Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

I couldn't have comprehended as a boy that there could ever be a bicycle that cost over 5000 on sale.  When  younger I owned plenty of 500 dollar cars I would have driven anywhere.
  • Just (10/18/2013) finished watching Dream House. What a good movie- not great just a good, solid movie. For a thriller/horror movie it had some genuinely touching moments. We like horror movies that have those or that have comedic scenes. Those moments make all the difference- why?
  • Telekinetic prank. Proof we watch way too much TV- no one who saw that doubted their eyes. Anyway- good grief, spell checks recognize telekinetic as a word. Maybe that is not an endorsement but that is where my mind went initially.

    Gimpy The Wondertoad. His leg was cut off by a shovel. Snip the old leg away, put a drop of Krazy Glue over it, a little bandage and all is right.
  • I can never sleep late. Like clockwork I awaken at +/- 0600 every morning. If I am unusually tired I may crash out again soon for an hour so but I can never sleep in as people say.
  • I love my nursing buddy but she is the most rigid thinker I have ever met. Her perception of the world is the way things are for her- she cannot comprehend others opinions may be correct and will not even contemplate she may be incorrect ever.
  • Recently I made a desk top planter out of an old Rolodex.
  • Another nursing buddy says she has written 5 books.
  • This reminded me of an old house we would check out when I was a kid. I never even thought about damaging or otherwise vandalizing it. As a matter of fact I believe we only went in the first time because the back door was open- not just unlocked. It was covered in huge trees so it stayed cool even in the summer. I would go in and cool off and even nap in the big four poster bed. It had a red star burst pattern quilt on it.

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