Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

I like things like this- an elegant design for it's intended purpose. It is a chicken coop that provides shade, shelter and protection for the birds while allowing maintenance and easy collection of eggs all while being portable-ish. Oddly, I found it while looking for hammock building materials.

  • What I would do if I money to invest: buy property while it's depressed and develop it as an RV park- a nice one with playgrounds etc. since more and more families are moving into them semi permanently. Then, when the economy bounces back you'd have an attractive spot for people who'll be on the road- like we always are. The utilities and road layouts would be based on residential development that way when a boom comes- cut it up for residential lots.
  • That's something I know would work. Something I don't know is what F.O.B. means. I think it stands for freight on board but, I have no Idea what that means outside of military parlance where it means forward operating base.
  • When my eldest when was little say 2, he could climb up me by grabbing my pants and standing on my boots. Then he would swing his foot up and hook his toe in my pocket then push himself up and keep going 'til his head would lie on my shoulder and he's breathlessly say, My daddy.
  • He's at least an inch taller than me now and his boots are 6 sizes larger than mine.
  • He will be riding in the Fort Worth Stock Show parade this year- just like has since he was 8
  • The above from a real old draft- depressed land prices ( in Texas anyway )?!
    Here's me an the ole lady and the kids on our trip to Possumwallop last year.
  • I really resent passive aggressive behavior and find it hard to deal with- if I am not careful, like anybody else I'll respond in kind and people who engage in that behavior frequently are as a rule less rational and consequently are harder to reason with.
  • If you don't believe a coming story is the hacking of the .gov healthcare website you are: a true believer, unimaginative, uniformed, oblivious or some combination of those conditions.
  • You don't realize how much you randomly touch stuff in a days time until you break or sprain a finger.


The Donald said...

Home, sweet chicken ranch, home.

Looks like a good, All-'merican fam, huh? Looks like the little one is getting an organic snack?

Over the holidays, and old FG not quite GF from HS who lives in a Great Lakes state texted me complaining of puncturing her finger with a corkscrew. Next day I opened some infernal plastic clamshell package with a pocketknife. Knife didn't cut me, but the razor sharp thermoplastic sliced open the outside tip of my right thumb. At just such a point where you can't effectively put a band-aid...and precisely where said digit needs to oppose the fore- or middle- finger to button one's shirt.

It was a real PITA for about 3 days.

el chupacabra said...

Ha, I hadn't noticed that 'til you said something. Yikes!

What way to start the day- white trash teat.