Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • The new nurses at work are great. I like them all and think they were fairly inspired choices. All except the part time supervisor are new to the nursing field. That is kind of unusual I think for public health but a good thing. I think we normally assume a nurse will come to public health later in their career.
  • We're going to a birthday today (09/28/2013). There will be Gator rides, fishing, a pinata, a tree house, a bounce house, longhorn cows, horses, a trampoline and assault weapon gunfire.
  • As you might have surmised- we live in Texas.
  • A friendly acquaintance is thinking about leaving her husband but hasn't mentioned it to me or mutual acquaintances. She looks at her wedding ring and gets lost in thought. She turns it and pulls on it. Occasionally she will be seen without it. She hides it when we speak. When I said something about her hands she literally dropped her left hand and tucked it behind her left knee and closed her leg around that hand and subconsciously turned to the left in her seat way from me slightly. She got that ring as far away from her and me and as out of sight as it could be with it still remaining on her person. She never has anything good to say about hubby in a conversation and changes the subject when spouses or significant others come up. She won't even say anything bad about him- she is just done.
  • 09/29/2013 what a good time was had by all at the party yesterday. I misspoke on the pinata- they didn't have one but they did have a puppy so I guess that counts for something.
  • I saw my friends AR for the first time. It is covered in a snake skin finish. It is so tacky it is great. It is ridiculously awesome. We haven't talked about my military service. He told me to bring my AR out and he would help me sight it in and as a bonus teach me how to tear it down and clean it.
  • I literally love tree houses.
  • They have nearly 400 acres. The only time I saw my kids in the 8 hours we were there was when we went outside to check and make sure they were still alive. If we broke up to tour the place people who did not know each other would ask the others to keep their kids from killing each other or themselves and then willfully abandon them.
  • FG gets asks for directions on how to treat my children or what they can and cannot have etc. and I am OK with that. Regardless, her judgement is better that mine.

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