vague recall of a half hearted attempt in the days of my ute but honestly I might be making that up. My intention is to try and unpack the meaning without any assist. I am kind of aware it is a treatise promoting the values of capitalism over communism but that is all I think I know.
  • The wind chimes sound sweet outside now (10/18/2015 at 1022)
  • As fake things go fake eye lashes may be the most ridiculous.
  • Today I had pizza at Cane Rosso. The server sort of mumbled the second part of the name of the pizza special so I had to ask her to repeat what it was called two times. It was called, Honey Bastard which  she confided to me after looking around like we were about to exchange drugs for money.
  • My ears are ringing like mad.
  • Garrry Shandling has died. Man I loved The Larry Sanders Show. It was great. Two different people I heard talking about him mentioned he didn't look bad or sick or anything prior to his death. Maybe it is the nurse in me but I thought he didn't look healthy at all. He was pale, puffy and just didn't look like he felt well.
  • Recently there has been a story going around of an IS unit giving up one of  their headquarters locations on social media causing it to be bombed by the US as an official stated, Less than 24 hours later. There are multiple problems with that story. Number one problem that comes to mind is- I couldn't find a picture of the image with about 5-10 minutes of searching. None of the articles I read on it had a copy. I'm not saying it doesn't exist- it just wasn't as readily accessible as one would have guessed since the picture was the crux of the whole story- right?! The General said, less than 24 hours... That is code for anything under 24 hours. It is meant to deceive you into thinking the strike was more timely. 24 hours on a modern battlefield is an eternity. We were meant to imagine a mob of terrorists planning their next attack on New York when Booom they're suddenly vaporized by a JDAM 30 minutes after the retarded picture was posted. If the strike happened at all it was just as likely against an empty building or even more sadly (and maybe more likely) it was stuffed full of Christians and other infidels.
  • McDonald's sells a very passable and cheap biscuits and gravy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions/Draft Clean Up

  • Two angry looking and one concerned looking black talking head on CNN are trying to out outrage each other in destroying Donald Trump. The angry ones are foaming at the mouth. 
  • Lulz.
  • Trump is in many ways for conservatives what President Obama was for uninformed liberals and nobody on either side quite knows what to with that fact and it scares them.
  • If you want to learn women think makes them tick, pick up an issue of Cosmo in your doctor's office.
  • It is 0820 and I have already waxed my truck, cleaned the windows, did a fair job of cleaning of the whole house and did the laundry. If I do nothing else but sleep and read for the rest of the weekend it will still be marked a success in the chore column.
  • Mike Huckabee was wrong in the debate on literally everything he said about the B52 bomber. Look the piece up if you want but just presume when he says a date or number it is incorrect and where he makes a statement the truth is the opposite and regardless, even if true- it doesn't mean what he thinks it means.
  • It is kind of an inane truism but I sort of like the saying, If you are not part of the solution- you are part of the problem.
  • KEGL needs to embrace the fact they're a classic rock station and roll with it.
  • It is going to be 104 degrees today with a heat factor of death by fire.
  • Kill me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FG: I'm off to get my facial.
Me: Good for you.
FG: Dang right good for me. You won't even recognize me when I come back.
Me: Oh yeah?
FG: Yeah, I will look 10 years younger! I will look 20 years old again.
Me: Cool don't get Two of them then.
FG: Huh, 2 of what?
Me: Two facials.
FG: Why?
Me: That would be creepy.
FG: A wrinkled forehead and blank expression
Me: Ahem. Get 2 facials- that would take 20 years off making you 10 years old...
FG: You're stupid.
Me: The term you are looking for is- hilarious.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • We believe some weird things like the old tale that there were female warriors in the past who cut their breast off to be able to use a bow better.  You mean to tell me you are going to wait weeks and months for women who actually survive the butchery and high rates of infection to do your military bidding when it was not even necessary in the first place? I mean come on!
  • Sometimes when we are contemplating whether something is true or not, it might be profitable I think to ask, Does it even make sense?
  • The Netflix original episodes of Arrested Development are really good.
  • Easter is this weekend. I guess I need to dig out my dress and sun hat.
  • A friendly acquaintance goes to the Kentucky Derby every year and wears a dress and big floppy hat and drinks mint julips.
  • It would have been cool to meet and at various times be a fly on the wall around Mark Twain and Ben Franklin.
  • Franklin intentionally didn't hold  patents on any of his inventions.
  • It is still a beating but I am adapting more to the use of my Nook for writing here.
  • I bought a pound of dried blueberries from recently.
  • This evening (10/20/2015) I finally ate at Terra on 7th in Fort Worth- very good. The hummus and bread are fantastic.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

  • It has been years since I fired a shotgun although formally they were among my favorite firearms.
  • Teka tezzy: a favorite foible from multiple non English speakers I have interacted with. It took a minute to process it the first time I heard it. They're saying, Take it easy.
  • A documentary titled Tricked about sex slavery is on. It has stated that money for sex is a 3 billion dollar a year problem in the US alone. One thing that stood out is how charming (for lack of a better term) the pimps come across.
  • Although I did turn it off something about it caught my attention. It was almost mesmerizing  to see how those lives collided especially as they showed police women acting as street walkers, pimps, Johns, former prostitutes and even some lady who makes pimp cups and prays over them before she sends them out.
  • Legalizing it I don't think would solve the problem at all- maybe epsecially the trafficing issue.
  • Stress and fear will dominate and ruin your life if you let them.
  • The other day (today is 03/29/2015) I saw a story about a guy being caught for a crime and part of the reason he was caught was because of an in my opinion a very bad artist's sketch. I mean, I saw the story twice on different news programs and then went back to it online and enlarged the pic and tried to make sense of what I was seeing. It looked nothing like him. This was so true my first assumption was the cops must have found him in a sketchy/illegal way and then claimed it was by a tip from a citizen which was based on the sketch.
  • This morning (11/15/2015) I saw a lady nearly get killed by a guy that swerved over into her lane while executing a lane change. She overcorrected and spun sideways 4-6 times. I don't know how but in the end she didn't hit anything or anybody else. I pictured them both texting.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday's Missives

dog memes lets see if i meat that cat again

  • This morning (08/25/2015) on my drive in to work Jagger from the EDGE was talking about a Motorhead cover somebody did and said to the effect, Come on- its Lenny! when trying to get his co hosts interested. It is Lemmy Jagger.
  • From always comes out form the first time for me when typing.
  • When I first heard about the child abuse and child pron accusations against Jared the Subway spokesperson I presumed they were true as the government laid it all out there so quick and thick from the word go but I knew he was guilty when I saw he had gotten fat again- he had lost control of himself.
  • Today on the way to work (08/26/2015) I stopped at the Botanic Gardens and took a walk and drank a cup of coffee while the sun rose. As I stopped to admire some ferns a bird taking flight from the top of a white flowered crepe myrtle caused the loose blooms to fall and cascade around me. It was like being in a snowstorm of flower petals. It was mesmerising.
  • Magic.
  • Ferns are among my favorite plants.
  • Transcript of last time I helped somebody win Trivia Crack: She: Who was the historical person who made an appearance in the Count Of Mon... Me: Napolean Bonaparte. She: You're right- How. Could. You. Know. That? Me: Like every well rounded, highly educated Renaissance man I have read all of Alexandre Dumas' works...

Friday, March 11, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • I know a girl who after making payments on her expensive model Harley for only a few months went to the bank to borrow money for one for her husband. The loan officer said, Yes, I don't think we'll have a problem here. Your employment history is good. Your debt ratio is excellent. Your income is excellent. Oh, and I see you just paid off the loan on another Harley. Have you received the title yet?
  • She said, Huh? Oh yeah that loan. Yeah, that loan I  paid off... No, I haven't received the title. Dutifully, the bank sent her the title a few weeks later.
  • Were it me they would have made a series of mistakes that would somehow had me paying double for the bike and getting the title would have been a fiasco once I did actually pay it off.
  • From time to time you'll see a comment or an article that suggests you would have more empathy for a restaurant server if you had ever been one. It doesn't seem to work that way in practice though- it seems an ex server is nearly inevitably obnoxious about the service they receive.
  • You couldn't force me at gunpoint into a school nurse job.
  • Roughing It, a book about Mark Twain's trip West across America by stagecoach has just been released- 100+ years after he wrote it. So far so good.
  • I am actively engaged in the pursuit of finding a motorcycle to buy.
  • A teacher has recently been fired after supposedly making a racial slur about the President after a black student said he wanted to be the second black President. Not. A. Chance. I would literally have to see a video to believe it. People will hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe.
  • Why would the kid lie? People lie, fame, infamy, scholarships, vengeance, relevance... 
  • I just saw a headline, Measles case surging across the US. Five words: Foreign Born People Jenny McCarthy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Texas Girl

Carol Burnett was born in San Antonio Texas. Initially she wanted to be a writer and performed in plays as part of her degree plan which got her interested in acting. She was able to start college at UCLA on a 50 dollar anonymous gift she received after graduating high school.

Some Crazy Chick Put An Anklet On

me and it looks fabulous.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • I love my children but, man they play rough- always very aggressively, rarely calm. Never like church cartoon kids anyway.
  • The road between Decatur and Denton TX 380 is very spooky or used to be anyway. Maybe there's more traffic and it's not so much anymore but, it used to be spooky at night. And riding it on a motorcycle? Makes chills run up my spine thinking about it and I haven't done it it 25 years. When I was growing up we called it Denton Highway. When I was little I always wondered what people from Denton called it. Did they call it Decatur Highway? I won't tell you what my dad said they called it.
  • It rhymed with itsville Road though.
  • My dad was a pretty colorful guy.
  • My friend found a body in Denton creek.
  • Well, his dog did.
  • It was in 3 separate garbage bags.
  • Man, I can never spell separate right.
  • How do dogs know exactly when to come lay down on your feet when you're sitting at the computer and your tootsies are cold?
  • Also, why does it sound so good when they snore?
  • I think that dogs may know when you've taken them from a bad situation and put them in a better place and appreciate you more.
  • I hate headaches.
  • Listen to this song by Secondhand Serenade.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review Of Perrotti's Fort Worth

It's not easy being green. You know what else ain't easy? No, not pimping. That's a common misconception. The answer I am looking for is "Getting decent pizza delivered downtown Fort Worth."


Perrotti's totally delivers downtown! Perrotti's veggie pizza was really hot and delicious. Perrotti's is infinitely better than any franchise pie joint (duh). I'm a fan now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016