Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

  • This is really big- big news; a first folio of Shakespeare's works has been discovered in France. On the same page was a link to a story about some controversy related to Dancing With The Stars. I accidentally clicked on it. I still feel kinda dirty.
  • Someday you should watch Existo. I'm not saying you'll be a better person for it or even like it- just everybody ought to give it a try.

    A bad day.

  • Legalization of pot is one of those things that will happen so we need to accept it and wrap out heads around it. The way people in general and our government view the subject shows a lack of critical thinking skills and pragmatism. The first thing it is compared to is heroin or meth as people fear the use of weed will lead to the use of harder stuff. It doesn't now and will be even less likely when it is legal. A better comparison is alcohol as alcohol is extremely dangerous- literally deadly and it is not only legal, its use and acceptance is practically a religious conviction here, 
  • No, I don't smoke it and don't know where I could get it but it is literally ridiculous that it is illegal where I live. Anyway, think about it- 40 year long drug war and and over 2 million pounds of marijuana are seized every year?! Ha! Kev that shows you don't know what you're talking about: 2 million pounds are seized! Easy there tiger. It is probably more than that now- and as I said earlier I wouldn't know where to start looking if I wanted the stuff but I would bet my life If I looked, I could have all I wanted before the sun went down this evening.

    I am not sure what kind of gifts are in the offing here but people stagger in and out of there all day (but mostly after dark).

    Crackheads be rollin'.
  • It is very rare I dream about my dad but I had a very sentimental one this morning (11/26/2014). He was visiting me as I was working on a project to build a lake. There were scrapers motoring around and I was pushing both the dirt and labor crews. He was somehow old but at the same time looked about like he did when he died. He was asking me about the project. He seemed proud. It was nice.
  • I know where some of that came from- when I was a boy we drove by one of the quarry near Chico. Two guys were racing scrapers down a haul road like a couple of maniacs. It came out in a related conversation that my dad had been an equipment operator in another life. I determined right then that is what I would do and as an adult operated various equipment for many years.
    I was aware Can Tex made pipe but this ceramic one crossing Town creek is the first I have ever seen  in use.
  • Being affected by seasonal allergies is sucky and I'm sorry to anyone I may have been less than sympathetic to years ago who was suffering in my presence. If you read between the lines you may gather I was never bothered by allergies until my early 40s and then they came on with a vengeance and get worse every year. At this rate I'll be one big snot bubble by the time I'm 60.
  • If money were no object I would have a Dodge Challenger built up to look like Snot Rod from Cars.
  • Thanks for tuning in to Snot Talk With Kev.
    Some moron went to a lot of trouble to dump this couch out in the middle of nowhere and risked a big ticket. It never occurred to them to spend 10 minutes breaking it down and bagging it up and having the garbage truck come to them- some people are just naturally wrong.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

This building in Poolville has always intrigued me because of it's old fashioned look.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • Last night (05/17/2014) I dreamed that in South Africa during Apartheid a group of little people were the underclass instead of blacks. The two groups were Momos and Jeemos. I was an outsider who was well accepted as I had lived there for years and was integrated. A group of us guys were standing around a horse trough jaw jacking while watching a blacksmith work (did I mention it was old west appearing?). After I mentioned it unusual but good to see a small and normal stature person working together the normal statured person heartily laughed and said, Fifteen years ago  the boss hired us after making us promise to never fight and never tell anybody which of us is Momo and which is Jeemo! Then a cowboy picking up a huge monitor lizard and starting singing a musical number. The monitor snapped it's tail like a bullwhip to the music.
  • It was so ridiculous I awoke laughing.

    You'll fall over when you enlargenate the discharge and figure out the who and what.
  • A lot of  my dreams roll like movies filmed in Dutch Angles.
  • Those new tacos and taquitos with the shells made of Doritos? When I first saw the ads I thought they were not only ridiculous but gross and call me weird I don't want my food products to have the descriptor gross assigned to them in any way. Yeah, I'm kinda weird that way. Recently I have been forced to eat a couple different iterations of the tacos and taquitos both. My apologies Doritos- they are awesome! I mean literally- what took so long?!

    The owner of this truck took it down to nothing and combined two single 1970s Chevy cabs to make something factory appearing the factory never made- a crew cab  truck. Well done my friend. He wanted as I recall 40 grand for it. Interesting in multiple ways: a 1970 Chevrolet probably cost more/less 7,000 dollars and a top of the line modern crew cab can be had for a little more.
  • I watch enough Spanish language videos on Youtube that Spanish language ads sometimes default in regardless of the content I'm viewing.
  • If I had to choose to be one super it would be Batman but as a kid I always identified more of course with Spiderman.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

"Kevin!" Somebody who didn't like me was being nice (and that is nice). 
  • Today (01/09/2015) as I drove through a drive-through of a Whataburger (pronounced Water- burger in the parlance of my homeland)  the girl in the window tried to flirt with me a bit. She took note of my state of dress (short sleeves in 30 degree weather) and said, Where is your jacket or sweater? Aren't you cold? I replied, Nah, I'm good. I'm hot blooded. She handed me my change and then said, Oh, you're not much of a morning person? (although it was fairly late in the afternoon). She realized what she had said and went red all over and tried to backtrack. I said, Its all good- here this is for you and gave her a tip. She was gorgeous- literally beautiful. I don't know her story but could make some guesses. She was covered in tattoos. She seemed smart, funny and personable but not as any of them those as she had probably been in the past. Something derailed her. She didn't belong there but maybe kind of did... 
    Everybody in the house got sick this past winter. It was a challenge- but I pulled everybody through somehow. Half the time we were in Benadryl induced comas the other half  we were wandering aimlessly at 2 in the morning tweeked out on pseudephedrine.

    So a foreign born patient asks, Do you like fresh coconut? You answer- Of course! She reaches into her purse with her dirty hand and pulls this out and hands it to you. What do you do? You make a big deal of thanking her for thinking of you, let her see you place it on a paper towel on your desk and tell her you'll eat it on break of course.

    FG painted this.

  • Yesterday (01/13/2015) I initial dosed a patient on some medications. Approximately 30 minutes later she said, Kevin I don't feel right. My face is burning. I feel weird. and then a minute later she said, Hey,  I'm starting to itch. Me being the smartest guy in the room and learning in nursing school that it isn't normal nor advantageous to have a burning face, feel weird nor itch, I quickly whipped up a referral to the emergency department and sent her to the hospital.
  • Although that particular case was cut and dried- a lot of what I do consists of knowing when to make my problems other people's problems.
  • It is 02/25/2015 and snowing like mad. The big thing now is talk of the 50 Shades of Gray movie. I won't watch it as it looks incredibly boring and dumb- even worse than the horrifically bad book. Soon though, all the news stories will be about people damaging themselves and presenting to emergency departments acting out the dumb things they saw in that dumb movie. Also, watch for the reports centered around kids and their antics after they watch it.
  • Think of the kids!

At Fort Richardson. Which of the 3 do you like?

If the air temp is cool enough to at least not be considered hot and your sodas are too warm, place them in a grocery sack of water in the shade. It will probably have a little leak or two (although you don't want it to leak like a sieve) if it doesn't- poke a couple of pin holes in it. Fill it a time or two and over a period of 30 minutes or an hour and your Dublin Dr. Peppers will be if not frosty- much more refreshing as the water running off and evaporating pulls some of the heat away. Someday you should ask me about how in my old National Guard unit we would expend a fire extinguisher over our beverages in the field to cool them.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sing it out
Boy you've got to see what tomorrow brings
Sing it out
Girl you've got to be what tomorrow needs

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

If you have  a back ache or other muscle pains splooge some muscle rub into some alcohol and drop in 3 aspirins. Shake well then pour into a hot bath- feel better.
  • Recently (today is 01/11/2015) I have seen multiple screen grabs and clips from different videos of Edward Snowden. I may just be me but he looks ten years older. What a complicated, divisive story his is. Everybody is either Team Edward or they want to see him fry. He won't be forgotten. Also, there will come a time when people want to see him come back home.
  • I always misthink his first name as Eric- every time I hear or see the word, Snowden.
  • Misthink isn't a word? Huh, well- it is now.
    Letter to Zac from his friend Victoria and Dallas
  • Sucker- what I am for any contest, sweepstakes or otherwise giveaways of any type and it isn't clear to me why this is true. My dad may have been the same way though as I have a vague [possibly incorrect] recall of him entering drawings etc. and I know he would give me approval when I would enter them.
    After the last North Texas earthquake- when will our long national nightmare end?
  • The neighbor guy kept the 2 cats when his girlfriend left. Excuse me sir, I need to see your Man-Card please...
  • President Obama wants free two year college for all. With no malice in my heart [and feeling like he is right if we weren't broke] this is Liberalism at it's worst, most extreme, it's logical conclusion and most idealistic. We are broke and spending money as fast as we can print it. No good  entry level jobs are being created to speak of and spending more money is going to fix our problems?!
  • One way to know this won't fix our problems- people with good bachelors degrees now can't find a job.
    Everything needs rescue and everybody wants to be a rescuer these days.
  • Just about every day my back gets a long, hot soaking in the tub. When my children are here they get the run of the television during my escapism. Due to their thinking they're smarter than me I can tell when they're watching something they know I would disapprove of as they will turn the volume down so low I won't be so sure they haven't turned the television completely off. 
  • VOX Explains