Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • This morning started where I had previously left off trying to slog my way through 2012. The hope was it would be a good disaster movie even though the premise of the world ending as predicted by the Mayans is ridiculous. My mind is still open but it is pretty bad so far.
  • Although I get where these days God and POTUS in movies or on TV has to be black; Danny Glover was a terrible choice in that movie for President.
  • He was great as Deets in Lonesome Dove though.
  • Are Boeing bombs real?
  • On two different occasions recently different people have said to the effect, What did you think was gonna happen- we were going to get together and sing Kumbaya?! Who sings Kumbaya? I haven't heard it in 40 years.
  • The stage at the recent Bankhead celebration on the square in Weatherford did not have even a hint of shade.
  • Little League is expensive. I have spent 200 dollars already (while trying to do it on the cheap) and Zac's mom has spent some money as well and we had some stuff already laying around.
  • This morning (today is 10/07/2016) I dreamed I was cleaning the kitchen sink drain out with a straightened out clothes hanger that I had formed a hook in the end. The drain was clogged with round balls of steel wool which I pulled out one after another. It was hyper realistic.
  • Perfect Man by Buffalo Fuzz

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

I wanna party with these guys!

  • For the past few days there has been a late model Ford pickup on the side of the road with a lawn mower and string trimmer positioned tantalizingly over the tailgate. Today (08/19/2016) it was moved a mile or so down and pulled well off the road and the hood was left up. My first thought was that it was some kind of bait vehicle as there was no way a guy would leave his tools in it like that- even if he had to walk with them when the truck broke down. Seeing it repositioned this morning confirmed my suspicions.
  • Yesterday I left the office early. This morning when I walked into the office there was work left for me in my chair marked IMPORTANT! It had filtered through 3 other people and nearly 12 hours of time to get to me. Two of said previous people are more more qualified to handle the issue and it is closer to be being the job of one more than me.
  • They will miss me when I am gone.
  • Yesterday there was a presumed dead body on the Insterstate covered with a sheet. I don't know if they were a pedestrian, ejected from a vehicle or were riding a motorcycle or what. I have tried to find out the who, what and why without success.
  • High performance and/or customized semi tractors have always interested me and I have thought them cool since I was a kid.
  • Once on a road trip we got stranded in the middle of nowhere when one of dad's crappy cars broke down. It was about a billion degrees. We waited a long time before a guy in a real pretty  new Peterbilt pulled over and gave us a ride. It was worth all the suffering as far as I was concerned and was one of the cooler things that had happened to me up to that point in my young life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • I am nearly sure she is wrong but today a State Park Ranger told me you can develop an immunity to poison ivy. Actually, I am nearly sure the opposite is true- many people are not intitially sensitive to it and only break out after some sensitization to the active component of the oil produced by the plant. I have engaged in  conversation about this subject with doctors, physicians assistants, E.D. nurses and Army medics who all confirm the way it works is- your body tolerates it up to a point- then it responds.
  • Barry has mentioned before a doctor not being able to truly know for certain that what they're saying as they provide expert testimony is absolutely true and he is correct. Whether it is testifying to what a person could or could not do in a certain state of impairment or how a person died- there are things they cannot know. Good luck getting anybody to believe it though.
  • BRMC Spread Your Love live in London
  • Ikea uses 1% of the worlds supply of harvested wood every year. I may be the only person who has never been to an Ikea store or ordered any of their products online.
  • Another one of those things that doesn't happen or at best doesn't happen like you think it does- LSD induced psychosis. At best, it happens to people predisposed to a mental breakdown and then- maybe. The crazy thing?  As recreational drugs go and especially considering how long it has been used and the staggering number of people who regularly use it- it is pretty safe and side affects are rare.
  • I am not advocating its use- you oughta wonder though why we believe so many lies about recreational drug use.
  • My children eat fruits and vegetables like they're going out of style.
  • Domestic cats are not mentioned in the Bible.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • Recently a lady in a brand new Benz was all over me when I would come to a stop in traffic. She nearly rear ended me multiple times- honestly, I do not know how she avoided hitting me on at least two of them. Predictably, she was doing her make-up while also talking on a **&$%^ cel phone. Initially, I drove further ahead watching in front of me for 4-5 vehicles for them to hit their brakes; then I would tap mine and slow down. I also began tapping the pedal multiple times to activate my brake lights and get her attention but then I had an epiphany: If she wants her children's children to be forced to come and sign their paychecks every Friday over to my grandchildren- cool. It was a zen moment. She can hit me- I'll never work again.
  • The Texas Law Hawk is my man. I don't care if DWI defense is is thing- he might bring bikini babes and little people into the court room and you know every time he made a point the red tail hawk on his shoulder would screech for justice.
  • I mean- he has a hawk and he is The Texas Law Hawk- your argument is invalid.
  • I always misspell acquaintance and epiphany.
  • A friendly acquaintance recently told me she was on the Jerry Springer show. If there is any doubt in your mind that will affect how you view a person- take it from me -it will. You simply cannot unknow information like that.
  • Oh you ask for proof? Oh, I am sorry- imagine my embarrassment- she showed us video evidence in the form of a show clip.
  • Recently while sitting in the stands at a baseball game my GF called me on ex wife's cel phone. The ex handed the phone off to me without answering or commenting except to say, Oh, here its for you.
  • How WT is that?!
  • McDonald's McGriddles are nasty.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • Last night (08/29/2016) I had dinner with one of my oldest nursing friends.
  • I had brisket sausage, pulled pork and ribs.
  • My stomach reignited just writing that sentence.
  • That was the first time I had ever had brisket sausage. I assure you it won't be the last.
  • We made each other laugh like crazy. Honestly- my cheeks are still hurting.
  • He quoted the great movie Johnny Dangerously. Although I have known him for over 20 years we had never discussed that movie and although we had each not seen it for years we had rewatched it within weeks of each other.
  • Part of the conversation was about how patients lie, what they lie about and the distinction of lies people will tell based on their races and backgrounds. While telling stories based on our experiences we acted out the parts of patients, affecting mannerisms and accents based on the backgrounds etc. of the patient.
  • It was hilarious.
  • Maybe you had to be there.
  • Everybody lies. How true is this? As a nurse, to be close to correct in your assessment and provide good intervention and education to a patient- if something is good for you divide the number by half of what the patient tells you. If something is bad for you multiple the number they report by 3 or even 5 to get a more accurate picture of what is going on.
  • When I thought about how old of a friend the above mentioned friend is it occurred to me I was friends with him for some years before his youngest daughter was born. She has recently started college. When I said, Wow, I remember when she was born!  He said, Yep- tempus fugit, tempus fugit...
  • Time flies indeed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • Zac scored a run yesterday (09/29/2016). He rounded first and as he did, the first baseman dropped the ball. I shouted, Run Zac! Go to second! He kept going to second. The second baseman missed the ball so we again urged Zac on to third. He must have been feeling good about things- as he just kept going. As he passed third headed home I think I said something like, Omigawd- he is not going to stop! but I am not sure- I think I kind of blacked out from happiness.
  • When people say, I you can't do the time dont do the crime! regarding complaints from a prisoner about their treatment they demonstrate a possibly very missplaced assumption the prisoner was guilty in the first place.
  • People who are nominally Christians seem especially hardcore in their view of caged people. Their attitudes are directly in opposition to all of Jesus' teaching- I mean come on- he specifically commanded followers to visit prisoners.
  • When I was young even us screw ups knew we were not going to be screw ups forever. We had some encouragement toward doing better though as being a screw up was not applauded and rewarded with money and girls like it is today (the kinda opposite was understood going to be true).
  • A friend is probably going to be famous in her chosen field.
  • Crocs shoes are disgusting and pointless.
  • To buy a baseball or softball bat worth anything to ballers these days it seems like you need to spend at least two or three hundred dollars (and it might be replaced in a year) but 50 bucks will still buy all the glove you could ever want and will be kept for years.
  • There are some lessons about technology in the previous observation but also some psychology.
  • I have never drunk Ethiopian coffee.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Proverbially Speaking

"Do not insult the mother alligator until after you have crossed the river."

-- Haitian Proverb

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • Huitlacoche is good. I eat it- I like it but when you see it in a restaurant they church it up by calling it a truffle. Ask what it is and the server will tell you, It is a mushroom that grows on corn. It is in the same kingdom as mushroom- fungi but that is where similarities end. It is a smut that infects corn with spores. 
  • Who would eat it if they knew it was a disease and it was openly offered as, "Corn Smut Quesadillas"? 
  • We fed grasshoppers and our used gum to harvester ants last (09/16/2016) night at Holland Lake.
  • We are going to the Indian Pow Wow at Traders Village today. 
  • I am rereading Empire Of The Summer Moon. This will be at least the third and maybe fourth time I have read it this year. It is a great book about my favorite Indian (Quanah Parker), a favorite tribe (Comanche) and a favorite time period in US history- the 1860s in general and Plains Indian War period in particular. 
  • There are multiple mind blowing trivia things regarding Blazing Saddles but my first two biggies would be that John Wayne was offered the role of Waco Kid but declined as it would be too blue for his image. The second bit of trivia that always makes me say, Wow when I remember it or see it in print is that Gig Young was actually cast in the  role but was fired after he collapsed on the set secondary to alcohol withdrawal (or being blind drunk- depending on which source you want to believe).
  • I have no hate in my heart but medically there is something dreadfully wrong with Hilary Clinton.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Evening Dispatch

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  • Today (07/30/2016) we went to Chickasaw Nation Cultural Center. Zac danced with the dancers during the Snake and Four Corners dances. That was pretty cool to see.
  • We are staying at the lodge at Lake Murray SP. I foolishly walked across an asphalt parking lot to go to the pool without shoes. While I did not complete my asphalt degree I do seem to recall from my course work that on a 100 degree day the black surface of asphalt pavement heats to about a billion degrees. Consequently, I have a blister across the ball of my right foot that is epic.
  • I need new sandals is one of the take aways of the previous thought.
  • I might be imbecilic might be another- but we won't talk about that.
  • The pool was not nearly as crowded as I anticipated.
  • The food here in the lodge is adequate. It keeps you from driving into town, makes you not hungry and is better than having a stick poked in your eye-but it is not great.
  • The marina here rents boats. About the only thing scarier than owning a boat would be renting one (which sounds terrifying to me).
  • There is a family here for a reunion that I am sure is from Weatherford. If I had a guess where I had seen them from I would approach the patriarch (who looks most familiar).
  • Man my feet hurt.
  • Last night before bed Zac came out of shower and said, Dad I saw a lizard. It went down the drain! I went and looked but saw nothing. Although he is a good observer and not prone to lying it would be easy to wonder, Did he see a piece of vaguely lizard looking lint or...? It is 0317 on 07/31/2016 and I am sitting in the parlor of the lodge with the night clerk as she takes her break. I awoke at this ungodly hour because when I turned in bed a book flipped off onto the floor startling me. I got up at this ungodly hour to pee. I am still up at this ungodly hour because I had to take the Mediterranean gecko which I caught in the shower outside. 
  • She is watching Homicide Life On The Street. 
  • The clerk I mean, not the gecko.
  • Last night we chatted with the maintenance guy who was holding a radio in his hand. Zac said, At first I thought it was a gun, then a knife. Then I realized it is just one of those walkie talkie things.
  • What a world we have created for our kids.
  • Zac asked if I could live here in the lodge. The answer would be sure but it would be better to be in the new one they are building right on the edge of the lake. This one is kinda beaten down.
  • The server at breakfast this morning was sweaty.
  • The 2 old guys at the table behind me are talking about Lyster bags which were bags used by the military to hold water. They resembled a duffle and were made of the same canvas material. They had spigots around the bottom that you drew water from. They would leak like mad until the material swelled- then they held pretty well. If your unit was squared away they would drop a block of ice in the bag for you.  I can taste canvas as plain as day just hearing my elderly neighbors speak.
  • Today is 07/31/2016 and we are back at the Chickasaw Recreation Area. I am sitting beside an Indian guy from OKC at Little Niagara swimming hole. We have exchanged pleasantries, jibes and travel tips. Although I don't know his name I picture it being Tommy Redcloud and he is my only Indian friend. His girlfriend has an old English accent. No, I don't mean old as in Olde and before Middle English- just that she is from England and has been here long enough she has lost most of her accent. She also has a small black eye I presume Tommy gave her several days ago. She is pretty and he is what they used to call ruggedly handsome. They are madly in love.
  • Zac is talking to a woman who is covered in tattoos. She she just laughed at something he said and put her hand on his shoulder.
  • Somebody hollered, Snake! and everyone bailed out of the swimming hole like magic. It was a garter snake. I tried to catch him as other guys have stated their intention to kill him. I wanted to rescue him and Zac to be the one to carry him to safety. Mr. Snake was too wily and elusive for me though and slipped off into the nearby bushes. The kids surrounding the pool looked at me like I was crazy as I tried to catch him. They looked at me like I was insane when I said the snake would not hurt them and they could get back in. It took me diving into the water to get everybody back in.
  • It seems like the water would be too cold for a snake but I also seem to recall garter snakes being very cold tolerant- although I might be making that up.
  • The water smells mineral-ie and makes your skin feel  super soft.
  • We moved to another pool. Zac spoke to 2 adult white guys for several minutes. As they left him one offered his hand and said, Well, it was good to meet you Zac. I'll see you later.
  • Mexican guys, bro-douche white guys and lesbians like being seen walking pit bull dogs.
  • Lesbians often have boy children with pierced ears and girl children who are butched up.
  • Kevin those are racist, xenophobic and homophobic statements! you scream at me.
  • No, those are observations based on things I saw at Chickasaw NRA and many other places.
  • Goodnight world wherever you are.
  • I love you in spite of yourself.

The Last E Mail I Received

Muchas gracias. Tu espanol es buenisimo. I love it !!

Friday's Dispatch

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  • Recently (today is 08/30/2016) I saw a Fort Worth PD car that was displaying an upside down American flag above the windshield.
  • Easy there tiger. Calm down. It will be OK.
  • Malcolm X had to me a pleasant speaking voice.
  • I am listening to this as I write.
  • Last night over dinner my friend quoted Johhny Dangerously multiple times- a movie we had never discussed even though I have known him 20+ years. Interestingly, we had rewatched it weeks or maybe a few months apart for the first each in 10-15 or even more years. My cheeks still hurt from laughing.
  • I had brisket sausage for the first time in my life. It won't be the last though.
  • You could not force me at gunpoint to be a cop- a profession I once considered seriously enough to get some college credits toward a CJ degree.
  • George Armstrong Custer's family would have called him Armstrong except for his own mispronunciation of the name when he was a little boy.
  • They called him Autie. 
  • Somebody I have to deal with on a near daily basis is demonstrably a malignant narcissist- as in a by the book, line by line, check the boxes malignant narcissist psychopath. 
  • George Goodfellow was an interesting character

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • My Asian Buddhist mentor has commented on our Presidential choices by saying, You can take your pick. It is your choice- you can either have a heart attack or get cancer...
  • Recently  a politician caught some flak for not knowing where Allepo is and why it is important now. That is nearly unbelievable. Even a putz like me knows: it is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world (Shakespeare mentioned it in at least one play). It was the largest in Syria. Now IS controls half and the Syrian government control the other.
  • Those facts are all I know but I know them and it is not my job to know anything about the place.
  • The Resident Evil movies are really, really good.
  • Recently I rewatched I Am Legend. It is way better than I thought I remembered it to be.
  • At dinner recently because of a servers heavy accent I inadvertently replied to her and made part of my order in Spanish.
  • A friend after visiting Mexico left her bags in a taxi losing all the souvenirs she brought back for us- except for the tiny leather cowboy hat with my name burned on the brim. We took that as a sign.
  • A sign of what- we don't know.
  • Friend always comes out as frined for me these days and these always comes out theses. God- yes even then it came out theses-all 3 times.
  • It is all downhill from here folks.
  • Recently I caught somebody watching pron at work.
  • Ridiculous.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • Last night (today is 07/16/2016 @0503) I dreamt I visited a factory that made sleeping bags that used body bags for covers. My eldest son worked there and helped design them.
  • The official name for a body bag is Pouch: Human Remains. They come in boxes of ten. An old friend would swear that one of his Army units issued everybody one and soldiers had to carry it in their rucksacks in case they became casualties.  In Iraq we carried reflective burn blankets that were to do double duty- burned people would of course be wrapped in them to treat for shock but dead folks could also be rolled up and then the roll would be secured with 100mph tape.
  • My first encounter with body bags was helping move some stuff around in the supply room of K Troop 3/11 ACR in Bad Hersfeld Germany. The boxes were big but did not weigh as much as intuitively one would guess for their size so it made us read the label on the side of box.
  • Pouch: Human Remains 10 ea.
  • This morning I was the first commenter on a Youchoobs video. I do not think that has ever happened to me before.
  • For some reason I recently took note of the average cost to build a pool in my area. It was cheaper than I thought it would be by about half - it is rare for me to get something like that so wrong.
  • I awoke this morning thinking about grilled shrimp and steak.
  • Two patients- one a male the other female whom we know live together refer to each other by turns as brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend and husband and wife. Good grief, you wild and crazy kids- get your stories straight. 
  • Regardless of any other consideration- they think everybody else in the world is as stupid as they themselves are.
  • The overnight forecast calls for humidity to be nearly 80%. How can that be so without it pouring rain? I mean come on universe!
  • There are tons of bookmarks on my tablet and I make new favorites frequently but I have never referred back to any of them- ever.
  • Russian TOS 1A MLRS in action. Wow.