Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday's Dispatch

  • A friendly acquaintance is very- very likely to kill herself and I don't know what to do about it. Due to some recent changes in her personal life and what I think I know about her personality I would have thought this even even if I discounted her history- which reads like a checklist for people who might kill themselves ( if not for people in acute crisis who are ready to kill themselves).
  • Half of the people need to realize that the internet is more real life than they think it is- the other half needs to realize that the internet is not as real life as they think.
  • A female I met a long time ago was on both estrogen replacement and testosterone. I'm not an endocrinologist but man- that seems weird.
  • For some reason it doesn't trip me out at all when an American actor can do a convincing British accent but it seems really bizarre when a British actor can throw off a good Southern American accent. Some part of my mind rejects it and says, This is just not right.
  • While I was training a new nurse one time during the shadow phase where I let her talk and educate the patients and I just observe and step in if I really needed to, the patient asked her a question. This caused my nursing buddy to literally start riffing and ad libbing and apparently just saying anything that seemed like she thought was even remotely related. I didn't stop her mostly because even the incorrect stuff was not dangerous per se but also- it was simply just fascinating to see. It was mesmerizing.
  • What did I do? What did I say? After the patient left I said to her Wow, you just kinda started winging it there didn't you? I know. I couldn't stop. I couldn't shut up. What did I even say?! was her reply.
  • It didn't matter you where you went in the world for the Army, at some point you were going to be served chili mac and the dish called yakisoba. Also, no matter where you had it in the world- they both would be great.
  • Drivin' N Cryin' Honeysuckle Blue. More of the music of my youth.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday's Missives

I get and appreciate the sentiment but even as this toothpick holder was given to me the fact a person in our area could not text 911 was considered a grave shortcoming in the system.

My new pack absolutely looks like a parachute. Some comedian of an engineer put the icing on the cake with this rip cord handle looking device which is ostensibly part of a system to hold hiking poles.

Although I spend from it; I have always tried to leave a little money in my vehicles- enough to get us home and/or eat if my card fails. As an experiment, I left all my change from every cash transaction in the console of my truck. After 2 months there were 138 dollars.

Cereal dirt left behind by my children (and it only took 3 boxes to get this amount). Just add milk for cereal mud!

The ad hoc bookmarks I find in library books always intrigue me.

  • A one time partner told me how she learned to do a specific sex act on a guy- by reading a Cosmo magazine saying, You know the type- The title was something like, How to drive your man crazy in five simple steps! Instead of it being gross to hear about or at least being uncomfortable to discuss- for some reason it struck me as being funny and vaguely interesting. We laughed and laughed.
  • Don't Change A Thing- For Me
  • INXS is probably my most long standing favorite band in that I heard them early on and never stopped listening. The preceding song came out in 1982. Gulp- 34 years ago. How did that happen?
  • Time is relentless.
  • As I recall I only saw it rain in Iraq twice. Once was during a mission briefing. There were a few pitter patters of rain on the hood of a HMMWV which caused the patrol leader to stop speaking midsentence and he and everybody else to stop and stare in awe at the rain drops and/or to look up and feel them hit our faces. It was mesmerizing. Another time it poured. It rained so much there was water standing ankle deep- on flat ground. My friend and I got separated from each other on the way back to our tents. We could hear each other calling out but couldn't see each other. My cover (hat) blew off my head and was found by a female Marine Master Sergeant and returned to my unit a week later.
  • Today is 06/02/2016. I leave Saturday morning for New Mexico.
  • Recently I saw a video of a cop shoot somebody. What stuck out to me was I didn't know which was more retarded; the cop holding his gun sideways like he thought he was in a 1990s rap video or the guy he shot being unable to effectively run away because he had to hold his pants up.
  • If given the choice of a Fail or Win video I will choose Win about 93% of the time.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Red Eyes and Tears live in London.

Friday, May 4, 2018

  • It is 05/04/2018 at 0717 and has been pouring rain for hours.
  • A favorite cover  of a favorite  song: Bush Wild Horses.
  • For some reason the Elton John song Bennie and the Jets has been playing in a loop in my brain for the past 72 hours.
  • My friend who had plastic surgery done asked me if I wanted to see the pictures right after she had the surgery. I told her yes but she has changed her mind and won't send them to me as they're so heinous.
  • The food in a pound for pound- dollar for dollar kind of way at R and K Cafe is probably the best I have ever had.
  • Dollar defaulted with a capitol d up there for some reason.
  • Recently a holiday weekend happened to coincide with a vacation which also sadly happened to coincide with me being real sick. I'd actually made some plans but yeah- again since being sick those plans were cancelled and I laid around the house for over a week. When I started feeling better and needed survival supplies I would drop by the local Dollar General. This happened several times during that week. My guess is you could not overstate the effect of what we call the opioid epidemic as essentially everyone there was under the influence. The only guy who looked sober made up for it by having a woman hanging all over him who was so skulled out- she didn't know which end was up.
  • Good night world. I love you in spite of yourself.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Did Denny Crane die? I did not comment very often but I always enjoyed reading his blog and reading his comments here.
  • This weekend is the opening of Scarborough Fair.
  • Recently a hot friendly acquaintance suffered a loss in her life. As she told me about it she started crying so I nearly started crying. As she was leaving I put my arms out to hug her of course- as one does. As she put her arms around me she gave me the two cheek Hollywood kiss. It was weird- I've never experienced that before.
  • Bonus kissing story: an outside contractor where I work and I are pretty good friends. We at least always say we're going to interact out of work and we text often during off duty hours. On the same day I got the Hollywood treatment I saw the contractor lady for the first time in a long time. I happened to be sitting down as she came to hug me to tell me goodbye. She kissed me on top of the head.
  • Pretty good day I guess.
  • Recently I saw a clip from a news show that had a lady talking to some guy who is selling memberships in a survival club. I guess it was like a timeshare for people who want to be ready for a post apocalyptic dystopian world or whatever. He started off by saying that when the breakdown of society comes there will be roving gangs of criminals etc etc. To her credit she nearly busted out laughing.
  • Vintage Grill and Taco Cabana in Weatherford aside from a Dennys in Killeen Texas may be the nastiest restaurants I have ever been in my life.
  • Gag.
  • Tommy Boy reminded me of the late great Harry Nilsson.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday's Missives

My guess is 100% people write Murphy when taking this street name verbally and it is presumed the person saying Morphy has a speech impediment.

  • Zac just called me to let me know that we're under severe thunderstorm warning with large damaging hail.
  • Here it comes. Wow it is black.
  • Recently I saw a police officer involved shooting video. It was interesting because the guy that got shot turned around and started running backwards toward the cop.
  • Cop friends told me years ago that this happens. People find it hard to believe but yeah- I've known about it for years.
  • The idea of making my own knife at least once in my life intrigues me.
  • Our server at Olive Garden last night was not wired to be a server.
  • She was competent but nerve wracking.
  • I have way too many movies that I will never watch again. 
  • Clara Smith It's Tight Like That.

Friday, April 20, 2018

I Knew A Guy Once...

who was born without thumbs