Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • A smokin' hot friendly aquaintance has recently gone from often being tired and slightly withdrawn to being bright and bubbly and acting a little more flirty with me. A day or two ago another friend said to her as I walked into the room, Don't worry. The next time he texts you- we will send him a picture of you and Kevin together and say, Don't worry. I think I will get along fine without you!  Yesterday she received flowers. I can be a little slow on the uptake but suddenly it all became perfectly clear- her husband has jumped the fence.
  • The flowers looked like a funeral arrangement. That numbskull.
  • It was raining this morning.
  • It is a sad day when the American voter has the 2 options he or she has today. Really, that is all I have to say about the subject of Election 2016- Beyond The Octagon!
  • There is a small bag of Everlasting Gobstoppers on my desk. Cool- I have never had those before.
  • Even cooler- there are S'mores and banana split flavored Dum-Dums although my favorite Dum-Dums flavor as of this writing is cotton candy.
  • The only question I asked when I first encountered sweet potato fries and then at some later time was offered sweet potato chips was, What took so long for you to come into my life!?
  • I met another person who was an interpreter for several years with US Army units in Afghanistan. We laughed and told stories like it was old home week.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • In my nursing I have to deal with people's addictions. It is interesting to me the number of people who swear they have not touched their particular product of destruction be it drugs, alcohol or tobacco or whatever in years; yet they keep a sample of whatever to remind them. Patients have even referenced the change in pack appearance as the marketing of their old cigarette or booze brand has evolved. One patient told me he quit crack years ago yet keeps some in his house along with a pipe. His theory is if he had to go out and get it when the urge strikes he knows he would do it yet, if he is ever tempted; that urge is tempered by how easy it would be to destroy himself with one little trip to his garage...
  • I am not sure if that is brilliant or stupid.
  • ZZ TOP, AC/DC and Van Halen: bands that top the list of absolute legends- that just never were all that great.
  • One Of These Days...
  • Yesterday (today is 02/19/2016) in one of our meetings a supervisor who usually has to be heard (as in she almost can't help it) did not say a single word- not a word. I nearly forgot she was there.
  • Mmmmm...
  • Su silencio era ensordecedor.
  • Until very recently I never called my children kids but now I refer to them as that more often than not.
  • A recent WWWIHBST believed whole hearted in equal rights for and empowerment of women until it was time to pay a bill; then suddenly chivalry became the rule of the day. I knew there was an unfairness present but oddly, didn't know the extent until I saw how much extra money I had after we parted ways.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday's Missives

When you buy a bigger bed
  • Toll booth operators where they still have them are almost always friendly in my experience in spite of what stand ups may say and also what I would have guessed.
  • In Bridget Jones Diary Zellwegger's character has a British accent. I had no idea.
  • At work recently (today is 03/16/2016) the subject came up of how some people carry weight better than others - meaning they don't look like they weigh as much as they do and the decision was unanimous that the idea is true. It reminded me of a smokin' hot girlfriend I had who weighed 170-180 pounds. She stood 5 feet 10 inches tall, was athletically built and had large breasts so I suppose most people would have never guessed until told how much she weighed; at least I was floored when I first found out. There was another woman I knew who was 4 feet 9 inches tall and weighed a little more than that girlfriend- so yeah, in spite of being very cute, she was a lil ole roly poly fat chick. I get those situations. What intrigued us though, were the people who were overweight and not real tall nor real short and they just don't look like they weigh as much as they do. My guess is there can be a Shallow Hal effect but also a lot of them have become adept at disguising their weight.
  • Transformers Dark of the Moon is in my opinion very good but I never watched it until last night in spite of owning it for a year or more. I could have sworn I watched part of it previously and didn't like it so I never tried it again until I just needed something to watch before I dozed off.
  •  A co worker this morning was bemoaning getting old as she has started a Crossfit program and, Everything hurts on me. I couldn't hardly get out of bed this morning!
  • She might be 30.
  • A documentary titled Big Rig on Netflix just reminded me of something people today simply couldn't comprehend: kids riding on the shelf old cars had above and to rear of the rear seat. I used to get up there and lie down and read comics until I crashed out. There is no telling how many times I was launched off there when dad would have to tap the brakes a little hard for some reason.
  •  Another crazy flashback: A guy I went to high school with left home and lived with another family who owned a trucking company. Needing an income he started driving a rock truck for them after class and on weekends. What about a CDL you say? What about it? People back then- in those olden times would say- its just a rock truck...

Friday, November 18, 2016

Random Ancestors

William Grover Glass (son of Hiram M Glass and Mary) and Alta Ann Patterson (dau of Howard Morton Patterson and Martha Hogan Davenport Patterson) They married 7 Oct 1923

Thursday, November 17, 2016

chocolate pudding

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • My heating pad is not hot enough. It occurred to me recently (today is 04/17/2016 @0126) I need one one that was the subject of a recall to sleep on- one that I probably should not go to sleep on; you know- one like mom put under me... Wait a sec- why would a mom put a little kid on a heating pad? Onstenisibly it wasn't for a bad back. Was it for chills when I had the flu?
  • It is pouring rain.
  • Some day I am going to hollow a book out to hold a pistol as I have always thought that would be cool.
  • The other day I read about a guy who made a real pistol out of a Nintendo Duck Hunt game controller pistol. Cool. Asenine.
  • If money were no object of course there would be cars but it would be several- not dozens. My weaknesses would still as I have mentioned before be watches but I would probably also add guns to the list.
  • Really- if my budget was unlimited I might break it buying examples of those items.
  • This morning (today is 07/19/2016) I restarted the great war movie Fury.
  • This month has flown by- Tempus fugit.
  • Lay Lady Lay across my big brass bed.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

My War Shovel

I call it War Shovel.

It was actually issued to me in 1993 so it was a baby. I carried it with me until the Army tired of me in 2007 and kicked me to the curb. Ames supplied shovels to Revolutionary War soldiers and by the late 1800s was making 60% of shovels used by the world.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • I like that in my chosen career if I make too big a mistake (or a series of too many small ones) people for whom I am responsible may die. It keeps my ninja skills sharp and gives me focus. I also like that in the present setting I work- it would be fairly hard to kill any body.
  • People I know like for me to hang out with them and their friends because I can be interesting and funny. They hate it though, that sometimes I have to warm to the other people until I sense I know my audience- otherwise I might clam up and be nothing more than a pretty face.
  • Gia Phu on Berry in Funkytown has awesome lemon grass chicken. Also cool- they put a lime slice in your water instead of lemon.
  • Zy Fuh-eew; the closest most non Vietnamese people would come to pronouncing Gia Phu.
  • Recently I almost had to defer a small purchase as all I had in my wallet were 100 dollar bills. A nice problem to have- but one that for long times in my life I could have never guessed I would ever have.
  • The new Tarzan movie looks terrible.
  • This morning (today is 06/23/2016) I awakened my offspring to start our day. I left them and came back- they were still in bed. Ones room looked like homeless squatters thought it would be best to clear the room before they moved in with a hand grenade. One child attempted to walk out without brushing either teeth or hair. They reported they did not have sunscreen for the field trip with day care. (I have already bought 3 bottles this year at 4 dollars a pop and June is not over). When we got to the truck, we found that one of them had left a container of watermelon on the ground yesterday evening after grocery shopping. Eldest kid brought it up into the truck and placed it in her lap. I told her as we drove around to the dumpster- regardless of product it is not a good idea to put it in your lap if it could leak. She held it up and said, Too late. When I stopped at the dumpster to throw my 5 dollars worth of leaky watermelon in the garbage I picked it up off the floor and held it up to her to take and throw out. Predictably, the water then started gushing out onto my carpet, upholstery and somehow my lunch. I hollered at her to get it out of my truck.
  • Things then went downhill from there.
  • It is either going to be the worst day in the history of ever or I got all the bad out of the way.
  • How is your day so far?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • A new suit is on my list. The last time I wore a suit was to my moms funeral. It is dated and would not fit anyway as I have a bit of a root beer belly and some minor love handles to lose.
  • As late as 10 years out of high school my waist size was just nearly the same and in fact- I was still wearing pants I bought in my first of year of college life.
  • Nothing makes me feel more lonely than being a little lonely and having my mom cross my mind. It is like getting hit by a bus- a lonely bus at one in the morning. It has one burned out headlight and as it it glides past there are not even any friendly faces looking out to brighten my mood- only anonymous and vaguely threating silhouettes.
  • It is 0502 on 06/19/2016 and I am already doing laundry to try to beat the heat. It isn't working.
  • Once, when I conferring with one of my ex wives regarding custodial arrangements of children with whom we share parentage I accidentally used 24 hour time; consequently, she has used it ever since in our communiques.
  • Sometimes when I hear about some person being abused  while in police custody I want to scream, Stop. Breaking. The. Law. Jackass!
  • No, I know it isn't always that simple but often- I am very sure it is just that simple.
  • As late as the beginning of the 1900s scoundrel, rascal and pimp were such vile insults the use of them could get you killed and as a matter of fact- the first person William Bonney (AKA Billy The Kid) killed had made the mistake of calling him a pimp.