Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Comment From Hulu User Reviews

"Terrorist scarfs and fist jabs are ruining this nation
Do your part in the war on terror by giving everything that includes these two symbols a pass, that includes the fox news network (and to be safe, all of fox.)"

Did He Ever Think Of This One?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Missives

  • Against the decimated ruins of the New York City of the future, mankind has lost its dominance on Earth following the robot holocaust.

  • Synopsis for a new movie on Hulu that came out in 1987 called Robot Holocaust.

  • How did I miss that little gem?

  • Windy days- still one of the few thing that can put me in a bad mood.

  • Maybe a kite would help give those days a better connotation?

  • I made a kite once when I was a little kid- out of about 1/2 inch wooden dowels and newspapers and strips of bed sheets for the tail.

  • Ever heard the saying Well, that went over like a lead balloon? That was actually a cruel reference to my kiteorific efforts.

  • Spellcheck hi lites "kiteorific".

  • That's crazy.

  • Just looked up Robot Holocaust- here's a line from this modern day classic, "Nyla points to Kai, a loinclothed dude tied up between some trees. "He is the last man who ventured into our territory," she jeers. "He has mated with all of us who are ready to conceive, and will now be destroyed."

  • Guess what I'm watching with lunch.
  • I aligned and re aligned these bullets 3-4 times don't know what's up but, I decided to stop the madness and live with what I had.

Next Blog Foray Minhas Indagações

CAMP SALERNO, Afeganistão - A 19-year-old médico de Texas se tornará a primeira mulher no Afeganistão, e apenas a segunda mulher desde a Segunda Guerra Mundial para receber a Silver Star, a terceira maior nação da medalha de bravura.Monica Lin Brown salvou a vida dos companheiros soldados após uma bomba na estrada rasgou através de um comboio de Humvees no leste da Província de Paktia, em Abril de 2007, o militar disse.Após a explosão, que feriu cinco soldados em sua unidade, Brown correu através insurgente tiros e utilizado para protejer seus companheiros o seu propio corpo como escudo.
"Eu realmente não pensava sobre qualquer coisa, exceto para receber os rapazes para um local mais seguro e ficar cuidando deles e de obter-lhes fora de lá", disse Brown em um sábado E.U. base na oriental província de Khost.Texas, está programada para receber o Estrela de Prata no final deste mês. Ela fazia parte de um comboio de quatro veículos patrulha perto Jani Kheil, no leste da província de Paktia em 25 de abril de 2007, quando uma bomba atingiu uma das Humvees. aradas feridos morteiros caíram menos de 100 metros de distâ

CAMP SALERNO, Afghanistan - A 19-year-old doctor from Texas will become the first woman in Afghanistan, and only the second woman since World War II to receive the Silver Star, the third largest nation of the medal of bravery. Monica Lin Brown saved the lives of fellow soldiers after a roadside bomb tore through a train of Humvees in eastern Paktia province in April 2007, the military said. After the explosion, which wounded five soldiers in her unit, Brown ran through insurgent gunfire and used to protect his companions his own body as a shield. "I really did not think about anything except to get the guys to a safer place and keep watching them and get them out of there," Brown said on Saturday a U.S. base in the eastern province of Khost. Texas, is scheduled to receive the Silver Star later this month. She was part of a train of four cars patrolling near Jani Kheil in the eastern province of Paktia on April 25, 2007, when a bomb struck one of the Humvees. aradas injured mortars fell less than 100 meters dista.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sundays Sad Sundries

  • As I write this my nephews life support will be turned off in thirty minutes.
  • He was six months old.
  • He would have liked having me for an uncle and been proud of me- in spite of myself.
  • Odd loose association: after my head stopped spinning from the news a line from an old Neil Young song went through my mind: "There's one more kid that will never go to school Never get to fall in love, never get to be cool."
  • He will be in heaven before this day is over.
  • What could be worse than burying a child? I know the ancient Egyptians had an adage for how terrible it was to lose a child and I'll nearly bet that saying is predated by something a lot older from the Chinese, though I've never heard of it or read it- I just know it's that universal a sentiment.
  • I wish I could cry for him.
  • My words just aren't adequate but, looking for a picture to augment this post made it worse.
  • He sure brought a lot of happiness and sadness in a short amount of time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not Asking For Much

bike trailer (granbury)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2009-02-18, 12:52PM CST

Looking for a wagon type thing to pull behind my bike. you will have to bring it to me. and it will have to be free.

Location: granbury
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 1040002394

Uncyclopedia Wikia Goodness

"Thermopylae was the top selling board game of the 5th Century BCE. Players compete to acquire wealth through stylized politico-economic activity involving the buying, rental, and trading of real estate using play drachma and bartering, whilst gathering groups of Perioikoi and Helots to work your land, as players take turns moving around the board according to the roll of the dice. "
Image Credit: Mhaille

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In The News

"Civil rights activist Al Sharpton called the cartoon "troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys."

"In a statement, Post Editor-in-Chief Col Allan said: "The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist." ap

Really surprised the editor would stand up to Sharptons bizarre interpretation to this little cartoon at all, much less in the direct, plain spoken manner he chose. Sharpton and others are really feeling their irrelevancy- and it shows.

His response to things such as this remind me of the old saying: If all you have is a hammer- pretty much everything looks like a nail.

Wednesdays Digressions

  • I could go ga ga over Jamie Presley when she's in character as the trailer park mama Joy Turner on My Name Is Earl but, not so much in real life.

  • What is wrong with me?

  • Had an old television once that quit working- the trash guys don't pick them up, I didn't want to throw it in someone elses dumpster so what's a guy to do? TA DA! I'll take it apart down to smaller pieces, place it all in a garbage bag- the trash guys none the wiser carry it away and all will be good right? Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Did you know there's a component in televisions called a capacitor and that said capacitor can hold a charge of 50,000 volts for a long time after the television has been unplugged?

  • I wish I knew that then.

  • Sarah Mcglachlan had one unbelievably awesome song and that was it- everything else she has done is terrible, I mean friends that bought that first album she put out needed post violation counselling.

  • When I was a kid all the rock groups albums had: one awesome signature song, one that was pretty OK, one that was kind of alright- sort of, the rest would be an awful, unlistenable mess.

  • Except for Rush and Kiss

  • A hundred years from now people will still be listening to Frank Sinatra.

  • The fastest I've ever been in a car is about 120 mph but, I've been in a race car that would get up to over 100 mph in about 4 seconds. In Germany I've ridden in a car going over 100 mph for over 2 hours. I've been 137 mph on a motorcycle.

  • What's it like going that fast on a bike? Telephone poles become a solid blur, you can't hear anything but your heart beating in your head, cars as soon as you see them ahead of you disappear behind, you get tunnel vision and all that is visible is straight ahead in the lane your in and that doesn't correct itself until you let off the throttle then your field of vision starts widening and you start hearing the roar of the wind.

  • I don't do it very often but, when my family is getting on each others nerves, things aren't going as well as I'd like, we are bored and stuck in a rut I make breakfast foods for dinner- it works every time.
  • "Want skin she can't wait to get her hands on?" "... cleans and hydrates your skin leaving it so pure she'll think she's the first one touch it."
  • From body soap bottle in my sons shower.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mondays Missives

    "This is Georgina.She works part-time as a chef at a leading resturaunt in Cheshire.She has won many, many medals at Special Olympics over the years in swimming and gymnastics and now she is a swimming coach for youngsters.On top of all this she is a spokesperson for the Special Olympics.I have been producing calendars to raise awareness of Down's syndrome and this image was shot for the 2006 calendar.You can find out more information at: " - Flickr

  • I'd like to have at least a years worth of interesting non topical posts scheduled. That would give me time to do some well written and researched posts I'd like to express myself with. Think about it, if I died the posts that came up later would be like a message from beyond the grave! Mu waa ha ha ha.

  • That might be a good book idea, a guy writes a blog that gets the whole world inspired by his theories and philosophies on love and life and everyone tries to figure out who it is and the mystery only deepens as lead after lead comes up cold and pretenders are found to be pale imposter's. In the end, as the story unfolds we find that the real author was a 16 year old Downs affected boy who died three years prior of a congenital heart heart defect but, he had so much wisdom he had those years worth of posts scheduled to publish.

  • Then a reporter who had spent every waking minute writing scathing reviews of the blog and deriding all it's followers as simpletons looking for a quick fix to real problems is the one to track down the author. Intent on a confrontation he goes to the boys home where his single, beautiful and strong willed mother greets him and tells the boys story. The reporter is so moved he throws away his powerful high profile job and begins ghost blogging in the boys place just as people start losing their way because the scheduled posts have all been published months before. We fade out to some uplifting music as people who were on the verge of suicide pull guns out of their mouths after reading his posts. Estranged families come together tearfully after being reunited by the power of his simple messages of love and forgiveness. A pregnant woman leaves an abortion clinic hopefully caressing her unborn baby through her dress after reading the blog on her Iphone in the waiting room...
  • Man, it's tough being goofy as me.

  • When I was a boy in Decatur Tx there was a store called Russells Shoe Store. Me and my mother were in there at the same time as an adult Downs syndrome affected man and his strikingly pretty mother. He would fuss like a young child while the salesperson fitted his shoes, "Ow! Wha uh,uh, that horts my foot." he said through what I thought were obviously faked tears. Mom shushed me when I asked, "Why is that grownup acting like a kid?" Years later I was a nurse at the hospital where he died. He looked the same, just heavier with gray hair, she was still beautiful but, of course very elderly. I know she took good care of herself through the years just to be there for him. The saddest part of witnessing their ordeal was the fact I know that day was the day of greatest sorrow she ever faced and simultaneously the greatest relief in her life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Worst Valentine Day Gift Ever Contest - Hallmark

"Not even kidding: It was a 22-pump action rifle in a box that would normally hold long-stemmed roses. I had never even shot a gun before.Donna Mari R. "

Worst Valentine Day Gift Ever contest - Hallmark

"I am an animal lover, especially fond of elephants, giraffes and zebras. So, my first husband gave me a whole zebra skin, with its eyes sewn shut, for Valentine's. I could only gasp in horror. It was our last Valentines Day.Anne I."

Happy Valentines Day

If you are a woman and alone I know this day is hard for you but, hey at least you're not this woman! (how do I know this? because I have a feeling she's definitely one of a kind!) If you are a guy make a girl feel special today.

Worst Valentines Day Present Ever Contest - Hallmark

"My worst Valentine's Day Gift ever was a fire extinguisher and "the clapper" light switch given to me by a long-ago boyfriend who was very safety-minded. I had just moved into a new apartment and he thought these would be helpful gifts! Needless to say, after he didn't get the reaction he thought he would get, he went out and bought me a string of pearls! Karen "

This Day In History

"Wanderone (also known as Minnesota Fats) enjoyed promoting a feud with world champion Mosconi over how to present pool – either as a rough-and-tumble gambling game (Wanderone) or as a genteel pastime and art form (Mosconi). Mosconi's widow, Flora, has said of the rivalry, "My husband hated Minnesota Fats because he felt that [Wanderone] was always hurting the image of the game instead of helping it." Wanderone on the other hand would state smugly, "I may have 'given away' a few games to deserving competitors, but I have never lost a real money game since I was old enough to spell 'Weeli Mesconi'." The two played on Valentine's Day 1978 in a televised match on ABC's Wide World of Sports. With almost 11 million viewers, the game was the second-highest rated episode of the show for that year, behind only the Muhammed Ali vs. Leon Spinks rematch. The game was held at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and was announced by Howard Cosell. Although Wanderone lost the game, he won the audience with his banter, and with his joking manner. Mosconi on the other hand was perceived as coldly serious and even hostile."

As a boy I honestly did not know who I worshipped more- the confident, sophisticated, tux dressed Mosconi or the loud mouthed, wise cracking, profane Wanderone. I mean how could you ask me to choose?

I kid you not, I remember watching that match like it was yesterday. My dad was a pool hustler like no other. My uncle and other older guys talked to the end of their lives about how he would go into the bar behind the old Jeters liquor store on 287 in his overalls after work and carrying a cheap cue (which I still have) and take peoples money and basically dare anybody that wanted to try and take it back.

Decatur TX where I grew up has had at least four pool halls that I know of and I've spent as much time in them as anywhere I suppose- starting when I was about six. Geezers would give me money, chewing tobacco and indulge me in games of pool telling me to rack em up and letting me take their money.

Simple, simple times.

Worst Valentines Day Present Ever Contest - Hallmark

"I guess I should have wondered why he was never free on Friday night …… My boyfriend sent me a beautifully framed picture of him and another girl. He sent, also beautifully framed, OUR picture to his OTHER girlfriend. This is how I discovered that he was pretending that I was his one-and-only. (Maybe it was because I hadn't yet discovered Talbots!) Painful, but liberating. That never happened to me again.Martha "

Worst Valentines Day Gift Ever Contest - Hallmark

"When my triplet boys were young, my husband once bought me a small bikini to give me weight loss incentive - terrible.K. Hart "

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yesterday In History

Feb 11 1933
Nineteen year old Japanese schoolgirl Kiyoko Matsumoto committed suicide by jumping into the thousand foot crater of a volcano on the island of Oshima. This act started a bizarre fashion in Japan and in the ensuing months three hundred children did the same thing.

Crazy Comment Another Blog

Regarding Brett Favre's announcement to re-retire. I know who could have seen that coming?

"Screw Favre. He's a NASCAR watchin', cousin cornholin, Ellie Mae screwin', pick throwin', out house usin' Spam barbequin', no fly strip havin, six cars in the front yard havin' cornbread with every meal eatin' jerky chewin' possum mountin', sheets for curtains havin', sheer roast eatin' Haystack Calhoun lookin', red neck havin' farmer tan, havin', tractor pull watchin', pickled pig feet eatin' chili contest winnin', flip floppin' big ego havin' over rated, Jed Clampett watchin', Johnny Cash playin' Hee Haw watchin' washed up QB that should have retired long ago. ####."

Suicide Fail

"34-year-old Daniel J. Lyons and his sweet 1987 Dodge van bounced down the rocky side of the canyon at Colorado National Monument park this past Wednesday only to be brought to an abrupt halt by an outcropping. Rescue workers found him teetering over the 170-foot drop. Eventually, a litter was lowered over the edge and Lyons was pulled to safety.

Lyons is adamant the incident was an accident, but investigators couldn't find any skid marks or other signs of mishap, indicating this was, in fact, likely a suicide attempt. The van will remain perched on the cliff below Rim Rock Drive until authorities find a way to remove it or gravity has its way." geekologie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


  • 7 The number of girlfriends with names names starting with the letter J

  • 3 Children

  • 20 Cars I've owned

  • 4 Motorcycles

  • 55 Hours I once went without sleep

  • 18 Longest period of hours I've ever slept

  • 1 War
  • 1 Marriage (those two thoughts really aren't related)

  • 1 Boat owned (plenty)

  • 4 Bones broken

  • 22 Flights in an airplane

  • 4 Continents

  • 4 Countries

  • 5 Women I've known who've had abortions

  • 1 True friend betrayed

  • 13 Guns I own

  • 125 Fastest in a car

  • 137 Fastest on a motorcycle

  • 3 Houses owned in my life

  • 43 Longest miles ridden in a single ride on a bicycle

  • 19 Miles in a single run on foot
  • ? Number of people who've said something like,"I'd give anything to know what's going through your mind right now." It's not that big of a mystery really- it's the Meow Mix jingle. Honestly, it justs runs in a loop 24 hours a day.

Crazy Comment Time

"Actually, I have a similar problem.
I have at times had about 20 accordians in my auto. I hope no one calls the police on me." from star tribune regarding lady found in n texas living in car with 20 dogs

Wednesdays Digressions

  • The floor in my kitchen gets unbelievably slippery when its wet- as in you spill water while standing at the sink without taking a step you do the splits and fall over on your head. Whoever designed that tile must have used Make the slipperiest, most dangerous flooring in the world! as their mission statement.
  • Everyone who recommends the movie Rudy to me as said to the effect,"You can't make it to the end without crying" or "I promise you'll cry" etc- crying is always in the description anyway. Just what I need- more misery.
  • I have never seen the movie Rudy.
  • I have a (I think) very bright friend who works in a profession where I would also think it's assumed you would have to be very smart but, when he says Et cetera or uses fathom in a sentence he says "excetera" and "phantom."
  • Saw handmade 200.00 flip flops in a catalog yesterday and that's what they called them, no fancy schmancy name- flip flops $200.00.
  • I don't know which would be crazier: paying 200.00 for flip flops or having the nerve to put a 200.00 price tag on them in the first place.
  • My two year old lifted his leg and cut a fart and then started laughing while he was sitting in my lap the other night.
  • I have no idea where he got that from.
  • An extended family member told me she loved me the other night and hugged me, it surprised me but, I needed to hear that and it felt good.

An Interesting Meeting

Edgar Allen Poe And Charles Dickens

"These two great writers met in March of 1842 when Charles Dickens visited Philadelphia to lecture and also talk about the importance of international copyright laws. Poe sent him a letter requesting a meeting along with a two-volume collection of his short stories. Dickens responded to his letter and wrote “My Dear Sir, I shall be very glad to see you whenever you will do me the favor to call. I think I am more likely to be in the way between half past eleven and twelve than any other time.” Dickens was just 30 years old and had already published Pickwick Papers, Nicholas Nickleby, and The Old Curiosity Shop. The relatively little-known Edgar Allan Poe was 32 and had published Tamerlane and Other Poems. The two met twice in Dickens’s hotel room. The meetings were impersonal as they discussed contemporary English and American writers. Poe then came to the point and asked Dickens if he could help publish his Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque in England. Dickens promised to try. Nine months later Dickens wrote Poe admitting failure to get his work published.

Interesting Fact: Six years earlier Poe had married his 13-year old first cousin Virginia Clemm and was living with her and her mother (Poe’s Aunt/ mother in-law) Maria Clemm. Virginia Clemm died of tuberculosis when she was just 24. Because of his wife’s death Poe became despondent and turned to drink to cope. When Dickens returned to America for his second tour, Poe was already dead. Dickens learned that Maria Clemm was ill and living on charity. Dickens visited her, pressed some money into her hand, and later from England contributed $1,000 for her keep." list universe and wikipedia

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mondays Missives

  • Wielded a sword the other day for the first time in my life.

  • OK, I held a sword and swung it around over my head like a goob.

  • Never been to Medieval Times but, I think that might be cool. One of my friends brother in law was a knight there- he broke his leg during a performance severely enough to disable him. He referred to that job as his career and lamented the accident for what it did to his career.

  • Really.

  • Saw on a documentary the other day as much as 10% of the population of America has at least one tattoo. That made me want one even less but, in the past I did have an idea for one that I thought I would get someday.

  • Hint: it involved a picture of my children and ex wife- good grief.

  • I know too many people who regret their tattoos. What about women who got their now universally derided tramp stamps back in the day? I know 3 different women who have their ex husbands/boyfriends name in theirs. Present husbands/boyfriends must feel real special.
  • One of my friends in college found a stun gun under the seat of an old car I was driving- I had never seen it before and don't know how/why it was there. He picked it up said,"I wonder if these things really work like they say they will?" activated it and touched it to his leg. It knocked him smooth out for a second and he had trouble with that leg for a little while afterward.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

In The News

"The Pentagon is reviewing 18 deaths in conjunction with a contractor's electrical work, including that of Staff Sgt. Christopher Everett, seen in the photograph next to his mother, Larraine McGee of Huntsville, Texas." ap article on msnbc
I served with SSG Everett in Iraq. He was very well liked and respected and as I recall, he died fairly late in the tour which always seems to make their loss more difficult to bear. The fact it was a non battle related, preventable incident doesn't help either I'm sure. Found the following profile after initial post.
Army Staff Sgt. Christopher L. Everett

"For Valentine's Day, Christopher L. Everett knew the little packages and e-mails he sent from Iraq to his fiancee wouldn't be enough. So he paid for her and a friend to get a massage.
"He really was amazing and did everything a husband or boyfriend should do," Kristy Wellborn said. "He would call me when he knew I was at work and leave me a message, telling me he was thinking about me."

Everett, 23, of Huntsville, Texas, was electrocuted Sept. 7 while working with a power washer in Taqaddum. He was assigned to Arlington.

He joined the National Guard while a senior in high school. He also was working for the Texas Department of Corrections at the time he was called to active duty.

Everett, who had been a Boy Scout and loved camping and the outdoors, loved to work with his hands and loved animals. He hoped to fly a Life Flight helicopter.

"I was always so proud of him, and I am proud of him beyond words that he would volunteer to risk his life when he didn't have to," said his mother, Larraine Everett.

He also is survived by his father, Patrick." from

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lie To Me

"From the title, I thought it would be a show about the Bush Administration's push to invade Iraq. But it is actually an interesting and unique concept for a show. Tim Roth is excellent. "

This is from the user generated review page on Hulu for Fox's new show starring Tim Roth Lie To Me.
Some people really, I mean really need to get over themselves.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Out Of The Corner Of My Mind

I saw this tag on my news browser and thought whose dogs are they bailing out?

"Anger and skepticism in Congress dog bailout" msn

Z ManThe Explorer

A blur of activity in the kitchen. The only cabinets off limits are the ones under the sink. The funny thing is he's just as likely to put everything back as to pull it out. I've never even heard of that before.

Inner Beauty Is All That Matters

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snake Roundup Time- Meet Titanoboa

"From the fossilized vertebrae, the researchers conservatively estimate the snake weighed about 2,500 pounds and measured nearly 43 feet nose to tail tip." msnbc This extinct species lived in South America and the fossils of this particular one were discovered in Colombia. Presumptively, it lived a life like modern Anacondas.

This Day In History

Feb 4 1987 Liberace died of AIDS in Palm Springs CA.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In The Headlines: One You Don't See Every Day

"Cross-Dressing Dermatologist Who Killed Wife Found Dead in Prison" fox news

Google Deviltry

Mysterious floating car.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Nephew And His Granddad

Hard At Work!?


Steelers win 27-23 (for their sixth title) - it is already being debated whether this years Superbowl was the best ever. James Harrisons 100 yard TD on an interception will also arguably be the most exciting Superbowl play ever.

Mondays Missives

  • Although I've lost touch with him I had a good friend once who was from Nigeria. His first job in the US was sacking groceries, he should be through with medical school in about 1 year. Amazing. I told him once when we were talking about our dreams I wanted to run a roadside snake farm. He would write after he left for medical school and say"My friend, I wish you the best on your snake farm endeavour and look forward to visiting."
  • I sometimes wonder what people think about me if they read my profile on here or what they may think they know about me from the pictures I post as much as the posts themselves.
  • I think true respect for other peoples feelings, beliefs and rights are few and far between. If this is true, is that a recent development or have we always been that way?
  • The best car I've ever owned was a 20 year old Mercedes. As I recall I invested about 5000 dollars in it and would have trusted it to go anywhere comfortably and safely. It was one of the best riding cars I've ever been in and would have driven it until the wheels fell off, the only thing that changed my mind about that was the cow that thought it would be cute to trot out in the road and stop in front of me on a dark night on a lonely back road.
  • A good riding car that surprised me was the Chevy Avalanche I test drove once. Not enough could be said for how good it handled, the comfort, how well it was laid out etc. The only problem and it was a big problem was it was woefully underpowered, so much so it just seemed to lumber around when you pressed the accelerator. How could that happen in today's world? How could a computer model not identify that before it ever made it to production? Every single article I've read on the vehicle since has mentioned this as being a deal breaker of a problem.
  • My dream car is still a Hummer and I'm sure I'll have one some day. Gasoline may be worth more than gold and I'll have to fight an army of mutants who drive home built battle wagons and ride around the desert swinging chains with grappling hooks over their head to get fuel for it- but, I'll have one.
  • The baby has walking around playing his harmonica- for the past hour.
  • My eyebrow has started to twitch.