Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • My heating pad is not hot enough. It occurred to me recently (today is 04/17/2016 @0126) I need one one that was the subject of a recall to sleep on- one that I probably should not go to sleep on; you know- one like mom put under me... Wait a sec- why would a mom put a little kid on a heating pad? Onstenisibly it wasn't for a bad back. Was it for chills when I had the flu?
  • It is pouring rain.
  • Some day I am going to hollow a book out to hold a pistol as I have always thought that would be cool.
  • The other day I read about a guy who made a real pistol out of a Nintendo Duck Hunt game controller pistol. Cool. Asenine.
  • If money were no object of course there would be cars but it would be several- not dozens. My weaknesses would still as I have mentioned before be watches but I would probably also add guns to the list.
  • Really- if my budget was unlimited I might break it buying examples of those items.
  • This morning (today is 07/19/2016) I restarted the great war movie Fury.
  • This month has flown by- Tempus fugit.
  • Lay Lady Lay across my big brass bed.

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