Friday, February 26, 2016

I Am In

the den of iniquity known as Winstar Casino. Don't worry, I won't sully my reputation or soil my purity- I am only here to see Gary Allen.

In the lobby of the hotel I saw a lady who had an old wooden clothes hanger that was stamped Baker Hotel Dallas Texas. We chatted about the Baker in Mineral Wells. Her parents met there. Her mom was a waitress and dad a soldier.

It is a small world.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

A Hey now- for the ladies. Mark Twain in all his topless glory

  • What do you give an elephant that has diarrhea?
  • Plenty of room.
  • I you're ever in Decatur TX or near one of their other locations visit Davids Western Wear owned by a man I'm proud to call an old friend. I hope he's a gazillionare.
  • The watch is among my favorite inventions- I would own a thousand if I could.
  • President Washington's salary was 2% of the US budget in 1789.
  • I'm reading an earth science book or to be more correct- I'm trying I'm really trying but it is hard as on the very first page it throws a beat down on you with how, the native people worshiped Mother Earth as a goddess and blah blah blah... What does she mean by,  "native people" if she is talking about the history of the earth and not a specific continent?
  • The 2012 movie Dredd is good- gory and intense but a really good movie. It has a lot of great special effects and can be found on Netflix. The music also really sets it apart- it is fantastic.
  • Ginger flavor does nothing for me- fresh, canned, natural or artificial although I do like ginger ale.
  • Who is your favorite president?
  • The Works Of Aristotle: what I'm reading.
  • 20 years ago I determined to read War And Peace and have borrowed, bought and checked out multiple copies and made legit efforts to slog through it. It is a whipping I am not man enough to endure.
  • I am going to sell my ILBE backpack and assault pack for cash to roll into other gear. Although not abused they were used very often and not babied though you would never know they had been out of my closet- they're bulletproof.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

She: No thanks, I think I'll stay home. I don't feel well. I am late on my period...

Time stopped while the world itself came rushing up and hit me in the face. I glanced over at the clock which I could hear ticking from 10 feet away; that is until it stopped. I swallowed hard and tried to catch my breath. My arm went numb and it felt like an elephant decided to nap on my chest.  The room started spinning. A cold sweat started running down my back...

Update: Hurray for periods!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday's Missives

Zac's little boy night stand.
  • This morning (today is 01/22/2016) I saw a picture of some American infantrymen apparently in SITME (Somewhere in the Middle East) and noted one of them to be black. It reminded me: unless something has changed it used to be kind of rare to see a black guy in combat arms except for tanks. In my first National Guard unit there were none. In my first regular Army platoon there were two and one of them became an Army boxer and spent zero time in the field. The other became my best friend. In my second regular Army platoon there were also only two. They were named Latimore and Woods. They were characters. They dated a mother and daughter. In my last National Guard platoon there was only one. He became one of my best Army buddies. He was smart, kind and hilarious and incredibly good tactically. I would have gone to war with him any time and anywhere. He was a rock for a lot of us. He is a professor of literature now.
  • I read Boston Legal's blog all the time but oddly, very rarely comment.
  • Watching Harvey this morning I got a joke for the first time in spite of watching it 100 times.  Watch for what Veta does when talking on the phone to the judge and report back to me. It also has a little innuendo running throughout that I had never noticed.
  • Clem Bevan and Jesse White were two of my favorite character actors as a boy.
  • Another one of those people from the wonder years of my youth whom I called aunt is probably getting ready to cash in her chips. Her kidneys are failing and she is refusing dialysis. Her name is Daisy. She has a son named, Daniel Boone _______. He was called Boonie.
  • Some things you can't make up.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Proverbially Speaking

If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday's Missives

A patient who were things different could have been a good friend gave me this when he realised we had similar musical taste. He was failed by family, society, genetics and himself. Such a shame.
  • 3: the number of cups of strong espresso I had this morning (01/21/2016). My jaw aches.
  • I think a couple of my teeth just shattered.
  • The veterinarian of the cat of a friend came to her house yesterday to put it to sleep. I thought that was incredibly decent. There is little danger of me getting a pet any time soon that would require any kind of medical intervention but I asked his name to make sure I had it stowed away in the back of my mind just in case.
    I have no recall of how I ended up with this padlock except a vague recall it randomly ended up in my stuff without me be being the one to actually pilfer it. It was a no-no to have them for personal use and they're terrible locks anyway. Lose the key and need to get into a locker or vehicle? No prob Bob- just whack it with a hammer a time or two and they would fall to pieces.
  • This morning I started the last episode of the first season of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It only lasted for 2 seasons. I don't know if it lost its way or was killed by corporate at Cyberdyne Systems or what but so far it is good.
  • Recently in one order I saw a doctor write for a patient to have a prescription drug that can't work for the condition suffered by the patient and for the patient to take an over the counter product that would act so sub therapeutically for the condition he might was well not do anything at all.
  • Doctors: not as smart as some people think.
    If you ever need a glow in the dark dinosaur or dental floss just check my medicine cabinet.
  • Recently I went into a nursing buddies office to ask a favor. I said, Can ask a favor of you? Without missing a beat she replied, Whats that? Will I marry you? Yes! Absolutely just say when!
  • So funny.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday's Missives

Batman has a bat phone. I have a cat phone- so there.

  • I'm watching Mr. Deeds a movie I hope I remember correctly as being pretty good throughout.
  • Winona Ryder just made what seemed like an apparent inside joke about, Shoes. Maybe she was accused of stealing some shoes or they were somehow otherwise part of some scandal for her that I do not recall.
  • Man, she is pretty and a good actor.
    Odd vandalism.
  • I have never seen a stand up comic live but the form is one of my favorite things to watch on television.
  • The other day I heard a story of a school that wouldn't allow a kid to wear a Fifty Shades Of Grey costume because of the sexual connotations but the same school was cool with a teacher wearing a Dexter costume. They were totally cool with a sadistic serial killer but thinking about the sex freaked them out. 
  • We are our own worst enemies.
    So I am walking along at Big Bend about to fall over from a heat stroke. I stop to hydrate and catch my breath. I look over and see this guy. People pass by going both ways on the trail and don't seem to notice him. Finally to make sure I am not seeing things I point him out to some Korean kids who say, Oh cool! and take selfies with him.
  • The Lenny Bruce I have listened to is all pretty tame by standards of today and politically preachy.
    Eeew. Lifestyles sound like the name of a creepy sex club- owned by a creep named, Mr. THYN. Yes- in all caps.

  • Occasionally there is a freak out and somebody is stoned to death over the supposed destruction of a Quran in Afghanistan- in a country where maybe 25% of the population could have read it in the first place. I have read about 2 cases where the book was recovered and it was not even a Quran.
  • A guy who self identifies as a feminist would never have to worry about being trusted by me.
  • It is hard for me to believe but I heard recently from somebody that their child or nephew etc. (I forget), received a bullwhip as a prize at a carnival not very long ago. That can't be correct- right? Maybe they were in Mexico?!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday's Missives

In November 2015 I provided a financial assist to somebody that I really could not afford. A few days later I got this in the mail. There was no explanation for what I overpaid and none for even when it was. 
  • Recently (today is 01/20/2016) a much younger woman (although not too young) asked me to hang out with her. She isn't too good for me in my opinion. She is cute enough - I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with her but 25-30 years ago were we about the same age she would not have given me the time of day. I just would not have been cool enough for her.
  • Also recently a literally gorgeous friendly acquaintance has indicated she would like to spend time with me by asking me to do something kind of big with her that was on the face of it more than hanging out. She is too young and too good for me.
  • I have no idea what to do with the preceding situations.
  • I will ask though, Where were ya'll when I was 20 years old?
  • Over the weekend I read  read at a book of ee cummings poetry. Thoughts: I get it. Great. People who know me would never believe other than a couple of quotes it took me this long to get around to him. Interesting because he was also an excellent painter. I'll come back to his work.
  • This morning a raccoon ran through the parking lot as I was making my way to the coal mine to start loading my 16 tons. He thought about dropping down into the sewer then decided against it and booked over to the office building across the street and hid in the hedges that abut the building. I would hate to be landscaper who rousts him out of there with a hedge clipper or string trimmer. He was big and perturbed looking
  • String trimmer- most people it seems say that now. In my generation, the brand didn't matter- they were all weed-eaters.
    Okra: it is for sale.
  • The years are flying by.
  • I will be dead before I know it and so will you.
  • You won't remember dying.