Friday, October 5, 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pretty much my favorite band right now. There is a million percent chance that when I when the lottery- they will play my birthday party.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday's Missives


  • In 1981Catcher In The Rye was both the most banned book in US schools and the second most widely taught. Let that sink in; that is some next level, mind blowin' stuff right there folks. I mean really, there is some psychosis at work in how that book was/is viewed in this country.
  • Another one of those things that would blow your mind if you knew me: I have never read that book- although it is on my list.
  • Toe, boob and butt: Three places I kissed on three different women before smooching their faces. Why? Mostly because I thought it would be funny but also maybe just so I could add that factoid to my story.
  • Deep in the night (today is 07/18/2016) I watched Midnight In Paris. It is a good to very good movie in the way that not a lot of just good movies are made these days. There was not one single explosion or gunshot- just a good, well told story.
  • My breakfast sammie place may be in trouble. They are not open on the weekends at all now and routinely open later than their posted hours during the week.
  • Today is 07/27/2016. Work- I do not wanna.
  • Dinner last night (07/28/2016) was at The Bearded Lady in Funkytown. When we were ready to leave I didn't see my server so I called over another whom I knew to ask her to get my server to bring us the check. She asked, Who is your server? Um, I don't know her name. What did she look like? Um, lots of tattoos. That is all of us. she said. OhUh, face piercings... before I could finish she pointed to her own face. Real short shorts... she just glared at me like I was a crazy person. Oh, uh- real red lipstick! I blurted as I finally remembered a legit, discriminating feature to my server.  Oh that is ________ I'll ask her to take care of you.
  • The youngest person to serve in the US military during World War II.

Friday, September 7, 2018


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday's Digressions

  • A couple of days in a row this week I listened to a little classical music on the way to work.
  • It had been sooo long since I had done so I was surprised to recognize a not favorite Tchaikovsky composition.
  • Tchaikovsky auto filled up there in lower case. 
  • Weird.
  • It is so hot but I  really want to go camping.
  • People are so loud and obnoxious in campgrounds nowadays.
  • People are generally more rude and self centered today.
  • I blame the internet.
  • Nowadays is in odd word.
  • Zac watched The Alamo tonight. I winced a little  at the small amount of bad language but not really at him seeing people being blow up or shot to death.
  • Americans... Amiright?
  • )
  • Oh look- I invented the cyclops smiley face emoji by repositioning in bed. 
  • No big deal?! Cooler that anything you did today.
  • Rancid Ruby Soho