Thursday, November 28, 2013

Perspective Takes Flight

Computer Crime

  • Three things I think about when I hear of someone being busted for porn or other crimes on their computer: The first two involve this laptop- recently I discovered a pic of a woman breast feeding a baby in the pictures folder. There is not even a chance I downloaded it myself intentionally and I don't think anyone else has even touched  the computer since I bought it new. Another: I vaguely remember scanning through the picture taking/editing software on the same computer. Software, which I found later automatically snaps a pic of you from the integral camera as you click on each new backdrop. I probably had pants on, but did not have a shirt- who would believe it though if they looked at those really gay looking pics of me without clothes on from the top of my crotch up? Also, evidently years ago I left a log in up on Youtube account on a computer on an Army base. Months later I got on again and found messages literally threatening my life for unspecified racist comments that there is not even a chance I made.

Thursday's Thoughts

    Before and after- well, after and before pic of car and my assistant who helped me get it cleaned up. In case you're wondering: while engine is warm squirt dishwashing detergent on everything then with a garden hose with spray attachment lightly spray everything to get it foamed up then- blast it all off. If unusually dirty use Simple Green also, then after your through squirt an Armor All type product over everything. Ta Da!

  • Someone you've never heard of- Hasil Adkins singing No More Hot Dogs.
  • And yes you heard him right,"I’m gonna put your head on my wall Just like I told you, baby You can’t talk no more Can’t eat no more hot dogs Eat no more ho’ot dogs, I’m gonna put your head, a-put it on my wall." He had quite a few songs featuring decapitation as a theme. He was a weird guy all the way up to and including his death- he was run over by a kid he didn't even know on an ATV while standing in his front yard and died a few days later.
  • Are all of Kevin Costner's movies plodding epics that are 45 minutes too long or does it just seem that way?
  • Not sure if the children's dog is a genius or mentally retarded: when I'm ready to give him away or save everyone involved the trouble and strangle the life out of him he comes and lies down on my feet- which were freezing.
  • That dog loves coffee and will risk life and limb to get some - literally as in when I set my cup down on the floor and doze in the recliner I'll usually awaken to the sound of slurp slurp as he guzzles the last of my delicious beverage.
  • Dog still does not have a name.
  • Wow, all of this is from an old draft!
  • I busted out yesterday (11/24/2013) on the icy steps like a slapstick cartoon character. Both of my feet went out from under me and I landed with a crash on the concrete steps. I can barely walk this morning but I guess I will live.
    Found in a parking lot. They're prescription amphetamines.

    From a vaccine shipment. It is a disposable tattle tell that alerts you if the shipment got too hot or too cold en route. Amazing, something that couldn't have been dreamed of only some years ago is today tossed in the trash at its final destination.

    Granite gravel formed in a seasonal creek in Turner Falls.

    It started with rocks more like this size- they're were ground against a rock basin over time by the force of running water.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Historical Perspective

People Who Get On My Last Nerve

  • Former methamphetamine abusers.
  • Women whose "passion is my horse(s)".
  • Anyone with a self inflated sense of entitlement.
  • People who think they're way smarter than they are who consequently say lots of dumb things.
  • People who don't get out of the road after a minor fender bender.
  • People who drive slower than traffic- in the passing lane.
  • While contentedly chatting away on their cell phones or/and obliviously smoking cigarettes.

Wednesday's Digressions

What will they think of next?

Ankle bracelet I made for FG

Braided utility rope I made out of 550 cord to hang lights etc from a tent ceiling.

  • I finally (11/23/2013) watched There Will be Blood. I'm still thinking... Something I can't get over though, is how poorly matched to the story the music seemed. I may be wrong but it just seemed oddly out of place and/or inappropriate to the scene it was building or supporting- from start to finish
  • Multiple times (3+) I have killed a post that might have been scheduled to publish for days as Barry also commented on the same obscure thing on the same day mine was set to publish. We might have had the same take on the issue or be diametrically opposed. Regardless, I didn't want to look like I was arguing with him or sucking up/stealing so I reverted the post to draft. What really made me think about this though is on the exact day I was going to comment previously on this fact, Barry commented on how he and Keith Geeding would also make posts similar to each other on the same days.
  • Weird.
    Oddly, I don't recall where we saw this rig.

    Mineral Wells lake is dry. Wish they had the means/wherewithal to dredge it during this droughty apocalypse.

    Park store at MWSP. It was built by the WPA The open area in the middle has always intrigued- I think it must have had a purpose but I'm not sure what that was- firewood storage?
  • I continue to engage in word salad use and being increasingly forgetful. FG asked if I had or was having  a stroke yesterday. I am watching myself to see if something is really going on or if it is just stress and well- life happening at dangerously close to 50. I'll probably approach the subject with my doc. Trivialities seem suddenly important to me and what others would consider very important don't interest me at all. I have been very nostalgic while simultaneously having trouble recalling people and place names and at the same time being somewhat emotionally distant (known as detachment) from present people. I will attempt to put a box of cereal instead of the milk in the fridge which could happen to anybody but I find myself standing in front of the fridge instead unsure what I am supposed to being doing with the box or, more correctly- unsure why standing there instead of in front of the pantry feels weird.  If a person laid these things out to me from their heart I would say they are  possibly in the early stages of dementia or even entering the death process- weeks to some months away. Oddly, on impulse during enrollment at work a couple of days ago I took out a policy on me for FG and gave her an ITEOMD envelope and gave her some instructions in case of my being unable to intellectually to make decisions for myself.
  • I am not scared. I may be vaguely a bit sad though.
  • It is important that my doc is both super smart and a practical thinker. It is cool that she is super cute.
  • Old doc saying I just love that can be used to prevent young doctors jumping to wrong conclusions: We live in Texas- when you hear hoof beats don't look up and expect to see zebras.
  • There is a show on now about body language which uses Susan Smith's televised plea for the return of her children to demonstrate how her body language gave her away. Interestingly, I commented when I saw it back then that she was absolutely lying but I think without knowing it I compared her to her hubby at her side as the so called experts did on the television show. He seemed genuinely grief stricken and stunned- she did not.
  • Recently RPM commented on the quality of some pictures I took. Also recently, somebody at work bagged on me and discounted some other pics I had printed and brought to the office as my camera, Was so expensive- it does all the work. No wonder the pictures are good! A funny thing about that: the new camera is loaded down with features I cannot use yet. Also, it might be slower than my old camera meaning I don't capture all the shots I would have gotten with my old setup. It is harder (to me) to use the more artistic settings on the new rig so I mostly use the auto setting which won't always produce the best (or most pleasing) pictures, meaning I took many better pictures with my old, cheap camera.
  • Good grief- I just saw the Brown-Goldman murders on MSN in an article about famous unsolved cases. Good guhrief. Yes, I'm face palming hard in case you're wondering.
  • Retarded: a headline on my new browser indicates that people are already lining up at stores for Black Friday- which starts 6 days from this writing. People are killing themselves to buy crap they don't need with money they don't have. 
  • We are our own worst enemies. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Here, have a Bigfoot Monster riding a dragon

Displaying triangle2.jpg

Monday's Missives

  • Funny: the Mexican guys at the convenience store where I stop often call me,"barrio".
  • I have no independent knowledge of who Tyler Perry is other than he is, a thing.
  • I again, have no idea what Hot Topic is.
  • I get what IKEA is, although I have never been to one of their stores (they have stores- right?).
  • Yesterday, when we saw a hawt friend-girl she and Zac hugged. She then absentmindedly rubbed and patted his back as we chatted. He then absentmindedly did the same to her chest.
  • Nissin brand Bowl Noodles are very good. Put some Wendy's salad croutons in them as they cool.
  • I'll say it: Katy Perry's music is surprisingly good.

  • A few days after writing something here about basically every adult associated with the I Love Lucy show being dead, Shirley Mitchell the last adult cast member died. 
  • Omigawd- I killed her.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Mmmm- nice, now we get to see a great big butt! Zac's latest when the well service guy bent over exposing half his hiney- not just the top of crack like a regular lame plumber would do. I mean literally, as in the dude had a tattoo in the middle of his right cheek. What's this world coming to?

Friday, November 22, 2013

From Socrates Apology

Best speeches of all time: Socrates on trial for 'corrupting youth' and 'impiety' "The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways — I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows."

Me and Socrates were buddies in another life- for real. I would needle him by pronouncing his name as it is spelled.  Kevin, thou art an idiot he would say rolling his eyes at me except it would come out sounding like, Χθονὸς μὲν ἐς τηλουρὸν ἥκομεν πέδον.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew... 'Merica

░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄                 
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂       ☻/︻╦╤─   
Il███████████████████].  /▌             
 ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..  / \             

Thursday's Thoughts

Found items near Holland Lake

  • Information Society- What's On Your Mind. Good stuff from 1988.
  • Turn it up.
  • I first heard this song in my 1988 Camaro.
  • Yes I drove a Camaro- all the cool kids did.
  • It was my college car and interstingly I brought my first child home from the hospital in it.
  • I always spell interestingly, interstingly the first try.
  • There is not a better looking American car on the road than the new Camaro.
  • That sounded absolutist.
  • Is that a word?
    The persimmons are out.

    The grasshoppers are dying.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stream Of Consciousness Exercise #1

  • Can not get the Pink Floyd song Vera out of my mind- it's been drifting in and out of there all day.
  • Drifting is a ridiculous motor sport.
  • My favorite motor sport is drag racing.
  • I really don't understand cross dressing or dressing in drag as it is otherwise known.
  • There used to be a place in former West Germany that was right on the border that had the stations of the cross laid out.
  • On The Border is pretty good, but I hardly ever eat there.
  • I looooove fried chicken livers, but may only eat them once every three years or so.
  • There are a couple of different conditions affecting the liver that may not involve alcohol abuse at all, but sadly, those affected will still receive very prejudicial treatment by healthcare workers.
  • One of the saddest things I've ever seen was a friend who was the most decent person I've ever met get abused because of his race.

Wednesday's Digressions

    An oddly beautiful and interesting (to me) pic of Russian troops on the Eastern Front in WWII where few things beautiful happened I'm sure.

  • A girl I've been hanging out with has tried to be motherly toward Zac. She's not over doing it and trying too hard or whatever, but man I didn't like it- not ready for that I guess.
  • A buddy told me guys like he and I are kind of a hot commodity in the relationship market- we're employed, don't have criminal records, are in shape, good with kids... there's some truth to all that, but there are difficulties as well- especially as a conscientious parent.
  • At the zoo yesterday we bumped into a girl and her boyfriends son. Both boys took to each other and her boy said,"I want to stay with Zac!" and Zac said,"I want to stay with Eric!" and they grabbed each other's hands and would not let go. Only if you're with me will you tramp around in a zoo for two plus hours with people you don't even know.
  • I'll miss my present patient when he and I part ways.
  • Edit: all of this is from an old draft- I haven't done hospice in over 2 years.
  • I'm way more of a truck than car guy and almost always wonder why I let myself get stuck with the car I have than buying a truck.
  • A friend who I think would make a great nurse and who has always wanted to be one is squandering her time and money on multi level marketing schemes to have an income instead of getting into nursing school.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

UFO Missives

The Aurora Spaceship was obviously real- someone scratched a picture on a rock and painted it.

I think I went to school with this guy.

What if you had a glance of a lenticular cloud as an aircraft was banking or you were looking up between trees while driving...?

                                                                     Obviously real.

  • I get a little perturbed with stories of alien abductions and visitations etc and don't even really know where to start. As more than one stand up comedian has noted, why is it always a drunk hillbilly that gets abducted and not a scientist- or some other person they could learn something from? And if it's physiology they want to study- after a couple hundred anal probes- how much more is there to learn?
  • At the speed of light it would take 4 years to get to our nearest star and nothing lives anywhere near our nearest star and no craft will ever go the speed of light- not in our galaxy or any other. I use the speed of light as a reference a theoretical speed an object could go- it does not mean a craft will some day, has or can.
  • My guess is the number of sightings and abduction reports affected by movies and other media sources would be unshocking.
  • Yes, it's a word- look it up.
  • Also, It's possible a lot of sightings are aircraft we really aren't supposed to know about and I'm sure the government is cool with that. The Stealth Fighter was known to exist by hardcore aviation enthusiasts, but the general public didn't really know about it until one augured into the ground in the 80s.
  • That caused lots of people to ask,"What else are they hiding?"
  • Consistency of paralytic fear among abductees? Easy- sleep paralysis. I've experienced it a couple of times- it is terrifying, but the answer for what it is is simpler, more likely and more intellectually satisfying than an alien abduction.
  • Why would people lie you ask?
  • People lie.
  • Also, sadly people can be deluded and imagine things. It might be real to them- it doesn't make their claims reality. And again sadly, people claiming abduction are preyed upon by ufologists.
  • The main character from the Fire In The Sky incident sold a book, works UFO conventions and still makes tv appearances. I doubt he does any of that for free.
  • "Dr. Elizabeth Slater conducted a blind study of nine abduction claimants and found them to be prone to "mildly paranoid thinking," nightmares and having a weak sexual identity."[5]
  • "In The Demon-Haunted World astronomer Carl Sagan points out that the alien abduction experience is remarkably similar to tales of demon abduction common throughout history. "There is no spaceship in these stories. But most of the central elements of the alien abduction account are present, including sexually obsessive non-humans who live in the sky, walk through walls, communicate telepathically, and perform breeding experiments on the human species. Unless we believe that demons really exist, how can we understand so strange a belief system, embraced by the whole Western world (including those considered the wisest among us), reinforced by personal experience in every generation, and taught by Church and State? Is there any real alternative besides a shared delusion based on common brain wiring and chemistry?" (Sagan 1996 124)"
  • Incubus and succubus- look them up.
  • Anyway, focusing on aliens distracts from real issues we could be investigating.
  • Like Bigfoot.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Missives

Another one on the list: the mighty VMAX. With updates it has been in production since 1985 and was unchanged for I think 18  of those years. It is so beautiful and powerful you hardly ever seen them customized or built up- why would you?

  • Helmet cam footage of Firefight in Kunduz Afghanistan.
  • One of the most overrated instruments of war- the AK47. One of the most underrated: the RPG.
  • This morning I read 2 different articles dissecting stories from Chris Kyle's book to prove military types are deranged, murderous sociopaths. Funny, what stuck out to me- they oddly believed everything he said in the book. Needed: a study of gullibility and believing everything you read and the resulting bad/wrong conclusions that can result.

    My new Moab hikers
  • I have to suppress a gag when somebody sticks their filthy hands into a bag of whatever they're eating and pulling one out offer it to me. We flat know better than that.
  • I know I wrote about it but not If it posted yet or not- when President Obama said, If Americans like their plans they can keep the one they have. he was lying and he knew he was lying and I said so to FG when we saw him say it.
  • Here, have some creepy North Korean tykes playing the guitar.
  • The surest way to get women to throw themselves at you: let it be known you don't want to have sex until you're married. Literally- they see it as a personal challenge and try to wear you down and get your pants on the floor.
  • FG has informed me she is going home for a few days as she needs to, Think about things. 
  • What could possibly go wrong with that for me?
    Easy there tiger. Go back to huffin' your glue. That was insensitive and uncharacteristic of me- I'm sorry for every bad thing that ever happened to you.

    Lots of shoddy construction techniques and materials and misguided ideas around Holland's Lake. 

    Odd- was lying in the middle of Town Creek. I just realized: I picked it up putting my prints all over it.

    A brown ooze coming from the ground. Red oxide from a highly mineralized seep spring or poop?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is It

solipsistic in here or is it just me?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • It would be hard for an employed parent to spend more time with their child than I do Zachary that is why the differences between us are if not surprising, interesting. It is the simple things. I sleep with my head barely elevated on a thin pillow and can't stand having my head and neck elevated much at all. He stacks two up and sleeps like a baby in positions that give me whiplash looking at him.

  • I have to be covered up to sleep- to the extent in the Army if I had a chance to stretch out on the ground for a few winks at a range between engagements or whatever I would throw a jacket across me to feel covered instead of wearing it. He prefers starting out totally uncovered even if it's cool.

  • The neighbors in an upstairs apartment in the next block have so many dogs when they bark it sounds like the cacophany you hear when you visit a dog pound.

  • I've never seen anybody walking a dog down on that end of the building- ever. Madness.

  • For as fun as fishing can be the prep work and aggravation of untangling lines etc. is a beat down.

  • When I'm rich I'll have an assistant to deal with that aggravation- among others.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

Fish nest in Holland Lake. There were 10 or so in a  10-15 ft circle. The males were wearing themselves out chasing each other away from the nests.

  • A thing now for people to sound more informed and worldly while supporting more lax immigration polices is to say something of the US like, We are all immigrants! I would have to say, So what? and Where in the world is that not true? And anyway, how is it a truism is the answer to anything so important?
    Was NSA kidding when they built their headquarters? It looks like an evil scientists mega complex from a comic book. I wonder what they call it? I bet the unofficial name is something like the The Temple and the server room the Crypt or The Inner Sanctum.
  • I thought of a friend who died a long time ago  almost as soon as I woke up this morning. I oddly think of him more often as time goes by instead of less. Man, he has been dead for nearly 30 years. I would literally give anything to have him back
    Mr Deadhead representin'  the front of my bike. Or, is he frontin'?

    A Dollar General bargain. There is no telling how many beanies I own- one for a pocket of every coat, one or two in my pack, one rolled up in my sleeping bag...
  • Day before yesterday the thought of going to work filled me with such dread it caused me to have trouble sleeping. I was nearly late procrastinating out of dread the next morning and watched the clock and slammed the door in my haste to get out of there at 5:00.
  • We have lost our way. People want the government to be our mamma and daddy and take care of us. What should it do Mr Smart McSmarterton you ask? It is actually simple- the things we cannot do for ourselves and only those things: build roads, fight fires, fight bad guys with a few other etcetras. 
  • I'm watching I Love Lucy. Oddly, it troubles me if I think about it that basically everybody associated with that show is dead- even Little Ricky is 62 years old.
    I need to find out who did this body work so I never ever go to that shop- so I never even drive down that street.
  • The motorcycle fever comes and goes with me but is burning particularly hot this morning.
  • Like any other white trash if I were rich I would be surrounded with old cars and motorcycles. Literally- I would have an apartment built into a ginormagantuan warehouse and would alternate between riding, driving and tinkering with the hundreds of cars and bikes that would pack the place and occasionally, whether I wanted to or not- I would sleep.
  • When FG's dumb cat and I are in the house by ourselves it goes near the door and looks at it then back to me and bawls to get me to let it out. I ignore it. Consequently she is on the back of the couch head butting me and sucking up in an effort to butter me up.
  • What does the expression," Would not sweat to keep from bleeding " mean? I saw it in a Shelby Foote book and could not tell absolutely what he meant in context and I am nearly sure it is a lyric in a song as well but couldn't find the meaning or origin in a search.
    Chocolate peanut butter and banana sammie. Elvis would be proud.