Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Within 30 minutes minutes recently I met a patient and then an interpreter who were from Babylon Iraq and was introduced to Thievery Corporation's Richest Man in Babylon album.
  • What does all that mean you ask? Nothing, I just took note of it.
    The sticker lies- Willie ain't fragile. He has been at it 80 years and is still goin' strong.
  • Bailor All Saints customer service is tough to beat- man they are good.
  • People with addiction issues will always comment on how my office smells and will start breaking down what they see to try and figure me out. One went so far as to take note of the toothbrush he saw in my desk drawer and make the assumption I dipped snuff. Very perceptive- I don't dip and have not in years but that is where I developed the habit of caring for my oral health as I do.
  • I think the reason they engage in those behaviors is of course they've been in dangerous situations where they have to be able to figure people out to survive but more importantly- it is just they way they're wired.

  • The movie My Girl just faded to black- what a good movie- just a good movie.
  • No, I didn't cry at the end. My allergies have been bothering me.
  • When I'm rich I'll have go-karts made of bumper cars. The pole that would normally connect to the power grid above will just shoot sparks. Mine will be orange and yours will be blue.

    Get it?! It is a tattoo of feet on her foot!

  • When Chernobyl blew I was in Germany. One of the NBC specialists was out taking readings with some type of radiacmeter. He was standing to the right of the street coming into McPheeter's Barracks in Bad Hersfeld. I stopped and talked to him I asked if it was dangerous and asked him to check me. He passed the meter over me and said, Nah, you're good. Its about like getting a chest X-Ray.
  • I sensed he was told to say that. Not that there was a great risk but they didn't know and had something ready to tell us to placate us and something about that galls me still.
    Everybody wants to rescue something.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday's Missives

Mexican king snake found in a drain in Scotland- demonstrative of the multiple problems with mans fascination with animals and the trade in same.
  • A few weeks ago I gave an Iraqi patient who is fluent in English the number for one of my contacts in the translator/interpreter network underworld. He called them and was not only offered a job and training but the classes and test fees will be paid for by the organization and as his is worn out they are buying him a new prosthetic leg and paying for his physical therapy.
  • Every once in a while I get something right- don't get too used to it though.
    Miss Landmine contestants

  • For Robert F. Scott's Antarctic expedition he chose to incorporate ponies, sled dogs and 3 tractors into his plans. It was destined to fail before the severe weather hit. Another interesting related fact- part of the reason Amundson succeeded and Scott's party starved, froze and dehydrated to death was Scott's insistence it be a scientific journey to gather samples and take readings etc. along the way not just a race to the pole for the sake of getting there. This is a really odd fatal error. If he had slogged to the pole and not worried about anything but getting there and back alive- he could have wrote his own ticket and done anything he wanted on the next expedition.
  • Of course he would also have had to leave the ponies and tractors behind...
  • Unsolicited outdoor tip for the day: Almost no matter where and when you go in the great outdoors in the US of A if you carry a backpack with a water reservoir, a water filter, headlamp, some bandannas, two ways of making a fire, a knife, some 550 cord (50-100 ft.), a trash bag and two space blankets it will only cost you a few pounds of weight and you still might be a knucklehead and get lost but at least you'll be a live knucklehead.
    Ad said to the effect," I'm a single mom and my ex husband set fire to my car. I don't know where to find parts for it...." That is code for, I talked to the body shop and if you buy it from me it will cost twice what the car is worth to fix it and you run the risk of getting killed by my ex or at the very least having him burn it to the ground when he sees it and assumes I still own it.
  • It depends on the server and the situation but I most often get perturbed when  they ask about what I'm reading when I have a book at the table. There is a snap judgement where I sense their motive (maybe incorrectly) and if I sense they're genuine I'll engage them, if I sense they're sucking up to enhance their tip I'll shut down- quick.
  • It is 05/18/2014@0740 and Zac is rubbing Crayons together to see what colors are formed on the paper.
  • Formed? That gets the point across but I am sure that isn't correct.
    Her eye looks sad. How is that possible- one eye? It seems like it would take both to form an expression. Anyway, I am sure it was something I did.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jay Adams Dead In Mexico at 53

I didn't know which pic of Jay to use- old prison tatted Jay or young Jay so I settled on this one. It captures multiple moments in time perfectly. For a lot of  people he was still trapped in the early empty pool skateboarding days- the guy played by Emile Hirsch. Undoubtedly, Jay was like any middle aged guy- he teleported back to those days often I'm sure. Also, as any human but especially somebody with his demons- how many people really knew him? At the very least there is plenty to wonder about the guy whose face is half hidden.

I have no clear recall how I learned about the type of skating he pioneered which involved low down free form moves borrowed from surfing. There were some pics and posters and magazines I saw somewhere and there is a vague recall of seeing something on TV or a movie. I fell for it though and slalomed down every paved and concreted hill in Decatur TX. Every drainage and every overpass was mine.

I could move from front to back of a moving skate deck like the average person could walk on a sidewalk and could ride sitting on my heels over the front deck as good as anybody around could ride in a traditional posture.

My first skateboard had a wooden deck and metal wheels. It could not have come into my possession anything after 1972.

A few years later a red plastic board with nylon or poly wheels materialized.

I still miss the metal wheeled board and can feel my legs vibrating thinking about that hunk of junk.

Even more I miss that dirty, sweaty feral boy who put thousands of miles on skateboards in the 7 square miles of Decatur. He drank hose water from random houses when the elderly lady who would offer lemonade wasn't well enough to watch for him and carried Coke bottles to Ray's for honey buns and chocolate milk to power through those miles. He got hassled by The Man and the Laird Brothers and the Owner of Lee's Grocery but Red the barber and Burt the barber were oddly cool to him.

I miss young Kev.

I bet old Jay missed young Jay to the end too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

She calls me Goliath and I wear the David mask
I guess the stones are coming too fast for her now
You know I'd like to believe this nervousness will pass
All the stones that are thrown are building up a wall

Wednesday's Digressions With A Pictorial Tour Of Weatherford America

I had never seen a grill guard on a  tractor before- wonder why it is't more common?
  • When what we call the media didn't like Paula Deen they put up unshopped pics of her looking gray, tense and haggard. They must love her again, as when she was announcing a new network they had her tanned up, wrinkle free, many pounds lighter and her teeth would glow in the dark from sheer whiteness.
  • A headline just taught me a JetBlue pilot was caught in a drug sweep and charged with heroin possession. His companion was charged with prostitution. If true- he just butt raped his life.
  • I just saw a headline: " Kerry says Putin has no soul ".  As soon as your speech demonstrates you engage in that type of fantastical thinking you've lost the battle. You are imagining you know the other person's heart and since you don't; all of your assumptions and most of your decisions will probably be wrong.
    We have a bank housed in a double wide trailer. That pleases me for some reason.
  • It is undoubtedly not his fault but when I log onto Barry's blog the cookies that get downloaded to my computer can bog it down so much the machine won't run and I'll sometimes have to force a shut down and then bring it back up and clear the history/cookies.
  • This morning (07/22/2014) I saw a patient in my office who is 71 and has been homeless for 3 months. He slept in his car for 2 of them and shelters for 1.
  •  David Bowie released a crap-fest of an album back in the 80s or 90s that had that awful song Lets Dance. The legend is he released that whole terrible album knowing it was terrible- as that was the intention all along as he had been trying to get out of his contract to make another record for that label. I get it. It makes sense.
    Legendary burgers that are good- not great. Oddly the last time I went they only offered American cheese. How odd, how very odd.
  • If a bum starts working me with a stupid story about needing money to go to a new job or take his wife to the hospital as she is pregnant I will always shut him down and I am very unlikely to give him anything. If he just says, Hey, I'm broke. Can I get something from you? I am very likely to give him a little something- the honesty is refreshing and disarming.
    The best dentist and hygienist and most efficiently run dental office my family ever used was a Monarch Clinic and we only went the first time because they accepted our insurance, had an opening and it was a semi emergent situation. We stayed loyal until that location (in Fort Worth ) closed.
  • Recently I met someone who bottle feeds baby deer for a living.
  • Recently I saw an old ex. She has lunch lady arms.
  • Today I listened to The Cure esentially all day at work and I am a better man for it.
    A name not as cute as the founder thinks but OK sandwiches. It annoys me and others because you have to mark the type of sandwich and how you want it on the outside of the bag and hand it in to complete your order. I think they think we will think it is fun. It isn't completely perturbing but yeah- a little annoying.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Missives

Snack time.
  • We store blood overnight in a refrigeator for lab pick up in the morning. After 2 incidences of tubes being dropped and left in a waiting room and/or a lab requisition falling out and doing the same I began bagging them together in a larger bag. It made sense- it covered some sloppy nurse sins if we didn't seal the smaller sample bags, protected patient's privacy, made the lab ladie's lives easier and kept AIDS infected blood from being tossed around by children in the waiting room. The funny thing about my using some intiative to do that. One is of course they expect it now and two and even more odd is, it blew their minds at first. It is obviously the same type of labs destined for the same laboratory that is stored in the same place it has been for years but they brought it to me holding it away, Uh... is this ours? Then another came and said, What. Am. I. I Supposed. To Do. With. This?
  • Don't get me started.
  • Lab lady- how arcane but that is what they're called.

  • When you go to Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth as we all will someday have the Sugar Burger (I call it Sugar Booger) it is made with grilled peaches and candied bacon and will change your life.
  • Tell 'em I sent ya.
  • Somebody keeps sending me videos from their Youtube page as new ones are added. Did I sign up for that?

  • Recently somebody sent me an invitation to Twitter. I passed. I don't know why I would want it or what I would do with it. It just seems like another way to cause trouble, embarrass yourself, waste time and be tracked. Later I received another invitation that said they were still waiting and as a kicker it said," Did you know ______ _______ is also on Twitter?" Said person is not a friend in common in any way with the invitee but is my best friend (in real life) and we have never discussed him at all and especially not by name. Somewhere there is a computer program that has discovered a link between him and me (Emails I presume) and related it back to me through her. If that doesn't scare you- well, that scares me.
  • "I think I'm growing delirious with hunger yo." The last Email I received.
  • Bob Dylan and Harry Dean Stanton performing Hava Nigila   vהבה נגילה