Thursday, September 18, 2014

Draft Clean Up Dregs

I took this cloud picture personally but not while doing a barrel roll in a De Havilland Tiger Moth as it sort of appears.

  • I've put a Dread Zeppelin video or two up here. They are usually known as a Led Zeppelin cover band who use a Reggae beat and the lead singer is an Elvis impersonator named Tort Elvis- yeah I know, awesome huh? Anyway, here they are with a rendition of Heartbreaker that kinda devolves into Heartbreak Hotel that.... If you're not down with this I'm afraid you can't be my special friend anymore.
  • Zac and big brother are both taking music lessons this summer.
  • Groan, I may as well cross one off my life list and make a concerted effort to learn a string instrument as well.
  • Was already planning on getting SCUBA certified. Yes, if you've read some long ago posts I've spent untold hours diving- most solo and have never been certified.
  • Dumb.
  • We have a little city operated water park in town that Zac and I hit today for the first time. The water was too cold for me, but he had a blast. It was about a billion degrees out there- I was seeing spots by the time we left.
  • Although we do eat a lot of rich foods we also eat lots of fruits I hope my children and others that stay around here never forget that.
  • I have no idea how many trees I've planted in my lifetime already.

Ty Segall Band


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Solve All The Problems In The Middle East

  •  There are hundreds of nominally American people fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria and published estimates are there may be up to 20,000 jihadis there in total. One, there is of course no way to know for sure that number is correct although educated inferences can be made and two, there is no way there is anything less than 50,000 and it would not be a hard sell to convince me the number is somewhere well North of that.
  • Americans oddly presume anytime there is something called an uprising it is just that- a rising up of the people against a government that must be real bad if the people want it overthrown.
  • Our government in these situations also oddly presumes not only can we know the hearts of groups involved- we can discern which ones are moderate. 
  •  The first problem with that is defining moderate. 
  • We aren't dumb but we let our emotions, politics and preconceived notions of what makes people tick define policy in really bizarre and if nothing else, naive ways.
  • Interestingly, our involvement in Syria might be the first time we actually fought in the Middle East with oil as if not the core of the issue- it will be way WAY up there as an important reason to intervene as the insurgents are making millions of dollars a day off oil revenue.  
  •  My knowledge of the world is far from encyclopedic but you would be hard pressed to find somebody who at least tries as hard as I do to be well informed and I had literally never heard or read anything about the brutality of the Assad regime until our politicians, agitators and the insurgents themselves began referring to it as a, "brutal regime" as if it was a forgone conclusion it is true and common knowledge that the Syrian government is the worst in the world.
  • The only way the US could win in Syria and Iraq would involve casualties- a lot of them and tons of civilian deaths  It would involve lots of air power and arty support to be sure but also thousands of troops operating more/less independently from dedicated bases, close cooperation between our men, disparate irregular fighters and Assad's and Iraqi troops and most of all- a willingness to die that most of our guys do not truly possess. These troops would also have to operate in very austere conditions in units small and large that aside from some reserves and logistical support would have to operate independently and of their own initiative so often to be effective that instead of being termed independent- isolated would be more correct. In short, we would not be thinking Iraq verses USA in 1991 the correct analogy would be Wehrmacht verses Russia at Stalingrad 1943.
  • Many- many of our guys would be captured and murdered. This would strengthen our resolve and desire to see the fight through to the end- right?! Nah, we would lose our nerve quick and there would calls to withdraw before we ever really got started.
  • The financial costs would be astronomical. For example, as of this writing, (08/29/2014) the ops which our air assets are engaging in are costing our treasury 7.5 million dollars a day. The strikes have have barely slowed ISIS and are known- without argument by any involved to not be a means to an end there without ground troop involvement.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • It is 1720.33 on 07/02/2014 and I am literally dying for a cold Coke- an ice cold gallon size coooooold Coke. Omigosh that sounds good.
  • An article about the NSA reminded me of a controversy I've been curious about for a long time- polygraph. It is a modern day form of witchcraft in that it isn't real- it only works as far as people believe in it and that bothers me. It embarrasses me for us.
  • At a facility I worked in I tendered my resignation after being informed all the nurses would be required to take a polygraph. The short story is a demented patient was found to have drugs in her system for which she did not have an order. Again, the short story is the daughter to the patient had been slipping her the drug and when it wasn't giving the desired effect of bringing the patient back she felt guilty and demanded the urine test. The daughter showed her hand too much too early  though- freaking out over the patients behavior, demanding to know what was wrong with her and saying things like, This isn't her- she's on something! etc. We all knew what was going on and I said so in the letter that made its way up to the ivory tower.
  • I didn't take the stupid test and I kept my job- in fact nobody took the stupid test.
  • The stereo project is if not harder than I anticipated definitely more time consuming. An amazing thing: when part of it had me baffled I Emailed a tech at Crutchfield. He sent me back a picture of my sub with hand drawn blue and red lines detailing how the wiring for my specific application should look. I would have gotten it wrong swearing it was right and burned  up a 200 dollar piece of equipment.
  • Last night (today is 06/30/2014) I dreamed very vivid and real feeling dreams about Decatur being blown away by tornadoes. I awoke to the sound of the roof turbine screaming and thought it was FG bawling.
  • It only hit me as I read Voyage of the Beagle last night that Ecuador is Spanish for equator.
  • A thing among ropers when I was a high school lad was to wear a belt that was 8-10 inches too long so the end would be hanging down over their crotch.
    When they hung Blackjack Ketchum it decapitated him.  His last words were,  Goodbye. Please dig my grave very deep.  Aright; Hurry up. Hal Ketchum is said to be a direct descendant.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

Wolfman Jack in the glow in the dark indoor mini golf place in Weatherford. Don, take your daughter here- a good time will be had by all . It is on main right by the Tracto Supply.
  • When considering a new sleeping bag go for down if you can afford it- you'll never go back. Also, consider stuff size: anything under 13 inches is pretty good- anything over 14 is getting hugenormous.
  • If you choose down- you'll never turn around.
  • Hey, the American Down Council just got a new slogan.
  • You're welcome ADC.

    Red, welty areas from having my arms across my torso- I'm allergic to myself.
  • What she said: If you don't wise up Kevin you are going to lose me and I'm the best thing you've ever had.
  • What she said.
  • What I should have said: The best thing I've had- yet.
  • Ha. That would have gone over like a pregnant pole vaulter.
  • B2P pens from Pilot are made from recycled water bottles and are great. They are a translucent blue to connote the water bottle heritage and that always gives me pause as I think it may come out blue- which I can't use at work.
    Monstrous snapping turtle- a killing machine
  • My daughter is a drummer consequently everything is a drum to her.
  • A Journey Around The World 1806 by Alexander Campbell- what I just finished reading.