Tuesday, November 19, 2013

UFO Missives

The Aurora Spaceship was obviously real- someone scratched a picture on a rock and painted it.

I think I went to school with this guy.

What if you had a glance of a lenticular cloud as an aircraft was banking or you were looking up between trees while driving...?

                                                                     Obviously real.

  • I get a little perturbed with stories of alien abductions and visitations etc and don't even really know where to start. As more than one stand up comedian has noted, why is it always a drunk hillbilly that gets abducted and not a scientist- or some other person they could learn something from? And if it's physiology they want to study- after a couple hundred anal probes- how much more is there to learn?
  • At the speed of light it would take 4 years to get to our nearest star and nothing lives anywhere near our nearest star and no craft will ever go the speed of light- not in our galaxy or any other. I use the speed of light as a reference a theoretical speed an object could go- it does not mean a craft will some day, has or can.
  • My guess is the number of sightings and abduction reports affected by movies and other media sources would be unshocking.
  • Yes, it's a word- look it up.
  • Also, It's possible a lot of sightings are aircraft we really aren't supposed to know about and I'm sure the government is cool with that. The Stealth Fighter was known to exist by hardcore aviation enthusiasts, but the general public didn't really know about it until one augured into the ground in the 80s.
  • That caused lots of people to ask,"What else are they hiding?"
  • Consistency of paralytic fear among abductees? Easy- sleep paralysis. I've experienced it a couple of times- it is terrifying, but the answer for what it is is simpler, more likely and more intellectually satisfying than an alien abduction.
  • Why would people lie you ask?
  • People lie.
  • Also, sadly people can be deluded and imagine things. It might be real to them- it doesn't make their claims reality. And again sadly, people claiming abduction are preyed upon by ufologists.
  • The main character from the Fire In The Sky incident sold a book, works UFO conventions and still makes tv appearances. I doubt he does any of that for free.
  • "Dr. Elizabeth Slater conducted a blind study of nine abduction claimants and found them to be prone to "mildly paranoid thinking," nightmares and having a weak sexual identity."[5]
  • "In The Demon-Haunted World astronomer Carl Sagan points out that the alien abduction experience is remarkably similar to tales of demon abduction common throughout history. "There is no spaceship in these stories. But most of the central elements of the alien abduction account are present, including sexually obsessive non-humans who live in the sky, walk through walls, communicate telepathically, and perform breeding experiments on the human species. Unless we believe that demons really exist, how can we understand so strange a belief system, embraced by the whole Western world (including those considered the wisest among us), reinforced by personal experience in every generation, and taught by Church and State? Is there any real alternative besides a shared delusion based on common brain wiring and chemistry?" (Sagan 1996 124)"
  • Incubus and succubus- look them up.
  • Anyway, focusing on aliens distracts from real issues we could be investigating.
  • Like Bigfoot.


Katy Anders said...

I wrote a bunch of blog posts this past summer about sleep paralysis I was experiencing, and I think you're right.

From what I read after it started, the experience not being able to move (or breathe, really) sends people into panics in which we see and hear threatening figures in the room with us.

When people were afraid of demons, they saw demons. Now that aliens are big, they see aliens.

I see that figure in the "Scream" painting, mostly. Bastard.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Katy- I have experienced it multiple times. One in the past year or two was particularly bad.

I thought I was going to die but even more importantly for this subject, when it happened in my younger years figures would crowd around me- shrouded in light.

I must your post- I'll check it out