Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday's Missives

Zac's little boy night stand.
  • This morning (today is 01/22/2016) I saw a picture of some American infantrymen apparently in SITME (Somewhere in the Middle East) and noted one of them to be black. It reminded me: unless something has changed it used to be kind of rare to see a black guy in combat arms except for tanks. In my first National Guard unit there were none. In my first regular Army platoon there were two and one of them became an Army boxer and spent zero time in the field. The other became my best friend. In my second regular Army platoon there were also only two. They were named Latimore and Woods. They were characters. They dated a mother and daughter. In my last National Guard platoon there was only one. He became one of my best Army buddies. He was smart, kind and hilarious and incredibly good tactically. I would have gone to war with him any time and anywhere. He was a rock for a lot of us. He is a professor of literature now.
  • I read Boston Legal's blog all the time but oddly, very rarely comment.
  • Watching Harvey this morning I got a joke for the first time in spite of watching it 100 times.  Watch for what Veta does when talking on the phone to the judge and report back to me. It also has a little innuendo running throughout that I had never noticed.
  • Clem Bevan and Jesse White were two of my favorite character actors as a boy.
  • Another one of those people from the wonder years of my youth whom I called aunt is probably getting ready to cash in her chips. Her kidneys are failing and she is refusing dialysis. Her name is Daisy. She has a son named, Daniel Boone _______. He was called Boonie.
  • Some things you can't make up.

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