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Trying to beat the storm

Spoiler alert: we did not beat said storm.

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Wednesday's Digressions

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  • Whitecentric radio stations play ads for investment opportunities, foundation repair companies, lake lots and pills to make your weiner either harder or longer.
  • Blackcentric radio stations play ads for payday loan places, payday loan relief places, cel phone plans, personal injury lawyers and night clubs.
  • This past weekend (today is 11/14/2016) the only productive things I did were laundry and clean the kitchen- otherwise I slept and watched Teh Walking Dead.
  • Perfect.
  • The always comes out as teh the first time I type it.
  • Finally I tried Tastykake brand buttered iced cupcakes. Verdict: good to very good.
  • The front desk staff where I work gave me a cookie with a flag made of red, white and blue icing on it for Veteran's Day.
  • Nice.
  • This past weekend I watched Shut In. It was literally terrible. My date took it personally that I recognized it as a terrible movie. 
  • Odd.
  • The theater had the reclining electric seats though- very nice. I wanted to take a nap there.
  • From the Blogfather: "If someone condescendingly says, "We live in a Republic, not a Democracy!" I'm guessing that's about the only thing they know about government." If I disagreed with virtually everything he says- I could not argue that point. He is absolutely correct in that assessment.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • Not unusual: I awoke this morning feeling like a pound and a half of dog mess that had been stuffed into a one pound bag. Kinda different: I have been up for only  17 minutes now and feel like a million dollars.
  • At the old Decatur dump trash was just thrown out on the ground. When there got to be too much- it was set on fire. As a bonus, there were self serve pits dug by backhoe where people could dump dead animals. I had to go check it out every time we went and look at the dead calves and dogs.
  • Bonus information: when people left they often took home more stuff than they dumped. 
    A boy and his dog.
    I sent this to somebody who replied, That made me so happy I cried! Easily impressed I guess.
  • Rock is not dead. Rock being made today is as good any- ever.
  • The last set of tires I bought for my present truck cost 800 dollars. Holy smokes. Tires for the first truck I bought in my married life could be found on sale for 100 buck for a set of 4. I freaked plum out when the second set for the same truck cost me 125 buck.
  • I could have spent less (as in 40% less) on my new tires but I would have had to wait 1-2 days for them to get the cheaper set from another store and then I would have  to come back for the mounting. I did not want to wait- nor did I want to risk driving any distance without a spare.
  • There were long periods in my life when I could not have even dreamed of thinking like that.
  • Update  (07/11/2017) I looked at my receipt. The kid at Discount Tire overcharged me by 100 buck by sticking me with the road hazard thing which, I had specifically declined in my conversation opener about the tires in first place.
  • It is cool this time I guess. I do not tempt fate in situations like this- so will not argue the point.
  • Bonus update: the tires were actually a little over 800 buck. There are plenty of cars in my past that did not cost me 800 buck.
    I inherited a Dinotelevision. It reminded me of a Sanyo? television I had that came out right at the tail end of these boxy behemoths. It must have been high end due to its quality (and as I seem to recall also due to it's specs and retail price).  The picture was fantastic but holy smokes- it was huge! I finally gave it to somebody who didn't really need it- the picture was just so great they couldn't pass it up and it was put it in a den or spare bedroom etc.
  • #covfefe
  • Full length 1949 Batman movie.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Francis Densmore And Blackfoot Chief 1916

phonograph old photos of famous people

Found This Little Guy In The Bottom Of The Demudding Kiddie Pool After We Boiled 60 Pounds Of His Buddies

What would you done? Would have tossed him into the boiling cauldron of death or fed him to the cat? You would?! What kind of monster are you?! I took him to a beaver pond I know where there are few or even no fish to eat him and there is plenty of cover from great blue herons. He will live out the remainder of his days there in quiet retirement.

Excuse Me- Where Is The Button To Activate The Slaughter Rule?

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Quoteable Notable

War isn't about who's right, it's about who's left

Monday's Missives

  • In 1000 years the courthouse in Decatur will absolutely be standing right? Even if Fort Worth Dallas Megaopolis surrounds Decatur and there are skyscrapers downtown they would just build over it and it would at least be a monument/museum slash gallery of some type.
  • I am in a lounge chair by the pool next to the fountain. My legs are warming in the sun and my upper body is in the shade.
  • Nice.
  • The real estate market has blown up like crazy here. Somebody I know went and looked at a house. She was going to make an offer the next day. She called only to learn that earlier in the day somebody offered 5000 over and paid all closing costs.
  • I do not have too many summers left in this world.
  • My guess is it would sad to know the number of people in the US who are functionally illiterate ( although they may be arguably functionally literate). They may read enough to fake it and not get killed by stopping their forward momentum when there is a Danger Do Not Enter sign or take advantage of a sign announcing a sale on Keystone Light but their lives are not significantly and routinely improved by being able to read well.
  • I am so sleepy. The sun, breeze and sound of the fountain are just knocking me out.
  • 111
  • I do not know what the previous post is supposed to mean.
  • What I am listening to- Royal Blood.