Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

  • People often worry about the morals of musicians and actors. Other than actors or musicians whose act is geared toward kids- I can't comprehend that kind of thinking. My main problem I think is- where does it end?
  • Multiple of my favorite singers or members of a favorite band have had multiple marriages and divorces. A dude who did an old favorite song of mine is a convicted child molester. How many have drug or alcohol problems?
  • Does it matter at all? If so why?
  • If Trumps would have done what he said he would and focused on infrastructure he could have been remembered as a good president- in spite of himself.
  • Easily my favorite Six Million Dollar Man episode was the one where he fought a bigfoot.
  • Was the bigfoot in that story actually an alien- or am I making that up?
  • A weird assassination attempt.
  • Ray Mears shows are great.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Overheard as I walked out the door at a Dollar General store

Cuz- that just aint the way it works.

Because, one beer will always turn into 20-that's why.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday's Missives

What vengeance  looks like.

  • It was inevitable that a bump-fire device was going to be used here on a weapon in a massacre.
  • Another inevitablilty- Tannerite will be used in a mass murder event.
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel at my job.
  • I don't even think it's time to crack the joke about, With my top of luck the light will be a freight train headed straight towards me... Honestly, I think that things may be turning around.
  • I've been hanging by thread at my job. I even keep pictures up of my kids to remind me why I do it. Some days I have to close or minimize screens to see their pics and picture them without health insurance or them having a father without insurance and the stability of this OK paying job that has good benefits.
  • A one time patient died while being treated by the clinic where I worked. The last time we spoke (which was a few days before his death) he invited me and my son to come out to his place and go fishing.
  • Those kind of things stick with you.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts

  • As a guy in a female dominated occupation I have to put up with subtle forms of what would be called sexual harassment if I were a female.
  • It might be hard to believe but no lie-I honestly had a long ago female supervisor hint that things could go better for me if I put out to her.
  • So what got this subject started? Where I work a girl and I were occupying the same space between filing cabinets. I was turned away from her when she entered the area. I knew I was the one in the way so with my back still turned to her I sidestepped moving accidentally directly in her way. She reflexively put her hand out to let me know she was there by touching my side. When she did so she touched my little muffin top. I made a joke about it. She said, That's okay- I like a guy with a little curves!
  • It was okay. It was really okay. It was funny and mildly flattering. I laughed. She laughed. People who overheard it laughed. I have to ask though- what if the shoe was on the other foot? There is no chance I would have gotten out of it without an official counseling statement in my file and there's every chance I could have lost my job over it.
    When I was a boy I was fascinated with crushed cars being hauled on a flatbed. I would watch mesmerized and beg my dad to slow down or catch up to them so I could gawk.
  • Since buying my phone I have not touched my relatively expensive snapshot camera, my very expensive SLR camera or my tablet and my expensive, powerful laptop has only been used to watch movies and store pictures.
  • There are few things worse in this world to me than having to stay in a job that I literally hate.
  • Recently someone took note of a self portrait sketch I did of myself that I have on my bulletin board in my office. She asked about it and asked if I had done it myself. I told her that I had and then I asked her if she had a similar  artistic outlet while just knowing that she did. She lied and said that she did not draw, that she didn't have much talent in general and didn't do anything like that etc. Later I found out that she was actually pretty good at drawing- good enough that she would get asked to do things for people- to make sketches for presentations, flyers and invitations and so on.
  • I know that people lie. I know they will lie when the truth would fit better but I simply cannot comprehend the purpose of her lying like that.
    Sweet tea I bought impulsively. It has been way less than 24 hours and I'm about to pour another large glass...
  • The use of someone and somebody in a sentence by me is always and absolutely a shot in the dark (including the above).
  • For that matter- now that I look back at it- I think I got it wrong up there.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A True Murica! Story

Yesterday (today is 10/09/2016) At Zac's baseball game as I was standing behind the bleachers a 7-9 year old girl walked up to the top of the stands. She stopped and with an epic perflewie spit her gum out. It made an amazing arc and landed in the middle of a trash can behind the bleachers. She looked at me weird- like she just got busted by a grown up doing something she should not- instead of her just making just making my day with the coolest thing I had seen in a while. Nice shot! was all I could say. Thanks, I used to play basketball was her reply.

The End

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Overheard at Fort Richardson State Park

Now when I'm saying I ate- I mean I went full on retard and I ATE!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

From Baby Chupas List Of Serious Personal Injuries

He fell out of bed with a pacifier and busted his lip pretty spectacularly.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday's Missives

I have no idea where this picture came from. It was just in my gallery. I know I've never seen it before.

  • Im tempted to say, The South Korean, Japanese,  American and all other non crazy governments need to work together to ensure the next time the North Koreans test a missile over another nations sovereign territory- that missile is shot down. Then once the missile is shot down we don't brag about it- we don't even say a word Best Korea would know what happened. What do we do if we miss? We hint that we shot it down and leave it at that.
  • I know- big problems with that kind of thinking but it feels good to think that way and oddly it even feels right from a military standpoint and sounds correct ( although the intel Best Korea would gather from our inevitable miss of trying to take a missile down might be a bigger deal to them and our other potential enemies).
  • First Payday bar I ate in my life. Verdict: super good. Sweet and salty and chewy and crunchy- what's not to like?
  • That is one lame contest.
  • I have about 4 days worth of beard now, have not been sleeping well and I am incredibly stressed out- consequently I look easily 10 years older than my biological age.
    Not a terrible product but some of them always have a slightly stale edge to them. An old friends family used to make fried pork skins  themselves. They were legendary and supposedly delicious but I always missed having any.
  • Today two of my patients burst into tears as soon as they entered my office.
  • Well, to be completely truthful- one of them was already crying when she walked in.
  • Holy smokes, I just finished the voice to text bullet point before last by saying, over!
  • The bacon on my loaded baked potato from Flames Seafood this evening was great. Easily some of the best I've ever had in my life. Not top five but definitely top 10.
  • One of those stories that are somebody else's but it is just so cool- it makes you wish it were your own: a friend saw Willie Dixon at a blues festival in California. He took his program up to Willie and ask him to sign it. Somebody in the line hollered out, Make it out to Rocco! So Willie wrote something like, "To Rocco- Best Wishes!" or whatever. My friend's name is not Rocco and as a bonus-he had no idea who the guy was in the crowd that hollered that out. It was just some random guy. Willie died just a few years later.
  • Never forget the great gasoline crisis of 2017. I had to buy premium at slightly elevated prices. The horror. The horror. #covfefe

Friday, September 15, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday's Missives

V8 juice another one of those products that I see it in the store and I just say, Man, that sounds sooooooo good right now. I buy a six-pack or 8 pack or however they come, then I'll drink those like they are about to be banned. Then a year or two later the process repeats. Interestingly enough- I've never drunk a Bloody Mary in my entire life.

  • So I bump into this kid who is the son of an old long ago long deceased friend. Later I saw him again and he mentions that his mom had asked about me which made me look her up online- as we all are wont to do. No, here is actually where it gets weird. I put her name in with my friends last name-even though they were never- as far as I know actually married. I do know she carried his name. None of the results that I found matched her. The weird thing is though, when I tapped image search all of the people pictured bore at least a passing and in one or two cases- a striking resemblance to her.
  • The internets is the devil.
    The weirdest/grossest thing is that the No Personal Food sign in big block letters is absolutely necessary. Gag.
  • Baker's ribs is off probation. I've been back two or three times now and it's back to being pretty good.
  • Weird thing about that place though- they give you barbecue sauce with your baked potato.
  • Recently somebody I know counseled me to try pot for my chronic pain issues. My mind was actually blown when I found out that they themselves partake.
  • I stay in enough trouble on my own without any help from you. Thank you very much.
  • There is no way that mosquitoes will not be an absolute plague in Houston in the spring of 2018.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I'm lying in bed drinking black coffee listening to Squeeze perform Black Coffee in Bed
The moon is so bright- it is keeping me awake.
# can you die from lack of sleep?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

From The Detritus Of My Youth

Another favorite comic.

Thursday's Thoughts

  • So it is over with FG. She has already moved- I have no idea where she even lives.
  • Dang, that was a good one.
  • I have memories that will last me a lifetime.
  • It has been months since I've been camping. When the crowds were reasonable it was too unbelievably hot . When the temperature was nice- everything was too crowded.
  • Getting in the habit of going to bed nearly as soon as I get home. I'll never go straight to sleep though- I'll read for hours
  • I am reading a fantastic book titled 1491.
  • Super duper cute neighbor left her boyfriend recently. I doubt he saw it coming. I could literally see it coming from a mile away. 
  • No woman ever spent a minute in a tanning bed or a hour in the gym and/or drops 20 pounds for her present boyfriend.
  • Arthritis is beginning to affect the first knuckle of my thumb and the first knuckle of my index finger of my right hand. It has been in the first knuckle of my pinky finger on the same hand for a while but the other two knuckles are also starting to stay sore all the time now.
  • Did I know but somehow forget that the writer of one of my favorite songs, Come Monday is Jimmy Buffett?!
  • I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that he wrote that song earlier this evening.
  • Today is August 1st 2017.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

Somebody asked about the airplane above a restaurant from back in the day. This may be a re-post but here is one of a few old ones I know of. It is on Montgomery in Fort Worth.

  • Something I had never considered until recently when prompted by something I read and could not tell you exactly why it is true but I know it is- if you want to understand the term," production values" watch Desparado and then El Mariachi (or vice versa I suppose)
  • The Barbecue and music at Hard Eight BBQ were great last night (10/25/2014). The calendar had Terri Bruce as the artist- I cannot confirm or deny. If it is her I'll watch for her.
  • As long as it is fresh I always like the last of an urn of tea rather than the top part.
    Primitive savages. One thing that always stands out when I see terrible people doing terrible things like this- how do enough people not think this could be me to make things like this not happen?  Let he who is without sin, be the first to pick up a piece of cable to whip another human being with I always say. Anyway, homes- you're next, bet on it friend.
  • I cannot state why but I have been won over by Lana Del Ray. Honestly- I don't know why, I just love her music and think it subtly great.
  • Motley Crue for back in the day must have been very well produced and engineered. Their music still sounds really clean.
  • Oddly, I have never been to the Abilene TX Zoo in spite of the fact of living so close for a year I did most of my shopping there and having family in the area all my life.

  • Some of the Zoo York graphic tees are really cool and like a lot of big name stuff are very well made but man, they could leave off the dumb Zoo York name.
  • An old friend had a dog named Wolfie whom the legend told was found by deer hunters as a wolf pup with others in a den near Sonora with it's dead mother nearby. The hunters split them up and took them home to raise. By the time I saw him he was old and moth eaten. He would lie by the fire and sleep for hours and be stiff when he awoke. He would hobble over to you for a back rub and ear scratch. When you finished he would lick your hand once and stagger away. I never believed he was a wolf until years later I saw a pic of a red wolf and read about their historic range. The picture I saw looked exactly like Wolfie- not a fair representation of the species. I am sorry I doubted you Wolf  (pronounced Woof in the vernacular of my white trash Texas species) and I still miss you.
  • Tuesday, September 5, 2017

    Good Grief

    what do the toads around here eat? Is there a power plant nearby I don't know about?

    Bands I Have Seen

    Bush has long been a favorite band. Hard in places and soft in others- just a really good rock band. I used hear them often on 94.5 The EDGE.

     Fun fact about me: I've actually touched Gavin Rossdale's nipple.

     He was running down the alleyway that's in front of the stage where the cables go and technicians can access the sound booth and the stage. He was high-fiving everybody and as he went by I reached out to high-five him. After initially going for my hand he stepped in closer and dropped his hand down to high-five my girlfriend. My hand was left out and it rubbed across his chest- touching his sweaty, erect nipple.

    Best Of Craigslist

    best of craigslist > san diego > SPICY BUFFLO WINGS Originally Posted: Fri, 27 Feb 17:41 PST
    Date: 2009-02-27, 5:41PM PST
    Location: EL CAJON
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 1053620172

    Monday, September 4, 2017

    Monday's Missives

    My pharmacy has been in business for over 100 years. A couple of the pharmacists have been there for thirty or forty years each.

    • At Olive Garden it took over 10 minutes for us to get a drink ordered this evening 08/05/2017. We were actually just about ready to give up and walk out. I had already given Zac the option of picking another place.
    • I've long known about a server there that would always stink. He smelled absolutely foul. His was a stench that just followed him around.
    • Tonight I didn't see Mr. Stinky but I smelled him. Every once in a while out of the corner of my eye I might see a server pass by but I wouldn't think anything about it until I caught a whiff of that smell.
    • Dang dude. I mean-dang.
      I suppose it was inevitable but when I was a young man and I lived for bird hunting you would have been hard-pressed to convince me that there would ever been a time it could cost fifty bucks a day to shoot doves. I have shot tons of those things and never paid a nickel to do it.
    • I l9ve the band Clutch.
    • What is up with spellcheck when it offers no alternative to l9ve?
    • I meant to say love...
    • Back to the Olive Garden subject: due to the fact I never full on saw that dude tonight I initially thought it might be me being stanky and caught myself sniffing my armpits like a psychopath.
    • The portobello mushroom ravioli was pretty good though.
    • I got home from work in record time tonight- 30 minutes. 
    • I've never done heroin but the feeling I get when I am able to beat a massive traffic jam by getting off on an exit ramp just in time is what I imagine it to feel like.
      I've made some half-hearted efforts to see Donny Edwards but his shows always sell out real quick.

    Thursday, August 31, 2017

    Couldn't get a better pic due to traffic but there are 2 people passed out in this car. My first thoughts? Man, that was either the best night ever or the worst life. Regardless, passed out in a car at 7:15 in the morning on a city street behind a gas station is no way to go through life son.

    Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    Wednesday's Digressions

    Garter snake in Clark gardens

    • President Trumps went down a few notches in my book when I found out he puts ketchup on his steak. You cannot trust anybody over age 9 that does that.
    • Bonus: when you consider the quality of steaks he has access to- it is horrifying.
      Emptied 8/01/2017. I absolutely could have drunk it.  It looked fine and wasn't funky at all. There was no way I was going to trust it though.
    • An article I just read referred to an 18 year old female who allegedly killed her newborn as an," 18 year old woman...". 108.3% chance if she  was killed by a cop she would have been referred to as a teenager?!

      The single swat multiple mosquito kill is a great thing.
    • A crazy hot recently divorced friendly acquaintance  has been contacting me recently. My true friends say, Kevin, she is crazy. Stay away from her, if not for you- for us. Stay away from her. I don't tell you what to do but I'm asking; please stay away from her. She is bad news.
    • Weird thing is her young son and mine have the same distinct nick name which is only used by a few people in the world ( as in each of their immediate families- only).
    • Anyway, I would not touch that chick with a ten foot pole.
    • Is she actually crazy? Of course she is crazy- she is as crazy as an outhouse rat!
    • Some people think the hotter the woman is the crazier she is. 
    • Could not get my get more good old fashioned sexist than that can you?
    • The implications to the above truism about hotness/craziness are turrible.
    • The hottest chicks I've been around were on balance- not the greatest relationships. The women in the greatest relationships never went above a good, solid pretty to super pretty in appearance.
    • The best were kind, funny and smart. 
    • You could add easy to get along with to the list for the best of the best I suppose.
    • Also, they were all adventurous in their own ways.
    • This post took a weird turn.
    • Come Monday it'll be alright.

    Monday, August 28, 2017

    What's in your junk drawer?

    • A friendly acquaintance+ who is in one of those hollow shells of a marriage gets jealous when she finds I have been interacting with a new woman.
    • That is weird, oddly sort of reassuring and more than slightly terrifying.
    • I got another nudie pic from the 60 year old lady.
    • I won't send out nudie pics of myself though.
    • Interestingly, to never do that is one of the few things my childrens flesh mother has asked of me and I consider it wise counsel.
    • It has been ages since I went fishing.
      Odd, ugly, dangerous and foolish.
    • Recently, I sort of lied to a mutual aquaintence about a souvenir given to me by our friend who had returned from a trip Costa Rica. The one given to me was kind of awesome and expensive. The one given to our mutual acquaintance was kind of lame and cheap. I did not want her feelings hurt so I lied and said mine was the same.
      Looks like the setting to a sad senseless murder.
    • You will not regret starting and ending every day with a large glass of ice water.
      Guess where and you might win a million dollars.
    • An old family friend was circumcised late (28 years old comes to mind) in life. I was a little kid but still remember him walking around bow legged, wearing overalls and reportedly no underwear. I wonder- what possessed people to make a maybe 10 year old kid privy to that kind of information?
    • He drowned in a pool in Nashville years later.

    Saturday, August 26, 2017

    I don't know which I would rather see- McGregor coming out swinging like a maniac- just a flurry of fists and knocking Mayweather out  cold in 15 seconds flat or it goes 9 or 10 rounds.
    In the second scenario, McGregor does well but Mayweather would have won by decision all the way through but then... he just knocks McGregor out- literally knocks his lights smooth out by clocking him with a right hook.
    Either outcome would make me ecstatic.

    Friday, August 25, 2017

    Friday's Dispatch

    Weird to see: my youngest offsprings flesh-mothers  handwriting in a notebook he brought over one weekend.

    • The eclipse today 08/21/2017 was great and has me planning to be positioned along the totality line (whatever that is called) when the next one comes along. 
    • Strange fact about me: I have driven multiple convertibles ( 66? Chevy Impala, a 89 GT Mustang, a 90s something Dodge and a Cobra SVT  Mustang come to mind- although I think I am missing one) but I have never ridden in one as a passenger.
    • The Chevrolet Impala still makes me kinda sick... The kid selling it and I had already come to a tentative deal to only come back to his house to find out a coworker of his dad had already paid for the car earlier in the day and the car no longer belonged to either one of us.
    • Not only would it have been a great one to have; it would have been literally amazing- to still have it.
      Centipede Zac rescued from Travertine Creek.
    • My legs, back and booty look like hamburger from mosquitoes biting me over the weekend. I count 19 distinct bites- a low figure I am sure.
    • Obviously an outdoors person like me would be bitten thousands of times in a lifetime- would it be tens of thousands though?
      I have never eaten there but have seen the signs for years.

    Monday, August 21, 2017

    Total Eclipse of The Lunch Hour

    Pinhole camera effect through leaves.

    Coworkers son took this in Dallas.

    Lame pic but I took this at peak for us in Funky Town.