Tuesday, November 21, 2017


How to know you're getting old- your first thought is 1996?! Legal to drink!? Wouldn't they still be in junior high or somethin?! 

  • This morning I was out of allergy pills but I did have some nasal spray. Being fearful that my allergies were really about to act up I did 4 shots of the nasal spray.
  • It feels like my heart could explode.
  • Honestly- plus I'm nervous and shaky.
  • I could not be more disappointed in a coworker than I am right now.
  • It is easy to figure out who you can like at work. It is important to know who you can trust.
  • Zac and I walked all the way around Sunshine Lake this past weekend 11/19/2017.
  • Recently I saw a parakeet in the parking lot at work. It was a little surreal.
  •  I had a theory- As Louis CK goes- so goes the rest. If he is forgiven- there is hope... 
  • The reality though doesn't sound very forgiving for him though at present.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts

  • A friendly acquaintance is smokin hot but man- she is as crazy as an outhouse rat.
  • The attention I get when around her is kinda fun and funny I guess but to all the dudes who presume we are together but who also presume they would be better for her and wish we could trade places- you cannot handle her kind of crazy.
  • A new chapter is about to start in my life and I am excited for it but also mildly terrified.
  • That is life I suppose.
  • I could live in Colorado or New Mexico and make my thing just exploring those two beautiful and interesting states.
  • My guess is a lot of people in interracial relationships got their start feeding off the attention the relationship brought.
  • A nursing buddy helped me with a blood draw recently by withdrawing tubes from the holder as I maintained the needle. As she did this she inadvertently rubbed her bewb on my arm. It was the softest thing I have felt in a while. It was like a silk bag full of kittens who were chubby with baby fat.
  • No lie- my knees went weak.
  • I need to get a girlfriend or get married or something.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Next Blog Foray

"O repertório do meu show é feito de muito couwtry sertanejo, vaneiras, xote, pé de serra, além de músicas românticas sertanejas e internacionais; também não pode faltar o sertanejo raiz como guarânias. São 5 horas de show para dançar e curtir" Adriana Medeiro

Saturday, November 4, 2017

As I knew we would be tired after attending the reenactment at Fort Richardson State Park and doing a night hike following it and to just get out of the house- we stayed at Butterfield Depot motel in Jacksboro last night.
I over thought that decision at every level.
It was expensive- 71 bucks.
It was loud. One neighbor turned the TV off at 9:38 the other sometime after 12:30.
The water in the bathroom was lukewarm.
The piece de resistance was the safe?! that started chirping at 5 o'clock this morning.
I am literally and honestly more tired than when I went to sleep.
I am exhausted.
True Story
The End
PS: a safe? A safe?! Why the &^%$# a safe?!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday's Missives

I was on the National Guard Chiefs Pee Wee football team when I was a kid. We got to keep our helmets as they upgraded for the next season.

  • When a guy gets accused of molesting children in a family- especially girl children and there are multiple people who make allegations against him but there is one child who happens to be the prettiest one of the bunch that is also his biggest defender- you can bet that the allegations are true.
  • He thought he could get away with it by leaving her alone- even if he never said it in his mind it was a case of, If I wouldn't molest her- the prettiest one of the bunch why would I molest any of the rest of them?
  •  Also, there is a perverted way in which he didn't want to taint her- he wanted to keep her pure.
  • That doesn't look sketchy at all...
  • Steroids are a literal miracle drug.
    You frequently see wrecks along that stretch of road.
  • A one-time girlfriend sent me a text with a picture of her with some kind of Baltic Sea mud black facial beauty mask on. The text said," Come over and do me. "
  • It was hilarious. I kept it for a long time just to look back at it and laugh although I deleted it because I was terrified of it getting out into the wild.
  • If I had sent that out over the Internets how long before she got accused of putting on blackface, being a racist and got her house burned down and fired from her job?
  • My guess is all of that would happen within something less than 72 hours and I may be being very generous with that assessment and giving the Internets way more credit than it deserves. 
    Not great but OK for something different.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday's Dispatch

This was a balloon snowman that was made nearly a year ago last winter in an IHOP.

  • Sometimes after the work day I want to go home and stress-sleep to get the night over with so I can start the next day and just... get that days beating over with.
  • I would like to get at least a hundred and seventy thousand miles out of my present truck and it would not break my heart to go 200,000.
  • If I get 170K good miles out of it I will preemptively put a new transmission in it and rebuild the front end and then squeeze every mile I can out of it.
  • About 289000 miles is still my personal world's record for all time best miles on a vehicle.
  • That was a great car. It was a 1993? Suburban. Aside from being possibly slightly tired; it ran basically as good the day I sold it as the day I bought it.
  • The silver medal went to my Camaro which I think I got 270 something? thousand miles out of it.
  • It was knocking and smoking a little bit by then though. One of my ex wives was driving it by then. She called and told me that the engine started knocking on the way home. I asked her what she did for it. She replied, Well first thing I did was turn the stereo up. There was not hardly a drop of oil in it but yeah it would still run.
    Laundry detergent bottles seem oddly way over built for their purpose.
  • It is definitely on my list to do some camping this fall.
  • My phones voice recognition has started working like a champ. It is eerie.
  • It has me all figured out. This I think is literally true as in- I just had to choose from the proferred alternatives when it just wasn't getting me the first say, 3 to 4 times. Then it started working like a champ.
  • It is August 23rd 2017 and so far- so bad for President Trumps presidency.
  • If I were a national level Republican politician if not terrified- I would be very aware of how quiet President Obama has been.