Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • I have no idea how many bikes I have owned. With some effort I can account for most of the cars but not bicycles. It must be at least 50 but I could be convinced the number is closer to 100. 
  • The headlines related to the shutdown are, good News for furloughed Workers- They May Get Back Pay ! Good grief, this whole thing has been so dishonest- they weren't ever not going to get back pay.
  • Another related thought: instead of beating each other up over the thought of causing another recession by prolonging the shutdown how about making the economy less dependent on the government? Every way you make it more dependent on the government, the less sustainable you make it. We would be surprised how awesome things would be here if we rebuilt our manufacturing sector, made waste, fraud and abuse scarier than it is worth to the miscreants and got out of the way of the productive segment of our society.
  • Insane: Congress sucks up 10,000 dollars an hour or 77 million dollars a year. I cannot comprehend that, or more correctly- I cannot justify it to the common sense side of my brain.
  • Tonight (10/05/2013) is the star watching party at Mineral Wells State Park. Drats, I just looked at the weather- cloudy and humid. What are the odds?
  • Recently a patient tried to manipulate me to get what she wanted by acting interested in/attracted to me. I saw right through it but was oddly and slightly hurt by her actions. She also lied to other staff when she returned to clinic saying I OKd some special treatment. It was bothersome because among other reasons she didn't have to jump through those hoops- I would have done the same thing to help her and things were going to work out the same regardless. 
  • There is a show on now about doomsday prepping. One of the featured people built a shelter that cost 700 thousand dollars. While he was away from his undisclosed location thieves stole his generator which was buried, set in concrete and covered with a concrete slab. So much for undisclosed- anyway, spend half the fortune spent on those things, build a nice house in the country with a basement and/or a storm cellar to survive a tornado. That way when you survive the apocalypse or a nuclear or biological attack that is never, ever going to happen you will have money to finance your retirement. 

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The Donald said...

Not much venison there.

"I think it's just terrible that the culture has made these young deer think they have to starve themselves for the sake of beauty. We need to have a program to educate the anorexic deer."

- DF Emily Litella