Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • I like that in my chosen career if I make too big a mistake (or a series of too many small ones) people for whom I am responsible may die. It keeps my ninja skills sharp and gives me focus. I also like that in the present setting I work- it would be fairly hard to kill any body.
  • People I know like for me to hang out with them and their friends because I can be interesting and funny. They hate it though, that sometimes I have to warm to the other people until I sense I know my audience- otherwise I might clam up and be nothing more than a pretty face.
  • Gia Phu on Berry in Funkytown has awesome lemon grass chicken. Also cool- they put a lime slice in your water instead of lemon.
  • Zy Fuh-eew; the closest most non Vietnamese people would come to pronouncing Gia Phu.
  • Recently I almost had to defer a small purchase as all I had in my wallet were 100 dollar bills. A nice problem to have- but one that for long times in my life I could have never guessed I would ever have.
  • The new Tarzan movie looks terrible.
  • This morning (today is 06/23/2016) I awakened my offspring to start our day. I left them and came back- they were still in bed. Ones room looked like homeless squatters thought it would be best to clear the room before they moved in with a hand grenade. One child attempted to walk out without brushing either teeth or hair. They reported they did not have sunscreen for the field trip with day care. (I have already bought 3 bottles this year at 4 dollars a pop and June is not over). When we got to the truck, we found that one of them had left a container of watermelon on the ground yesterday evening after grocery shopping. Eldest kid brought it up into the truck and placed it in her lap. I told her as we drove around to the dumpster- regardless of product it is not a good idea to put it in your lap if it could leak. She held it up and said, Too late. When I stopped at the dumpster to throw my 5 dollars worth of leaky watermelon in the garbage I picked it up off the floor and held it up to her to take and throw out. Predictably, the water then started gushing out onto my carpet, upholstery and somehow my lunch. I hollered at her to get it out of my truck.
  • Things then went downhill from there.
  • It is either going to be the worst day in the history of ever or I got all the bad out of the way.
  • How is your day so far?

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