Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

What will they think of next?

Ankle bracelet I made for FG

Braided utility rope I made out of 550 cord to hang lights etc from a tent ceiling.

  • I finally (11/23/2013) watched There Will be Blood. I'm still thinking... Something I can't get over though, is how poorly matched to the story the music seemed. I may be wrong but it just seemed oddly out of place and/or inappropriate to the scene it was building or supporting- from start to finish
  • Multiple times (3+) I have killed a post that might have been scheduled to publish for days as Barry also commented on the same obscure thing on the same day mine was set to publish. We might have had the same take on the issue or be diametrically opposed. Regardless, I didn't want to look like I was arguing with him or sucking up/stealing so I reverted the post to draft. What really made me think about this though is on the exact day I was going to comment previously on this fact, Barry commented on how he and Keith Geeding would also make posts similar to each other on the same days.
  • Weird.
    Oddly, I don't recall where we saw this rig.

    Mineral Wells lake is dry. Wish they had the means/wherewithal to dredge it during this droughty apocalypse.

    Park store at MWSP. It was built by the WPA The open area in the middle has always intrigued- I think it must have had a purpose but I'm not sure what that was- firewood storage?
  • I continue to engage in word salad use and being increasingly forgetful. FG asked if I had or was having  a stroke yesterday. I am watching myself to see if something is really going on or if it is just stress and well- life happening at dangerously close to 50. I'll probably approach the subject with my doc. Trivialities seem suddenly important to me and what others would consider very important don't interest me at all. I have been very nostalgic while simultaneously having trouble recalling people and place names and at the same time being somewhat emotionally distant (known as detachment) from present people. I will attempt to put a box of cereal instead of the milk in the fridge which could happen to anybody but I find myself standing in front of the fridge instead unsure what I am supposed to being doing with the box or, more correctly- unsure why standing there instead of in front of the pantry feels weird.  If a person laid these things out to me from their heart I would say they are  possibly in the early stages of dementia or even entering the death process- weeks to some months away. Oddly, on impulse during enrollment at work a couple of days ago I took out a policy on me for FG and gave her an ITEOMD envelope and gave her some instructions in case of my being unable to intellectually to make decisions for myself.
  • I am not scared. I may be vaguely a bit sad though.
  • It is important that my doc is both super smart and a practical thinker. It is cool that she is super cute.
  • Old doc saying I just love that can be used to prevent young doctors jumping to wrong conclusions: We live in Texas- when you hear hoof beats don't look up and expect to see zebras.
  • There is a show on now about body language which uses Susan Smith's televised plea for the return of her children to demonstrate how her body language gave her away. Interestingly, I commented when I saw it back then that she was absolutely lying but I think without knowing it I compared her to her hubby at her side as the so called experts did on the television show. He seemed genuinely grief stricken and stunned- she did not.
  • Recently RPM commented on the quality of some pictures I took. Also recently, somebody at work bagged on me and discounted some other pics I had printed and brought to the office as my camera, Was so expensive- it does all the work. No wonder the pictures are good! A funny thing about that: the new camera is loaded down with features I cannot use yet. Also, it might be slower than my old camera meaning I don't capture all the shots I would have gotten with my old setup. It is harder (to me) to use the more artistic settings on the new rig so I mostly use the auto setting which won't always produce the best (or most pleasing) pictures, meaning I took many better pictures with my old, cheap camera.
  • Good grief- I just saw the Brown-Goldman murders on MSN in an article about famous unsolved cases. Good guhrief. Yes, I'm face palming hard in case you're wondering.
  • Retarded: a headline on my new browser indicates that people are already lining up at stores for Black Friday- which starts 6 days from this writing. People are killing themselves to buy crap they don't need with money they don't have. 
  • We are our own worst enemies. 


Katy Anders said...

"There Will be Blood" had music by one of the Radiohead guys, and if I recall correctly, he'd never done a score before.

I'm not sure what music could have gone into that ending gracefully, though...

Cattastroficka said...

Being 50, when I do those things like word salad (happens a lot) or forget to email myself to not to forget something and end up forgetting it, I remember that scene in Kindergarten Cop when the little kid says "It might be a tumor", so I scream really loud, "IT'S NOT A TUMOR!" Then I go about my day again like nothing happened. Works for me. Try it! LOL