Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday's Missives

The splendor that is Chandor Gardens

One of my favorite effects there

Hobbits are real

It has wings and flies- must be some kind of bird

A flower

Inside the mens room. OMG- I just realized-  I took a camera into the mens room. Good grief

  • CI Roller Dude reminded me of something today. He talked about the rank of specialist in the US Army. Believe me, there is nothing like it- it is the best rank in the world. You've been around long enough to be making OK money. Not a lot is expected of you, but you do get to teach some classes and lead small patrols etc. Probably most importantly you know how to get your work done to keep the Man off your back and you know enough about how The Machine works to insure that those of lower ranks than you get to do more than their fair share.
  • My National Guard scout platoon years was an amazing moment in time. We stayed pretty close to 100% strength. We were nearly all prior service and those who were guard only had been together for years and were squared away (multiple of those guys had literally been together since elementary school). 70% or more of us had college. I would have gone into battle with those guys anywhere- against anybody. They were also the funniest group of people I've ever been around in my life. I cannot bump into any of those guys who don't say,"Man, I miss the old scout platoon."
  • Although I could absolutely live in a hotel I never or rarely sleep well the first night in a hotel room.
  • High quality fruit cake doesn't seem that bad to me and regardless they sell it by the tons each year- a whole bunch of people are eating it, then joking about how terrible it is and how they would never touch the stuff.
  • I'm nicely sleepy. It feels good.
  • The Twilight movies are truly awful.
  • You wouldn't recognize beauty if it was outside in the parking lot waiting to give you hepatitis- what Will Ferrell's SNL character just said.
  • I could do a very funny and some might say accurate impersonation of an old platoon commander. It was hilarious- it would literally put guys on the floor breathless and send Mt. Dew spraying every time. It was also very cruel.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

War Is Fun

  • Bad language, but interesting video of US soldiers engaging Taliban at extreme range in a valley with a Javelin causing vehicle to tumble down shoulder of a ridge toward river.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

View of castle from the overlook

Zac leads the way into the unknown depths of a cave

View upstream from Turner Falls

Plaque on wall below castle. The retarded vandalism was done between  the end of summer and late this fall between our visits. Yep, for nearly 100 years it looked nearly as good as the day it was set, then one day some moron couldn't find a better way to amuse himself...

One clawed crayfish. He is called Ole Southpaw in those parts

I call this one A Study In Rootiness


The falls (the trickle?)

An ancient water shoe- probably left behind by a Kickapoo Indian as he  fished along Honey Creek

Zac chunking rocks. He'll never tire of doing it and I'll never tire of watching (unless we're fishing)

This tore as I was taking it out of the package- some kind of karmic warning?

  • Taking us back to 1987- here's one of my favorite Smiths songs- Girlfriend In A Coma.
  • Just re watched Heat. Man, what a good movie. I was surprised at the number of new things I picked up on with this viewing.
  • It is 12/25/012 @1621 and it is snowing like crazy. We're going to look at Xmas lights one more time as soon as it gets dark.
  • It is nice to be included in the plans of another and to automatically include somebody else in plans you're mulling over in your mind.
  • Some people freak out over the use of the term Xmas and incorrectly conclude it is being used to take Christ out of Christmas or whatever. In fact, it is a very old term used to describe the holiday and the X is meant to connote the cross. It is basically super Christian to use it.
  • I need: an MP3 player, cel phone,  laptop, camping gear, all new clothes, small camera to carry in my pocket for snaps and new lenses for my SLR. No, I don't really need those things but I need them as much as anybody and I really hate knowing I need all that- it's a lot of money for a lot of stuff. I wish I could just shop for and part with the money for one of those big ticket items for a year or two.
  • Dating pro tip: if you're going out with a younger person don't fall into the trap of identifying more than you have to with people you both interact with at the same time that happen to be closer to your age than his/hers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

  • I'm watching a documentary titled The First World War- it's reminded me: what a God awful mess, that not only didn't have to happen, it should not have happened. One thing that jumped out at me especially considering the amount of reading I've done on that war is the scale of genocidal atrocities that were inflicted. I think most of us would be more likely to associate World War II with genocide and WWI with suicidal charges across no mans land. 
  • In a patients house once I saw an proclamation on the wall for winning "A World War". It took a minute to sink in after stepping closer and in fact, I had to see the date to process which one it meant- it meant World War I. They weren't expecting another.
  • At an antiques store once I found a claw foot bathtub that was used in a John Wayne movie. They had still pics from the set and receipts from the studio. I just nearly bought it and in fact made an offer which they accepted, slept on it and came back and looked at it again the next day, but backed out.
  • I'm going to put an aquarium in my office.
  • There were a few hundred people at Holland's Lake Park yesterday for the Kid Fish and Scout activities.
  • I saw two male Boy Scout leaders who were obviously involved with each other.
  • Recently I got a string of for lack of a better term- excuses from somebody I asked out. I found out later she had a boyfriend and I guess didn't want to come out and say it. I'm not sure what to make of that- is that a compliment? .
  • Mazzy Star Into Dust

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


  • Night number 2 in screen shelter #4 and so far so good. I took a long hot shower, ate some stacios, jerky and dried pineapple and drank some Gatorade. I've slid into my nice warm sleeping bag on a queen size air mattress. Things could be worse. I don't know what the pioneers were complaining about.
  • There is a woodpecker pecking wood close to the shelter.
  • Betting On The Horse Races For Dummies is the title of a book I saw at the library yesterday. It is also it's own punchline.
  • I bet riding a penny farthing would feel way cooler than it would look.
  • I'm curious to see how my Middle Eastern patients will treat me as my beard develops. In Iraq men would go out of their way and use our interpreter to tell me they liked my mustache.
  • Blackie's Country Cobra Bar is the name of a bar in Mineral Wells.
  • When people not from the area go to Mineral Wells they inevitably say something to the effect of, Uh, well- It's different... I don't have an ax to grind when it comes to the place- I've worked there, trained there with the guard, gone to church and have plenty of friends from there but I get what they mean when they say thing like that. Earlier I went to Wally World. I have never seen so many people wearing cheap cowboy hats, wife beater shirts, flip flops, camouflage, outdated jeans and other clothing items in my life. There were a lot of people with meth mouth. There is always a lot of, if not homeless - shiftless, dirty looking people staggering around town.
  • There was a guy in the Walmarts puffing on one of those electronic cigarettes. His wife might have weighed 90 pounds soaking wet and had greasy looking blond hair with long black roots. She had sores all over her face and an awe inspiring case of met mouth. My guess is he had very early onset emphysema or even lung cancer.  The electronic cig made him cough his head off.
  • There was a beaver out by the shelter just now. He was munching on a tree shoot. His tail had a huge healed deficit taken out of it that looked like a snapping turtle had a little late night snack one night. Literally- it was the perfect shape of a large snappers beak.
  • I have had A Perfect Circle's The Noose on my mind for the past few days.
  • Put and take trout fishing seems at best, odd to me.
  • In the Army sleeping bags are called fart sacks. May I never outgrow that making me giggle a little inside.
  • A beaver is chewing a tree on the other side of the shelter now.
  • My feet are a little cold.
  • Owls have been hooting to each other on either side of the shelter for a couple of hours now. OK guys I get it- you're an inspiring symbol of all that is noble in the timeless woods and blah, blah blah- give it a rest. I'm pooped and can't sleep with all this racket.
  • Death Cab For Cutie Baby Please Come Home

Wednesday's Digressions

Rare and priceless jewels I found at Turner falls: my retirement plan


Cave at Turner Falls

My trusted exploration partner and reason for being

This was a beautiful princess- until I kissed her

  • Some things never change- Cleveland Cavaliers Cheerleaders at Al Taqaddum Iraq.
  • I never got to see anyone special while I was there- the Fobbits got my share I suppose. Vince Vaughn was scheduled to be there when I was miraculously on base and off duty, but got laid over somewhere else because of a sand storm. He would have liked me.
  • I cannot remember the last time I had a glass of milk.
  • I looked at a mountain bike at Wally World tonight. I don't recall the brand but the model was a Yakuza which also happens to be the name of Japan's organized crime ring.
  • That reminds me of a special Hell's Angels authorized version of a Harley Davidson motorcycle that came with Hell's Angels logos etc. I simply cannot comprehend why the average person would be interested in that.
  • If you were a booger I'd pick you first- what a cartoon character just said on television.
  • Wal Mart has sold out of tactical style rifles.
  • Recently I did everything right setting up my newest aquarium. Predictably, I was rewarded with the death of my fishy friends within 4 days.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/22/2012 From Screen Shelter #4

  • I'm  in shelter #4 rereading Krakauer's Into Thin Air for the third (or is it fourth?) time. I have read everything I know of written by him and actually started reading his writing when he wrote exclusively for magazines.
  • You should see my zebra print satin pillow cover. It is pimp.
  • I'm staying here until at least Christmas morning. 
  • I didn't bring a camera this time- on purpose. It won't make sense to you but I wanted only memories when I planned coming out this time.
  • The screen shelters are a great way to get out without roughing it too much. You have electricity and a roof over your head. The lake is an easy stones throw away. You could literally hold your breath and get to the water. I think it maybe a little odd though, they're 95% the cost of a Motel 6.
  • I bought a Serta brand queen size air mattress for this trip. It is awesome- it is like sleeping on a bed of air...
  • Ha, I slay myself sometimes.
  • Coyotes are all around- some are very close, so close their calls have startled birds off their roosts near me and some are calling from so far away if it weren't for the sound echoing through the draws I doubt I would be able to hear them. 
  • A beaver is splashing his tail against the water.
  • I have no idea what time it is. I did not even bring a watch.
  • As Rob Hall was dying on Everest he spoke by sat phone to his wife in New Zealand. I love You. Sleep well my sweetheart. Please don't worry too much. were his last words in this world. Who could have done better?
  • Here is a favorite Xmas song for you. Timbuk3 All I Want For Christmas
  • Good night world wherever you are. I love you in spite of yourself.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday's Summary

Trophy crawdad caught in Honey Creek inside Turner Falls park. He was a fighter who looked delicious but I was strict catch and release wildlife harassing that day.

  •  A basically homeless patient lives in the sub basement of a large old home. When he leaves his den a possum comes out of it's den and raids his foodstuffs. He is referred to as the troll ( the patient I mean.) I don't know if the possum has a nic name or not.
  • It wouldn't bother me in the least to live in a tent.
  • When I knew I wanted to move recently but was unsure where to multiple people volunteered to let me stay at their place.
  • I have been on a chip eating kick and have consumed multiple large bags by myself recently.
  • Wind chimes are a beautiful thing to me and I automatically assume anyone who has some and appreciates them and I would probably get along.
  • I automatically assume the cops who volunteer for the duty of setting up homosexual people for indecency charges are troubled, homophobic monsters.
  • Nasty- verdict on the first White Castle burger I just ate.
  • Supervisor: Kevin put himself down to bring estomago vacio to the Christmas party- what is that? Spanish speaker she queried: Uh, empty stomach.
  • Naptown Stomp Scrapper Blackwell

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday's Situation

First thing I saw with a search for "pics"

  • Last night I slept better than I have since I don't know when. I heard somewhere you know you're getting old when you not only assess the quality and quantity of your sleep, you share the results with other people.
  • It would be a good idea to use and reuse gift bags more.
  • You drink less coffee when you use a Keurig coffee maker. It is probably because whether we realize it or not we're adjusting our habits to the unit cost. Also there isn't an entire pot made so there isn't a sense it is being wasted if it isn't drunk.
  • In the past when I was correct in my usage people have given me a hard time over my use of drunk and drank so that has messed me up and I'm not sure if my usage in the last thought was correct.
  • The attention a murderer gets after a mass killing is absolutely the worst thing that could happen. Not only is the guy craving attention he is also in terrible psychological pain. The first thing one of the big news shows inevitably will do when the smoke clears is an analysis of the guy- from birth literally to the moment he blows his brains out. He won't even have to verbalize it this way but when he sees the coverage mass murders get something will click and he knows this is how to get people to understand.
  • Recently I asked someone to not read this blog.
  • The Beautiful People

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Dispatch PM Edition

  • When good animals go bad! Pelican attacks weather man
  • Zac's gag when he spent some time with somebody I was spending time with was poop- everything revolved around poop. When she adjusted herself in the seat he'd ask, So, what's the matter- you have poop in your pants? When one of us commented on smelling something he said from the back, It's poop. And sometimes when nothing at all was being said he would simply say quietly, Poop.
  • A small idea of how pervasive the effect of visual media is on all of us: I'd be willing to bet 70+ percent of US people of nearly any age below 60 would identify the call of a pterodactyl the same among recordings of other sounds. Even though the plaintive call of the pterodactyl hasn't been heard for a gazillion years- just about everybody alive today in the world would say, That is a pterodactyl if they heard it's screech.
  • Making advanced education more available will not solve all our problems. We will not have any substantive relief until there are more well paying manufacturing jobs with fairly good ease of entry. The first thing a troubled nation that has the ability to pay for college education does is to do so with a premium placed on economics and business degrees. You can't swing a dead cat around in my refugee waiting room without a hitting a dozen people with masters in economics on the head.
  • The stories are now about the need for affordable college education or technical training for everybody. If our job market continues to stagnate, the news in a few years will be about our young college and tech school grads who are abandoning America for China and India et al.
  • I'm wanting a motorcycle.
  • The weirdo working at Wally World said they couldn't keep the tactical style backpacks they had in stock. They were being snapped up with the so called assault rifles for bug out bags. Good grief.
  • I wonder if they have something that sells out too quickly if they bring it back later with a jacked up price.

Death's Icy Grip

embraces me as I slip nearer the abyss. This morning I awoke at about 0200 yakking my guts out. I continue to cling to life- barely. The cat could not be happier. I haven't moved much more than a corpse but my temp is arguably higher than a cadaver so he has had a soft, toasty place to crash all day.

Friday's Dispatch

  • When this first came out my eldest was 2 years old.
  • There is often arguments on the effect media of various types has on people. You can argue just about any point you want on this subject with images, films and writing to come out of the Vietnam war alone. One always amusing example involves the supposed shoot-downs of US aircraft by the proverbial peasant with an AK (or even an ancient musket). These images are still conjured up when talking about the fragility of our tech in todays wars. People will say, There are pictures- I've seen them!  No, you saw a picture of a dirty peasant holding a rusty old musket standing in front of a downed US aircraft- you cannot even guess what brought it down. It may have run out of gas for all you know.
  • Friend- girl's dumb cat loves me.
  • Recently I gave a homeless patient who sleeps in his truck a sleeping bag. I'm growing soft in my old age.
  • Actually though, it stems from after serving with Marines in Iraq, I told myself I would help a Marine/former Marine every chance I got.
  • I bought a glow in the dark Frisbee the other day. Wow, it is bright, although I have no idea how long it will last.
  • After forcing us to do more with less for far too long at work the powers that be hired 2 more nurses. We're bumping into each other and arguing over assignments so we won';t be bored and sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

The first thing that popped up with a search for assault weapon poster

  • A very good picture of the war in Afghanistan in a 15 minute (part 1) video. It's four years on since the Brits left the area and a year since our Marines took over- get the sense things are better there?
  • Somebody gave me some Glamour magazines to place in our refugee health waiting area. They were jacked almost immediately. There is going to be some glamorous Nepali and Burmese chicks running around. 
  • A patient came in as part of his screening for placement in rehab. I made a fool out of myself after drinking mouthwash, but I also drink beer- his words not mine.
  • Nutella is one of God's better inventions but a little goes a long way. Often, it goes bad after I eat from a jar one time after buying it because it sounded awesome at the time.
  • Recently I was accused of fishing for a compliment when I wasn't doing that at all. That bothers me- a lot.
  • I saw the other day that Cabelas is offering obsidian knives.
  • Somehow the preceding sentence came out italicized without my selecting that from the toolbar.  

Notable Quotable

War is sweet to those who have no experience of it, but the experienced man trembles exceedingly at heart on its approach. ~ Pindar (518 - 438 BC).

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From The Internets

Roses are orange

Europe is yellow

I suck at poems


Wednesday's Digressions

  • When I offered Zac some fruit the other day he said to the effect, No way, not after you gave me that poison cherry the other day. It made me cough. It took a second to process but he meant a persimmon that was too bitter for him.
  • It is a fact nut balls with guns copy-cat each other after seeing news coverage of crimes. I don't know what to do about it but it is not even arguable in my opinion that some sick people see the attention coverage of crimes mass shootings get and get the idea to emulate the other turd. Also, I don't really get the merit of the pervasive coverage of atrocities. What is there to learn?
  • Among other thoughts my intention when starting this blob was to be able to give people that I'm getting to know the address so they could learn a little about my background and see what I've written about them. While a great idea in theory in practice it has blown up in my face every single time. You said this yesterday but you did this the other day... What did you mean by...? You were talking about me when you said _______ right? I now not only don't tell people about this blob- I specifically conceal its existence.
  • Satellite radio for such a great idea gets real boring real quick.
  • The other day at work I accidentally hit a combination of key strokes that would have allowed me to change the appearance of fields and the content of our electronic forms. I could have written anything thing in and it would have become part of our global records. I couldn't replicate it if I had to but I had the presence of mind to show it to our peer expert. He couldn't believe it- no one but the programmer should have been able to do that and then only when signed in under their log in.
  • Utah Saints Something Good

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just A Tuesday

I knew it was just a matter of time. I hope this puts the Bigfoot controversy to rest

  • You won't like this, but I dig it- Mushroomhead Sun Doesn't Rise
  • It rained all night.Zac was asleep I think before his head hit the pillow last night.
  • I watched part of Defendor last night. The part I watched was surprisingly good. It's almost weird what a fairly big deal Woody Harrelson has become.
  • My eldest son had a friend when he was little who looked so much like a 6 year old Woody Harrelson I don't remember anyone getting it wrong when asked who he looked like.
  • What she said,"Well, I'm going to go put my jeans on and get ready for the concert." "Jeans?" I said referencing the warm weather more than anything. "Well- Capris" she said.
  • Capris? Now, that's metal.

Warfighter Survival Skills: The People You Need To Know Edition

  • The commander and First Sergeants drivers.

  • Mechanic who does most of the repairs on your vehicle type.

  • Supply sergeant and armorer.

  • Medic

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How The EDGE Stole Christmas- The Recovery Phase

  • I'm recovering from How The EDGE Stole Christmas last night. My knees hurt from standing and jumping around and my throat is sore from yelling Freebird! at the end of each set.
  • You know I didn't do that.
  • OK- I can't lie to you. I totally did that. People would look around grinning trying to figure out who it was that was sooooo cool and laugh and point me out to their friends.
  • We photo bombed some women in front of us like mad. There were four of us together so try as they might they could not escape our antics. They ended up leaning way forward each tilting their heads out slightly father than the one to her left and taking the pic perpendicular to their seats.
  • People still haven't gotten the memo: a flash at 500 feet does absolutely no good.
  • I almost always misspell absolutely.
  • Huh, I got it right that time but misspelled almost.
  • IAMDYNAMITE was great. Just 2 guys, a very basic drum set and an electric guitar.
  • Two guys, one drum set.
  • The singer introduced the drummer by saying, Ladies, his beard is just as soft as it looks, let me tell ya!
  • Brah- how would know that?
  • 25.00- the cost of a concert t shirt these days.
  • All the bands rocked out harder than their poppish, alternative sounds on the radio would suggest and they were all very good with Grouplove and The Joy Formidable particularly speaking to me in places I didn't know I had ears. The singer said, We are The Joy Formidable and we're from Northern Wales. One of the girls I was with said, Where did they say they are from? I think they said Northern Mineral Wells was my reply.
  • I got teased regarding my age relative to the woman I was with. There is quite an age difference I guess between ya'll? I was asked which was followed by, I guess you like stuff like Justin Bieber and Beyonce'?
  • Two of the people I was with left their seats and went and had sex. What are they doing? the girl I was with asked Uh, probably going to go bump uglies somewhere was my reply. How do you know that? _________  face was all red after __________ whispered something in her ear and they had both already just been to the restroom. When they left he was looking at everything but us and mostly at the floor.
  • She: Did you notice a lot of the bands had a female singer? me: Yeah, it must really cut into their sandwich making time.
  • Fun was lame- we left halfway through their first song.
  • How did I end up with the 102 THE EDGE yard sign you ask. Well, the girl I was with pulled up to one and said, Get me one of those EDGE yard signs Kevin.
  • Vydra wore a Menorah on her head and Jessie was dressed like a Christmas tree. I wish Josh had been there.
  • None of the bands did any Xmas songs.
  • The night ended with me replaying the concert in my mind- for about 2 minutes and sleeping like a baby.

Our revels now are ended. These our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits and Are melted into air, into thin air; And—like the baseless fabric of this vision—The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep. ...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • There's a fairly old drug sold in the US that cannot work as advertised- multiple studies have demonstrated this fact. Doctors prescribe it to shut patients up. It works in that regard I suppose in that its huge size and in the name brand version, it's vivid color convinces people it must be good. The problem with this is it has all the real risks without real benefits for patients with legitimate needs.
  • Another old drug without question benefits a huge number of people. I mean, it has literally saved and salvaged millions lives and has been doing so for decades. Again, multiple studies prove this fact. Oddly, no one knows exactly why it works. A scientist cannot explain through known receptors and how they work in the brain and then graph that out etc. No one knows how or why it works, but it is irrefutable that it does.
  • Someone with whom I do business with frequently has been flirting with me recently. The other day I made her laugh- as she did so she lay her hand on my forearm- her Big. Man. Hand. It freaked me out.
  • Yesterday Zac grew up and he's not a baby anymore. Literally- he's taller, no baby fat and has broad shoulders.
  • I'll be at How The EDGE Stole Christmas tonight. I was asked a good question yesterday morning- I wonder if any of the bands will do a Christmas song?
  • Not that he'll be there but you could do worse than Tom Waits Silent Night + Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

I don't even know where to start

  • An old friend from work was raised by a physicist dad. One of her gags was to joke about being the only kid on the block who would get a step by step answer- with graphs on, "why is the sky blue?" etc. Once she casually mentioned her apple had turned brown while riding in the back seat of the car. Thinking she'd asked Why, he proceeded to turn off the radio to tell her, explaining oxidation etc. She remembered responding after a lengthy discourse with,"Dad, are you talking to me?" She was a little hard on him, but I always thought she was incredibly lucky.
  • The X Ray tech at work brought in smoked meatloaf for sandwiches recently.
  • Wow.
  • My brother in law recently lost 70 pounds or as he put it- a fifth grader.
  • Everywhere I go that has those machines that presses out a design on a penny for a souvenir I have to get one.
  • Every time a woman asks me to grow facial hair I always wonder if they do it so other women will be repulsed by me.
  • I took over 500 pictures on our last trip to Turner Falls.
  • It has been years since I went to a movie theater that wasn't IMAX.
  • Another band from How The EDGE Stole Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Most thought provoking text I've received in a while: "Is _____ going to be there? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy you've met someone. I'm just not in the mood to meet new girlfriend today!"
  • Recently I commented on the excellent English language skills of a newly arrived immigrant from Vietnam. Yes we all learn English now- French is no too good anymore. It's gone. Was her slightly foibled response to my asking her if she spoke English. I asked if she had applied to college yet. No, not yet but so soon I will. I intend to get my hospitality or marketing degree and work promoting a large city or corporation.
  • There is not a doubt in my mind she will.
  • The future of America was born in a suburb of Saigon.
  • Yes, I know foibled isn't technically a word but it should be.
  • Few things are more nerve wracking than a person who thinks they have the common touch that are actually clueless to interacting with others. I mean really- it goes all over me to have to deal with yutzes like that.
  • At my breakfast place I can tell who is cooking by the presentation, warmth and flavorfulness of the food. How can that be? They have the same training, equipment, food and spices etc to work from.
  • My spell check says flavorfulness is not a word.
  • In your face spell check!
  • Done Right Lawn and Services is owned by some guys who are really trying. Let them mow your yard or haul some crap off etc. and you'll both feel better about yourselves. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Militarily Speaking

  • One of the biggest problems with the Beretta M9 pistol used by the services has always been the magazines. They are terrible, but I don't think supplying everybody with high quality, expensive mags solves all it's problems. It is just too under powered. If it was a .40 or a .45 with a quality mag. the recoil would be more likely to power the slide back through any grit resulting in fewer malfunctions. Also, it would be more likely than the 9 to make the bad people stop doing bad things when you shoot them.
  • The biggest innovation to hit the military- any military in the past 70 years will be when the US Army inevitably fields a helicopter that will fly autonomously while carrying troops. It will happen sooner rather than later.
  • I may be wrong on this, but my impression is until materials improvement allows for a serious weight reduction of body armor it would be better for guys to have a vest that has the plates to protect against front, back and side strikes from bullets forgoing some shrapnel protection to the upper body provided by some of today's vests. Weight savings from the upper body could be transferred to improved and expanded protection of the groin and hips.
  • To be so very good at war- as a nation we don't really have the stomach for long, costly ones.
  • It is interesting (if not perplexing) that the US government, after spending a gazillion dollars and having the stated goal of developing a radio that does everything all the services and arms want it to do while allowing them all to talk to each other while doing it, we're not that much closer to that goal then we were 25 years ago.
  • USMC Scout Sniper Team in Garmsir Afghanistan.
  • The TOW missile is 40 years old and still a great weapon and at a fraction the cost of a Javelin- dirt cheap for situations where it will work just as well.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Missives

    I'm Batman

  • Coca Cola 1944
  • I saw Handel's Messiah December 3 2012 at Weatherford College. It was nice, it was OK not great, not inspired- it was nice. During a recitative one of the girls slung her head around like she was having a seizure, pulled her music up to her breast while hitting a high note and modulated her voice like someone doing a cruel caricature of an operatic performance. It was ridiculous. I thought the roof was going to come down. She came dangerously close to getting a standing ovation. I thought- Did they see the same performance I did? People need to get out more often. 
  • The strings were really good though especially the first violin. 
  • I love cello music and my ears key in on it every time I hear strings playing.
  • Everybody knows about chopped liver- we joke about it, but who has ever even seen it much less eaten eat?
  • I never wash the coffee cup I've had for over 20 years. Honestly- I've never even rinsed it. No, not even once.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday's Situation

From the abandoned house on the way to Black Creek lake. In case you're wondering- it was a lie- there was nobody there.

  • Sisters Of Mercy Temple Of Love 1992
  • It doesn't matter if we eat out every meal and have decent snacks in the house- Zachary still finds it very worrisome when we don't have groceries in the house and will push for us to go shopping.
  • I'm not saying the invasion of Iraq was right or worth the cost, but it's taken nearly 10 years to amass the American casualties of the first days of fighting after D Day in WWII.
  • Never, ever give a live animal as a gift.
  • Make sure they're dead first...
  • Actually, I heard or read the never give a live animal as a gift advice somewhere years ago and wondered- who on Earth would have to be told that? But, people do it I know.
  • I was recently asked my opinion on another person's sexual orientation and could honestly say I'd never even considered it and had to ask- What difference does it make?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • Seeing a bullfight is one of the few things that I've wanted to do all my life that I will simply not die without doing. Didn't they show them on Wide World of Sports? 
  • Yesterday Something About Mary was mentioned at work. This morning it was the first thing I came to when I looked at the television.
  • I'm growing a beard.
  • Somewhere along the line I must have eaten a Dunkin Donut but I have no recall of doing so.
  • Wait, that's not true. My brother in law brought some home when I was a little kid and staying with he and my sister.
  • Keurig coffee makers are pretty great but if you'd told me the idea before I used one I think it would have sounded very Rube Goldberg-ish.
  • I'm going to Turner Falls this weekend with Zac and somebody who has never been there.
  • The Beemer has been in the shop nearly two weeks. When I rented her stand-in I instructed the girl to give me the cheapest car they had. She took me seriously. I miss the Beemer.
  • I'll be seeing these guys December 14.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

View from an abandoned house on the way to Black Creek lake.

  • I just finished putting up a Christmas tree for the first time in forever.
  • A pimp patient brought in medical leave paperwork for us to sign so he could give it to his HR department. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.
  • When I say pimp- I mean he manages women who sell their bodies to men for sex, not a guy who overdresses, wears outrageous jewelry etc. The HR department is within a legit business his brother maintains for their cover.
  • Recently I convinced a kid to go back and finish high school.
  • Within the past few years someone whom I'd lost contact with for years said,"The last time we talked you asked me when I was going to do something with my life. It made me so mad- that's why I didn't talk to you all these years, but it made me go back to school." She had her nursing degree by then and was doing well. I did vaguely remember that being the reason we broke contact although, I had no recall of the specifics.
  • Sometimes we have no idea the difference we make in others lives.
  • A loosely associated thought: we hardly ever see ourselves in as positive a light as those around us do.
  • I'm really surprised when I encounter someone we might term normal and undamaged. This is so true, when it happens, it's hard to shake the feeling they may only be really good at hiding their true self.
  • God bless you. I love you- in spite of yourself.
  • Another band I'll see December 14 2012 at How The EDGE Stole Christmas.

Quote From A Bucket Of Blood 1959

"Life is an obscure hobo, bumming a ride on the omnibus of art."

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday's Missives

  • I met one of my Adopt a Soldier ladies when I came back from downrange. She was short, dark, with long black hair and gorgeous. She was fun and sweet and I'll never forget her although it's highly unlikely I'll ever see her again. We saw a movie (I nearly froze to death in there) and ate the best BBQ for lunch and Mexican food for dinner I guess I've ever eaten. She knew everybody in her city and took me everywhere to show me off. We missed some of her friends who had a huge house with a beautiful pool. We sat by it, drank ice cold Cokes from the poolside fridge and watched the sun go down. It was surreal for me. I was contented and safe for the first time in a long time. I smiled and laughed so much my face hurt.
  • I wonder if she remembers me?
  • Limp Bizkit Walking Away
  • I know- they're a guilty pleasure. Their bad stuff is bad, but their good stuff is really pretty OK.
  • Zachary just lies down and goes to sleep when he's tired- no fuss and he rarely needs to be told.
  • Recently, after a string of playful texts I received this one: Tell me a lie.
  • Women. Are. The. Debil.
  • I think I may take Zachary to Olive Garden for dinner tonight. Is it just me or is that an odd name? Don't olives grow in orchards?

Mondays Missives

Not a Marilyn fanatic per se but, yeah she rawked

  • "The recession has hit us all.... dont give up.... do whatever it takes to keep the lights on and your kids fed... Your hard work will pay off in the long run Dont forget that we're not only Americans..... we're Texans.... you can break our back, but never our spirit "

  • From a for sale by owner used car ad. I felt like I had been beaten just reading that and can not imagine what it would be like to meet and speak with that person.

  • "I can't help but watch the NFL Draft every year, but it makes me uncomfortable. A bunch of rich, white owners deciding what healthy black men will work for them."

  • Quote from Barry Green of Liberally Lean fame. Or, if you prefer- The blog that launched a thousand ship-wrecks.

  • Iowa is sanctioning homosexual marriage. Interestingly, Iowa has always been a quiet leader in civil rights from desegregation to women's rights issues.

  • Do you think in same sex relationships there is always one taking a more feminine and one taking a more masculine role?

  • One of my friends aunts was a lesbian. She did her own mechanic work on her hot rod Mustang, wore steel toe boots, wife beater shirts and even wore men's underwear (honestly) She would always have little cutey girlfriends.

  • It freaked me out when I learned what girlfriend meant in that context and female family members or church ladies later would say,"Me and a girlfriend..."

  • I burned my leg on the side pipe of that Mustang once.