Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Contemporary Contemplations

Burt the park host at Lea Lake Bottomless Lakes SP is seen here setting the tone. I stopped short to ostensibly read some signage but mostly messing with him when I realized  what he was doing.. Yes- he literally glared at me like I was crazy and impatiently tapped his prop (mostly) clipboard on his other hand when he guessed what I was doing- funny. Like a lot of more or less menial jobs, the people who take them too seriously rightly open themselves up for some ridicule but our world  would spin out of control without them. They are societies duct tape and baling wire.  His nickname was Overlord
  • The Matrix: what I'm watching (10/15/2014 @ 1959). It is still a very- very good movie with great music.
  • Blazing Saddles: what we talked about on a break today- still an amazing movie. The self righteous censorship it endures is not a sign of our loss of a sense of humor as people suppose. It is a loss of our sense of self, a sense of overwhelming fear we are bad and a lack of critical thinking skills. People are afraid of being guilty of being racist by enjoying it when it's satire was a very harsh criticism of the stupidity of racism.
    Sopapillas are different in the Land Of Enchantment.
  • When I was in the Army and we would be busting track on our vehicles I would exchange the line, laying track for busting track and act Slim Picken's part out. It was a wonder somebody didn't have a seizure it was so funny. I perfected and did the bit at every duty station. People have to still think about it and spray coffee on their dashboard on the way to work. Today 9 years after I could have possibly done a modified version for other soldiers I gave a SFW version at lunch in the break room and got some very good laughs. It was almost weird how much of and how quickly it came back.
  • My mind can't process that Laurence Fishburne was Mr. Clean and Morpheus.
    To make a high volume easy to hit urinal that even a woman can use in a tent cut the top off a large soda bottle and invert the snout into the bottle after stuffing it with paper towels etc. Then tape the snout in place ( 100 mph tape is best). Keep it jammed in the corner of the tent with a pack so you can find it and there is no chance of it it tipping over.
  • The news is prattling on about ISIS having planes and training pilots. Talk about, This is how the terrorists win! Expect military talking head to harrumph and poo-poo this and talk about how impossible it would be to train them effectively, how even a second string Western or regional pilot would blow them out of the sky... They don't get it- those things don't matter to ISIS. Really the facts would rarely matter- it is about the perception of their target audiences first- disaffected Muslim males and then poorly informed, easily frightened Westerners
  • Committee on the Heredity of the Feeble Minded: the name of my band- if I ever have a band. Fans will call it by the acronym of COTHOTFM which will sound like Coth/ot /fum.
  • My fans will be freaks.
    Big feet are huge. I wouldn't bring attention to them babe.
  • Primo tickets for How The EDGE Stole Christmas are 150 bucks this year. That is crazy but no, I will not miss Weezer and to a lesser extent Big Data.
  • Watching a Harrier jet taking off vertically in person is even wilder and more impossible looking in person and is unbelievably loud. Yes, I operated out of a Marine base in the Iraq.
  • There is a bird that sings right at dawn (and just did at 0707 10/18/2014). For the the life of me I can never remember the species. Sometimes when I hear it I feel vaguely sad. It isn't clear to me if it's song sounds melancholy to me in general or if I had taken note of it singing in a former life during a bad time but I assume the latter to be true.
    Watching the Big Man eat was awe inspiring. I wanted to start a slow clap as he was finishing.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Guess who is going to see Weezer? I am already practicing for my duet of Buddy Holly with Rivers Cuomo.  He will always remember that evening as the time he sang with ole Kev.  There is hope for this world after all- Buddy Holly has over 15 million views. Another favorite: Say It Ain't So                    


Monday's Missives

A political cartoon where I'm sure I know what they're getting at but could never explain why
  • It wouldn't be worth it to do what I do were it not for a few select people I work with. They and the good we do makes it all worthwhile.
  • Some of my patients can be frustrating and a person may be excused to think more trouble than they're worth but they're also outcast and vulnerable.
  • They're also human beings.
  • Over the weekend (today is 07/28/2014) it was so hot and so humid within 2 hours at the park I was dizzy and had a headache.
  • If you feel thirsty that is a sign you're behind in your water intake. A headache and dizziness are signs you need to cool off quick and down the fluids. Beware if you feel the need to defecate and your arms and legs are numb or actually feel detached- you're about to be in trouble.
    Yes, that is a toad in the seat of my truck Why you ask? Well he hopped out in front of me and after I avoided him FG said, Oh no- did we hit him?  One thing led to another and I went back and got him and took him somewhere safe.
  • I had about the best steak and shrimp ever at Logan's last night.
  • The server got around what is probably a, " Absolutely no pitchers at the table! " rule by bringing us a large glass of plain water to top off with- nothing wrong with that but it was the first time it ever happened to me.
  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Z28 Camaro. Dodge Charger, GT Mustang and Stingray Corvette- my answer for the question I posed to myself on my way to work as a thought exercise: If cost were no object and you could buy 5 cars and no others for a year- what would you buy? It is interesting they're all American but after the year I would buy a E class Benz. It is a cool thought to me that the truck I drive daily is as good as I could ever want a truck to be without being the amazing off roader or hot rod so I would absolutely keep it.
  • In the days of my youth I drove a car halfway across the country that you couldn't have unloaded for 500 bucks. Most people would have rather walked as they would assume that is what they would be doing anyway if they drove it so they might as well keep their money in their pocket. 
    Another one- I get it- but don't

Friday, October 17, 2014

Images From The Road

Things are not working out in the Land Of Enchantment for this person as they had hoped

Same with this poor soul.

Mosquitoes are the devil

View from the tent

Lea Lake

The owners were a couple from Holland

Another example of the simple things that were familiar but different. The grill height is adjusted by friction on the bar at back instead of  notches like grills you would see at any park in Texas.

Big man little bicycle

Yes, that is a picture of a couple's two Newfoundland hounds on the spare tire cover. The pooches names were Burke and Rayne.

The water in Lea Lake is impossibly clear. The fish nibbling my toes are at least 18 inches underwater.

All aliens all the time

In front of an Army-Navy store in Roswell

What a bargain

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The earth is suffocating . . . Swear to make them cut me open, so that I won't be buried alive.
.~~ Said as he lie dying of tuberculosis- Frederic Chopin, composer, d. October 16, 1849

Notes From The Road

Here, have a sunset at Lea Lake in Bottomless Lakes.

  • Joy Division was definitely some good road music for my recent tour of the Southwest.
  • The UFO Museum in Roswell is a big deal though mercifully cheap. There was a busload of very dirty, smelly and shabbily dressed people arriving at the same time we were leaving. They were speaking a language that sounded vaguely like Italian but I'm pretty sure it wasn't.
  • There were people there literally from around the world.
  • "There is a sucker born every minute" as ole David Hannum would say.
  • I know- you have always heard it was P.T. Barnum. It was probably Hannum but most definitely wasn't Barnum.
    In Roswell it is all aliens all the time. Even Motel 6 gets in on the act.
  • From our bathroom door in the Motel 6 in Roswell. Gawd, that place was nasty.

    Somebody at Motel 6 was having a bad day.
    Somebody at Motel 6 was having a bad life.
    Two fellow travelers at Motel 6. She looked happy and cheerful. He looked like he was whipped and could fall over dead from beat-down.

  • It was the small differences across the board in New Mexico I found interesting- things like the use of white corn instead of yellow for tortillas and chips. 
  • Maybe it is service fatigue since it is a tourist trap but we ate out nearly every meal and never fast food and everywhere we went the service was awful. The only place the service was OK was an expensive-ish steak house.
  • The mosquitoes were unbelievable. The lady who ran the visitors center in Artesia told me she had lived there 15 years and had never seen anything like it. We went out for an evening stroll... yeah- that lasted about 5 minutes. I'm not kidding. They were all over us like a cheap suit. Off! did not deter them in the least. I know that everything that lives in the desert has to make the most of extra water when it comes but holy smokes.
    This corpse is nothing- it was only the first picture of those devils I came to- plenty of times I smashed 5 in one swipe.
  • Artesia has some awesome statues scattered around town to view and good food. Stay at the Heritage Inn. It is a quiet, gorgeous place for 130 bucks a night. It is cleaner and cheaper than anything decent in Roswell or Carlsbad and right in the middle of each. If money is no object stay at the Hampton if your going to be in Carlsbad. 

  • For all my travels- I cannot believe I waited this long to explore NM.
  • Although some rent we saw multiple Europeans in their personal camping rigs. They have them shipped over in containers and then hit the parks in our Southwest. I knew it was a thing as there is always stories about their adventures in travel or outdoor magazines and RV travel TV shows. One of our fellow travelers was a cool guy named Martin. He said pretty often he would see a European person who had rented an RV standing beside a dump station holding a hose looking bewildered so he would help them out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

The ole F1

  • I like the Next Blog forays but, recently found one that was very disturbing. It involved animals, women, children and sex. Very sad.
  • There was an older guy when I was a lot younger who was known for supposedly his mother died because of an abdominal infection caused by his father having sex with a horse and then having sex with the guy's mother. I had always dismissed it as a cruel rumor- until I left home and our paths crossed somehow- we actually became friends. It came out in a,  You think that's bad. kind of statement.
  • Yeah, you still got me beat on that one homes.
  • Yes, he literally said, My dad would go down to the barn and screw the mares. One time he came home and had sex with my mom. She developed peritonitis and died a week later.
    The Timberline SQ2 is perfect- it vents like crazy and with a footprint you can light set it and it weighs only 4 pounds

    If you were my GF and you camped with me you would awaken to the sound of my harmonica, the smell of the fire and hot chocolate. Yes, I know it is a Melissa and Doug brand- I got some on sale for my kids. They were interested for about 5 minutes. They are amazingly warm sounding for the 3 or 4 dollars I paid. Anyway, you would stagger out of the tent and say, Were you playing? I thought it was a dream. It matched the birds singing and fish splashing. I went back to sleep because it was pretty and I didn't want it to end.

    My field notes. Some day they will be a national archival treasure.

    Witches log. It still wasn't burned by the time we left- after a half a liter of stove fuel and pounds of tinder and two concerted efforts to get it to light and it was a dry as a bone.

    Sun bleached turtle shell frags.

    A wonderful beverage. Find it in your grocers awesome section.

    A Thanksgiving dinner could be faked by a good cook with the camping cooking gear I own and 99% of the time this pot which doubles as a case for my stove is all I use. A scrap of towel protects the stove's wings and keeps the pot on the stove.
  • I'm really not supposed to do that but I will for you because you are from Iraq. what I recently said to a patient.
  • Even more recently (today is 09/19/2014) I accidentally hit on an Iraqi patient. She had finished everything required of her and said, Well I guess I'll never see you again. I replied, Maybe not. Who knows?! She whipped around and said Oh, good- you have my number -right?
  • Get away from me you little devil.
    FG: Oh, help him Kevin he's stuck! He's dead baby. No, no he's moving. Help him he's stuck!

    Dutifully I pulled him out so she could see he was dead as a hammer.

    I don't remember what these are called but if you rub a handful on dead fish stinking hands it gets the smell off pretty well. 
  • Today I am home laying out from work. Nat Geo has a show on about World's Deadliest. I am drinking some fancy pants coffee. I won't say all is good, as I feel terrible but it could be worse.
  • Every day you wake up exchanging gases, have food stuffs to process for fuel and you can void your wastes is a good day I always say.