Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday's Missives

Batman has a bat phone. I have a cat phone- so there.

  • I'm watching Mr. Deeds a movie I hope I remember correctly as being pretty good throughout.
  • Winona Ryder just made what seemed like an apparent inside joke about, Shoes. Maybe she was accused of stealing some shoes or they were somehow otherwise part of some scandal for her that I do not recall.
  • Man, she is pretty and a good actor.
    Odd vandalism.
  • I have never seen a stand up comic live but the form is one of my favorite things to watch on television.
  • The other day I heard a story of a school that wouldn't allow a kid to wear a Fifty Shades Of Grey costume because of the sexual connotations but the same school was cool with a teacher wearing a Dexter costume. They were totally cool with a sadistic serial killer but thinking about the sex freaked them out. 
  • We are our own worst enemies.
    So I am walking along at Big Bend about to fall over from a heat stroke. I stop to hydrate and catch my breath. I look over and see this guy. People pass by going both ways on the trail and don't seem to notice him. Finally to make sure I am not seeing things I point him out to some Korean kids who say, Oh cool! and take selfies with him.
  • The Lenny Bruce I have listened to is all pretty tame by standards of today and politically preachy.
    Eeew. Lifestyles sound like the name of a creepy sex club- owned by a creep named, Mr. THYN. Yes- in all caps.

  • Occasionally there is a freak out and somebody is stoned to death over the supposed destruction of a Quran in Afghanistan- in a country where maybe 25% of the population could have read it in the first place. I have read about 2 cases where the book was recovered and it was not even a Quran.
  • A guy who self identifies as a feminist would never have to worry about being trusted by me.
  • It is hard for me to believe but I heard recently from somebody that their child or nephew etc. (I forget), received a bullwhip as a prize at a carnival not very long ago. That can't be correct- right? Maybe they were in Mexico?!


Denney Crane said...

As I read between the lines, and former posts, it looks as if your new friendship(s) may include Thyns. Cardio is important!

RPM said...

Apparently some grocery worker hates hanging new tags and stop signs. That's a wide demographic.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Denney Crane Esq.- Ha, yeah- I'm busted but yes, cardio is essential to a long and healthy life...

Hi Mike- Good one- hadn't thought about it that way.

The Donald said...

So long as the Girl Scouts don't start selling Thyn Mints in front of the Albertson's.

That would be creepy.