Friday, June 24, 2016

The Last Email I Received

Still no word yet on when they'll take the organs.

Friday's Dispatch

  • What some guy I did not know recently said to me regarding another patron's daughter in the McDonald's: There ain't no way in Hell my daughter would wear something like that!
  • "Its never too late to be everything you might have been"- George Elliott
  • The preceding statement may make people feel good- but it is absolutely and demonstrably false.
  • It is so ingrained in me to be able to ID and fight Russian vehicles that it is a weirdly visceral feeling to see Russian tanks and ZSU 23-4s in combat in Syria when I watch war porn.
  • Recently I took an ex girlfriends car to the shop to get it repaired. An ex girlfriend!? Yeah- because: Kev, He is such a good boyfriend- he  is a good ex boyfriend.
  • Somewhat recently somebody mentioned a mutual acquaintance's impending wedding to her boyfriend- Ed. My response was, Ed. Ed?! Edddd?! I wasn't making fun of him (as I was accused)- he just didn't seem like an Ed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

The backstory: I get it in my head I need to drink more water so consequently I ask for the loan of a drinking glass. One of the Asian den mother types in the office loans me a huge soup bowl type cup to drink from- it got the job done but looked ridiculous. When I took it back to her I joked I couldn't take being teased about it anymore. One or two days later I came into my office and this was on the desk.
Yes, I also immediately thought of the soup Nazi.

  • A friendly acquaintance recently went to rehab for a short period of time. She said she was done with drinking and wanted me to know.  Today I saw her- she is trembling, speaking in word salad and bloaty. I don't know if that means she is definitely on the wagon or has definitely fallen off or if some of the preceding facts are related at all or purely coincidental.
  • It is important to me that a woman takes pride in the care of her hair and a woman with pretty hair goes up a notch or two in my book.
  • Recently I have seen multiple teenage girl children with tattoos that their moms must have approved. Crazy.
  • In the past 4 years I have eaten Taco Bell three times; two of which were within the past week.
  • There is an A and W Root Beer stand in Ruidoso although it is co located with a Long John Silver's. The last one I knew of in our area was in Bowie. It was there long after I would have presumed it gone but I don't know if it is still there.
  • I oddly get Snyder TX and Sweetwater TX confused.
  • When a kid throws a float ring in a pool and then jumps on top of it I always draw up inside as I am sure they are going to fall back and strike their head on the edge of the pool.
  • Jack Johnson held a patent to an improvement on an adjustable wrench- that he designed while in prison. That and his fearlessness impress me the most about him.
  • Laptop batteries still never- ever last nearly as long as advertised.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • To be filed under, People are so weird: After the 1994 Earthquake in LA area universities received tons of calls from people who reported the stars and other celestial bodies were brighter in the night sky. It never occurred to them their perception was altered by the lack of light pollution due to the power being out. No, it must be, The world is ending! The stars are so bright!
  • If you watch the great classic Cat Ballou take note during the iconic beer wagon scene of the stunt driver who is under the actual seat to make it look like the wagon is driverless.
  • Statistically I have at best 25 years left on this planet but I now know it is likely to be much less than that.
  • There is a service now which after an enrollment fee and annual subscription will send a tech out after your death to remove your tattoos which are then preserved and mounted in a frame for display by the [presumably horrified] family you leave behind.
  • Rain just moved in. I cancelled camping plans because storms were supposed to move in much earlier today. It would have been nice to have already been set up and racked out in the tent and listen to the raindrops.
  • Recently REI made an unauthorized 100$ charge to my card but before I could even call to straighten it out there was a 100$ credit to my account. How/why does that happen?
  • Recently in an interview President Obama stated his biggest regret in Libya was not considering what would happen in the days following the strikes- which he ordered. The honesty is refreshing- it  really is but the thought process is appalling. Nothing should have guided the Strike verses No Strike decision making tree like the question: What will happen in the days, weeks and months following our rearranging the topography of Libya?
  • Recently a coworker came to the office dressed up and with her hair and nails did. The effort made her exponentially hotter than she was just the day before. People honestly (and a little oddly) weren't sure who she even was she looked so different.  My response? Gurrl, why didn't you tell me you were so fine- I would have made a play for you a long time ago!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • As disco was entering its death throes a friend's mom took us to a disco for teens in Denton. It seems like it was right off University. It was run by two older ladies. I met a girl from Krum there. The older ladies watched our clumsy efforts and intervened to help by providing a pen and piece of paper to exchange numbers and they even sort of mediated our conversation. When I think about that time I always wonder what their motivation was.
  • The last I knew the girl moved to New Mexico then to Houston. She had a heart condition which would cause her feet and hands to sometimes have a very slight blue tint to them.
  • She was gorgeous- a literal model as she was in multiple catalogs for area department stores.
  • If I zig when I should have zagged on my Nook's screen I sometimes accidentally hit incognito mode. I never need it and only vaguely know what it is for and why it exists. I always see myself having to explain to somebody why I needed to be incognito. 
  • What do you have to hide mister?! The cop hisses through clenched teeth his disgust hardly masked and his rage barely contained...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Here Are Some Of My Ancestors On My Mother's Side. The Person On The First Row On The Far Right Was My Favorite Uncle. It Is Crazy To Think He Would Fight On Iwo Jima And Guadalcanal. He Was Mentioned By Name In The First Editions Of Guadalcanal Diary As It Was One Of The Battles In which He was Wounded. In The Days Of My Ute He Would Humor Me And Camp Out With Me In My Tent In My Parent's Back Yard. I Asked Him To Play Army. He Said, Not A Chance Kid. As He Saw My Countenence Fall And My Lip Begin To Quiver He Said, But I'll Play Marines With Ya! He Was My Hero.

Back Row:  Troy & Roy Patterson, Easter Wiest, Mildred Rainey, Gerta Schaffner, 
Alfred Bachman, Wilburn Patterson
Front Row:  Bennie Jo Morton, Emil Bachman, Gaylan Rainey, Alfred Schaffner,
and Orville Patterson
Troy and Roy Patterson are Gene Patterson's brothers, sons of Chauncy Depew Patterson and
Letitia Irwin Patterson...Wilburn Patterson is the son of Patrick Newton
Patterson and Vivian Massie; Orville Patterson is my mother's brother, son
of Benjamin Harrison Patterson and Rosie Mitchell Patterson

Thursday's Thoughts

  • I do not understand religious people- who call themselves Christians going on about,"The Jews are Gods chosen people."- I'd be Googling conversion to Judaism if I believed that.

  • With a quickness and would not take no for an answer.

  • An old best friend met Patrick Swayze at a horse show and anothers sister went to school with Swayzes sister and took dance at their moms studio in Houston.

  • "Due to the ability to make connections and friendships over greater distances (with easier travel, telephones, and later, the internet) it is hypothesized that everyone on the planet can be connected through no more than six "degrees of separation". For example, say I wanted to connect myself with the Queen of England. The first step would be for me to find a friend who was from England or had ties with people there. Then I would connect one of there friends to someone else until I had someone who knows the Queen. This should take no more than 6 of these "friend to friend" connections. ME--> Friend #1--> Friend #2--> Friend #3--> Friend #4--> Friend #5--> Queen So, although I don't know the Queen, or probably anyone after "Friend #1" I can be connected to her through acquaintances no more than 5 times removed. wiki answers

  • More here at Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia has come a long way- although I still take everything from there with a grain of salt.

  • Camping: hard, dirty work then we sleep in conditions that would make a homeless shelter seem an elaborate palace all the while eating bad food that is a chore to prepare.

  • Then we come home and feel great.

  • I had a telescope and star chart when I was a kid and used the telescope often- especially to view the moon. It seems odd to me now- I have no idea to where or when it disappeared from my life.