Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday's Missives

Honda Rune is on my list. I like it not only because they're interesting and beautiful they're actually good, reliable and rideable machines. They're based on the Goldwing with an upgunned engine.

  • Callaway made a wagon version Vette back in 1982 that was disgusting- it was literally gross. They intend to unveil one in 2014 that is really pretty cool looking. I get where the 1982 was ugly to start with and the new Vettes are beautiful but it still could have gone bad. The 2014 Vette with 7 speed manual starts at 51 thousand bucks- an incredible bargain for the car it buys.
    In FGs bedroom. She is quite a bit younger than me.
  • From an earlier post Katy and Don made me think more about snipers in war time. If a Jihadi with a scoped rifle drilled my gunner in the face with a bullet while we were on combat patrol and Jihadi Joe and I came face to face with each other in an ensuing cordon and rundown there is not a chance he would have lived to rot in Abu Graib and/or get his neck stretched. I would have have shot him down and I know this for a fact. I would not have been able to live with myself if I let the guy live. If my gunner was killed by an IED and I caught a guy that I was sure triggered the blast he would regret the day he met me- he would remember our interaction for the rest of his life but he would probably live to rot in Abu Graib for a while and/or get his neck stretched. Their is no real difference- hypothetical soldier is still going home in an aluminum box but there is to most of us a big- huge difference and we're not sure why. I guess that is why the subject intrigues.
    Here, a couple of flowers for you.

  • I am dangerously close to 50 and riding a bike indoors is still one of lifes simple pleasures.
  • Yesterday (10/03/2013) I randomly saw FG outside of the home and/or a planned meeting. We bumped into each other after she left work. It was oddly slightly strange.
    One more couldn't hurt.

    I have always been intrigued by bamboo and believe it is underutilized in the west. Traditionally, it should be given to you as a gift if you intend to grow it and not bought.
  • The Rifleman episode I am watching now (10/05/2013 @0633) features a young and very good looking Adam West as a school teacher turned gunslinger. That show has aged very well. I still enjoy it and can appreciate the sweet morality tales it provides. You know really, it covered redemption, alcoholism, single parenthood, second chances...- in the 1950s and interestingly, Lucas McCain always tried to use non violent methods first to resolve problems.
  • A connected thought: if you had been told the actors playing Lucas and Mark were actually father and son in real life you would absolutely not have been surprised such was their chemistry.  Anyway, what a sweet old show.
    I don't know what this is but it makes my skin crawl.

    FG has to use a clipboard, calculator and stopwatch at work. A little Velcro and a storage clipboard with a calculator and voila! I'm not through yet though- I have an idea to make it hold her papers better and keep everything organized in the storage compartment.

    The Trek bike my buddy gave me. When he told me I could have it I asked him to bring it to me as I don't have a pick up. He said, What else do you want me to do- ride it for you? Hey buddy, sarcasm is my thing. I gave him 20 bucks for his trouble and to keep him from whining too much.

    Sophie the pup.

    Nice legs.

    Gag- such a beautiful body style ruined with tacky decals and stupid looking wheels.

    This pic doesn't do this guys cammo any justice.

    Mediterranean gecko on the porch ceiling. They're an interesting migrant to Texas that arrived in shipping containers years ago in Houston and worked their way North. Interesting because they don't do any harm that I'm aware of- they eat insects and they don't spread disease. As far as I know they are innocuous and beneficial. They don't even harm or displace native wildlife. Heck, predators here eat them when they can.

    FGs dumb cat loves baths

    Umm infected implanted studs are hawt!
  • People at work come to me to treat their boo-boos and get ibuprofen and get second opinions from what they were told by their doctors. And then of course there was the one who after closing the door behind her said, Kev can I ask you something between you and me...?  Anyway, her scumbag boyfriend was unfaithful and gave her something she didn't deserve.
    Paper wasp nest. The maggots taste buttery and sweet- kinda like whole kernel corn that wiggles in your mouth.

    Our South of the borders friends have discovered Turner Falls. It has been trashed and vandalised over years like no park setting I have ever seen. The city of Davis doesn't appear to view itself as any kind of steward of the land and it's wildlife- it is their Golden Goose.


Opus #6 said...

I can see a difference. One is almost an accident waiting to happen, but an accident when it does, and not specifically targeted to your buddy, the gunner.

The other act includes specific targeting, and possibly seeing the whites of his eyes.

Katy Anders said...

I was just talking to someone about those geckos! When I was a kid, we had lots of those anoles that everyone calls chameleons, and we had a few skinks, but no geckos.

It's really just been in the past 10-15 years that the geckos have taken over.

But what's up with legs like that? I see that around... do those folks have bad unchecked diabetes?

The Donald said...

The Rune is not my style of ride (I still hold out for the possibility of getting a V-Strom or a KLR someday - whether I need it or not), but it is definitely an elegant design. H-D can only wish it produced such beautiful, dependable machines. But who needs solid engineering when you've got a cool logo and idiot accountants and lawyers pretending they're badass by riding your scooters.

I have driven exactly one 'Vette in my life. It was maybe a '78-ish model, with the high front fenders (at least from the driver's POV), and was a rough-riding SOB. I thought the steering ponderously sluggis. The exhaust had a nice rumble to it, but honestly, it was nowhere near the quality and fun to drive as my '83 280-ZX 2+2 w/T-tops, 5-speed. Man, I loved that car.

Was perusing a book about important figures in basketball, at the resale shop the other day, and there was a photo and paragraph about Chuck Connors during his hoop days, before baseball and acting. I loved The Rifleman, and he'd be near the top of my list of people I'd like to have had dinner with. Connors' meetings with CCCP SecGeb Brezhnev - a huge fan - are well-documented. I never met the Russki leader, but did stand less than 50 from him in February 1975 as his Zil limo whisked out from the Kremlin walls, near St. Basil's Cathedral, and across Red Square. That was back before world leaders went all Jay-Z and stuff and pimped their rides with tinted windows.

OK, call me naïve, but what the heck are those studs in that chick's midsection? And why?

I hate to hear about the misfortunes of TF - I have always liked that place. Maybe they need some Wm. Barrett Travises and Davy Crocketts to go clean the place out, huh? One of my odd fantasies is to invite my GF/wife ('course I gotta get one first) camping. I'd go up beforehand and set up my huge EB 3 room tent, with nice linens, throw pillows, double height airbed, hand-knotted rugs and a wicker nightstand, and outside I'd have some decorative LED hanging lights (dragonflies or such). I'd pick her up and tell her we'd best get on the road so we can get camp set up, then when we'd arrive she'd be surprised to find she doesn't have to set up anything and that a wonderful 'glamping' experience awaits.

[Sigh] It'll never happen. :-(

The Donald said...

* sluggish, SecGen, feet,

Dang, I need to do a better job editing.

el chupacabra said...

Lay O- I guess so, but no- I still can't pin that subject down and make it make sense to me.

Katy- Yes, you have lots of anoles down there. They are more closely related to the iguana though, than the chameleon.
Geckos are sparse still in Wise and Parker Counties but very widespread just 30 miles south in the Metroplex. They are absolutely thick in Arlington and Haltom City. I have wondered if the case could be made the Asian folks in those areas tolerance of them promotes their numbers.

Don- I gave up arguing with people about HD being the best motorcycle a long time ago although I do enjoy acting like I misheard them when people say they've had one for 3 years and it has 3,000 miles on it and when they mention getting or needing a trailer for it acting sincerely shocked and/or concerned about whether they worried about it breaking down a LOT.
I had a ZRX 1200R that had 6000 miles- in burnouts. I spent 47 dollars in maintenance in the 3 years I had it. No, wait that is not true: I also bought a battery. After I let it set out in the weather without moving for nearly a whole year the battery was dead. We put a hot battery on it. It fired right up and I rode away. The gasoline was rotten. It literally smelled like varnish. And it rode like a dream. Good luck with that if you own an HD.

I oddly/interesting new 2 people who were associated with the movie business who met Chuck Connors on multiple occasions. Both couldn't say enough good things about him.

el chupacabra said...

Good grief- knew

el chupacabra said...

PS Diabetes which that guy undoubtedly has wouldn't help that guys legs any but being that ginormous ruins the heart causing blood to pool in the lower extremities, inactivity doesn't help any either so sitting in a chair physically occludes veins also leading to those ulcers.