Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

  • If you don't have some love in your heart for Jack White you might not have a heart at all- or a soul for that matter. Here he is at SXSW doing a parking lot show with Seasick Steve.
  • Last text message I received: She is very pretty!!!!!!! I'm so HAPPY for you! This was in response to me sending her a pic of my girlfriend. Oh, imagine my embarrassment- I forgot to mention the aforementioned texter/textee/wellwisher was a former girlfriend.
  • It reminded me- I cannot name a single woman from my past who would be likely to say she hated me. I'm usually surprised when certain ones from the past speak fondly of me to others.
  • Texter and textee get hi lited by my spell check.
  • Ridiculous.
  • So does wellwisher and it should, but I liked the flow of it in that context.
  • People, other than the need for shelter, food and water are not necessarily the same the world over- westerners and middle easterners for instance, process information differently and have a completely different world view than one another. One thing though I bet is constant the world over: if a person can sing really well it is one of their most prized personal attributes and in their heart of hearts those who cannot sing well wish they could.
  • I just found out one of my best friends was a long time nudist for years in another life.

    How close we were to edge of the system that hit Granbury: the first image is from the back of the house and second is from front porch.

    This sign has been up for weeks.

    Embarrassingly tiny TV in our waiting room is embarrassing.

    My letter Q is cool

    I got it when I asked one of our clerks what she was doing. Sorting letters- you want one? she asked.  Yes, I would like an upper case Q please. I only have it in hot pink. You want a hot pink one? You have to ask? I replied. The tasty looking bass was painted in 1965. My nursing buddy found it in an antique store.

    Kev's Office Walls And Windowsills- A Retrospective Study

    Found on Beemers windshield one morning. I have no idea who left it.

    This button was on my office bulletin board when I moved in. I left it there knowing I would find out it's meaning from somebody at some point. It took two years for the following, So, you like Freebirds? At first I thought he meant the song Freebird and was about to reply, Yeah, about as much as any other white trash I guess when I saw him looking at the pin beside Mr. Deadhead. Uh, I don't even know what it is. I've been waiting for someone to tell me. I said instead. It is a burrito restaurant. He gave me a nice discount coupon.

    Spit beetle nest- for realz. Its a thing. I'm not joshing ya.

    Among the rules for Texas State Parks. 

    This was their response to the question, Where would you go and what would you do if a tornado or thunderstorm struck or you got lost?

    Yes, that is what eleventy billion daddy long legs look like nested up.

    Brilliant orange fungus found in MWSP

    FG, Uh, Is that a tombstone? Me No, it is just an interestingly but randomly positioned rock. I don't believe you. I choose to  believe it is a tombstone. was her womanly reply. 

    One day you are gorgeous, brilliantly colored beetle- the next you're poop.

    I painted FG's nails.

    Speaking of poop- that is a lot of it.

    Drift wood worn smooth by years of wave action in a cove.


Katy Anders said...

I think that some words are left out of the spell check lists only to make users feel as though they have large vocabularies.

Or else the companies / departments responsible for updates are just lazy.

One social network I was on didn't add "Obama" to their list of recognized words for about two years AFTER he became President.

This post made me want to go to Freebirds. My ex used to bring food back from there at least three times a month and I haven't had it since she left...

The Donald said...

It is an offense to appear nude.

Well, so much for getting back to nature...