Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

    Before and after- well, after and before pic of car and my assistant who helped me get it cleaned up. In case you're wondering: while engine is warm squirt dishwashing detergent on everything then with a garden hose with spray attachment lightly spray everything to get it foamed up then- blast it all off. If unusually dirty use Simple Green also, then after your through squirt an Armor All type product over everything. Ta Da!

  • Someone you've never heard of- Hasil Adkins singing No More Hot Dogs.
  • And yes you heard him right,"I’m gonna put your head on my wall Just like I told you, baby You can’t talk no more Can’t eat no more hot dogs Eat no more ho’ot dogs, I’m gonna put your head, a-put it on my wall." He had quite a few songs featuring decapitation as a theme. He was a weird guy all the way up to and including his death- he was run over by a kid he didn't even know on an ATV while standing in his front yard and died a few days later.
  • Are all of Kevin Costner's movies plodding epics that are 45 minutes too long or does it just seem that way?
  • Not sure if the children's dog is a genius or mentally retarded: when I'm ready to give him away or save everyone involved the trouble and strangle the life out of him he comes and lies down on my feet- which were freezing.
  • That dog loves coffee and will risk life and limb to get some - literally as in when I set my cup down on the floor and doze in the recliner I'll usually awaken to the sound of slurp slurp as he guzzles the last of my delicious beverage.
  • Dog still does not have a name.
  • Wow, all of this is from an old draft!
  • I busted out yesterday (11/24/2013) on the icy steps like a slapstick cartoon character. Both of my feet went out from under me and I landed with a crash on the concrete steps. I can barely walk this morning but I guess I will live.
    Found in a parking lot. They're prescription amphetamines.

    From a vaccine shipment. It is a disposable tattle tell that alerts you if the shipment got too hot or too cold en route. Amazing, something that couldn't have been dreamed of only some years ago is today tossed in the trash at its final destination.

    Granite gravel formed in a seasonal creek in Turner Falls.

    It started with rocks more like this size- they're were ground against a rock basin over time by the force of running water.

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RPM said...

They actually have had those temp monitors for a long time for use in refrigerated trucks. They're called Ryan Recorders. But they are a lot bigger and less high tech than that little device you found.