Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday's Missives


  • Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World is a sweet and very good movie.
  • When I see a book book by Stacy Schiff or see her name in print somewhere for some reason I think of Nora Ephron. I say,"some reason" because I presume there is one- although I have no idea why I make that seemingly odd connection.
  • You can look it up if you want but sex offender registries do not work as intended and are counterproductive in multiple ways. Those are 2 facts related to that issue I presumed intuitively when I first of heard of the idea years ago and I would still be shocked to learn those registries help in any demonstrable way.
  • My coffee cup is positioned on my chest as I write this lying in bed. It was nice at first as I could smell it but due to adaptation that effect is gone- but at least it is very handy.
  • Ads for Dick's Sporting Goods have started randomly appearing in my mailbox.
  • Saturday night (today is 12/19/2016) we camped at Mineral Wells State Park. My truck thermometer- which is usually pretty close (+/-3 degrees) to actual temps said it was 11 degrees Sunday morning. During the day Sunday when we got home it was hard to get my perceived body temp. regulated. Stepping outside for a minute would have me feeling like I was freezing to death. I would come back in and feel like my skin was on fire, then I would start shivering so I would jump in the tub, then I would start sweating bullets...
  • Sunday I saw an ex girlfriend's profile pic on a dating website. Interestingly, she used a pic she took while we were together- I remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when she took it. So a note to whoever ends up with her- that content, confident, satisfied and happy look she has on her face that made you think you wanted to be a part of her life when you saw her picture? Yeah- that was all because of me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I awoke at 2 this morning (today is 05/26/2016) and got up to take a stretch and get a drink of water. After getting the drink I stepped outside to take a look and check on the weather- and take my stretch. In mid stretch somebody said Hey Kev. what are you doing?  It was the lady who lives across and down from me. We chatted  a few minutes before she said, Come down and talk to me.

It was nice. I stayed there for nearly 2 hours while we chatted and had coffee. Toward the end of my time there after stepping back into her house she stopped in front of me as she headed back to her chair and said, How about a hug? Uh, OK I said and I hugged her. She then said while holding a canister out toward me (which I couldn't see before as it was dark), Well, that was nice but I meant one of these. They're  Hershey's Hugs. They are milk chocolate and white chocolate...

Having since  told the story at work I can't go anywhere in the building without someone saying, Does somebody need a hug?

Also hilarious- Now, I randomly throw open an office door, stick my head in and say, Does anybody in here need a hug?

During the telling a person known for being for lack of a better term, obnoxious has interrupted me telling the story on 3 separate occasions. There is not a chance those interruptions are coincidental. She couldn't stand to see people laughing and having a good time while she is so miserable.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Portable Toilet's Logo

made me think of the Warner Brothers logo.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • Somebody at work recently tried to hurt me- as she was walking out the door to a new job. I did not have it coming to me as what she said to try and hurt me was a lie but she did not have to do it at all as again, she was walking out the door- to another job.
  • She has issues.
  • Edit: Today (01/23/2017) I bumped into the aforementioned back stabber. Did she have the respect for herself or me to act like she did not see me or at least- flip me off to my face? Nope, she lit her smoking  hot mug up and rubbed on my back when we spoke like I was her one, true long lost love.
  • What is wrong with people?!
  • To try and save money I quit buying coffee for the house and told myself if I really wanted a cup I could stop by McDonald's or Jack In The Crack every once in a while. Consequently, I have spent a small fortune on drive through coffee in the past month or two.
  • The new truck/boat/motorcycle fever has been burning hotly in my brain for months now.
  • I like the name Nestor and always have.
  • 3- the number of friends/friendly acquaintances I have had in my life named Larry Smith.
  • My neighbor always has to start his loud diesel truck and let it warm up for 30 minutes to an hour before leaving for work at a job which is maybe 1/2 a mile away. It has to use more fuel in a week warming up than actually driving.
  • No wonder the terrorists hate us.
  • Man I miss my kids like crazy today.
  • I guess I thought we would all always be together- now I do not know the last time we were all in a room together
  • My children's great grandmother died while speaking to my eldest son as he held her hand.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts

  • At work a bit between myself and our old doctor was when he was asked a question by a nurse he would reply to the effect, Well, allow me to confer with my colleague... and turning to me he would say, Doctor Kevin- what would you do in a case this? I would make my reply resulting in him rapping his knuckles on his desk and telling whoever asked the question, I concur with my colleague. Make it so...
  • A weird loosely connected thought- another physician and I were bustin' each others bawlz one day between patients. A female nurse whom he does not get along with and who also doesn't really get how the world works approached me later and said something like, I saw the way he was talking to you. I get it. I have trouble dealing with him too. It is hard sometimes... It took me a minute to process what she even meant. She just did not get it.
  • A Perfect Circle's cover of Imagine is terrible.
  • My ex GF sent me an email this morning (02/28/2017) asking if it was me she saw as I drove by her place on the way to work. It was  nice to hear from her. That is until a program at Pro Flowers and Kendra Scott took note of our interaction and started sending me spam.
  • This morning I listened to Deftones and Marilyn Manson back to back and for hours on end.
  • My nursing buddy whom I know to have long ago had a falling out with another mutual nursing buddy could not even remember why she hated the other nurse when the subject came up this morning- but she still hates her just the same.
  • Oreo McFlurrys are great.
  • Although I cannot remember what it was for (baseball, soccer or karate?) I once gave my ex wife a blank check for her to use during the registration process. It was seen as the craziest thing my co workers had ever heard. It was just practical as far as I was concerned and you know- if we cannot trust each other with something like that at this point in our lives- it would not matter what we did or did not do- we would be doomed to failure raising our children.
  • Life pro tip: if at all possible when providing for your children always use a check or electronic transfer tagged CS (for child support). It may never matter but if/when it does it will be a big deal and you will thank your past you for watching out for future you.
  • A ground war in Syria would be a huge, massive mistake.

One Of My Personal Phobias:

I have a fear that as I lean back in a chair that I'll not be hurt by accidentally falling over backwards as mom always warned- I'll be killed by the chair breaking and the resulting disintegration will result in a huge splinter shivving me in a kidney- the right kidney to be exact.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wisdom Of A Chupacabra

If you don't carry something worthwhile to read while using the bathroom, you'll flush away a college degree away over a lifetime.