Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday's Missives

Somebody lost a sweet Van's cap.

  • I bumped into a long lost friendly acquaintance recently. She is obviously in a downward spiral (although still pretty hot).
  • She is near the top of the Avoid At All Costs! list.
  • If she were a ship captain and I an Irish peasant- she would have me locked in steerage while she intentionally set fire to the upper decks.
  • What. A. Dumpster. Fire.
    File this under: We don't even want to know...
  • A tune has been bouncing around in my head for days but I have no idea what it is- none. It is just a fleeting moment of a vague song. 
  • It goes away for an hour then plays for three...
  • I kinda like the Gordon Lightfoot song Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
  • If you were fantastically rich would you spring for a time capsule?
  • I would and mine would be awe inspiring.
  • Among other things I would send family history forward along with items to teach future generations what we were like as humans.
  • If possible I would make the openers of  the capsule rich beyond their dreams- but how do you know what will be worth what in say- 200 years?
    I am sure your coworkers thank you for the heads up Paula but how did you know they would find your note in the recycle bin?
  • My heart hurts over 2 rough, recent losses.

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