Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday's Digressions

  • The most interesting thing about the Clinton versus Trump race is if nothing else- you could never convince me in a million years that Clinton ever thought she was going to lose and I just as firmly believe Trump never dreamed- he would win.
  • To me eye glasses no matter how clean and well maintained have an odor.
  • A friend who was already pretty just had a bunch of work done on her face. She actually asked my opinion prior to the surgery. We discussed risks, the cost and the fact she was already pretty... she did it anyway. 
  • I was shocked at the results- not bad. I'm going to hang out with her soon. It will be weird at first I think as she may look good but wow- she looks different.
  • Two friendly aquaintences go up and down in their weights frequently. When one loses 20 pounds she looks 10 years younger. When the other loses the same- she looks 10 years older.
  • I don't know what to make of those truths.
  • Recently I disappointed a nursing buddy by not moving with her to another department. 
  • Sometimes, the devil you know is better.
  • I am the son and heir of nothing in particular.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday's Missives

  • Once Upon A Time In The Midlands was on the menu last night and it saddens to say- it did not impress which is a little unusual; as off the wall comedies like that which get two thumbs up from Ebert and Roeper are normally pretty we'll received by me.
  • A long ago love interest told me as we were getting to know each other she had sex with the brother to a guy who was on The Voice or American Idol- whatever and presented it as if I should have been impressed. I was not. I never spoke to her again.
  • Yesterday (today is 07/12/2016) I took note of a sign on the Interstate that referenced the Peach Peddle.
  • A friendly aquaintence rode the 61 mile route.
  • It made me draw up inside and break into a sweat to just write that.
  • The battle of Stalingrad was literally insane and as this article points out the casualties were nearly incomprehensibele; 2 million people- in 6 months.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday's Missives

  • For dinner this evening I had a meatball marinara sub, salt and vinegar potato chips and lime and cucumber Gatorade. Those are all things that I have very infrequently. I don't have any of them seperatley more than once a year or so (and in fact have only shared the Gatorade a time or two) but interestingly- I had them all together.
  • 06/05/2018- in case you are wondering.
  • I have been warned that a coworker is interested in somebody else at work and as a bonus-she thinks he might be interested back.
  • Said somebody else is me. 
  • Aye caryumba! I could not be less interested. I had an intuitive suspicion though.
  • It is against my policy to talk about sex at work.
  • A friend was until recently a professional broadcast journalist.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

There's A New Sheriff In Town

My Fourth Of July Coming Of Age Story

When I first enlisted it was in the Texas
Army National Guard in Decatur TX. The full timer there was SSG Ben Moya and one of the recruiters was SFC Stivers although; I do not recall if either were present during the debauchery that followed my enlistment. Honestly- Stivers may or may not have been there (kinda think he was) and Moya I am very sure was not there (but not 100% sure). I only have definite recall of a part time recruiter and another enlistee by name or face. There were later in the same day definitely 5 guys in a vehicle made for 4.
Anyway, back in the day when you tested to enlist you did it in your hometown armory- at the recruiters desk. If you enlisted in Decatur TX, when you did your physical they took you to a super old doctor in Wichita Falls. Why Wichita Falls? The true reason may be lost to time to me but it may have been related to the Bowie and Decatur units being tied together (with Wichita Falls being the closest city of any size to Bowie) and/or the old doc being the only one who made himself available on Saturdays. I only recall the waiting room being dimly lit and the building may have been isolated somewhat or at least on a big lot.
Once we passed the physical we came back to the armory and took the oath.
We then went to the kitchen to a fridge full of food and booze that was left over from a
party the night before. People who rented the armory always left booze and food I would learn later.
We partook mightily.
Somebody rolled out a projector. I presumed we were about to watch a training film or even a war movie.
It was my introduction to John Holmes. He was doing it with some gorgeous, tiny Asian woman.
We drank like there was no tomorrow  and pigged out on fried chicken like we just got released from prison.
We then followed the recruiter out to the Quonset hut which had formerly been the actual armory and piled into an M151 jeep. I remember- it literally sounded like a sewing machine when it was at idle- a comforting tappity tappity...
We then went out to LBJ Grasslands and climbed hills and generally played around for hours. We then watched the sunset from the jeep- beers in hand. I was seated on top of the spare tire. I grinned like a possum the entire evening. It was probably the happiest I had been to that point in my life.
I knew it was the start of something big, that I would never be the same. It was my first step toward manhood.
I was 17 years old.