Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • It would be hard for an employed parent to spend more time with their child than I do Zachary that is why the differences between us are if not surprising, interesting. It is the simple things. I sleep with my head barely elevated on a thin pillow and can't stand having my head and neck elevated much at all. He stacks two up and sleeps like a baby in positions that give me whiplash looking at him.

  • I have to be covered up to sleep- to the extent in the Army if I had a chance to stretch out on the ground for a few winks at a range between engagements or whatever I would throw a jacket across me to feel covered instead of wearing it. He prefers starting out totally uncovered even if it's cool.

  • The neighbors in an upstairs apartment in the next block have so many dogs when they bark it sounds like the cacophany you hear when you visit a dog pound.

  • I've never seen anybody walking a dog down on that end of the building- ever. Madness.

  • For as fun as fishing can be the prep work and aggravation of untangling lines etc. is a beat down.

  • When I'm rich I'll have an assistant to deal with that aggravation- among others.


Katy Anders said...

Everytime I go to run, I find that the headphones for my iPod have somehow gotten tangled into tight knots.

I don't know how it happens, as I take the headphones off and lay them carefully in my arm console each time, but the knot gremlins get to them anyway.

When you hire that fishing line untangler, I might have to borrow your guy from time to time...

The Donald said...

Up through college, I enjoyed fishing, and still have tons of gear.

But presently, I have not the patience for fishing.

el chupacabra said...

Katy- Anything for you.

Don- Interesting you would mention that and in that way- I am considering resuming fishing regularly to try and reteach myself some patience.
A fond memory: at the Wounded Warrior Bat. some of us as we got better as soon as our little duties around the unit and appointments were done would slip off and go fishing before final formation to end the duty day. So yeah, we were getting paid to fish.
I refer to it as my professional angler phase.