Thursday, March 22, 2018


I'm never doing that again. I'm not risking my life like that! I'm too young to die!  What he said after crossing a busy street with me (10/11/2015)

Thursday's Thoughts

  • The workers at my breakfast place often step out of the kitchen wearing sweatshirts and other warm clothing. I presume they keep the kitchen cooler than other restaraunts as the owners still work back there.
  • There is a guy I see sometimes walking around Weatherford. He is super tall and impossibly skinny. He is always staring at a point on the ground about 6 feet in front of him as he walks.
  • There is something about him. He just emanates-a warning sign: Stay Away! Danger!
  • My kids grandfather was both a NFR competitor and judge.
  • It is weird the way Army-speak and Army-think follow you around. Recently I referred to a valley I hiked as a bowling alley [the unofficial/official military term for vehicularly passable valleys]. I caught what I did at the time and explained it- but it was a little weird.
  • Vehicularly is a word?! That just doesn't look right but I blurted it out and my spell-check didn't seem impressed or offended.
  • No one could make fried chicken livers like my mom. I mean holy smokes- they were amazing.
  • I have never owned a red car.
  • My present pick up is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned- I drive it hard and long and do nothing to maintain it. It just goes and goes 
  • If the universe has taught me nothing else it is that I just jinxed myself and might as well get ready to be stranded by that dumb thing somewhere.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday's Missives

Best dog ever.

  • Recently somebody that I could have been interested in flirted me up a little bit. While I did not exactly go in for the kill- the intrigue did cause me to lean in and act more interested. Predictably, she was selling snake oil on the side and was only trying to separate me from my money.
  • Chick, why didn't you just say, Hey, I have this GREAT product I'm selling to support my family that could really help you?!
  • It would have probably gone in the trash (years from now when I got tired of looking at it in the pantry) but I would have given you money because you are selling something to support your family and I would hope people would do the same for me were I in your position.
  • The daughter of my neighbor is a spastic handful. I love him for the way he deals with her.
  • Patience- the only thing in this universe that the more we use- the more we have.
  • In the time during and following World War II my dad had several girlfriends whom he took pictures of- or with in France, Germany, Belgium or England. These pics were kept in the family album along with my baby pictures and all the other milestones. Some of the women were kinda plain and some strikingly beautiful. The weird thing? I thought we were sort of related to each of them and even as a kid I had an odd affection for them and would innocently ask where they were at that time and why we hadn't we met them and could we go see them and so on.
  • Maybe weirder- I still feel more or less the same way in a nostalgic sense and if any are still alive I hope the best for them as their lives wind down.
  • I kept hearing about a song that Ed Sheeran did that is used for weddings. Predictable, simplistic and derivative were the first words that came to mind when I finally heard it. Really, it is baaaaaaaad but we're living in a time when we simply don't know any better or even if we do- we're not supposed to say anything.
  • It is one thing if you reach out to people when you're feeling bad and down and they don't respond to you when you feel like the world doesn't care or whatever but recently I said, "Hello" to somebody by text and they replied back causing me to then say to myself, Why even bother to reply...?
  • For real- I never said anything back at all when she replied. 
  • It is 1237 on 03/16/2018 as I write this and it is maybe as perfect a day weather-wise as I have ever seen. It is sunny and slightly breezy with this very subtle, intermittent coolness. It is perfect.
  • Family on my childrens flesh-mother side used the non-word, retched  for the past tense of reach...
  • Should have been a warning. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

So I am walking along in the woods near Sunshine Lake this morning and I see what at first glance I thought to be a phone book. This makes me think the downed tree limb was somebody's dookie station and they wiped with pages from the phone book. As soon as I thought that, I thought, Uh, wait, what!? They had a PHONE BOOK and nooooo McDonald's napkins or junk mail etc? That doesn't make sense. Its 2018 not 1918... and anyway- phone book? Where did that thought even come from? Whose response to anything is- phone book?!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday's Thoughts

  • A friendly acquaintance had been married about a year when I bumped into her and her husband in public and we chatted and generally caught up  with each other. I had only met him once previously and barely exchanged pleasantries back then. First thought as we parted ways when we met up again and we actually spent some time with each other? Is she... cool with his- homosexuality? She has to know- right? I mean- does she know?!
  • Prior to their marriage she actually engaged in conversation with me regarding him and the fact she had not had sex in a long time so I know sexuality was a part of the relationship equation for her.
  • What do the preceding thoughts mean? Nothing- they are simply observations.
  • Maybe a take away is- humans are weird and complicated.

  • There have in recent history been a few different actors mostly or at least largely known for their distinctively warm and deep sounding voices who have died of throat or lung cancer secondary to cigarette smoking.
  • I wish I had bought the 24K gold version of my phone.
  • It is about $%^# time we got tough on crime!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday's Digressions

Ha ha. Funny- not funny. Whatever. Listen fortune cookie. I'll lie to my friends and you lie to yours- lets not lie to each other. OK?
  • And yeah- whatever universe. Is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back- picking on poor ole Kevin Dirt!?
  • We are crazy if we commit to doing away with the use of landmines in our warfighting.
  • Few things are more more disruptive to the enemy for there cost and labor than the lowly, dumb landmine.
    Remind me to tell you how to catch armadillos sometime.
  • I don't do well going long periods without sex. 
  • Honestly- I get headaches and backaches and act irritable.
    The cursed diamond- 4 marriages and counting. After its last divorce I had it mounted in white gold as an ear stud. I wear it when I am walking around as an incognito wide receiver - or aged/beloved Hollywood actor or somethin'. While he hasn't taken possession-my eldest son has claimed ownership.
  • We had a great time camping in Chickasaw Recreation Area. The kiosk where you pay by credit card- in the middle of the woods was a trip though.
  • The weather was miserable- 97 degrees and 78% humidity.
  • Stupefying.
  • The mosquitoes were in full effect.
  • Abualitas in Sulfur is pretty good but oddly different from the Mexican places I eat at just 2 hours south. Everything reads the same on the menu but is subtly different when it gets to the table.
  • The taxidermised bison in the nature center at CRA lived at the recreation area and died of old age. He was in his 20s. Bass Pro Shop handled the mounting.
    This is I think- the 5th geocaching site I have found- and I don't geocache.
  • I love the way a friendly acquaintance from Colombia says year and you as jeer and jew.
  • When I teased her gently about it she said, Oi Keveen. OK you makeeng fon ahv-ah me? OK I shange. No more jeer or jew I will say... and y....e, yewww.... oh well- jew know what I mean! You want me to shange?!
  • I laughed until I hyperventilated causing her to start ad libbing and lay it on even more thickly. Because I canna shange. Jew know- no? And I wheel if jew want it me too! Eyeee shaaaange Keh-veen! Keh-veen- jew wont it me to shaaaaange?!
  • Don't change a thing you crazy Colombian hot mess. Dont change a thing.

Monday, March 12, 2018