Monday, May 25, 2015

Except for ending slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, war has never solved anything.

Why I Love Being A Hospice Nurse

Following are real, couldn't make this stuff up if I tried text messages from a friend regarding a case she recently accepted. They are in order from first to most recent.

  • Private home. The house is stinky, nasty and dirty. the property looks like a landfill.

  • Oh crap! The patients daughter is in here!! Casting spells and doing time phenomena on him and she won't quit staring at me!!!

  • She has one boob hanging out of her nasty, torn shirt.

  • Mom told me me she is schitzoprenic or however you spell it. She is scary!

  • She says they claim to be her parents, but they aren't. She scares the s*&^ out of me! I have never seen someone like her!

  • Now she's standing in the corner casting spells on me and her mom has gone to bed.

  • Now she has her hands down her pants!!! I won't be back!

  • There's no air in here and it stinks, it's making me sick.

  • Case manager says Don't worry she has no history of violence.

  • She's left the room and went to bed. It's quieter now.

Ten reason why I love my job! Oh, one more- guess who relieves her?

Update: patient expired before I had the priviledge of caring for him or meeting his zany daughter.