Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday's Missives

Kim Jong Un Memes 2
  • Your unsolicited nursing advice for the day: Most of the time if left alone poison ivy lesions will self resolve. However if the areas are large, continue to spread, have warmth to them and/or are near your eyes, mouth or private parts you should see a doctor.
  • It is 0708 on 04/04/2015.
  • Today is opening day of Scarborough Fair. They are also having a big deal for Easter at Clark Gardens. There will be a sunrise service at the gardens tomorrow. 
  • The sunrise this morning was really pretty- pinks, purples and finally gold. Nice.
  • Winona Rider's character in Mr. Deeds mentions falling out of Boo Radley's apple tree and breaking her arm. Boo was a character from To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • I have never read that book- should I?
  • My guess, and it is baseless really is that it would be whippin' to try and finish.
  • Long ago I said I would read War And Peace and have made multiple valiant efforts. I can slog my way through long, dense books but holy smokes- I felt like I had literally been beaten after reading some of it and gave up. People that knew me were surprised and recommended I try again and stick it out. I seem to recall it being recommended to watch one of the movies  based on it and read a Cliff's Notes first before reading the book but knowing all that makes it more of a beating. I feel beat down thinking about it now as I write this.
  • Teachers back in my day would call it cheating if you used Cliff's Notes on a reading assignment. Instead, they should have been actively used in the class prior to the assignment if they really wanted the material to be enjoyed, absorbed, understood and retained. 
  • It is weird the things we get wrong.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

    What is your weakness

  • I am in Ardmore OK after a road trip across a little of North Texas. It wasn't exactly epic or even all that fun. It was intended to be a longer journey Westward but my back started bothering me, I got lonely and simultaneously I saw an exit I recognized. After lingering a bit in El Norte de Tejas I ended up taking a back road to Ardmore as we all will someday I suppose. In a minute I'll walk to Prairie Kitchen and add to my arteries cumulative destruction.
  • They have a big giant omelet there that comes with two sides. My omelet of choice is hamburger and cheddar cheese. For the sides I get hash browns and pancakes. It easily could feed two people. I don't know what it is called. I call it the Big Nasty.
  • On the road yesterday I saw a guy walking down the service road parallel to the Interstate. He was wearing a motorcycle helmet that appeared to be painted silver although I couldn't be too sure as I declared judgment to be the better part of valor and steered well clear of him.
  • Daisy Gardner is very attractive to me.
  • To be more conversational and promote a comfortable environment when speaking to a patient in my office I sometimes recline my chair back a little and adopt a relaxed pose with my hands on the arms of the chair and my legs slightly spread. Recently two different people- one male and one female have checked out my package as I did so.
  • The movie What Women Want is way better than I thought it would be which made me like it better than I probably should. It also has some great music.
  • When I leave a hotel I always bag trash up in a shopping bag and drop it near the pile of towels I have also made to make the cleaners life easier.
  • The cleaner in the motel I am at now is a guy, His name is Bob. He is Indian (the Patel kind).

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Something I Have That You Do Not:

an eye tester light box thingy (excuse me for being so technical).

Thursday's Thoughts

  • "Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday"- the odd (at best) motto for a county health department I have interacted with. What if I were Chinese living in China and needed services on a Sunday?
  • That is a very odd motto.
  • Here comes Pete the meat puppet
  • The other day (today is 05/05/2016) I heard somebody named Cole Beasley hawking a product or service on The TICKET. I have no idea who he is. He sounded white. Is he a NASCAR driver or a golfer or...?
  • The first supercar I would buy if money were no object would be a Mclaren. The other 2 sports cars at the top of my list would be Corvette and a Dodge Viper ACR.
  • I have it all figured out- don't I?
  • It is 05/16/2016 and no one seems too concerned about Venezuela's imminent (and likely inevitable) collapse.
  • This past weekend REI had its grand opening at the Fort worth location. They were giving away Camelback sports bottles and REI gift cards to the first 200 people in line. We got there an hour before it opened-  the line looked like it was for a Beatles reunion concert. There were at least a few hundred people. Seriously- say the word, Free and people lose their minds.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions/Old Draft Clean Up

  • Personally I don't know what caused Harry Reid's boo-boos but the stories that relate them back to him exercising seem to be a clumsy cover up. Maybe he has blood pressure problems and has been fainting. Regardless, to hide the health issue the lie in their minds had to be the exact opposite of the truth and more or less heroic. I don't know exactly what was going on but there is a rat in that woodpile somewhere.
  • I do not know the last time I ate a fish I caught. 
  • Does a person who enjoys fishing ever tire of the anticipation verses reward component? I feel excitement when I cast a line- like it is my first time ever and when I get a bite I know it is probably an 8 ounce perch but my heart jumps up in my throat like it is a monster bass. Regardless, there is probably something about the way people are wired that makes certain people more into it than others. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it worked more or less like gambling or drugs in the brain.
  • The use of the Nook for writing these posts is growing on me a bit but still not my favorite thing in the world for daily use.
  • Somebody at work had brain surgery recently- just a year or so after losing her home in a tornado. 
  • Dear Universe, Let's agree- she has all her bad luck out of the way for a long, long time, OK?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sometimes I Don't Even Know Where To Start- Do The Words, "Student, Clash, Riot Police" And Phrase "Change To Education System" Go Together To You?

Reuters / Wednesday, May 11, 2016
A student clashes with riot police during a demonstration to demand changes in the education system in Santiago, Chile, May 11, 2016. REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado

Monday, May 16, 2016

Recently, Teh News Out Of Austin Has Been About Lyft And Uber Both Stating Their Intention To Leave Austin As The City Is Going To Require Their Drivers To Be Fingerprinted Ostensibly To Promote Public Safety

My first thought was, Safety?! Bull- whoever dreamed that up owns stock in a company that fingerprints folks ( or their brother in law owns it). This a bit facetious and might be unlikely but my second thought was, Promote safety!? How many people will die because they can't get a ride so they drive a car when they shouldn't or they get run over while walking or riding a bike when otherwise they would have Ubered a ride?

This is a good example of how the world doesn't work the way you think it does and just because something makes you feel better doesn't mean it is actually making a difference.