Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday's Missives

  • Funny: the Mexican guys at the convenience store where I stop often call me,"barrio".
  • I have no independent knowledge of who Tyler Perry is other than he is, a thing.
  • I again, have no idea what Hot Topic is.
  • I get what IKEA is, although I have never been to one of their stores (they have stores- right?).
  • Yesterday, when we saw a hawt friend-girl she and Zac hugged. She then absentmindedly rubbed and patted his back as we chatted. He then absentmindedly did the same to her chest.
  • Nissin brand Bowl Noodles are very good. Put some Wendy's salad croutons in them as they cool.
  • I'll say it: Katy Perry's music is surprisingly good.

  • A few days after writing something here about basically every adult associated with the I Love Lucy show being dead, Shirley Mitchell the last adult cast member died. 
  • Omigawd- I killed her.

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The Donald said...


Zac, I like how you roll...