Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

Bing results for, Civil War meme.

  • The Donald turned me on to a cover of Gold Dust Woman I did not even know existed- a truly horrific one by the late, great Waylon Jennings. Go ahead and listen as nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day but it is baaaad. Honestly, I don't know what he was thinking.
  • Here is a good one though with a good story about Willie.
  • In another life I went to church with Waylon's aunt.
  • Gov't Mule still has the best cover of GDW I have ever heard.- literally better than the original. Man- so pretty.
  • When I walk by our  refugee clinic offices and I see a refugee kid looking out at me if I can get away with it, I screw up my face and throw on a zombie walk for a few steps for their benefit then turn around and wink and smile at them as I walk away. When they come back for follow ups and see me they smile like crazy and can't take their eyes off me.
  • Be underestimated- maybe I always say but never be forgotten.
  • Hatfield & McCoys were in the ole laptop this morning as I prepped for work. So far- so good. Actually, I am hoping for the best as it kinda looks really good. I caught a background extra though, acting like he was chopping wood by bring an ax down on a log and pulling short so the sound of an impact against the wood would not mess with the audio of the main character's voices. It was so obvious (to me at least) that it was almost comical. I always catch things like that- do you?
  • Another: Yesterday I finished Gods And Generals. During one scene the Billy Yanks are being overrun by the Johnny Rebs and are running for their lives- one would assume in mortal terror. In the midst of the fleeing mass of terrified soldiers is an extra grinning like a  possum eating poop.
  • Yesterday (05/18/2016), WWWIHBSTW left me. Today, a literally beautiful woman asked me out to a comedy club. While that doesn't mean we are betrothed and yes- I am still single but for lack of a better way to express it- that may be the shortest time I have ever been single.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Last Email I Received

If memory serves me it was the spring of '32 when Lead Belly, AKA Huddie Ledbetter (a close relation I'm sure). Jumped in to save Big Bill Broonzy from a moonshine inflicted coma. But I could be totally wrong.

Thursday's Thoughts

  • If you watch House during the aerial shots of the front of the hospital there is always (at least in the first season)  a UPS van parked in the front.
  • In the preceding thought I couldn't spell arial, ariel, aeriel aerial to save my life.
  • After getting my tires rotated this past weekend my truck drives like new.
  • I have never owned a brand new vehicle.
  • As I am tired of trying to look around and over some mongoloid with a cel phone in front of me filming a band or performer I am considering never going to another concert or at least not one where it is general admission to a ground level standing room only area.
  • Genius: at the last EDGFEST I went to a guy in front of us was without a shirt. He was quite overweight but real hairy and sweaty and due to said sweaty hairiness it was like he had a force field of solitude around him that extended 3 feet around him in every direction. Nobody wanted to touch that hairy, sweaty beast.
  • Guys who own Raptor package Ford trucks always drive like maniacs.
  • This morning (02/18/2016) I watched a news clip about the war in Syria that featured a TOW missile being fired. The news reader spelled the letters out- T-O-W which is not correct. It is an acronym and is pronounced, toe. Also, part of the reason the TOW missile was used was to prove how convoluted that war is as it is a US made weapon and was provided to US supported groups and was then used to engage other US supported groups. There are only about a dozen problems with that view but I would start with the fact we aren't the only country to make the TOW and definitely aren't the only government with a bunch of them lying around.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Seeing hospital food during a recent visit  reminded me of the food at one of the hospitals where I did my clinicals. It was good and cheap. It was so good people would come after church to eat there. It was so cheap somebody must have been subsidizing it.
  • Some of the snails in my office tank have already died. I'm curious to know their lifespan. They readily make plenty of babies so wouln't need to live long assuming an early development but I thought they had a long-ish lifespan.
  • The house is dark and quiet and I'm drinking coffee.
  • Another patient has told me she wants to stay in touch. She is 24 and cute. What is it that makes me so doggone irrestible?
  • Ha.
  • I have never given out my phone number to a patient but I gave her my Email address.
  • Hilary lost her mind sometime before she started using a personal server for her Email comms. She is nothing if not a pro politician. She had to know that situation would blow up in her face. What was she thinking?
  • What was.going on with the hospital visit you ask? Oh, an ex girlfriend was having surgery and I went to stay with her and help out afterward. Yep, such an amazing boyfriend- I'm a good ex one even.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dregs- From Old Draft Clean Up Day

Found while looking for my JEEP. My first thought was, he is too lazy to get out and take a picture of his vehicle to place in a free ad- he would be too lazy to maintain said vehicle properly- I'll take a pass.

The ad said, " One of a kind!. Turns heads wherever I go! " Lets hope you're correct on the first point homes and I do not doubt you on the second.

  • I cannot stand a single reality show I've tried so far and would nearly be willing to state they are what is all wrong about America today.
  • Can't even do COPS much anymore- often a bunch of poor, defenseless , sick people being beat up by a system supposed to protect that's rigged for abuse.
  • I've started watching LOST- nothing what I thought it would be- as a matter of fact I thought it was some sort of reality show.
  • Not necessarily hooked or even hooked on the idea of getting hooked but, it's very intriguing.
  • Recently chanced upon Spaced, a Brit Com starring Simon Pegg- very, very funny show but, they only made two seasons. I think every episode is on HULU right now- check it out while the they're up and the price is right.
  • Nearly every day (as of 05/02/2014) I still look up vids for the bands from EDGEFEST 2014. Man, what a great show and what great music. Even for the bands that weren't my faves- I got it and the performances were still really good.
  • A few times a year I have  dream about living in a sort of waterworld. It is always dark and the water varies from warm to chilly and from shallow to deep. Points of land and people from the past and present in my life are linked by ropes running under the water. It happens without regard to any changes in my life and is hyper realistic.

    This lady at SRF was soooo drunk. She nearly fell over backward as  she sat beside me.  I said, Thats alright- you totally meant to do that I'm sure. Of course she slurred Anyway, I knew you'd catch me.
  • An old friend has been on my mind a lot lately and I'm not sure why. She was one of the first people who got me me interested in nursing. She worked in an OR coordinating supplies and services but get this- the smell of blood sickened her if she walked in after a patient was opened , not in a vague, Oh that is kinda gross  but I'll be OK guys kinda way but in an automatically eject the contents of her stomach- every single time kinda way. Her solution? Get scrubbed up along with the surgeon and assists and stand right beside him as the blood initially flows and she would be OK for the rest of the shift. I heard she got strung out and moved to Washington state but I don't know. I hope she is OK and nothing I've heard is true (which it may not be). 
    In the audience at the Untrained Dog Show
  • A thing now for Craigslist car ads is for people to take tight close up shots- so tight and close you can't even tell what you're looking at. How odd. There must be a tutorial on the ads that recommends close ups and morons take it too much to heart.
    My number 2 offspring holding a number 6.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturdays Situation

  • Last night (today is 07/10/2016@0624) I considered looking for a campsite at MWSP as I thought the Peach Fest might have kept enough people away that I could find a spot. In the end, I decided I didn't want to burst into flames from the mid July heat nor be blown away by the tornado that looked to be inevitable based on the spooky, swirly clouds that were everywhere so I laid around like a lump at my place. Predictably, the rain did come but was nice and brief then there was a nice temp. drop and it stayed that way all night.
  •  It is perfect outside now. Only one mosquito has bitten me and he had the decency to stick around and let me smash him.
  • Just a few years ago if we realised Saturday morning we didn't have anything else to do we would load up and go to MWSP and find a site as long as it wasn't a holiday. These days they will laugh at you for asking on such short notice. Then they will feel bad and say, Well, I guess ya'll can sleep in the dumpster...
  • A neighbor is not only gorgeous but apparently nice and sweet. Her husband is one of those slackers who likes to church up what they are and call themselves gamers. She is ripe for the picking.
  • I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. It was good.
  • People are making a big deal out of the Dallas cop killer not being combat arms while he was in the reserves (I have read he was a carpentry and masonry specialist).  Personally, I know of Navy commo personnel who did convoys and Army mechanics who did combat patrols and raids.
  • This strike against an IS convoy happened very near my area of operation in Iraq.
  • Yesterday (today is 07/11/2016) I saw a couple and small child who were moving out of their apartment. They were Asian. They were taking the stuff they did not want to move to the dumpster. The wife was pushing a king or queen size mattress on edge across the parking lot and the husband was carrying a couch cushion. He was was rushing by her calling out something like, Chop! Chop! Chop!... Crazy. The sorriest, most worthless American trash male would not do that to his wife. To be more correct- he might abolutely let her do that all by herself- but he would have enough shame to go hole up with his friends somewhere and play video games or watch football or whatever.
  • I wanna party with these people.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • I finished Timeline. Verdict: good to very good.
  • On 10/30/2015 @0511 I took note of what I thought was an odd sentence in Timeline. He describes a, "long wooden board..." That doesn't make sense does it? Is there another kind of board?
  • Modern country is truly horrifically bad.
  • How to know there is something truly horrifically wrong with this world: You watch an Immortal Lee County Killers video on Yootoobs there will be 7000 views with 2400 likes and no dislikes. What is up with that? I may not even be smart enough to tell you why but there are multiple things wrong with that preceding thought.
  •  Recently I heard somebody use the non-word debation in a sentence as in, I am still in debation what to do about...
  • The documentary Muscle Shoals came highly recommended by Gordon Keith of The Musers but I just couldn't get into it. A little of Bono goes a long way and there seemed to be a lot of him in that film. Also the people seemed to be very full of themselves while they were talking about the session musicians from the Fame studio. It seemed a sort of humble-brag. When Aretha Franklin talked about them it seemed as though she might as well have said, They must have been great. I mean look- I'm talking about them!
  • It made me tired- it just wore me smooth out. I got tired all over.