Friday, December 31, 2010


"You have a biiiiiig mustache, a big mustache that is all over your face!" Observation on looking at my old drivers license picture.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Missives

  • Chocolate milk and lipstick colored boots, a Leatherman multi tool, a space shuttle and a soccer ball- presents I bought this year.

  • My daughter locked herself in her room- can you help me get her out? What my niece said of her 2 year old daughter when she stuck her head in my sister's house this morning.

  • My eldest son recently killed a hog with a .270 when I was not around. It's OK, but kinda weird- I'm real freaky about weapons and my children if nothing else and he had a successful hunt without me.

  • I only know a couple of people who are unemployed and they could have jobs- something if they really wanted.

  • Went to my children's grandparents ranch after a long absence and spent the night the other night. It was soooo dark out there away from city lights. The barn is way down in the pasture behind the house- a little oasis of light. There is always a radio going to scare off predators and sooth the cows and horses. I love the smells: poo, dirt, sweat, sweet feed and rust.
  • Grand dad raises rodeo bulls- we almost stepped on a big black one on the way down to the barn that was probably named Terminator or something. It stood up and walked away without without even goring us and passively watched us walk by.
  • My children's uncle has an English Bulldog. He decided he liked me and wanted to sleep by me which was awesome since he has evidentally been scientifically trained to to alternate all night between farting, burping and snoring. I literally woke up more tired than when I lie down.
  • Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hidden Images

Find the nine images of people in this picture. Click to enlarge.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday's Dispatch

    The Edmund Fitzgerald sank in 1975 and we're as fascinated with the loss today as when she went down. Click on picture for more information.

  • The interior of my work backpack smells strongly like stale cigarette smoke and I don't know why.

  • Zac calls my work backpack my nurse purse.

  • There's only been maybe a couple of times I've been tempted to cry at the death of one of my hospice patients. A friend told me she did not know how, but she got so wrapped up in one patient she broke down bawling and the family had to console her after he died.

  • I have very- very strong memories of my dad taking me fishing when I was little- probably as little as six years old. They were the best times I ever had and the strongest memories of my entire life. I'm thinking now of a time he threw a fish back which then got caught in the algae by the bank and a snake came from one end to eat it and one from the other. They ate all the way up until their faces were touching and then they went berserk. I watched them fight for an hour or more. The loser finally vomited his end out and was so weak he couldn't swim away. I went to sleep in the back of the old Ford LTD and woke up to a rising sun and fog covering the ground. Mist covered the river which was smooth as glass. My dad looked bleary eyed sitting by the fire, but glad to see me. I saw a soft shelled turtle in the shallows as soon as I got to the waters edge. It was the first one I'd ever seen. I chased it and finally caught it. They're incredibly fast and have crazy long necks. It threw it's head over it's shell snapping and biting at me- it's a miracle I did not lose a finger. We had some pretty exclusive fishing rights to some large area ranches tanks, lakes and river access although I don't know how or why.

  • I nearly always spell from form.

  • Do snakes have faces? I'm not sure that is correct

  • Zac: Dad are you getting old? Yes, yes I am.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday's Missives

  • Re watched Jurassic Park again last night. Another thought that kinda jumped out at me about it: wouldn't a predatory creature that stomps around sounding like thunder and nearly causing earthquakes starve to death?

  • My leg's are closed! What's the password? I'll never tell! Well, you can show and tell... From an eavesdropped conversation in the library.
  • Capernaum Village in Parker county is open and I may have gone by the time you read this.
  • Watching John Adams the movie from the book by the same name by McCullough- pretty good. I've heard the book is great.
  • Wonder if the hi lited the above will stay that way after this post is published?
  • Cowboy Christmas Poetry at Mineral Wells State Park was great, but man- it was so co000ld. Some ladies outdoor club made Monkey Bread in Dutch ovens.
  • That last sentence sounds vaguely wrong.

Trust Me

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Missives

  • Zac has seen me cry once. He thought I was goofin' and laughed at me. He has seen me get sick once. It terrified him.

  • My 6 year old nephew just said,"Really." in answer to his mom questioning how late he stayed up last night.

  • After my really hawt friend leaned over and hugged Zac when she stood up her top was stuck up over her hips showing her lacy pink panties just above her pants. Zac reached up and tapped her tummy with his index finger and said,"I see your wunnerwears."
  • When Littlecar got smashed I screamed like a little girl.

  • The church bells blocks away are tolling as I write this in my sister's house- beautiful and will always mean home.

  • I once threatened to beat an ice cream truck operator when he parked in front of my house with the stupid music baring while I was trying to sleep when I was working nights.

  • Yes, I did.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Showed up with search for Black Creek Lake. Sure it's not, but a pretty cool pic.

This is Black Creek Lake- the bridge is gone. It's probably my fault.

  • Zac and I went to Black Creek Lake and hiked around a big part of it. That place is still spooky- I rarely go there unarmed.

  • The dam is in sorry shape.

  • I noticed they tore the bridge across the creek down- wonder why?

  • I see woodpeckers (up to 3 different species) every time I'm there.

  • We laid under one of the pine trees on the far side and rested on 6 or 8 inches of needles lying on the ground.
  • One careless campfire or vandal arsonist and that place will go up like crazy. I mean brush and tree branches can't even fall the ground after it dies- it dries out in a big tangle just waiting for that campfire, vandal or lightning for that matter.

  • It's rare for me to have a headache, but I do, it's bad and it stinks.

  • There were 30-40 ducks in the spillway basin.

  • We saw a red tailed hawk carrying a squirrel. Zac asked,"Is the hawk going to take the squirrel home and play hide and seek with him?"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Popcorn Anyone?

I can't get anything right. It's a good thing I'm not into any careers like soldiering or nursing that take some attention to detail!