Saturday, June 24, 2017

                      EVA on the ISS ( at 1420 on 06/24/2017 at least).

Friday, June 23, 2017

A pack of feral mountain bikes rest in the shade after a kill.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Smoked meatloaf wrapped in bacon with chopped bacon and mozzarella cheese inside

I'm sorry- you will have to excuse me. Sniff- I am getting a little emotional right now and can't talk anymore about this.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

God, what a screwed up world we have created when you have to put up a sign like this on a kids soccer field.

  • A lady on television just said something about the vow of poverty she had taken. That is how you church it up when you have decided- this is it, this is as good as it gets. 
  • Except when I am home- I never drink water that doesn't have lemon in it.
  • Commercials for home care givers always seem to have a young black woman taking care of a little old white lady. It is never the other way around.
    Zac is fascinated with the idea of eating muscadine grapes and has been watching for them to ripen. 
  • I have been assaulted by 3 different exes.
  • One actually tried to murder me. Like how you ask? Well, she tried to stab me in the head with a pair of scissors. She almost got me. I turned in time to see the scissors coming down. 
  • What did I do to deserve that you ask? Nothing- but nice presumption, you sexist pig.
  • Don't British people just call it a scissor? If they do- it makes sense.
    The wily and elusive Red Snapper in its natural habitat.
  • A family of 5 people just came into my Asian place. They smell like dirty sweat, stale greasy food, feet, urine and cats.
  • Madness.
  • An old friendly acquaintance was a babe back in her day. Once she got older she developed a bit of a mom body (although still fine) and then at some point she packed on another say- 20 pounds on top of that. She looked sturdy and kinda burly. She then went through some periods of rapid weight loss and gain. She would go from linebacker to back to pretty fine over the course of a few months and I saw this happen multiple times.
  • My point to that last point? There may not be one but oddly- I did not see her as pretty fine when slimmed down any longer. I saw somebody with a stealth Ernest Borgnine body just dying to pop out- at any moment. 
  • Even more odd- I found  it difficult to trust her.
    In case you were wondering what the inside of a dillers shell looks like.
  • Jim Varney tried to auto fill in that fourth to the last point after the word sturdy and for the life of me I cannot imagine why.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday's Missives

He has a brontasaurus riding in a trailer with a longhorn steer and a triceratops in the bed of his truck- your argument is invalid.

  • This past month flew by.
  • Someone will correct me and say that is a diplodicus and not a brontasaurus as I always get dinosaurs confused now that I have gotten old.
  • Zac just (today is 5/27/2015) asked me some questions about the war over breakfast.
  • Kinda surreal.
  • Most interesting question was, What was your favorite part about Iraq-if there was one?
    Me: is today going to be a good day?
    Universe: Uhmmmm- No!
  • Guy in the kitchen at Wildberrys is talking loud, fast and long!
  • I know a couple of people who
  • After a break of only few hours I come back here just as puzzled as you, as to where I was going with that last point.
  • Coming back a few days later I remember now, plain as day... 
  • No wait- I got nothing.
    Somebody left this in the break room. Multiple people stopped in mid stride as they walked by and did a double take- thinking it was a bottle of booze. 
  • When I was a boy we had family in Wichita Falls, Holiday, Iowa Park and Burk Burnet. On the way home from seeing them we would pass a quonset hut that was in private hands. It intrigued me as I knew it's military origins only and could not comprehend one being privately owned. I thought the owner must secretly be a soldier of some type.
  • I saw it once later- years ago but do not recall where it was located. It had been painted but was the same place.
  • Although I suppose it is a gimme- here is my favorite Pennywise song. What is yours?

Friday, June 16, 2017


does it seem if a woman is nothing too special and is a redhead she seems dog ugly but, if she is considered anything OK and above she seems totally hot? I've heard guys say things to this effect all my life and we don't look at any other hair color this way (not even blonds).