Monday, January 6, 2014

Last Night

  • Last night 01/04/2014 I dreamed I was in the the Army and getting ready for leave. Is my paperwork complete? Did the CO sign it? Do I have cash? Is there money in the bank? Do I even have the date right? What if I oversleep ( for basically the first time ever ) ? It was a dumb, stupid dream that wasn't all that realistic ( that somehow still seemed real ) and the angst it was causing had me nearly peeing the bed.
  • In a time of really vapid, vacuous country music Florida - Georgia Line is particularly horrific.
  • Frequently I have flashback to going to a club during daylight hours to meet a girl who worked there. On the way in I see a sign for the band and nearly simultaneously a couple of the members of the band and the girl I was meeting up with. The band members were interested in interacting with us- an interest which was not mutual for me mostly because it was in the afternoon and they were already drunk, loud and obnoxious. Oh, and they reeked of cigarettes. Oh, and one of the guys had a mullet and was wearing a sequin covered jacket. 
  • The weird thing is I can never remember who the girl is- until now. Holy smokes it just hit me. The girl's presence there never adds up so I can never see her face or recall who she is but it was a  girl who did the books for the club.
  • Yesterday we hiked Mineral Wells  SP for a couple of hours. As we started losing daylight we reeled our plans in just a bit as my watch indicated there wouldn't be much of a moon. Then as we were navigating out I used the compass to maintain a heading through rough, up and down terrain while it was dark as the bottom of a well. We came out on a park road less than 20 feet from where I intended. FG was impressed.
  • She needs to get out more.
  • I still don't know if that watch tells the time or not.
  • Yesterday there were 2 teenagers in the library who were five footers.
  • You could smell them from five feet away. Predictably they were playing video games.
  • I love time spent with FG. I value my alone time.
  • Take it away Headhunters with Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine

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