Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Had A Girlfriend Once Who...

Was stunningly pretty when made up a little but, looked like the Cloverfield Monster without make-up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Next Bog Foray

From a blog called Otra Mirada

a post called "Insecuridad"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get Your Mind Around This


Don't think about it too much though- contemplate at your own risk.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • A recent patient worked in the music business for years. We talked a lot and you simply would not believe the stories- That. Will. Never. Get. Told. Really- I can't, not only because of the confidences entrusted to me that would be betrayed, but also privacy issues. There's no way I can change the names or dates to protect the innocent- or the guilty. You simply would not believe the names of people who called to check on my patient or the stories told (that I suspect are all true) about multiple names you'd recognize. There were also some very interesting stories told about the artists whose gold records were on the wall.
  • Grrr stupid ethics.
  • Speaking of which, if a patient and their family offers you something of token value it's usually understood that's OK (especially if all caregivers are treated the same). When they found out I loved music they wanted to give me a promotional boxed set that was given to them by the artist, who happens to be in the news right now. Then later she said, Here is an album Billy Corgan left on the bus. you can have it too- and don't argue with me. (it was an original copy of The Beatles White Album). After thanking her profusely, I discretely set them down beside where I was sitting and that's where I assume they are as I write this.
  • Grrr.
  • It was very good case- I was what they needed and they were the same for me.
  • This post is from a draft I started while doing hospice. Wow, that seems a long time ago.
  • I'm drinking a delicious French vanilla cappucino.
  • Quit it with the gay jokes.
  • Recently a woman who is a vegetarian  acted interested in me (she's a real vegetarian- she could not even tell you what meat tastes like not the kind that cuts herself after breaking down and eating a cheeseburger). Anyway, as we chatted I pictured us married. After sneaking away one night to Logan's for a steak and shrimp dinner I come home to her a total wreck. Where have you been? You're cheating on me aren't you? she blubbers. Yes, I'm sorry. It won't ever happen again! I assure her as I pull her close and hold her tight to reassure as only I can.
  • You and I both know that's a big fat lie so I bid her adieu and wished her well.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Of Craigslist

best of craigslist > washington, DC > Don't Work? Won't Call? I might be the girl for you Originally Posted: Mon, 26 Jan 18:45 EST
Don't Work? Won't Call? I might be the girl for you
Date: 2009-01-26, 6:45PM EST
Well, since I seem to have a very specific type, I'll just lay it out there. I'm apparently really into the shiftless layabouts. If you are unemployed, unmotivated and possibly still live with your parents... you could be next in my long line of failed relationships! Just think of it... an educated woman to show you how things work (hey, I'm even handy around the house - you won't have to raise a finger!). A woman with drive, ambition and goals to contrast your utter lack of motivation. A girl with a thick skin who can roll with the punches and both dish out AND take jokes... I'll be happy to be the one who doesn't sugar-coat things so that you can blame ME for all of your hurt feelings and failures. It's probably even ALREADY my fault and you haven't even emailed me! I am completely co-depedant, so you don't have to worry about me booting you to the curb over petty things (like finances, commitment or general civility). In fact, you could probably take my cash, sleep with another girl and then come over and break some things in my house and I'd just clean it up and continue along our path of destruction. So if you're looking for a lady to use and abuse, I'm your girl! I have a house, a car, a life, friends, pets and my shit together. Please, I need some sort of zeitgeist in my life to screw all of this up! It's been way too long since I've been reminded of how awesome it is to be undervalued. I'm over on minutes this month, otherwise I'd put my phone number up for you to call right away (either from your parents' landline or collect, from jail). So just email me and maybe we can work something out. Pick you up? Well, yeah, if you need me to! Baltimore? No problem. It's only about an hour's drive. I don't mind one bit, I've got nothing but time!
Location: Alexandria
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 1008965722

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mondays Missives

  • Is it just me or does it seem like when you see a family portrait of American Mormons they're very often blond haired and blue eyed?

  • I thoroughly enjoy the show Bones but, question why they think they have to make the genius scientist who can't relate to people seem nearly retarded to get the point across.

  • If you had told me the gist of the series and read me a description of the cast of characters I would have bet the bosse(s) would be black.

  • I can make a pretty decent pizza.

  • Two words: Feta Cheese

  • I haven't watched a single episode of X Files since Mulder got killed (or whatever) off the show.

  • 100 years ago who would have guessed the mixture of caramel color,corn syrup carbonated water and various flavorings would be a multi billion dollar business?

  • Yes, I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper as I write this.

  • The choice of white trash everywhere.

  • I've never made a loaf of bread.

  • The people who sell products like Enzyte should be ashamed. It is impossible for that and similar products to work as intended and this will never change.

  • Any product that preys on human pain and feelings of inadequacy and is known to absolutely not work as advertised bothers me and I would like to see more done to shut the same down.

  • Protecting the public from such is one of the things in my opinion government can and should do well.