Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Yesterday we had maybe the most perfect camping experience at Turner Falls. We made a fire and had smores before we crashed in our hammocks which were strung in juniper trees where we could hear the falls. The night was perfect- quite chilly but our teeth weren't chattering or anything. This morning we stoked the fire and made hash browns, eggs, bacon and sausage which we washed down with energy drinks and Powerades that had cooled overnight in Honey Creek- perfect, perfect in a way that I have not had many perfect times like that in my whole life.
    Campfire in front of our secret Cave Of The Shadows

    We could hear the falls bubbling from here, the beavers splashing in the water and the owls hooting. I slept like a baby.

    Camping pro tip: build cooking fire so it burns lengthwise and place flat stones along it's axis. Slide pot down as it burns or push it the other way to tone the heat down in the dish.

    Walnut with husk on it?
  • A thing now is for women to get a tattoo on their foot that as something about standing their ground, walking on their own two feet, the Lord carrying them, I walk alone...
  • The beard comes off tonight.
  • Camping pro tip: when you roll up your sleeping bag leave; clean synthetic long underwear, wool socks, beanie hat and some hand warmers inside- you won't regret it. I mean really- you won't hate yourself for always doing those little things.
  • PS take some Febreze  fuzzy vanilla spray to shoot into the bag before you crawl into it.
  • Mmmmm vanilla. Mmmmmm fuzzy .
  • Wow, this weekend flew by.
    I wish I could read his mind. He stared at his shadow cast on a towel covering that chair for minutes. Anyway, look at those shorts, the pose and he drives an Aztek!? Come on - he rawks!
  • An old Army acquaintance was from Mount Pisgah North Carolina. I always thought I'd end up there and look him up but I haven't done so yet. I randomly looked up another guy years after we parted ways when I randomly passed through his small hometown in another state. I asked about him at the convenience store. They knew him and directed me to his house but we got lost-ish and ran out of time to find him.
    Mantis have interested me since I was a kid. If you present them with a tiny bit of hamburger they will eat it right out of your hand. This guy was living in a pond cypress near Holland's Lake.
  • 10/22/2013 @0106 edit: I just recalled- it was Lagrange Tennessee.
    You look like you could use a nice sunset right about now. 
  • Getting tattoos in place of your eyebrows is retarded but that surprised expression way women are doing them today is ridiculous.
  • Madness: gunman dressed in a clown suit kills drug cartel leader at  party.

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The Donald said...

° I'm not fer total sure what the sound is that a beaver makes splashing the water, but I'm intrigued. ;-)

° Hey, I thought someone had backed into the tail-lamp of my Pontiac - I was thinking how I'd replace it - can we just leave it at that?

° ...gunman dressed in a clown suit kills drug cartel leader at party... I understand el Capitán de policía suspects one Esteban Sondheim of ordering the hit.