Thursday, October 23, 2014

Good Night Sweet Prince

Alvin Stardust Dead Of Death On This Day of Our Lord Oct. 23, 2014- My Coo Ca Choo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Day In History: Charles Pretty Boy Floyd Dead At The Hands Of G-Men In An Apple Orchard in Ohio 1934

Pretty Boy Floyd
His funeral in Oklahoma was attended by as many as 40,000 people- still the largest in OK history.

My Day Started With MGMT- Kids How Did Yours Start?

If you like it check out Electric Feel. Come for the cool music, stay for the weird video.

My New High Art Print

I call it, SPEW. Signed copies are available as you exit through the gift shop.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Booties Pooches, New Mexican Scenery and Various Drive By Shootings

A weird thing about humans: I spoke to this lady multiple times and if my life depended on it I couldn't tell you her name but her dogs were named Rayne and Burke.

FG: My key poked a hole in my pants. Do you want to take a picture for your dumb blog?

Drive-by pic of a church building in Roswell

Why are water towers near old airfields and military bases often red checked? 

Sunrise as viewed from the tent

Same but more glary.

Why so far away mountain?

There- that looks better.

Aaaaaah- too close mountain. Personal space! Get out of my face would you?!

Mud flats

are flat and muddy.

You think you found a real Army-Navy store but instead, you find disappointment and missed/disregarded opportunities for the owner to make a lot more money and have an interesting landmark that would draw people from near and far but yeah- go visit anyway when in Roswell.

Contemporary Contemplations

Burt the park host at Lea Lake Bottomless Lakes SP is seen here setting the tone. I stopped short to ostensibly read some signage but mostly messing with him when I realized  what he was doing.. Yes- he literally glared at me like I was crazy and impatiently tapped his prop (mostly) clipboard on his other hand when he guessed what I was doing- funny. Like a lot of more or less menial jobs, the people who take them too seriously rightly open themselves up for some ridicule but our world  would spin out of control without them. They are societies duct tape and baling wire.  His nickname was Overlord
  • The Matrix: what I'm watching (10/15/2014 @ 1959). It is still a very- very good movie with great music.
  • Blazing Saddles: what we talked about on a break today- still an amazing movie. The self righteous censorship it endures is not a sign of our loss of a sense of humor as people suppose. It is a loss of our sense of self, a sense of overwhelming fear we are bad and a lack of critical thinking skills. People are afraid of being guilty of being racist by enjoying it when it's satire was a very harsh criticism of the stupidity of racism.
    Sopapillas are different in the Land Of Enchantment.
  • When I was in the Army and we would be busting track on our vehicles I would exchange the line, laying track for busting track and act Slim Picken's part out. It was a wonder somebody didn't have a seizure it was so funny. I perfected and did the bit at every duty station. People have to still think about it and spray coffee on their dashboard on the way to work. Today 9 years after I could have possibly done a modified version for other soldiers I gave a SFW version at lunch in the break room and got some very good laughs. It was almost weird how much of and how quickly it came back.
  • My mind can't process that Laurence Fishburne was Mr. Clean and Morpheus.
    To make a high volume easy to hit urinal that even a woman can use in a tent cut the top off a large soda bottle and invert the snout into the bottle after stuffing it with paper towels etc. Then tape the snout in place ( 100 mph tape is best). Keep it jammed in the corner of the tent with a pack so you can find it and there is no chance of it it tipping over.
  • The news is prattling on about ISIS having planes and training pilots. Talk about, This is how the terrorists win! Expect military talking head to harrumph and poo-poo this and talk about how impossible it would be to train them effectively, how even a second string Western or regional pilot would blow them out of the sky... They don't get it- those things don't matter to ISIS. Really the facts would rarely matter- it is about the perception of their target audiences first- disaffected Muslim males and then poorly informed, easily frightened Westerners
  • Committee on the Heredity of the Feeble Minded: the name of my band- if I ever have a band. Fans will call it by the acronym of COTHOTFM which will sound like Coth/ot /fum.
  • My fans will be freaks.
    Big feet are huge. I wouldn't bring attention to them babe.
  • Primo tickets for How The EDGE Stole Christmas are 150 bucks this year. That is crazy but no, I will not miss Weezer and to a lesser extent Big Data.
  • Watching a Harrier jet taking off vertically in person is even wilder and more impossible looking in person and is unbelievably loud. Yes, I operated out of a Marine base in the Iraq.
  • There is a bird that sings right at dawn (and just did at 0707 10/18/2014). For the the life of me I can never remember the species. Sometimes when I hear it I feel vaguely sad. It isn't clear to me if it's song sounds melancholy to me in general or if I had taken note of it singing in a former life during a bad time but I assume the latter to be true.
    Watching the Big Man eat was awe inspiring. I wanted to start a slow clap as he was finishing.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Guess who is going to see Weezer? I am already practicing for my duet of Buddy Holly with Rivers Cuomo.  He will always remember that evening as the time he sang with ole Kev.  There is hope for this world after all- Buddy Holly has over 15 million views. Another favorite: Say It Ain't So