Thursday, August 10, 2017

Draft Clean Up Dregs- From 2009!

  • I don't understand some peoples hatred of Criss Angel. His stunts are pretty cool and require a good deal of talent to dream up and apply effectively. A lot of them are pretty original and a little spooky at first glance such as the lady pulled in half trick- worth a view if you haven't seen it before.

  • Thinking about just leaving the tent up and if it lasts a couple of months- great. Zac and I spent the night out again last night. It was great, just slightly cool-ish. He was starving and thirsty when we came in the house!

  • Wilderness adventures take a lot out of a man I suppose.

  • Last house is going up in the neighborhood. I hope the new neighbors are decent- the others are great.

  • They've made a new Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Good grief- give it a rest.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Overheard In IHOP 08/09/2015 @0533:

 Shut up Garrison you are soooo basic. Sarah, Garrison is being basic!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday's Missives

Somebody lost a sweet Van's cap.

  • I bumped into a long lost friendly acquaintance recently. She is obviously in a downward spiral (although still pretty hot).
  • She is near the top of the Avoid At All Costs! list.
  • If she were a ship captain and I an Irish peasant- she would have me locked in steerage while she intentionally set fire to the upper decks.
  • What. A. Dumpster. Fire.
    File this under: We don't even want to know...
  • A tune has been bouncing around in my head for days but I have no idea what it is- none. It is just a fleeting moment of a vague song. 
  • It goes away for an hour then plays for three...
  • I kinda like the Gordon Lightfoot song Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
  • If you were fantastically rich would you spring for a time capsule?
  • I would and mine would be awe inspiring.
  • Among other things I would send family history forward along with items to teach future generations what we were like as humans.
  • If possible I would make the openers of  the capsule rich beyond their dreams- but how do you know what will be worth what in say- 200 years?
    I am sure your coworkers thank you for the heads up Paula but how did you know they would find your note in the recycle bin?
  • My heart hurts over 2 rough, recent losses.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Dispatch

  • We would be wise to engage Russia in helping us deal with Best Korea and drop the election tampering issue. 
  • What are we going to do about it anyway?
  • All we can do is make systems less vulnerable and oddly; consider similar ways to jam them up (yep, while simultaneously getting them to help us with Best Korea).
  • I wish I had been more of a Chris Cornell fan. My hangup with him I think though, was the songs of his that they played ad nauseum.
  • It has been said here before that I have one more marriage in me although I wonder more often if it will happen at all.
  • The first woman after woman known as wife I spent any time with was great. She was pretty, funny, smart and has her act together. She was fantastic with Zac. Even her 16 year old kid was awesome.
  • If we had met 3-6 more months after we did to allow me to get over my divorce I would have been shocked if we had not married.
  • Dang. I mean- dang.
  • You may want to check my America card- it has been months since I shot a gun.
  • The first knuckle to my right pinkie has been arthritic long enough it is starting to deform. Now the first joint to the thumb of the same hand is staying sore.
  • It is all downhill from here.