Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • In my nursing I have to deal with people's addictions. It is interesting to me the number of people who swear they have not touched their particular product of destruction be it drugs, alcohol or tobacco or whatever in years; yet they keep a sample of whatever to remind them. Patients have even referenced the change in pack appearance as the marketing of their old cigarette or booze brand has evolved. One patient told me he quit crack years ago yet keeps some in his house along with a pipe. His theory is if he had to go out and get it when the urge strikes he knows he would do it yet, if he is ever tempted; that urge is tempered by how easy it would be to destroy himself with one little trip to his garage...
  • I am not sure if that is brilliant or stupid.
  • ZZ TOP, AC/DC and Van Halen: bands that top the list of absolute legends- that just never were all that great.
  • One Of These Days...
  • Yesterday (today is 02/19/2016) in one of our meetings a supervisor who usually has to be heard (as in she almost can't help it) did not say a single word- not a word. I nearly forgot she was there.
  • Mmmmm...
  • Su silencio era ensordecedor.
  • Until very recently I never called my children kids but now I refer to them as that more often than not.
  • A recent WWWIHBST believed whole hearted in equal rights for and empowerment of women until it was time to pay a bill; then suddenly chivalry became the rule of the day. I knew there was an unfairness present but oddly, didn't know the extent until I saw how much extra money I had after we parted ways.

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