Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

Fish nest in Holland Lake. There were 10 or so in a  10-15 ft circle. The males were wearing themselves out chasing each other away from the nests.

  • A thing now for people to sound more informed and worldly while supporting more lax immigration polices is to say something of the US like, We are all immigrants! I would have to say, So what? and Where in the world is that not true? And anyway, how is it a truism is the answer to anything so important?
    Was NSA kidding when they built their headquarters? It looks like an evil scientists mega complex from a comic book. I wonder what they call it? I bet the unofficial name is something like the The Temple and the server room the Crypt or The Inner Sanctum.
  • I thought of a friend who died a long time ago  almost as soon as I woke up this morning. I oddly think of him more often as time goes by instead of less. Man, he has been dead for nearly 30 years. I would literally give anything to have him back
    Mr Deadhead representin'  the front of my bike. Or, is he frontin'?

    A Dollar General bargain. There is no telling how many beanies I own- one for a pocket of every coat, one or two in my pack, one rolled up in my sleeping bag...
  • Day before yesterday the thought of going to work filled me with such dread it caused me to have trouble sleeping. I was nearly late procrastinating out of dread the next morning and watched the clock and slammed the door in my haste to get out of there at 5:00.
  • We have lost our way. People want the government to be our mamma and daddy and take care of us. What should it do Mr Smart McSmarterton you ask? It is actually simple- the things we cannot do for ourselves and only those things: build roads, fight fires, fight bad guys with a few other etcetras. 
  • I'm watching I Love Lucy. Oddly, it troubles me if I think about it that basically everybody associated with that show is dead- even Little Ricky is 62 years old.
    I need to find out who did this body work so I never ever go to that shop- so I never even drive down that street.
  • The motorcycle fever comes and goes with me but is burning particularly hot this morning.
  • Like any other white trash if I were rich I would be surrounded with old cars and motorcycles. Literally- I would have an apartment built into a ginormagantuan warehouse and would alternate between riding, driving and tinkering with the hundreds of cars and bikes that would pack the place and occasionally, whether I wanted to or not- I would sleep.
  • When FG's dumb cat and I are in the house by ourselves it goes near the door and looks at it then back to me and bawls to get me to let it out. I ignore it. Consequently she is on the back of the couch head butting me and sucking up in an effort to butter me up.
  • What does the expression," Would not sweat to keep from bleeding " mean? I saw it in a Shelby Foote book and could not tell absolutely what he meant in context and I am nearly sure it is a lyric in a song as well but couldn't find the meaning or origin in a search.
    Chocolate peanut butter and banana sammie. Elvis would be proud.

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