Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Ages Old Draft Clean Up Dregs

  • I live in a newer neighborhood with an average home value I would guess around 175,000 dollars? There are people in eye shot of my house who paid something over 200 thousand dollars for their house who cannot afford drapes or blinds for their house. When I commented to a neighbor once I liked her house and especially her professionally done landscaping she said to the effect,"We're basically rednecks who for once have more money than time." It's a beautiful house that I'm afraid they would be one wrong move at work for her husband (supervisory position in some construction job) or the economy sinking another point or two away from losing. Many of the people around me ten plus years ago would have been renting or buying a much more modest house. These are the people I'm most curious about on this issue. What about all the people who years ago would have never had this chance? Not even saying their shot is worth what the home lending fiasco has cost the US and the world but, I wonder about all the folks that have a nice place to have family over, to raise their children, make some money on the sale of the same home in the next boom and then have that dream place in the country or whatever.
  • Two things I've only fairly recently learned: Children's fire safe (r) PJs are that way only when they fit tightly- if too large air pockets form allowing the material to burn. Also, No Tears type shampoos are produced by adding a chemical that cuts down on the burn- not removing something harsh from a regular formula.
  • When I got Zac out of the shower this morning- he said, "Dwess me- pahweaaase! I cold!"
  • Going to try and work some extra hours if possible and buy my children's grandfathers truck.
  • A nice, older pickup to use around the house, go antiquing, get mulch from The Home Despots and stuff that will also serve as a reminder of their grandad? you ask
  • Not exactly: a 1985 Peterbilt with a double wide sleeper, 400 horsepower Caterpillar engine and 13 speed transmission.
  • Worked on the turd bomb with my eldest this morning. Still didn't get it going but, it's greater than great to be able to do that with him. We'll get that thing in a headlock this evening, wrestle it into submission and have it running by the next sunrise. As God is my witness.
  • Update : The Turd Bomb is now going strong again.
  • I have the POWER!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Army Flashback

  • My old Kaserne in Bad Hersfeld Germany. Nothing will make you feel quite as old as when such important parts of not only your life, but world history are either gone, re purposed or commemorated by a museum.
  • My first thought when I saw pics of the old K Troop building? I recalled standing in formation in front of it at 0600 in the morning getting our hurray for us speech and safety briefing before leaving for a big multi national maneuver in the northern part of Germany and seeing R. Tatum come staggering by in his civvies. He had the day off the day before, got insanely drunk and passed out in a ditch near the park. He stopped and stared at us as he passed the formation with the most genuinely puzzled look. He thought it was 6 o'clock the night before and he was coming back to post with plenty of time to get some good shut eye before we left the next morning. Loading weapons and rail heading your Bradley Fighting Vehicles is tiresome while sober and not hungover. That must have been one miserable day for him.
  • During a stint as a COs driver I drove the entire trace of our sector to rework our battle maps. Some of my best friends were in Border Ops. Add these to the fact I had a decent camera and loved taking pictures and you can guess I had some pretty awesome pics- night life, concerts, historic architecture, battlefields and lots of East German scenes. There must have been hundreds of loose photos and two albums of the better stuff.
  • A woman I was involved with went through them and finding two pics of women she knew to be old girlfriends threw it all away.
  • Makes sad Kevin sad.

  • Turkish thugs who were called Gypsies were prone to carry screwdrivers and assault people during those days. One of my friends was walking to a club with a friend when the friend made a couple of long strides toward a Gypsy nearby and smashed him in the face. As they looked down on the guy whose faced was obviously rearranged and covered in blood Marcus said,  What did you do that for?! The other guy pointed down to the screwdriver still in the Turk's hand.
  • Oddly/interestingly Marcus would later be stabbed 3 times by another Turk in a scuffle shortly before he returned from Germany.
  • When I'm in a good story telling mode I might say, I was in this whorehouse in Germany once...
  • Good times.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

Chorizo  and Mozzarella stuffed smoke jalapenos over black beans. Have this with chorizo cheese fries at Tequilas in Weatherford and you will be good to hook! 

  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die.
  • Most recent brain rotting, so bad it's good movie I've watched.
  • So over the top and cheesy in every way- they had to know what they were doing but, how could they have pulled it off if they were trying to make it that bad? Very cute movie anyway- you can find it on It would be a great sick day movie.
  • Share it with someone you love
  • or hate.
  • As a nurse you'll find it more true in some settings than others but, I can assure you I've worked areas in nursing where patient after patient (in fact the bulk of the patient population) is only there in front of you due to a history of personal choices they've made from substance abuse to failure to manage chronic disease processes to simply not eating like they have some common sense.
  • I know nurses who flat refuse to waste their breath educating patients about exercise, nutrition etc.. Generally speaking, humans won't change- they will die before they commit to any type of change.
  • Saw an ad for a cat appetizer the other day (no not a tasty treat made of cats for humans) it was an appetizer made for cats by humans. It was sea bass and shrimp flavor in a delicate broth. Can't decide if that demonstrates how awesome or pathetic we are. We have the extra time, energy and money on our hands to be able to worry about the delicateness of our cats appetizers broth while we obliviously spend billions on our pets every year as the world falls down around our shoulders, people on this planet literally starve to death and die of easily preventable (and curable) diseases?
  • Another way to look at this: I've never eaten sea bass in my life and the expense of shrimp is a consideration that makes it a rare treat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just Tuesday

  • The Pennsylvania kid who stabbed the other students in his school was said by another student in an early report I read to be smart, fairly popular and have friends. I saw his picture and his name-Hribel. There is not a chance that first report was accurate. I can guess he was literally tortured and not least of which that last name was used against him with various combinations of Horrible being involved.
  • Hot sports opinion: in five years nobody will know who Johnny Manziel is other than a trivia question.
  • The luster has worn from my work schedule. We work late one night a week for overtime then late one night for the trill of getting off early one day. I am exhausted- literally exhausted and tired all the time.
  • There are a lot of series from HULU, NETFLIX and FX etc that the ads don't really tell you anything about them. I don't know why I even looked up the show Fargo. The ad didn't even intrigue me I just randomly did it.
  • A patient recently referred to her isolation status as insulation status. Funny foibles of otherwise fluent foreign born people are funny.
  • Another recent patient stank so badly when he came for meds that when I went to another nurses office to help her with a computer problem I could smell the funk and I swear it was on me and didn't just waft down and across the hall.
  • Holy smokes. I just realized- she must have thought that aroma was me!
  • Stunk or stank?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • Last night (01/10/2014) started at Rio Mambo and ended at Fuzzy's. Among my fellow revelers was a 20 something macho Latino named Fabian and a 60 something oilfield worker who met his wife while doing rehab after he broke his hip. Another partay-er a 20 year old female power lifter who can lift 400+ pounds. One was a team roper back in the day before an injury (broken neck?) sidelined him.
  • I laughed until my face hurt.
  • One girl got tired of being misheard and/or ignored and used an empty paper towel roll as a megaphone to tell her stories.
  • Overheard as one girl looked at the pictures on another's phone: Uh, whats with the picture of your hand?! Oh, I was drinking that day and shot a staple into it by accident so I took a picture.
  • My kinda people.
  • Kevin is rubbing his beard and watching TV while he sings along to the music. Where is he rubbing his beard to? He's just rubbing it further down his face... Lyrics to impromptu song one of the girls sang about me.
  • (01/11/2014)  I am soaking in the tub while watching Mad Max.
  • FG is watching CMT in the living room on the home theater system I gave her for X-Mas. Today's country music is very horrible.
  • Although I generally believe the harder we work, the smarter we act and the better start we had in life- the luckier we'll be I have an old friend who is the luckiest person I've ever met. When he was young an aunt who he was very good to and helped often died leaving him 500 thousand dollars. No one knew she had anything. He was a military reenactor and after buying a gun in a pawn shop he thought was just a random battlefield bring home he paid 100 bucks for, he opened the butt stock up and found the original cleaning kit and the original paperwork including the name and address of the German soldier who carried it into battle during World War II. It was also a sniper rifle worth over a thousand dollars before he found a scope for it at a gun show for a 100 bucks. After getting a worthless degree he thought would be the hot thing for the times he found an unrelated but very good job, the only requirement for which was a degree- worthless kind or not. His hot wife was preoccupied with getting pregnant when they absolutely couldn't afford it. He tried for her sake. Predictably, she didn't get pregnant until they were making money and had insurance. Then they had 2 perfect kids- a boy and a girl one right after the other. You go to a drink machine with him, it would spit out 2 drinks and give him all his money back...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

  • The video for Chevelles The Clincher gave me an odd flashback. I was in west Texas with a friend exploring during the Monarch Butterfly migration in an unusually dry year. We were walking in a creekbed that had some water in it and as we came around a corner there were tens of thousands of them- so many you could hear them fluttering around and if you stopped moving they would land on you since space was already short for landing areas. No video, no pictures just a couple of peoples memories.
  • From an NBC news article: " A bomb dropped during the war that never went off exploded Friday killing a construction worker and injuring eight others NBC's Brian Williams reports " Does any of the preceding sentence strike you as odd or is it just me? Although it was basically part of the byline placed after mention in the title of World War II, I'm tempted to ask, What war? but the bigger questions are, The war never went off- or the bomb ? If the bomb never went off,  I wonder what that construction workers family thinks about that.
  • NBCs Brian Williams reports on a blast caused by construction equipment detonating a World War 2 era bomb.
  • You're welcome NBC.
  • Women sometimes disparage men for wanting a woman who is, A lady on the streets and freak between the sheets. So what. That is what everybody wants. A woman wants the same thing in a man-  respectful, responsible and civil in polite company and then yeah, that proverbial freak between the sheets.
  • I learned earlier the oldest surviving cast member from Gone With The Wind died recently. Maybe I knew but forgot- that movie was made in 1939 meaning there would have been plenty of people born into slavery still alive at that time. If asked to guess I would have said it came out in the 40s and late 40s at that.
  • Somebody recently made fun of me a little too hard that an ex had a name commonly associated with being a guys name. I'm not sure exactly what is going on there but I think they might like to believe I'm a homosexual.
  • Kill me: for the past 12 hours or more that country song where the guy says, I've got some of that real good, feel good stuff under the seat of my big, black jacked up truck has been playing in a loop in my brain.
  • Really- kill me.
  • We watched Texas Chainsaw this afternoon. It was pretty fun.