Friday, January 31, 2014

Death and Dying- Life, I Suppose

I mentioned an old acquaintance who died recently and bemoaned the fact I didn't get in touch with him when he crossed my mind and I had guessed he was probably sick and in bad shape by then and could use a friend.

It gets worse.

Pretty much everyone else who knew him had lost touch as well. Someone drove by the house which was his home of record. It looked like an abandoned dump with boarded and broken windows trash in the yard, overgrown etc. and this was 2 days after his death.

A handful of people came to his funeral.

The place where he worked had a very good retirement plan. I thought his retirement pay, even with the hit for starting early would still be very adequate. I would have guessed he'd be OK.

He was far from it. He had been there a little less longer than I thought and not long enough for the plan to pay out well.

I am sorry. I am so sorry. We crossed paths for a purpose and I blew it.

Friday's Dispatch

  • A trailer for every Acadamy Award winning movie- ever.
  • There is a restaurant building on the interstate that has long history of failure and comeback as something else. I am not sure when people will learn it is the location but it makes me sad every time I see it open under a new name. You really can't see it at all going one way and you inevitably see it too late going the other and it is a loooong way to turn back to it and it is hard to tell if the exit that does take you back actually will. I never, ever hear about it reopening until I happen to glance over and see a different name on the sign. I have never met anyone who has eaten there under any of it's iterations although, I vaguely recall somebody telling me they heard it was good as someone they went to church with had eaten there but I totally might be making that up.
  • Earlier I saw an article about a guy who left a baby in a car while he went into a strip club. You could have picked him out as somebody who would both go to a strip club and leave a baby in a parked car by looking at his mug shot. He looked like a douche nozzle. 
  • If I was a young person looking for a trade I would go to auto body mechanic school. There will always be cars, trains, trucks and buses and they will always wreck and/or need painting. The smart person would follow the industry and jump on any kind of computerized training they can get as tech changes. The trade would lend itself well to moving up and/or having your own business and there would always be side work for Xmas money.
  • It was while taking a picture of FG that I realized she loves me. If forced to guess I suppose I would have guessed she did at that time but only would gave have given it a 51 to 60% chance of being correct. You don't even know if a person actually loves you the first time they say it- maybe they're lying or mistaken.
  • I still like the show Dinosaurs but there was more language than I remember and there were 4 seasons which surprises me- I would have guessed 2 max. We're watching it now (12/09/2013) while we try to survive Iceageddon 2013

Thursday, January 30, 2014

  • We just got in from viewing Lone Survivor. Verdict: one of the best war movies ever made. There was a little back story to humanize the guys but really- it went right for the throat with a quickness.
  • I read the book but it had just come out and I was doing night shift so it was hit and miss and I was always tired so I don't recall much- I want to read it again.
  • When you see it- stay for the epilogue.
  • On the way out some goob shouted, Oorah!  it may have been the single most imbecilic thing I've ever heard in my life.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Zombierific Missives Raaaaaar!

  • How zombies work.

  • Mathematical modelling of an outbreak of zombie infection. Yes- a real scientific paper on the subject.

  • Pretty much going to be all zombies here on this post.

  • "They have attacked Roman armies. The French Foreign Legion. Even prehistoric man. The undead have been a threat to humankind for millennia, and the living must always fight to survive. They're coming. And they're hungry. " More here- specifically related to Max Brooks (Mel's son) books.

  • 28 Days Later- arguably the best modern zombie movie.

  • Shaun Of The Dead- easily the best horror comedy movie ever.

  • Zombie by The Cranberries very good song with a pretty cool video.

  • Dedicated to making "dead things deader."

  • What To Do In Case Of Zombie Attack a 13 min. long youtube movie shot like a an old 50s newsreel.

  • I can tell I'm winning you over. Here is a quiz to determine how prepared you are for the zombie invasion.

  • See you in the apocalypse.

Video Extra Vaganza

Sex Pistols live at The Longhorn Ballroom 1978 performing Anarchy In The USA . Sid gets smashed in the face with a beer bottle- the blood and music flows. If I had a million bucks well, I wouldn't trade it to have been there but, the figure would certainly be in the tens of thousands.

Wednesday's Digressions

  • A long favorite song of mine that if the video is any indication what it really means blows me away and I simply had no idea: Puddle Of Mudd- Blurry.

  • That was a windy intro.

  • Lincoln by David Herbert Donald- what I'm reading.

  • Leon Spinks worked the last I knew in a YMCA, not a director or spokesperson- as a janitor.

  • Need to renew my Texas State Parks Pass: the best 65 dollars (or whatever it is this year) you can spend.

  • Zachary and I watched a documentary on the Hong Son Doong cave in Vietnam this morning.

  • Yep, you can guess where he wants to go next.

  • I have been in every commercially operated cave and cavern in Texas.

  • The coffee cup I'm drinking from has not been washed in years. I half heartedly rinse it occasionally if it seems too grody.

  • The coach of the opposing team during Zac's last soccer game had a Nike Swoosh tattoo on his outer calf.

  • That's all I'm going to say.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Wouldn't Say All The Time But...

My last phone conversation:
Me: Hey, what are you doin'?
She: I was sleeping- I'm glad you called. I'm surprised actually.
Me Oh yeah- why?
She Well, I don't know
Me Oh OK
She Hey, I've got to say the other day was pretty amazing.
Me That's cool
She Yeah, I bet you hear this ALL the time, but I've never experienced anything like that in my life!
Me Cool
She I mean you didn't even really... I mean you just and I... well I don't know what to say. I've just never experienced anything like that in my life. You're amazing.
Me Thanks
She When can I see you again?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mondays Missives

Another treasure from Wise County Museum in Dectaur Texas

  • The Queen reminded me of the Nixon's- here is one of their best recorded live and standing as testament to the natural fact the 90s were the apex of mans musical endeavors.
  • A cleaner sound quality studio version if that's more your style.
  • The 70s had her moments as well- Manfred Mann is Blinded By The Light from a performance on Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special.
  • Dollar General carries a line of lemonades that are really tasty- peach and other flavors, the brand is Southern something, somethin'- I don't recall.
  • Zac just came up gave me a hug and said, You're such a good boy, thank you for being so good!
  • I planted my pear trees as 4-6 ft. whips. They're now 8-10 feet tall and I can't touch my thumbs and middle fingers together around them. A mockingbird was sitting in one of them the other day singing away.
  • Nothing like that feeling- for me.
  • From a 2010 draft...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nocturnal Notations

  • A few times a year I have a nightmare in which the central unit kicks on causing  a door to slam. It always coincides with the real unit coming on and startles me awake. I get up and all the doors are still open. I've been up for 13 minutes ( 01/26/2014 @0157 ) and my heart is still pounding.
  • It is a boon to FG's dumb cat though- I'm always in an obliging mood and pet him and scratch under his chin.
  • An earlier headline: " Are West Coasts Waters Tainted With Radiation? " My answer without reading is NO but most schmucks would be, OMIGOD, the water is radiated we're gonna die! or at the very least they will have a persistent doubt about it.
  • Another headline related a teacher bringing pot brownies to her school and the ensuing "illnesses" that caused multiple teachers and a family member to seek treatment at a hospital. She looked crazy true enough but what was she thinking?
  • I probably read and heard as much as anybody about the brain dead Texas mom who was pregnant with an unviable baby and the family wanting her off life support. Why did it take until the judge ordered her off the support for me to hear the radio news mention both the decedent and her husband were paramedics?
  • They need to redefine in an easily digestible way, life support. The person is not alive and the equipment used to support function is not keeping them alive in any sense.
  • Organ function support?
  • My ears are ringing.
  • I have an friend on my mind like crazy. Maybe I should buy a motorcycle and go see him and tour the country together or something. He rides a Harley so we would be splitting our time between being broke down on the side of the road and the waiting room of shops so we would at least be able to catch up I suppose.
    I like this pic from MWSP. I can hear the boats clanking together when I see it

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

At my children's grandparents place. While remodelling their house I bathed in that trough many times. Yes, prompting the cows to say to each other,"Does this water taste funny to you?"

Ha, beat you to it.

  • A friend told me a while back,"I wish you were a little younger- I'd let you marry my daughter." I inquired further and after seeing a picture of her indicated I'd take her anyway- who cares if she's 15 years younger than me! I mean really, I'm not too proud to let a little difference like that get in the way of true love.
  • Had to bug bomb the house this morning for fleas from the children's dumb dog.
  • I'm dizzy.
  • Tried to put Faron Youngs Four O'clock In The Morning up this morning when I was playing around on the computer, but kept getting 502 Server Error messages.
  • So here it is.
  • Unbelievable- it's doin it again.
  • Never mind- I'll just sing it for you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Some of my downrange buddies and I were supposed to go do some crazy stuff when we came home to celebrate making it back alive each event sponsored/hosted by one of us. We were supposed to go among other things: bull riding, scuba diving and sky diving. I could barely walk when we got back. Several of us kept in contact by phone and getting together for lunch etc. here and there, then- nothing.
  • When I was a kid one of the big things in nutrition education was it is cheaper to eat healthy. It doesn't seem like that would be true these days.
  • One of the budget cuts was 500 million to WIC. Every dollar spent on that program saved multiple other dollars in healthcare and developmental issues.
  • I think there's things we should just do- because it is the right thing to do.
  • Toyota Tundras are ugly from the rear.
  • I was able to discern 2 of the things I was getting for Christmas based on pop ups that assailed me when I used the computer after FG. I needed the gloves and really like the lantern.
  • None of Jeff Corwin's shows have ever disappointed me.
  • Ha, I just heard somebody in the parking lot randomly doing the Old Spice commercial whistle.
  • If you're a little hard to figure out ( without being creepy ) but generally a nice person people will believe what they want about you- and it will be mostly good.
  • Earlier I saw a headline, " Judge Rules NSA Spying Legal ". Wheew- that is a relief- I am glad that is settled.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Death And Dying

At the start of a new year we often think of the people we lost in the in the last and then other years past who've made an impact on our being. Some of my families losses

Pop 83 My childrens great grand father, gone 1 year.

Judy 34 My childrens aunt, gone 15 months.

Pat 48 My old friend, gone less than a year.

Mom 81 Childrens grandmother gone 3 years.

Betty 80 Childrens great granmother, gone 7 months.

C. 6 Months old My nephew, gone

James 52 gone less than a year.


From 2009 draft clean-up. It makes the time that has passed even harder to believe.

Political Rant

The pics here are from a random search for, political picture and it doesn't get much more random than this I suppose.

  • There's something wrong with a system that allows a national political leader who is arguably the most powerful person in America to have so much control over little ole me's life here in Parker County Texas when she would get booed out of every imaginable venue, but her own cuckoo district in her own cuckoo state.
  • We would probably be better off if a law degree were required to be a Senator or Congressman and a Bachelors of some type should be an absolute requirement.
  • Without any venom dripping from my fangs I cannot think of a single thing that President Obama has done to ease the pain of our Great Recession.
  • A simple one that I promise you has made the problem worse and more drawn out? Health care reform. Business owners are skittish they're going to get gutted by some crazy scheme and are afraid to expand- I would be. It would be less of an issue if it weren't for the recession.
  • When the Clinton administrations tax hike came into effect it put me working 8 hours of supposed overtime on Saturday for, Oh my God I'm going to vomit thinking about it- 12 dollars a day.
  • I'm pretty sure Jesse Jackson is mentally ill.
  • Bill Clinton didn't have anything to do with the healthy economy during his administration. It was partly  a novelty economy based on I.T. and Internet commerce and he benefited from the so called peace dividend.

  • Although yes, I will give him his due- confidence was high when he was around- we kinda knew we'd be OK with him and I liked and still admire that in him.
  • No, he was no Ronald Reagan...


From real old draft clean up day

Wednesday's Digressions

For Lost fans. For the life of me I could not understand that show.

  • A demented post stroke patient through my entire first shift would alternate between physically striking me to wanting to hug me, from telling me she was was sorry to telling me she hated me, from crying when I left the room just to get a drink to demanding as much as she could with a paralysed tongue, I leave the facility entirely. With all that- the diagnosis was easy to confirm.
  • She was a woman.
  • Acieago cheese: not as strong as blue cheese- just nice and I only discovered it yesterday at Chads Burgers in Weatherford.
  • Delicious. Tell 'em I sent ya.
  • If you want them to look at you like your some kind of weirdo.
  • I knew someone who got their head hacked off in Iraq.
  • Bleah, kinda blurted that one out there didn't I? Sorry, but it's true and something just reminded me of it out of the blue.
  • Alright, on a cheerier note: something I like that I can assure you, you won't- Portishead Machinegun Live in Berlin.
  • Zac just walked in and said, I drinka my shocalate milk all gone!  Ah, you're such a good boy, you know that? Yes I love you. I wuv yew! You're daddy's boy, aren't you?  Yes!
  • I simply doesn't get any better than that.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It Is Just Another Tuesday


What an tangerine your kids drops between the seats looks like after a couple of weeks

Campers breakfast of champions
Mr Deadhead says, Hey man- whats up? Who me? Oh, I'm just laying around being dead...


  • Essentially everything you think you know about illegal drugs and the war on same- is wrong.
  • Things people don't think to teach their children that could make their lives so much easier and in fact mean the difference between success and failure: guard your credit rating like your life depends on it and do the same with driving and criminal record. Also, always and I mean always have a backup plan- regardless of the endeavor.
  • Mood: philosophical and slightly antagonistic I guess.
  • I think that is the first time I've used "antagonistic" in a sentence.
  • The show Lie To Me is pretty OK however, the episode titled Beat The Devil is great- and could have easily been developed into a full length movie.
  • Michael Jacksons death is so very sad. The drug he was killed with does not provide a restful sleep when the person is under- the doctor simply had to know that. It also requires special training and equipment to revive and sustain the patient if things start going wrong. This is so true that in the past it was for in hospital use only- and wasn't for use even in outpatient settings where similar drugs were used for what is commonly called day surgeries.
  • Coffee ice cream and peanut butter cookies- it's what's for breakfast.
  • Ow, why is my pancreas hurting?
  • One of my friends was a helicopter pilot in the South Vietnamese Air Force. I keep having a dream where the main plot is he ran a zoo in Saigon after the fall and he is trying to keep the animals alive in spite of shortages while simultaneously keeping the North Vietnamese from finding out he was an officer in the SVN Air Force.
  • If the Aaron Hernandez case drags on any longer the state won't have to concern itself with getting a verdict to kill him with- he will be long gone dead of old age.

I Get An Idea. I Write. You Read.

Although it is a trash magnet, with a bit of imagination this site could be an interesting feature for our city's landscape.

Runoff plunge basin near Khols. What I would do if I were King: Plant water loving plants around the pond after enlarging it.
Ensure the plants are optimized  for erosion control, pollution mitigation and food and shelter for birds. As soon as a rarity among birds is spotted, get pictures, play that up and sit back and wait for people to flock to the area to bird watch and spend money.

Very ably done stonework surrounds the site.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • Is it a judgement or an observation to look at someone and think, They are or were a former meth addict?
  • Saw a girl this morning who would have been an absolute knockout if it weren't for her history with the drug.
    A marshmallow manufactured specifically for s'mores.

    . There are two types of fungus and a mold growing on these logs- not kidding.

    Motto from my children's school. I'm not sure it makes sense. Shouldn't it be Respect Through Power or Respect My Power ?
  • JTs Fire And Rain is on my mind.
  • Yesterday morning when it was time to wake up I was dreaming about helping Bing Crosby do a film about his life story. We played golf. He took me to a Hollywood set and reenacted his routine from Singin' In The Rain. It was very vivid and real feeling. It seemed so real in fact his breath smelled of coffee, cigarettes and mints. I had to pee in the dream and real life but didn't want to wake up or be excused by him or interrupt and be rude.
  • Yes, I know Gene Kelly did Singin' In The Rain and I knew it in the dream but again, I didn't want to be rude.

  • It is mind blowing the numbers of old movie and television stars who died of lung, pancreatic or esophageal cancer.
  • Recently I bought 35 pounds of comic books. Night before last I put down Cervantes and picked up G.I. Joe without missing a beat.
    Buzzards going to roost at Mineral Wells SP

  • Recently among other misleading factoids an article I read recently used TREK bikes as an example of how strong the US manufacturing sector actually is. Uh, OK but I hate to tell you dude- the majority of TREK bikes are built in China and Taiwan. Just because gazillionares are making gazillions of dollars overseas selling US made civil and military jets, cars, electronics and even high end carbon fiber bicycles (yes- made in the US by TREK) doesn't say all that much about the strength of our manufacturing sector. How much competition would there be for those jobs? Could you or I just walk up and get one of those magical jobs?

Thank You For Saving Us From Ourselves Sir My President- Ronald Reagan

  • You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.
  • The last two lines from Ronald Reagans 1964 Speech A Time For Choosing.
  • If you can read that and not be thoughtful- if not fearful for our future, a little misty eyed while your chest simultaneously swells with pride I don't know what to think about you.
  • Just those last two lines ought to grab you by the throat.
  • He is one of the few historic figures I would have have liked to have met and he is near the top of the list.
  • He was the first president I voted for and interestingly for whatever I may have accomplished in my life that is one of my proudest moments.
  • Such a simple thing, but I am proud of that.
  • If people did not improve their standard of living during his presidency- they weren't trying. From the military, to the sciences, to the building trades- there was something for everybody. I can say I personally knew many people who made fortunes back then who would be lucky just to get by today.
  • I had dinner once with an assistant to one of his Deputy Secretaries Of Defense. We had lobster and steak.
  • I knew he had a degree in economics, but only recently learned he also had a BA in sociology.
  • Most people who know anything about him know he was first a Democrat, but it is often forgotten he was a liberal Democrat who admired FDR.
  • My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.
  • Isn't that the best?
  • He initiated a massive arms race that eventually broke the Soviets, but also worked directly with Secretary Gorbachev to decrease the number of nuclear warheads in our stockpiles. This isn't contradictory- it's the way things were. Another president may have had the guts to shovel more money into the defense spending fire to try and break another country. Another president may have tried to negotiate arms control to decrease the number of nukes. Who could have sensed you had to do both?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

    One problem with Ninja like reflexes: when you swat a fly out of the air with your hand- it may land in your delicious cup of tea.

  • Some of the best scenes from one of my favorite movies.- Hero. I don't expect you to watch the whole clip- a few minutes to get the feel for the only Kung Fu movie you'll love - if you think you don't like them. You'll watch the entire movie later if you can't quit the clip. Great music, interesting use of colors and a love story, what more could you want?
  • Recently, spent four night shifts with a patient whose family was really good about spending time with her but oddly, I didn't meet any of them. Probably the bad weather and  the fact her children themselves are fairly elderly accounted for the seeming absence- just a little unusual to not catch family once in that amount of time and meet at least one member. They always left before I arrived or got there right after I left.
  • At Christmas someone left several bags of something called M&Ms Strawberried Peanut Butter at the house.
  • Nauseating.
  • Nothing like my idea of a chocolate candy with peanut butter in the center- I'll make millions!
  • Anyway, any idea what a berried crustacean is?
  • Puppies paw pads are soft.
  • I cannot wait to visit Falkirk and see the Kelpies sculptures.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yeah, I'm Kinda Awesome That Way

Occasionally I'll have a patients family members name and number on my phone- to notify them in case of the death or to update them etc. One day while clearing contacts from my phone I saw a patients daughter's number and decided to check on her- here's her reply:

"Hey Kevin, yes I'm OK. Kevin, thank you for asking and thank you for the great care you gave mom. We could not have asked for anyone better. You made everything so much easier for all of us. You're so patient and prepared us for things before we even knew the right questions to ask. You are a special person. I haven't forgotten how you wiped the tears away from my cheeks. I'll never forget that. Thanks again ttyl."

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Yesterday 06/21/2013 was a long day at work. I have heard of it seeming like the clocks have stopped. Yesterday it seemed like the calendar had stopped.
  • FG's cat has decided I am the cat's meow and hangs with me all the time. He is asleep on couch beside me pushed up against my leg. I have taught him to stand up and fetch a ball. If he comes to you and hikes a front leg in an odd way he wants you to scratch under his leg (the armpit or whatever it is called on a cat).
  • The Hunchback Of Notre Dame is a movie I have never seen but I can't get, Sanctuary, sanctuaaaary! out of my mind after seeing the word, "sanctuary" in print.
  • A thought just crossed my mind does Notre Dame mean Northern Woman?
  • No, I looked it up- it means Our Lady.
  • Some people may have an exquisite reaction to a snakes venom- an allergic reaction and die within minutes of being struck. Another interesting bit of knowledge- venom is essentially highly specialized saliva.
  • I look forward to seeing World War Z although it would be a tough sell convincing me it does the story any real justice. A series could be developed from that book (and should) to tell the story.
  • Something I heard years ago that drives me nuts when it crosses my mind, forcing me to fruitlessly look it up every few years for the real story: during WWI a division of Brit. soldiers were ordered out of their trenches and coached by their officers to lay their rifles on some ridiculous range (1800 meters comes to mind) and directed toward an azimuth and then ordered to fire at the same time. The Brits had learned of a preparation for an assault and the exact location of the German unit's location on their line. Hundreds of Germans were mowed down from so far away they never heard a round being fired. German leadership thought some new wonder weapon had been developed and halted ops for a while.
  • The trailer for The Lady From Shanghai starring Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. Welles plays Micheal Ohara who utters quite possibly the greatest movie quote ever- Maybe I'll live long enough to forget her, maybe I'll die trying.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

  • If you don't have some love in your heart for Jack White you might not have a heart at all- or a soul for that matter. Here he is at SXSW doing a parking lot show with Seasick Steve.
  • Last text message I received: She is very pretty!!!!!!! I'm so HAPPY for you! This was in response to me sending her a pic of my girlfriend. Oh, imagine my embarrassment- I forgot to mention the aforementioned texter/textee/wellwisher was a former girlfriend.
  • It reminded me- I cannot name a single woman from my past who would be likely to say she hated me. I'm usually surprised when certain ones from the past speak fondly of me to others.
  • Texter and textee get hi lited by my spell check.
  • Ridiculous.
  • So does wellwisher and it should, but I liked the flow of it in that context.
  • People, other than the need for shelter, food and water are not necessarily the same the world over- westerners and middle easterners for instance, process information differently and have a completely different world view than one another. One thing though I bet is constant the world over: if a person can sing really well it is one of their most prized personal attributes and in their heart of hearts those who cannot sing well wish they could.
  • I just found out one of my best friends was a long time nudist for years in another life.

    How close we were to edge of the system that hit Granbury: the first image is from the back of the house and second is from front porch.

    This sign has been up for weeks.

    Embarrassingly tiny TV in our waiting room is embarrassing.

    My letter Q is cool

    I got it when I asked one of our clerks what she was doing. Sorting letters- you want one? she asked.  Yes, I would like an upper case Q please. I only have it in hot pink. You want a hot pink one? You have to ask? I replied. The tasty looking bass was painted in 1965. My nursing buddy found it in an antique store.

    Kev's Office Walls And Windowsills- A Retrospective Study

    Found on Beemers windshield one morning. I have no idea who left it.

    This button was on my office bulletin board when I moved in. I left it there knowing I would find out it's meaning from somebody at some point. It took two years for the following, So, you like Freebirds? At first I thought he meant the song Freebird and was about to reply, Yeah, about as much as any other white trash I guess when I saw him looking at the pin beside Mr. Deadhead. Uh, I don't even know what it is. I've been waiting for someone to tell me. I said instead. It is a burrito restaurant. He gave me a nice discount coupon.

    Spit beetle nest- for realz. Its a thing. I'm not joshing ya.

    Among the rules for Texas State Parks. 

    This was their response to the question, Where would you go and what would you do if a tornado or thunderstorm struck or you got lost?

    Yes, that is what eleventy billion daddy long legs look like nested up.

    Brilliant orange fungus found in MWSP

    FG, Uh, Is that a tombstone? Me No, it is just an interestingly but randomly positioned rock. I don't believe you. I choose to  believe it is a tombstone. was her womanly reply. 

    One day you are gorgeous, brilliantly colored beetle- the next you're poop.

    I painted FG's nails.

    Speaking of poop- that is a lot of it.

    Drift wood worn smooth by years of wave action in a cove.