Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

    One problem with Ninja like reflexes: when you swat a fly out of the air with your hand- it may land in your delicious cup of tea.

  • Some of the best scenes from one of my favorite movies.- Hero. I don't expect you to watch the whole clip- a few minutes to get the feel for the only Kung Fu movie you'll love - if you think you don't like them. You'll watch the entire movie later if you can't quit the clip. Great music, interesting use of colors and a love story, what more could you want?
  • Recently, spent four night shifts with a patient whose family was really good about spending time with her but oddly, I didn't meet any of them. Probably the bad weather and  the fact her children themselves are fairly elderly accounted for the seeming absence- just a little unusual to not catch family once in that amount of time and meet at least one member. They always left before I arrived or got there right after I left.
  • At Christmas someone left several bags of something called M&Ms Strawberried Peanut Butter at the house.
  • Nauseating.
  • Nothing like my idea of a chocolate candy with peanut butter in the center- I'll make millions!
  • Anyway, any idea what a berried crustacean is?
  • Puppies paw pads are soft.
  • I cannot wait to visit Falkirk and see the Kelpies sculptures.

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