Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

Holy smokes- are you kidding me?! I think sometimes things like this were inside jobs to make discrimination suits a slam dunk and/or in an effort to devalue stocks.

  • A favorite scene from a favorite show- Childrens Hospital. The episode is season 2 episode 8- very moving, touching stuff. Find it on Netflix.
  • Recently I found out somebody at work told a new nurse she should check me out as, He is sooo nice, a good nurse and a hard worker and is so good with kids. All he talks about are the things they do together... 
  • Sometimes the best compliments come in unsolicited, random dating endorsements. Really, that made me feel great.
  • I scheduled some vacation time around Thanksgiving holiday this year. Not only that, I used up some of the massive amounts of personal time I have stashed away instead of my precious vacation time. So for the cost of 8 personal time hours I got 5 consecutive days off. It is Saturday and has seemed like Sunday all day so when I wake up in the morning in a panic as I'm sure I overslept on a work day and then realize it is Sunday it will only add to the magic.
  • Boat buying pro tip: if in an ad the seller doesn't mention the year model of the hull or number of hours on the engine you can bet the answer is, it is very old and a lot.
  • From an MSN article about a gun exchange program in California: “I think that is an event in my life that makes this relevant,” said Steinmeyer. “Like I mentioned -- the gun being illegally obtained -- any time there’s a gun in a household where they don’t know what to do with it, they don’t really want it around, there’s a potential that that could fall into the wrong hands, and that’s what we’re trying to prevent here today.”   The cop is referencing being shot in LOD and that events relevance to his participation in the exchange program. Weird- nothing he said made any rational sense in regard to those odd, wasteful programs and how they could impact crime but yeah, he felt better- people felt better so it is worth it I suppose? 


Katy Anders said...

Bullet cancer is the worst.

The Donald said...

Gun buyback programs are simply so much mental masturbation on the part of dolts who know nothing about reducing violent crime, usually conducted with much fanfare under the specious rubric that they're doing something beneficial for society.

Hailing from the other end of the continuum I, I suppose I might suffer my own brand of irrationality in grieving the destruction of inanimate objects - at least if those were collectible, John Moses Browning designs, or fine scatterguns - to the steamroller wheel, as the twits' eyes roll back in their head in orgasmic delight.

I understand that there people who have no desire to own or have anything to do with firearms. A conscientious and resourceful gun dealer could hold two or three well-advertised buybacks a year at a public venue, with law enforcement representatives on hand to check databases for stolen property (in which case a nominal sum would be paid - and LE would handle the logistics of returning it to its rightful owner).

If Widder Jones brings Gramps' Garand, a liberated Luger, musty Mauser, or Uncle Phil's pre-'64 Model 70 - she'd get substantially more than a grocery store gift card. More pedestrian fare could be resold, through legitimate channels by the dealer, and in some cases, the dealer might forward basketcases to salvors like Gun Parts Corp.

In any event, no public funds would be used, those surrendering firearms would get a fair deal, and historical/collectible pieces would preserved. Participating LE would receive just compensation for their role.

Interestingly, just the other day I read an article about a North Carolina Sheriff who found a pair of 1928 Thompsons and a dozen or more classic S&W revolvers. North Carolina not being NYC, Chicago, SanFran, or LA, the Sheriff got bids from legitimate firearms trading companies, and is now getting a ton of new, relevant accoutrements for his department - at no cost to the taxpayers of Forsyth County.