Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday's Situation

  • A song that I'm going to say confidence is high I like and that you will not.
  • Until recently I used to frequently bump into an ex who was still hung up on me or, to be more correct at least the evidence is there- she looked like she has been kicked in the guts when she saw me and her voice trembled when we spoke. She would look sad and have a hard time tearing herself away from me. 
  • Good grief.
  • We argue over the affect movies and other audio visual mediums have over people. The power movies and TV has over us is pervasive and nearly complete- in ways we can't even discern. We are absolutely wired for and to TV and movies. If you doubt the negative affect they can have on us how about all the times it has a positive effect- the times we will admit to being changed and altering our behaviors ?
  • An old ER doc told me once. When there is a new movie or show that highlights some risky behavior I automatically brush up on treating the injuries that behavior might cause and prepare myself for seeing an increase in those injuries.
  • At EDGEFEST 21 FG and I danced in the trash and vomit and I sang this to her with Hayley Williams backing me up. It was like a country song with more weed smoke and less river banks and four wheel drive trucks.
  • Cheaper Than Dirt has new Goretex sleeping bag cover bivy sacks for 40 bucks- buy one. If you sleep outdoors at all it will be the 2 best 20 dollar bills you ever kissed goodbye. You slip it over your sleeping bag and it will keep wetness off your pretty face. It will act like a sheet early in the evening when it is warmer and in colder climes offer several more degrees of warmth. Shove 2 OK sleeping bags one into the other and then put those in the bivy cover and you will be good down to freezing and below depending on the rating of your bags.

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Doc Feelgood said...

Thanks for the heads up on the bivy sack. Went to the site to order, and they are sold out! :(