Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday's Missives

What your T Shirt means from Cracked

  • Headline: Did Neanderthals haves sex with modern man?
  • I'll never tell.
  • She's messin' with puter dad. Dad she's messin' with puter!  Zacs latest big boy talking dime he dropped on big sister.
  • The 3 of us watched The Three Stooges on Sort of an odd right of passage for children reared by me and always a proud milestone for myself.
  • A show I always forget how absolutely great it was until I rediscover it is The Larry Sanders Show. You can find full episodes on the yoochoobs. Another is Action starring Jay Mohr- it was kind of self limited to one season since it revolved around a production company getting a certain movie done. It is not well remembered but, it is very, very funny and it had Buddy Hackett in it- what more could you want? I think you can find it on HULU. "Peter is riding in the back of his limo to the premiere of his latest action blockbuster, which he knows is garbage. He's worried literally sick. PETER: I'm gonna vomit, stop the car ...The car screeches to a halt by the curb, where WENDY, in full streetwalker garb, happens to be standing. PETER flings the car door open and leans out. WENDY: Hi! Ya wanna date? PETER (looking up at her from his hunched position): I'm gonna throw up on your shoes! WENDY: Gee, I don't think I have a price for that.
    Well, you have to see it to get the full impact. But trust me, it kills!" From a review on Action- and the writer is absolutely right. This show also proves the theory of there are shows where scenes with bleeped curse words are way funnier than unedited- it's very true on this show. Scenes without it such as from the DVD are just kind of tacky- not funny at all.
  • I have at least 6 plants that I can think of off the top of my head that came from family members gardens.
  • Going soon to Turner Falls in Oklahoma. Love going there in the fall and winter- it stays open year round but, in the off season you may have the whole place to yourself to explore. The turning leaves makes it real pretty at the right times also.