Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Cold War Kids- Something Is Not Right With Me.
  • There is thankfully and surprisingly a stink being raised over our purchase of Russian Mi17 helicopters over our own Chinooks for Afghanistan. From why are we buying the $#%^@ things in the first place, to why Mi17s at inflated prices when Chinooks are better birds that create jobs here to about a thousand other questions- there is a rat in that woodpile somewhere.
  • Last night (12/10/2013) I dreamed some real hot woman was dragging me around by a chain and I was crying- boo hoo sad boy crying. It seemed very real- if I didn't pull against the chain it would choke me down blacking me out and if I did pull against the chain it made more pressure against my knees, hips or buttocks and hurt.
  • By fussing at my daughter the other night I made her cry. I felt like a monster.
  • My morning ritual: Realize I'm alive. Wish I were dead. Say good morning to FG, smell her and ask about her night. Stagger by computer and slap the power button on the way past. Start coffee. Take medicine. Watch Good Mythical Morning. Wish I were rich so I didn't have to go to work. Go to work.
  • The other day I saw a bathtub for sale that was carved from a single granite boulder that weighed 6,000 pounds. When I see something like that I think of something I bet maybe only two other weirdos would- where will that thing be in 500 years?
  • There was just a story on about a ships cook who got trapped under an overturned vessel in an air pocket- for 3 days before his rescue. Wow.
  • For the the gazillions of dollars they must have FOX And Friends news show production values can be low. They have some very clumsy transitions between segments. Their news ladies are always hot though, so there's that I suppose.
  • Iran has recently announced it has successfully sent a monkey into space and returned it safely to terra firma so, making them only about 65 years behind the west in space flight and 1000 years behind otherwise.
  • The revelation that Kidd had cancer was shocking but man, to my eyes he hadn't been looking good for a while and I made no effort to follow him other than being a pretty faithful listener and occasionally seeing promo shots on the web. With a show like that we wonder, Would a show with that cast minus Kidd have worked on its own from start-up? and Would the show make it without Kidd? Now we have to find out the answer to the second question.
  • Day before yesterday (12/18/2013) I saw a woman try to cut off a guy on a motorcycle who was passing people on the shoulder to get to his exit. Crazy. Literally insane. She could have killed him over a stupid pissin' contest. If she had struck him I wouldn't have left the scene without seeing my name and contact info. on a police report.

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The editorial pic absolutely nails it.