Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Missives

Another one on the list: the mighty VMAX. With updates it has been in production since 1985 and was unchanged for I think 18  of those years. It is so beautiful and powerful you hardly ever seen them customized or built up- why would you?

  • Helmet cam footage of Firefight in Kunduz Afghanistan.
  • One of the most overrated instruments of war- the AK47. One of the most underrated: the RPG.
  • This morning I read 2 different articles dissecting stories from Chris Kyle's book to prove military types are deranged, murderous sociopaths. Funny, what stuck out to me- they oddly believed everything he said in the book. Needed: a study of gullibility and believing everything you read and the resulting bad/wrong conclusions that can result.

    My new Moab hikers
  • I have to suppress a gag when somebody sticks their filthy hands into a bag of whatever they're eating and pulling one out offer it to me. We flat know better than that.
  • I know I wrote about it but not If it posted yet or not- when President Obama said, If Americans like their plans they can keep the one they have. he was lying and he knew he was lying and I said so to FG when we saw him say it.
  • Here, have some creepy North Korean tykes playing the guitar.
  • The surest way to get women to throw themselves at you: let it be known you don't want to have sex until you're married. Literally- they see it as a personal challenge and try to wear you down and get your pants on the floor.
  • FG has informed me she is going home for a few days as she needs to, Think about things. 
  • What could possibly go wrong with that for me?
    Easy there tiger. Go back to huffin' your glue. That was insensitive and uncharacteristic of me- I'm sorry for every bad thing that ever happened to you.

    Lots of shoddy construction techniques and materials and misguided ideas around Holland's Lake. 

    Odd- was lying in the middle of Town Creek. I just realized: I picked it up putting my prints all over it.

    A brown ooze coming from the ground. Red oxide from a highly mineralized seep spring or poop?


RPM said...

Holy crap... those are some great pics!

Katy Anders said...

I saw a clip of President Clinton in 1994 or something talking about insurance, and he said, "Most people will be able to keep their insurance, so long as your insurance meets certain minimal standards. A small percentage of people WILL pay more..."

Candidate Obama went for simplicity and ended up making a statement (repeatedly) that he knew was not true.

It seemed obvious to me that if the idea is to get everyone covered, then the government had to set minimum standards for what insurance policies can cover. No one called him on it when it was under discussion half a decade ago, though...

The Donald said...

The VMAX is not my ride, but it is wicked awesome in its execution.

I would sure like to have about 3 pallets of those flagstone pavers from Holland's Lake.

Freedom from religion? Well, it seems to me that he or she's in the right place. I can't think of too many places on this orb where a person has the liberty to practice as little, as much, or as odd a religion as he/she wishes. I self-identify as a Christ follower, but count some objectivists and agnostics among my friends. Neither they nor I would consider ourselves to be persecuted for our beliefs.