Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Morning Coming Down

TSS Earnslaw has been afloat and earning her keep for over 100 years.

  • Johnny Cash sings Nasty Dan on Sesame Street. No, really. Take it away Johnny.

  • Alright guys here's a freebie; when out on a date yes, the stereo is great to help avoid dead air, but there's also something to be said for enjoying each others company in silence. We also know physical contact is paramount- how do we combine the two especially when we sense the comfortable silence could move into dead air very quickly? When everything is quiet and you're very sure there's good karma between the two of you and even if you've never touched her this is the time you reach over and take and hold her hand. If you're a little unsure of the chemistry but want to try say, Let me hold your hand and see how it feels It may be a little corny ( which she will love ) but it gives you and in and out.

  • It's the simple stuff men.

  • When buying a used car beware when the guy you're buying from cannot figure out how to open the hood as he's showing the car- it may be he is meticulous in maintaining the car, but uses a mechanic- just beware. And if buying from a female and she reports very meticulous maintenance and pulls out receipts and records etc? You're going to be OK. She appears clueless? Be very wary.

  • I'm just full of wisdom today aren't I?

  • When I was younger I never would have believed the ways I've changed or the ways in which I'm exactly the same.

  • I wonder how well the movie Warriors has aged? I bet it's Fetta cheesie. Did they ever remake it? I heard they were going to do that several years ago.


Katy Anders said...

I agree with you about the changing/staying the same.

I used to think about what the younger me would have said had she seen the current me.

I now believe that she just would have been confused.

RPM said...

I actually watched The Warriors a couple weeks ago. It's severely dated, but still highly entertaining for nostalgia's sake.

Warriors... Come out and playyyyyy!

The Donald said...

I'm thinking it would be a cool life to be the captain of that vessel, with your own stateroom where you could go hang out and chill and read while Gilligan is piloting the boat through the easy waters.