Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • In 1000 years the courthouse in Decatur will absolutely be standing right? Even if Fort Worth Dallas Megaopolis surrounds Decatur and there are skyscrapers downtown they would just build over it and it would at least be a monument/museum slash gallery of some type.
  • I am in a lounge chair by the pool next to the fountain. My legs are warming in the sun and my upper body is in the shade.
  • Nice.
  • The real estate market has blown up like crazy here. Somebody I know went and looked at a house. She was going to make an offer the next day. She called only to learn that earlier in the day somebody offered 5000 over and paid all closing costs.
  • I do not have too many summers left in this world.
  • My guess is it would sad to know the number of people in the US who are functionally illiterate ( although they may be arguably functionally literate). They may read enough to fake it and not get killed by stopping their forward momentum when there is a Danger Do Not Enter sign or take advantage of a sign announcing a sale on Keystone Light but their lives are not significantly and routinely improved by being able to read well.
  • I am so sleepy. The sun, breeze and sound of the fountain are just knocking me out.
  • 111
  • I do not know what the previous post is supposed to mean.
  • What I am listening to- Royal Blood.

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