Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Yesterday 06/21/2013 was a long day at work. I have heard of it seeming like the clocks have stopped. Yesterday it seemed like the calendar had stopped.
  • FG's cat has decided I am the cat's meow and hangs with me all the time. He is asleep on couch beside me pushed up against my leg. I have taught him to stand up and fetch a ball. If he comes to you and hikes a front leg in an odd way he wants you to scratch under his leg (the armpit or whatever it is called on a cat).
  • The Hunchback Of Notre Dame is a movie I have never seen but I can't get, Sanctuary, sanctuaaaary! out of my mind after seeing the word, "sanctuary" in print.
  • A thought just crossed my mind does Notre Dame mean Northern Woman?
  • No, I looked it up- it means Our Lady.
  • Some people may have an exquisite reaction to a snakes venom- an allergic reaction and die within minutes of being struck. Another interesting bit of knowledge- venom is essentially highly specialized saliva.
  • I look forward to seeing World War Z although it would be a tough sell convincing me it does the story any real justice. A series could be developed from that book (and should) to tell the story.
  • Something I heard years ago that drives me nuts when it crosses my mind, forcing me to fruitlessly look it up every few years for the real story: during WWI a division of Brit. soldiers were ordered out of their trenches and coached by their officers to lay their rifles on some ridiculous range (1800 meters comes to mind) and directed toward an azimuth and then ordered to fire at the same time. The Brits had learned of a preparation for an assault and the exact location of the German unit's location on their line. Hundreds of Germans were mowed down from so far away they never heard a round being fired. German leadership thought some new wonder weapon had been developed and halted ops for a while.
  • The trailer for The Lady From Shanghai starring Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. Welles plays Micheal Ohara who utters quite possibly the greatest movie quote ever- Maybe I'll live long enough to forget her, maybe I'll die trying.

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